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  1. Medved_77

    What did you do to your Tesla Model 3 today?

    Almost 2 years since I installed this. Here's the amount of detritus that it's prevented entering the fan inlet:
  2. Medved_77

    Can anyone recommend a decent PPF detailer in the UK?

    The PPF applied to my front bumper (model 3) has had no impact on the operation of the sensors. The entire bumper was covered, then with a scalpel the circumference of the parking sensors was cut to allow the sensors to be removed from the bumper if they ever needed to be replaced, without...
  3. Medved_77

    Replacement M3 mudflaps?

    A lot of owners got free mud flaps a while back from Tesla even though the car didn't come with them originally. Many made their way on to eBay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255588748175?hash=item3b8246cb8f%3Ag%3AOJwAAOSwSw1irfdX&LH_Auction=1 Cheaper than going to Tesla direct and possibly...
  4. Medved_77

    Charge Place Scotland Tariffs by Council

    Aberdeenshire Council and East Lothian Council are increasing their prices from 1st July 2022. Sheet updated and special mention to East Lothian council who have managed to implement the tariff with the most amount of variables.
  5. Medved_77

    Has anyone had any difficulty getting warranty repairs on failed (or failing) 2018 Model S DLR Daylight Running Lights?

    Just for a rough idea, Model S headlights are going used for about £300 a side on ebay. Obvious risks involved in buying 2nd hand etc, but maybe that's a starting point for any bartering you may be able to do.
  6. Medved_77

    Octopus Go

    Still taking on new customers but you do need to phone them. Smart meter installation very much depends on location and backlog of the fitters. Octopus should be able to give you a rough estimate when you call.
  7. Medved_77

    Nav/Map update EU-2022.12-13877

    I seem to get this just North of Peggy Scott's. Not sure if you're referring to the same area? Installed the new maps yesterday and from a 90 min drive today, couldn't tell if there were any improvements nor regressions.
  8. Medved_77

    Nav/Map update EU-2022.12-13877

    It'll resume downloading if it meets the rules I've set on my home network. About to head away for 3 days so won't be connected to WIFI and didn't want to test drive these maps immediately with so little feedback out there. I'll install next week when my trips don't include places I'm...
  9. Medved_77

    Nav/Map update EU-2022.12-13877

    I added a data limit to the car's IP in my router configuration.
  10. Medved_77

    Nav/Map update EU-2022.12-13877

    @Overworked @Coinneach Cìr Can you provide any feedback on the new maps? I've got these downloading now but would appreciate some opinions before choosing to install. Thanks!
  11. Medved_77

    Removing cover below glovebox

    The ten 'clips' appear to be part of the panel rather than clips you would separate from the panel as the first 3 are. Just stuck my head in the passengers footwell and there's about 5mm of space at the rear of that panel in the direction of the bonnet. Suspect with the 3 clips removed a gentle...
  12. Medved_77

    Tesla Jobs UK

    Correct. In German advertisements they use w/f/d for Weiblich/Männlich/Divers, which is Male/Female/Diverse (as in disability). In the UK/US you'll find adverts for M/F/D. The US can also include a V for Veteran. https://work.chron.com/m-f-d-v-stand-end-job-description-10093.html
  13. Medved_77

    London to Orkney, and most of the NC500, in a Tesla Model 3

    Probably safe enough to travel over the rail bridge on a weekend/bank holiday given the current issues at Scotrail.
  14. Medved_77

    London to Orkney, and most of the NC500, in a Tesla Model 3

    Awesome, drove over Glenshee yesterday. Being a little pedantic now but please make sure you don't drive over the Forth bridge as that's for buses and licensed taxis only. You'll want the Queensferry crossing.
  15. Medved_77

    London to Orkney, and most of the NC500, in a Tesla Model 3

    @Mr H If your schedule allows, I can highly recommend the A939 between Ballater and Inverness, also known as the Lecht Road. Fantastic views and you climb really high, nice cafes in Tomintoul as well as a distillery. If you're heading North via Perth then over Glenshee you can swing by...
  16. Medved_77

    [UK] 2022.16.x

    not a tesla app reporting that some of the new car visualisations in FSD Beta 10.2 are also available in the general release for 2022.16: https://www.notateslaapp.com/news/776/update-2022-16-features-new-vehicle-models-like-fsd-beta
  17. Medved_77

    Model 3 camping in Europe?

