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  1. airborne spoon

    How to pick which Homelink item is triggered by the app?

    II have MCU2 and I'm on 2022.16.2 and homelink will only work from the app for the first programed door. Maybe newer cars have a different unit for the homelink but in mine it will work just fine when driving up to any door but the app will only work for the one I programed first.
  2. airborne spoon

    Rooftop Tents

    I will not be able to sleep in the car because I'll have too much gear and stuff. I'll be living on the road traveling around the country staying at campgrounds. Just trying to evaluate other options besides setting up a tent and air mattress all the time.
  3. airborne spoon

    Rooftop Tents

    I recently found out there are roof top tents and they are awesome! Here is a random example of one if you're not aware of what I'm talking about but there are many different ones from many companies. Does anyone on here have one or able to recommend a brand/model? There are hundreds of...
  4. airborne spoon

    How to pick which Homelink item is triggered by the app?

    it only triggers the first one you programed from the app. I have my garage as the first one i programed and my moms for when i visit her as the second one. It knows where they both are and it works perfectly as i drive up but if the car is parked in the garage at my moms house it will try to do...
  5. airborne spoon

    Poll: What Does the Right Scroll Wheel Do etc?

    I use the right wheel to open/close my sunroof
  6. airborne spoon

    Are you running Falken Azenis tires? (Warning)

    That is strange, I know on mobile you have to turn the phone sideways to landscape to see a signature. But it always shows 🤷‍♂️
  7. airborne spoon

    Are you running Falken Azenis tires? (Warning)

    There is a signature block under my posts for a reason, it clearly says all that stuff 🤯🤦‍♂️
  8. airborne spoon

    Why is the Tesla 24' Gen 2 wall charger so much on eBay?

    Wrong Yeah and look at that price that's insane and it's only 64A. The Gen 2 HPWC is the pinacle of price and power. Glad I got them, I installed one at my mom's house for when I visit, and one still in the box for when the housing market crashes and I can buy a house.
  9. airborne spoon

    Air pressure in tires very low

    the warning takes a while to go away on its own unless you do a 2 finger salute to the car then if the pressure is good it shouldn't pop up upon the reboot. So its a bit odd yours isn't going away. I say just leave it alone and it might go away after the car sleeps overnight at the right psi...
  10. airborne spoon

    Why is the Tesla 24' Gen 2 wall charger so much on eBay?

    that chart is obviously not accurate, anyone can tell you that a car charges faster at 19kW than it does at 11kW. and i can back that up since i have used many 11kw and own a 19kw one. and guess what? my car charges faster at home at 19kW than at 11kW ones in the wild 🤯 Not connected to Wi-Fi...
  11. airborne spoon

    Low charging Messaging Does not work!

    I'm gonna need you to elaborate on that one. The only mechanical manual release I can find is jimmying it with a screwdriver. I know the refresh cars have some fancy crap but I'm not tracking any sort of manual stuff on the nosecones.
  12. airborne spoon

    Low charging Messaging Does not work!

    Yeah the same thing happened to me last month. It used to pop up with the slow down to make it to your destination but i never got any warning and it died at 2%. I've gone to 1% many times and never had an issue, all these updates lately with the estimated range have been wreaking havoc on...
  13. airborne spoon

    Keeping my Model S as she ages

    the seats in my 2014 are awesome, they are comfortable buckets, don't we already have adaptive *sugar* with the air? faster charging would be nice but I'm still never selling since i have free SC.
  14. airborne spoon

    After 8+ years, no longer a Tesla owner!

    you're like those people on Facebook that say "I'm deleting my account" nobody cares lol. now providing an opinion and a post of a review thats different and your opinion was well written and completly understand the stupidity of having to hit the screen a dozen times to do a simple task that...
  15. airborne spoon

    Service Manuals Now Free?

    I tried 4 different programs that work as site grabbers back when it was $40/hr and none of them would grab anything. the security on the site was top notch and no matter how i went about it i was unable to download any of the manual so i just took a bunch of screenshots of what i was working on...
  16. airborne spoon

    Rear Camber arms option - Hardrace

    Hell yeah its about god damned time. I don't even need the manual at the moment but i did the 1 year thing just in cease they change their minds back to the $40/hr crap by the time i need to look at it again lol.
  17. airborne spoon

    Rear Camber arms option - Hardrace

    what Tesla free manual, that ****ing thing is $40 an hour to view. unless you're talking about fixyourtesla.com which got shut down like 2 years ago and the only way to access it is via the wayback machine but there is no pics so some items are difficult to understand.
  18. airborne spoon

