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    Change in ability to operate windows when 2017 X is in Park and not “on”

    I'm surprised that they would have an MCU2 vehicle that far back on updates even though it is AP2.0 with MCU upgraded. You'd be better off still on V10, but that ship already sailed, and V11 has definitely improved since then. Apparently that is the case, though. Did you mention the window...
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    Change in ability to operate windows when 2017 X is in Park and not “on”

    I guess it is feasible that MCU1 vehicles haven't been updated in that long, but if you have MCU2, I think you have waited more than long enough to justifiably open a mobile service request indicating that you are concerned software updates may not be working. That is, assuming you have the...
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    are there any level 2 home chargers that can charge faster than 48amps/12,000 watts

    Did some older Teslas have dual charging units? Yes. Does yours? I don't think so. The dual charger option could actually charge at 80A while the single charger could only charge at 40A. These were no longer available by 2017 (not sure when it went away, but they may even pre-date the first...
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    Change in ability to operate windows when 2017 X is in Park and not “on”

    Within the last week, I have sat in my 2017 X and lowered the driver door window while the door was still open before pressing the brake pedal (obviously, as that would close the door). FWIW, this is on 2022.12.3.20, so maybe it is specific to a small subset of versions you haven't upgraded...
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    are there any level 2 home chargers that can charge faster than 48amps/12,000 watts

    FWIW, I'm guessing that the cost difference would never have paid for itself under that sole use case if you had been given the option to pay for a faster on-board charger during ordering (to be clear, there is no such option, I'm just saying I suspect that it would come at a significant cost if...
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    What does this rear HVAC control do?

    Based on how my 2017 X functions and the fact that you appear to have a 3rd row, I would expect this to control whether or not the outboard vents (B & C pillar vents?) are active. The original X had a separate condesnser and fans for these vents, but only when equipped with a third row (and...
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    Would you buy the N2itive Alignment kit for your Model X to fix shudder and tire wear?

    You say "many people" here, and mention the suspension settings, implying these people are Tesla owners. Do you know whether any of these people can confirm that EAP and/or FSD beta function fine with the lowering links installed? I ask because the forward facing camera has a pre-calibration...
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    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    Just last week, my FSD beta braked late and hard for vehicles accelerating from a stop at a fresh green light. Caught me off guard because it probably didn't need to brake at all, but certainly could have started slowing earlier and more smoothly under the circumstances. As poorly as FSD beta...
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    Cruise Control and Autopilot Suddenly Decelerates

    Had this issue consistently in specific spots in 2017-2018. Some of it was vision/radar data, and some of it was map data. Having it some now with FSD beta (making my 2017 camera only), but not as bad as what it was a few months ago on the beta or in 2017-2018 before it improved with updates...
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    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    I would think they would use different version numbers in such a scenario, although I suppose there could be a bit of version info we don't see behind the scenes. I generally agree with this, because it is supposed to be driving and it's obviously NOT allowing regen to kick in. Seems odd that...
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    MCU_w007 - Navigation Data Unavailable

    The map display on the MCU is provided via the cellular connection. The navigation data is separate, and I'm not 100% certain where it's stored or whether that component is replaceable, so here are the possibilities as I understand them and a caveat*: You are out of warranty, and/or perhaps...
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    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    When I say wrong, I mean it signals left before turning right (and throughout the turn while the navigation said turn right) or it signals right when the lane to the right is ending. When I say phantom signals I mean going down a straight road with no intersections or curves in sight...
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    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    This started on 10.11.2 for me, but continues on 10.12.2. Crazy thing is there are so many situations where it should signal and doesn't or where it flat out signals wrong even before the random signals that don't correlate with anything.
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    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    That sounds great in theory, but it's still putting us at greater liability in the event of a collision. Beyond that legal point, it also still waits until oncoming traffic is way too close to get into its own lane along with staying over double-yellows at the crests of hills and around blind...
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    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    Well, the post above mine disagrees, but as far as I know, this is *normal* while operating with FSD beta. Plenty of complaints about it in the much longer Wiki - MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences
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    Speed bumps, adaptive suspension, and height adjustment question