    OK, so I did ask her but she's not keen I'm afraid. She doesn't have the template anymore that we used and aside from that she's enjoying her retirement and very soon a new grandchild. There wasn't too much to it though if you know someone that can operate a sewing machine? I just traced the...
  18. Medved_77

    [UK] 2022.16.x

    Sorry, should have made it clear this isn't my car and I don't have the update yet. Got this from another message board. No idea about the media play bar I'm afraid.
  19. Medved_77

    [UK] 2022.16.x

    The energy bar/regen line appears to be a bit larger in 2022.16:
  20. Medved_77

    MS replacement boot strut issue - not Gen 2 Configuration??

    @srichards Don't own a model S but did subscribe for free to the Tesla Service Manuals the other day. You can do that here: https://service.tesla.com/ In the 'Power Strut - Liftgate (Remove and Replace)' page it mentions the requirement to update the Gateway configuration to set the type as...
  21. Medved_77

    Model Y security alarm (again)

    If it's the same as the model 3, disable sentry then toggle the tilt/intrusion setting off.
  22. Medved_77

    Big recall

    Big recall resolved by an OTA update.
  23. Medved_77

    Incorrect auto-profile selected

    I'm pretty sure this has now been resolved as that's 4 drives now that Ive started and the correct profile has been selected. Not made any changes to our phone setups other than the car asking me to relink a profile to a key recently. Software version 2022.12.3.2
  24. Medved_77

    [UK] 2022.12.x

    On 12.3.2, last few times I've been to the car it's automatically selected my profile when pressing the brake where as previously, almost 100% of the time it would use my wife's. I was asked to relink my profile to my phone key, although think that was with 12.3.1. Hope this lasts, it's nice...
  25. Medved_77

    No front lights at all, even indicators (Whoops did I do something....)

    Glad you got it fixed! As for the method with the brake pedal, the instruction manual mentions to use the brake pedal, we've heard via forum members via Tesla technicians that the reason is to prevent the car rolling. Whilst this is most likely accurate I would still be tempted to give it a go...
  26. Medved_77

    No front lights at all, even indicators (Whoops did I do something....)

    @Billbrown1982 Try a 2 button reset with the brake pedal pressed. Most think the addition of the brake pedal in the reset procedure is just to prevent the car from rolling but given you are running out of options and it takes 3-4 minutes, it's worth a try on the off chance that it does indeed...
  27. Medved_77

    Potential Model 3 buyer - spec question

    The previous owner has also added the performance foot pedals. Hard to tell from the pictures but I think the boot upper carpet has been added too. I can see a slight overlap of felt at the top of the boot mouth. It has the original power assisted boot, metal scroll wheels on the steering...
  28. Medved_77

    Charge Place Scotland Tariffs by Council

    Few updates to the sheet..... Scottish Borders council introducing charges from 1st May 22 Moray council introducing charges from 1st May 22 City of Edinburgh council introducing charges from 1st May 22 City of Glasgow council have rescinded plans to introduce charging pending review of...
  29. Medved_77

    Whats your favourite and least favourite supercharger and why?

    Most favourite is Edinburgh Airport. I make sure to arrive with a cold and nearly full battery. The cost of the supercharging is then far cheaper than paying to use the airport car park (or even the drop off) when collecting or dropping off visitors.
  30. Medved_77

    [UK] 2022.12.x

    No installs in UK yet but has been seen in Australia.... https://www.notateslaapp.com/software-updates/upcoming-features/id/742/first-look-at-tesla-software-update-2022-12
  31. Medved_77

    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    Just my observations on the vast number of superchargers available in the Netherlands. I've used this one near Arnhem in the East of the country, before the network was opened up. 23 stalls. First visit 10.30am on a Tuesday morning, 3 stalls occupied. Second visit 12.30pm on a Monday afternoon...
  32. Medved_77

    Tesla Screen (Dangerous)

    I strongly suspect that aside from the high insurance group, Tesla's are more expensive to insure due to the average cost of a pay out in the event of a claim. The long lead time for accessing parts results in higher costs to the insurance company when providing a hire car.
  33. Medved_77

    Standard range journeys

    I drove from Scotland to Slovakia via Pembrokeshire last summer. Amsterdam to Slovakia was a single leg. This was in a March 20 SR+ with the 240(?) mile rated range. My write up is here, ultimately the SuC network made it non-eventful...
  34. Medved_77

    [PSA] Do not tilt your front seats fully forward...

