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  1. Gauss Guzzler

    Model 3 owner claims Car froze while driving, stuck at 83MPH

    No, you *engaged* cruise control. Down is on and up is off. You unknowingly disengaged it by hitting the brake and then mistakenly re-engaged it by tapping the lever downward. Also, it didn't "lunge", it merely inched forward to maintain your preferred following distance.
  2. Gauss Guzzler

    Master Thread: Definitive 14-50 NEMA Outlet Guide

    I agree, TMC would be wise to blend/separate topics accordingly. Most of the 3/Y threads should be blended and the same could be said for S/X as well as further complications to come. I doubt that a bunch of grouped subforums would be successful (e.g. "Tesla - All Models" or "Tesla - 3/Y"), but...
  3. Gauss Guzzler

    Tesla Model 3 Charging Issue

    You’d think that the service center would be at least as familiar with these cars as some internet rando like me.
  4. Gauss Guzzler

    Browser slower than molasses

    I would argue the opposite: It's *not* a solution but the problem does exist. There are many times when a large screen browser would be useful in the car - especially when one of the occupants is driving and can't safely/easily glance at a phone for information about the restaurant, museum, or...
  5. Gauss Guzzler


    The icon appears, as you said, when an update is available. Updates just add/remove features - you will need hardware replacement if your screen or something periodically stops working.
  6. Gauss Guzzler

    How often does your M3P get rebooted? Disillusioned after 25 days.

    Wow, what a fiasco! Seems you hit the perfect storm of a difficult flaw coupled with lousy service.
  7. Gauss Guzzler

    software update 2022.16.1.1

    So weird that people can't wrap their heads around this. It saves you the trouble of moving your foot over to the brake pedal whenever the car fails to regen in a normal manner. That's it. It has nothing to do with brake wear, regen ability, or the Illuminati. It just saves you the trouble of...
  8. Gauss Guzzler

    Delivery pushed forward, no method to charge?

    Just charge once or twice a week at a nearby Tesla Supercharger. It'll take about an hour for a pretty full charge from a slower Supercharger but you should only have to do it a few times before your home setup is complete. There's also the generic slow charging option so you can maybe shop at...
  9. Gauss Guzzler

    Mobile charge cord recommendation?

    Just order the Tesla one. They are in/out of stock all the time - you'll have it in a few weeks. I recommend the wall charger for a new install and don't bother with the mobile charger unless you really plan to use it (at the cabin or AirBNB, etc.). If you do get the mobile charger, be sure to...
  10. Gauss Guzzler

    2 Model 3s Tripping Circuit Breakers

    It's common for breakers to trip from overheating due to inadequately tightened terminals but it usually takes many minutes or even hours to heat up to overtemp. And this usually only happens on high current (>30A) breakers. For your breaker to trip so quickly seems to suggest it is going...
  11. Gauss Guzzler

    Can you use an iPod in a Tesla model 3?

    I'd expect you could bluetooth-stream the iPod to your car the same as you would with an iPhone. Alternatively, you could add your iTunes library to the USB drive, but library updates would be much more cumbersome and Tesla's interface for playing USB tracks is miserable.
  12. Gauss Guzzler

    Installing Wall Connector is better than NEMA 14-50

    User name checks ... wait... no it doesn't.
  13. Gauss Guzzler

    Improving the Model 3 Aerodynamics (for range)?

    Unintuitive as it may be, the back of the car typically has more impact on drag than the front. Note how the air flows nicely around the front of any shape.
  14. Gauss Guzzler

    Snippiness 2.0

    I'm sorry that happened to you Karen. But anyone who has been in the back seat of a car within the last 20 or 30 years knows how annoying "easy entry" can be. I can't imagine why you would use it if your passengers were so sensitive, nor can I imagine how any passenger could be surprised in 2022...
  15. Gauss Guzzler

    software update 2022.16.1.1

    Yeah my car didn’t get the feature either, nor was it listed in the release notes. Good to know that it’s likely coming soon though.
  16. Gauss Guzzler

    14-50 on 100 amp breaker? Ok to use?

    Yeah, no. You do not know that. There are no public RV outlets on 100A breakers. Anywhere. Ever.
  17. Gauss Guzzler

    Clunking noise from the rear of the car finally fixed!

    I found that a significant rattle was *created* by positioning these bolts "properly", as one might expect with metal-on-metal contact like that. I suspect this may be the reason Tesla leaves them screwed all the way in instead of finishing them with rubber heads and properly adjusting them. I...
  18. Gauss Guzzler

    Any reason to upgrade 2018 M3 for 2022 M3P?