    Since you said "on order" I assume you are getting a plaid (generation, not sure if there is another name). As such, this information may not be helpful, but I thought I would drop it here anyway. On the original (pre-raven) air suspension, the ride actually gets stiffer as you increase the...
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    Rear air conditioning fan hardly blowing

    Pre-plaid, the outboard second row vents and the third row vents were connected to a separate condenser, had a separate blower, and could be cotrolled independently of the front ones. I wouldn't be surprised if it is still the same. I also wouldn't be incredibly surprised if the UI doesn't...
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    How do you put 3 kids in booster seats in the second row of a refreshed Model X?

    Haven't seen it mentioned here in a while, but I'm thankful to whoever brought it up. I never installed a booster seat in my X, currently have 4 kids using these: RideSafer Travel Vest - RideSafer Travel Vest
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    What happens during overnight deep sleep that fixes things?

    FWIW, while I don't know, the "gateway" may reboot with a sleep event. Per other threads, a two minute power off cycle might not trigger this, but changing your wheel settings should. Changing them back and forth might be a good tool if there is a next time. Also, while I'm sure a lot has...
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    Would you buy the N2itive Alignment kit for your Model X to fix shudder and tire wear?

    AFAIK, while camber is fixed, all alignment geometry changes based on height with Tesla's adjustable suspension setup. As such, getting the toe set to be correct in low can alleviate wear in spite of the fixed camber in at least some cases.
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    Model X - non-driver doors won't open from the outside

    Child lock settings control the opening of the rear doors from the inside.
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    No Cruise Control?

    Sounds like Tesla decided to make a change, but maybe a sensible one for some people. They often make one setting change multiple things, though... Is this still the case after you changed the setting for engaging autopilot to two clicks?
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    Model X BMS and Contactor

    Electrical contactors failing is normal in household HVAC systems which have lower voltage and amperage, so I don't see why it would be uncommon in an EV. I also had a tech tell me he saw a lot of contactors failing, but this is the first time I've seen one mentioned on the forums, so that's...
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    Tesla Service Mode

    Supposing service mode was geo-locked, how would mobile service techs do their job?
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    No Cruise Control?

    Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with the butterfly controls, so I can't help there, but I should imagine the manual would tell you how to engage TACC as well as AP. Regardless, when AP is enabled and you take over with steering force, it drops back to TACC. AFAIK, this has been the...
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    Falcon Wing Door Glass Seal deteriorating

    Maybe a bit OT here, but I'd love to hear why you, as an attorney, didn't choose to opt out of the arbitration clause when you purchased your X.
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    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    So the UPS truck was autonomous and the center line was squiggly, then? It seems more likely to me that the UPS truck was being driven, and not in a straight trajectory...
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    Usb music not restarting

    Prior to reading this thread, my V11 solution was to wait for the USB icon to show up before closing the driver door while my butt was lifted off the seat. This would consistently trigger the music to start when I sat down afterwards and triggered the occupant sensor. That quit working with...
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    Is a 7-seater with the 3rd row folded down the same as a 5-seater?

    Condenser. There is a second A/C condenser which services the outboard vents on the second and third rows (these vents weren't supposed to exist in 5 seat versions prior to the refresh and might not have airflow if they did exist, but Tesla did plenty of strange things, so YMMV). There is...
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    Climate keeper unavailable due to system fault.

    Those three squiggly lines would be the universal signal for heat (like when you turn your heated seat on). They are not relevant to your issue at hand, battery was being heated for faster chaging.
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    the automatic driver door is not opening when I approach the vehicle

    While automatic doors is enabled and the driver door is open, double-clicking the top of the fob will open the passenger door.
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    Faulty Key Fob MX

    If there is a dead/low battery in the fob, you might try taking it out in case the low voltage is worse than no voltage. I've had at least two fob replacements under warranty, though, so I wouldn't get my hopes up. If you put a new battery in and it doesn't work, I've seen reports that the one...
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    How do I unlock and open the driver door?