    I'm well aware. See post #1 ;)
  35. Medved_77

    [PSA] Do not tilt your front seats fully forward...

    Unfortunately my original PSA did not extend to family members. My daughter cracked the mirror (passenger side) whilst 'experimenting' with the seat movement. Will try and catch Edinburgh SC on a good day.
  36. Medved_77


    2022.4.5 has allowed me to change the chrome trim to black in the colorizer/colouriser function. Nice surprise that appeases my OCD given I got the car dechromed some time ago. Might of missed it in the youtube videos I've watched but thought it was only possible to change the body of the car...
  37. Medved_77

    Sat nav upgrade

    You'll need the Intel Atom Processor in your MCU so it won't be available in your Model S if you haven't upgraded to MCU2: https://www.tesla.com/en_GB/support/infotainment
  38. Medved_77

    Charge Place Scotland Tariffs by Council

    I've updated the sheet with those changes and provided you with edit access if you wish to help maintain the sheet for any future changes. Thanks! Can't see any mention of this on ChargePlace Scotland's twitter feed but it is mentioned here. I've updated the sheet with this info. Change...
  39. Medved_77

    What happens when you drive from UK to Europe? Headlight? Self drive overtaking?

    I drove about 800 miles at night on the continent with pre-matrix lights, was flashed once, can't assume it was because of the angle or brightness of my lights though. Autopilot felt a lot more sure of itself compared to using it in the UK. In particular when overtaking lorries, the...
  40. Medved_77

    Speeding Fine!

    Due to Covid restrictions you can attend this course from the comfort of your own home. Ironically, they're using Zoom.
  41. Medved_77

    Octopus Go price increases..

    I didn't take any action on the email above and just let the fixed term for gas expire. It went to 2.53p/kWh and 17.00p/day standing charge which appeared to reduce? Yesterday I got this notification from Octopus as my Go tariff for electricity was expiring: My previous tariff was: So I...
  42. Medved_77

    Delivery without USB-C ports and wireless phone charging

    This is the panel inside the centre console. The US were notified of this issue around 12 November, thought was it was only impacting Freemont but seems the shortage may now have extended to Shanghai too. This shows the missing part and the work involved with the retrofit. US owners first...
  43. Medved_77

    UK Model Y Order Book Open

    Reports of Model Y Performance built in China coming with: AMD Ryzen graphics Lithium-ion aux battery Laminated rear windows Assuming the UK will get deliveries from China. Perhaps these changes will also be present on the LR variants by the time they arrive here? These updates don't sound...
  44. Medved_77

    Help Requested

    Sure, I'll help you. Will send you a DM now.
  45. Medved_77

    Charging cost, am I thinking about this correctly?

  46. Medved_77

    I can't handle it! - A Rant

    Not the most elegant solution and not sure how good the adhesive would be, but maybe worth trying if the current design is truly unbearable:
  47. Medved_77

    If you own Tesla stock vote NO

    For a bit of added context as to why he's considering it: He's a loose cannon but personally I wouldn't have it any other way :)
  48. Medved_77

    Auto Wipers are awful

    Erm..... https://drivetribe.com/p/tesla-files-patent-for-laser-wipers-HJY5GFmMTVm8ekyTeXMX4Q?iid=Zaj6QS4gRl6O_V06j97d8w
  49. Medved_77

    Octopus tariffs and solar PV

    I believe they're being kept very busy by the amount of customers they are taking on from failed energy companies. They've always been very responsive on Twitter, if you'd like to give that a go? https://twitter.com/octopusenergy?lang=en
  50. Medved_77

    Tesla Superchargers at Pubs/Hotels/Resturants

    Liphook in Hampshire really surprised me. Navigated there in the pitch back, chucking it down, up a single track country lane to be greeted by one of the biggest hotel complexes I'd ever seen. Decent meal in the sports bar there, didn't have time to explore the other (multiple) offerings...

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