    There are no rumors of 4680's in the Model 3. Tesla has 3 new factories to get up to speed, pandemic and chip supply issues, and a major new product entering production (4680's). Once all of that settles down, they've already indicated that they will focus on Cybertruck, Semi, Roadster, and...
  19. Gauss Guzzler

    Did you know the 3 heats the battery (actively) constantly while DC charging at any speed or temp?

    Does it continue charging during the reboot? Otherwise you’d lose a few minutes of charge time and defeat the whole purpose, damaging your battery for nothing.
  20. Gauss Guzzler

    New M3P on 19' OEM Sports Wheels?

    What would you see in a picture? A 3P with 19" sports will look nearly identical to any other 3 with those wheels. The only difference is they'd sit 1/4" inboard without spacers but you can't see that in a pic.
  21. Gauss Guzzler

    Tesla Model 3 Charging Issue

    Yeah, that charge port release cord is important to know about but OP wouldn't have been able to get the trunk open to reach it without successfully jump starting it first. Sounds like a textbook case of a dead 12V battery. Your HV battery should be fine and still at 60% but it won't power the...
  22. Gauss Guzzler

    Any reason to upgrade 2018 M3 for 2022 M3P?

    Your current car @ 4yrs/75k is worth approximately half that of a new equivalent. That's very much not true today, as you know, but values will readjust to normal ratios within a year or two. At which time your 5-6 year old car will be worth about half as much as a 1-2 year old equivalent - so...
  23. Gauss Guzzler

    FS MPP Comfort Adjustable Coilover / Rear Camber & Toe Arms NEW SoCal

    Wait. The kids are calling San Diego "NorthSoCal" now?
  24. Gauss Guzzler

    Regenerative braking setting in V. 2022.16.1.1

    Yay! I’ve been hoping for this feature since the day I bought my car. I live on a hill and have severely limited regen every morning even in warm weather at modest (~60%) SOC. Regen only works for the first 20 seconds or so and quickly begins to fade as I continue downhill. The (predictable)...
  25. Gauss Guzzler

    DIY Install Home Wall Charger

    Wire rated at 60A isn’t “undersized” for any modern EV charger. Your #4 tray cable is probably rated for 70A while #6 individual wires are rated at 65A so the difference is negligible other than a tiny bit of energy savings with the larger conductors. Yeah, conduit is difficult for DIYers...
  26. Gauss Guzzler

    DIY Install Home Wall Charger

    AWG 4 wire is usually the hardest way to do it. As you discovered, it’s generally not available in a 2-conductor form since it’s most often used to feed a panel, not an appliance. That’s a good tip with the tray cable though - seems it’s becoming legal in modern NEC rule versions. The easiest...
  27. Gauss Guzzler

    The elusive thin-walled 13mm socket

    I just used a 1/4” drive shallow socket from one of those really cheap no-name sets. It fit fine and was deep enough to work, yet shallow enough to wiggle slightly beneath the chassis as needed for the nuts that weren’t quite aligned with the holes. It’s a super easy one-handed job to swap the...
  28. Gauss Guzzler

    Master Thread: Definitive 14-50 NEMA Outlet Guide

    Welders usually require some code-bending creativity like oversized breakers and GFCI omission so the NEC basically leaves it up to you to wire those circuits however you want, figuring that you’ll be right there and mechanically inclined to handle any fires you cause. EV charging is the...
  29. Gauss Guzzler

    Master Thread: Definitive 14-50 NEMA Outlet Guide

    Unfortunately your outlet is pretty far from code compliant for anything other than welding @MSM_M3LR AWG 10 Romex can only handle 30A so you should replace the breaker with a 30A model and it should have GFCI protection as well. Then you should use a 6-30 or 14-30 outlet as well.
  30. Gauss Guzzler

    Unable to patch Tesla Michelin tires

    It’s just an inch-thick sheet of gray “Pelican case” foam that has been stuck down with some contact cement. They just grab it and rip some of it out with their bare hands.
  31. Gauss Guzzler

    Using one pneumatic and one regular trunk lift

    They don’t close by themselves? Isn’t that the whole point of powered struts?
  32. Gauss Guzzler

    Homelink Garage Door Button Locations - Left vs Right

    If you move to another house you’ll need to remember to park at the new house. The people at your old house likely won’t appreciate you showing up uninvited.
  33. Gauss Guzzler

    MASTER THREAD: Powering house or other things with Model 3

    No. V2G is one of those buzzword concepts only intended to impress politicians and investors. Like hydrogen, it appears to be the perfect and most obvious solution at first glance, only to become absurdly impractical upon closer inspection. The charging cable you use at home can only handle 48A...
  34. Gauss Guzzler