    I think I misinterpreted your question (totally missed the last sentence), becauseupon re-reading, it sounds like you're saying the exterior button won't open the door at all. Are you saying it unlocks because the mirrors folk out? Are you trying to open the driver door? Try to make sure the...
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    How do I unlock and open the driver door?

    "Passive Entry" = unlock when the fob is close "Automatic Doors" = open the driver door when unlocked AND the fob is close + open the driver door when an unlock signal is received from the fob (double-click) + open the passenger door when an unlock signal is received from the fob (double-click)...
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    Passive entry not working.. also can't see key fob update anymore on latest firmware?

    Is this a new-to-you vehicle that has never worked as described in 2019 Raven doors don't unlock as I walk up to car? or a vehicle you have owned all along where the behavior has changed after a firmware update?
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    2019 Raven doors don't unlock as I walk up to car?

    "Passive Entry" = unlock when the fob is close "Automatic Doors" = open the driver door when unlocked AND the fob is close + open the driver door when an unlock signal is received from the fob (double-click) + open the passenger door when an unlock signal is received from the fob (double-click)...
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    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    While I can't say it doesn't extrapolate, I'm fairly confident that it doesn't extrapolate without at least some visibility on the other side of the barrier based on my experience near a similar barrier pretty much daily. I say this because it doesn't consistently draw lanes on the other side...
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    Buying High mileage MX100D

    IIRC, PUP did not include premium audio in mid-2017, that was a separate upgrade. Automatic doors was part of PUP then, don't remember what else.
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    Auto steer

    Right, so I remembered wrong, AutoPilot safety features were always included, but basic AutoPilot (auto steer) is an optional add-on.
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    Auto steer

    AFAIK, all HW2.0+ Teslas come with both of those features. To engage TACC, you pull back on the cruise control stalk once. To engage autosteer, you pull the same stalk back twice. The features you get depend on what features you pay for, not what hardware you have (if you pay for FSD, the HW3...
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    The 80 MPH limit isn't about speeding, it's a programmed limit as they improve the vision-only system. The limit was originally 75 MPH when 3 and Y first went vision only, and it is possible that the programmed limit in the new X is initially lower as well, but that seems unlikely. In order to...
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    Autosteer is a driving aid, essentially it is just lane keeping and TACC. You are still responsible for the driving, which requires paying attention. A Plaid Model X presumably has a camera for monitoring your face to ensure that you are doing paying attention. In that scenario, looking at...
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    The shudder problem: Current status (end of February 2020)

    Thanks for reporting that bug has been fixed. I guess FSD beta testers will have to wait a bit longer, because 2021.44.30.21 still exhibits this behavior when automatic lowering is set to none or even 100 MPH.
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    Front axles keep breaking

    Was this the Indianapolis service center? They insist my fix was goodwill and not warranty and won't fix it again even though a newer TSB has been released.
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    Caution Model X, Hidden Tire Wear

    Not in the release notes, but it shows in low if you check while on the Interstate. Could be a firmware bug, I suppose, but definitely silently happens.
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    2017 MX 100D: Will we ever get birdseye view?

    The cars with this feature have a downward facing camera on the front bumper or grille, Teslas do not. The other cameras on these vehicles are also aimed specifically for this feature. The other cameras on Teslas are aimed for driving, so even if the location is similar, the available view is not.
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    Caution Model X, Hidden Tire Wear

    And yet the latest updates automatically lower our X on Interstates even with automatic lowering set to "Never." What a ridiculous conundrum.
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    Keyfob unrecognized

    I get "key not in car" on ocassion. I also got it on my previous vehicle (06 Infiniti). For that vehicle and this one, I find that getting the fob out and back in usually does the trick.
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    Settings showing every time I get in car.

    The settings screen is now also the charging screen, so it will always come up when you plug in. I don't think it shows up when you don't plug in. Unfortunately, the logic for the charging screen to go away when you unplug seems to have been lost just like many other features from days gone by...
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    Driver door won’t close!?

    Sounds like maybe something pushed the latch into the closed position and it needs re-opened. If this is the case, and assuming the window was up at the time, you should see the window hitting the trim, and the IC/MCU may indicate the door is closed (not sure on this). To resolve in this...

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