    2021 Trunk Damage Upon Open/Close

    If you slightly loosen those 2 bolts you should be able to shift the trunk back into position and cinch it back down. You’ll see from the paint where it’s supposed to sit.
  35. Gauss Guzzler

    lightweight wheels model 3 performance 0-60 testing

    A 0.09% change in power results in *exactly* a 0.09% change in acceleration force, per F = ma The same is true for a change in *effective* mass, for the same reason, still F = ma. But as the car gets slower, the difference in acceleration *time* will appear greater. It’s still linear but...
  36. Gauss Guzzler

    4680 batteries, what is the advantage?

    Elon's tendency to overpromise not withstanding, I'd argue that the Y production focus wasn't even that much of a "choice". They encountered problems beyond their control in both China and Germany which left them with a shortage of Model Y's which both of those factories were supposed to focus...
  37. Gauss Guzzler

    Reduced charging rate because of overheating

    Ah, yeah that'll do it too - if the pigtail isn't fully inserted into the charger. There's a thermometer inside the pigtail that sends a warning to the car if it's getting too hot, which it will if the connection is poor.
  38. Gauss Guzzler

    Reduced charging rate because of overheating

    This is usually caused by one of the screw terminals in the outlet being a little loose. Electricians often don't know much about electrical stuff either but if you explain to him that the screws probably aren't tight enough he should be able to tighten them for you.
  39. Gauss Guzzler

    4680 batteries, what is the advantage?

    Well your premise is that Tesla has all these factories and production lines setup and fully staffed for CT and Semi production but the workers are just standing there staring at idle lines because the darn 4680's haven't arrived yet. The reality is that Tesla has several new products in the...
  40. Gauss Guzzler

    Open charge port door while asleep

    I suspect the half-press door handle may have been removed from later models. Mine's definitely an all-or-nothing kind of car.
  41. Gauss Guzzler

    Open charge port door while asleep

    Yes, mine wakes from a deep sleep and opens the charge port when I press the button on the mobile cord, even from 10 feet away, even with no phone. I have not tried this with the car locked but obviously it would require my phone to be in proximity for that case. This is very useful since you...
  42. Gauss Guzzler

    4680 batteries, what is the advantage?

    Really? I'd be driving a CT that was built at a factory that didn't even exist 6 weeks ago? Man, I musta placed my reservation early! And paid extra for overnight shipping! Are you telling me that GigaTexas has an entire CT production line up and ready with thousands of workers just standing...
  43. Gauss Guzzler

    4680 batteries, what is the advantage?

    Tesla opened 3 new car factories this year, each with the same capacity as the Fremont factory which had produced every Tesla prior. And yet they still don't have any shortage of batteries, 4680 or otherwise - they still have plenty of batteries to supply as many cars as these 4 factories can...
  44. Gauss Guzzler

    How to delete recent locations in the navigation system.

    Presumably "swiping right" is what led to this predicament in the first place.
  45. Gauss Guzzler

    Master Thread: Definitive 14-50 NEMA Outlet Guide

    I believe you must have the wires on the wrong side of the clamp - the screws should be tightened in the normal clockwise direction.
  46. Gauss Guzzler

    Master Thread: Definitive 14-50 NEMA Outlet Guide

    I was wondering if that was 6/3. As others mentioned it shouldn't be possible to find 6/3 with a ground smaller than #10 so perhaps it's just an illusion. It looks like your ground wire is less than half the diameter of the conductors when #10 should be more than half the diameter of #6. At any...
  47. Gauss Guzzler

    Are lifting pucks necessary?

    Just throw a scrap of wood in there - it'll be fine. A little square of 1/2" plywood or something will work perfectly to protect the car and keep it stable while the jack teeth sink into the wood. You could even drive a screw into the wood scrap to serve as an alignment aid and slip insurance...
  48. Gauss Guzzler

    AB & Powdercoat wheels vs Aftermarket wheels on LR' -

    Powdercoat never looks all that great and the 19" V2 wheels don't look so good either. Plus it's a hassle to get the wheels off and out to the powder shop for a few days. TSS is a great looking wheel and the Space Gray color is worth considering too. Your local tire shop will swap over your...
  49. Gauss Guzzler

    Master Thread: Definitive 14-50 NEMA Outlet Guide

    Are you sure you're getting all the wires in the right order? There's a considerable difference in how the wires enter the Leviton vs. Bryant so perhaps there's a mixup occurring?

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