    Upgraded charge rates for older Model S

    Must be nice, highest I've ever gotten is 128kW. although since chargegate that only lasts of the blink of an eye before it drops down to 100kW and less
  19. airborne spoon

    Are you running Falken Azenis tires? (Warning)

    you say the tires are 10 months old but they are also at 6/32 wear. which means you had them installed 10 months ago likely. please let me know how old the tire is. I'm going to assume that you don't know how to tell that based on your assessment the tire is only as old as it was installed on...
  20. airborne spoon

    Front fender for 2015 model S damage.

    pictures pictures pictures. you can request advice all day but its a lot easier to help when i can see what the problem is. I have pulled off half my bumper after backing out of a supercharger because it had those stupid concrete wheel stoppers. anyway one sensor fell out because the holder...
  21. airborne spoon

    Tesla to have salvage title supercharging reinstatement process by the end of the year, no s or x.

    They did this in the past with the S you paid them $5k or $10k and they would do a HV inspection to make sure its safe and then they would enable supercharging on it. but then months later they blocked those cars as well and didn't give back the money those salvage owners paid for the inspection.
  22. airborne spoon

    App charge status

    That would only make sense of it was on every day. But it's just randomly thrown in there 🤷‍♂️
  23. airborne spoon

    App charge status

    I only charge at my house and my mom's house and supercharging. I don't use public stations because I can't find free ones anymore, and I do my own services with the occasional one Tesla has to do because of a restricted part or I need a diagnosis. But I've not been to Tesla in a few months and...
  24. airborne spoon

    App charge status

    Notice the total spent $0 bit? I have adjusted the app to say that I don't pay for utilities. But I just don't get where it thinks the other location is since I only charge at home or while traveling
  25. airborne spoon

    App charge status

    Anyone else having this happen where the app says you charged at an "other" location when you don't? I know other would be like somewhere besides home or a supercharger but with the exception of when I visit my mom and use her HPWC, (which I've not done at all in the last 2 months) I literally...
  26. airborne spoon

    Have your service center check large rear drive unit for coolant leakage before warranty expires

    i like the way you think on getting around stuff to get them to inspect thoroughly. Do i just make an appt saying inspect my speed sensor? or do i need to say something is wrong? like should i say my speedometer is reading differently than the radar signs on the highway?
  27. airborne spoon

    Navigation doesn't do warning anymore

    It was never a verbal warning just the thing that would pop up on both screens saying stay below X speed to make it to your destination. And I routinely arrive at chargers or home at 3-9% for many years easily. The nav always says I'll arrive at like 10-20% so i always cut like 5% off of that...
  28. airborne spoon

    Navigation doesn't do warning anymore

    I'm sure everyone has encountered it at one point or another where the nav says stay below 85 to make it to your destination. Or stay below whatever speed to make it. This morning I was driving south from Vegas on the 15 and I left town at 85% and the car said I'd get to yermo at 15%. So I took...
  29. airborne spoon

    Is 39mV unbalance (parking mode) in my battery pack & 4% SoC bad?

    Unbalanced is bad your are correct. However, your 0.039v is not unbalanced that is perfectly acceptable
  30. airborne spoon

    Paint colors

    That's a cool green its dark but not as dark as the forest green tesla had Not familiar with that color, was it like a metallic silver or something? Never been a fan of flat colors, just looks unfinished and tacky to me
  31. airborne spoon

    Is 39mV unbalance (parking mode) in my battery pack & 4% SoC bad?

    again since you're not listening 0.039v is nothing so don't worry about it open SMT and click on the tab that says BMS this is what it shows. perhaps apple people have it different than us cool folks but that's what the app looks like in android.
  32. airborne spoon

    Paint colors

    I will be getting my car painted early next year and i am debating over the color to get. Mine is the dark grey metallic and its looks ok but its too common and bland so its gotta go. I was originally thinking of the forest green that was only offered for such a short time by tesla but there is...
  33. airborne spoon

    Is 39mV unbalance (parking mode) in my battery pack & 4% SoC bad?

    here is yesterday while supercharging and today while the car has sat for 30 min after driving to work you can see that while charging it was 0.034v off balance and while it was sitting it was 0.007v i dont have any captures from a low pack charge but when low it doesnt balance as well to save...
  34. airborne spoon

    Replacing Tesla tethered cable

    are you looking to replace the handle on a gen 1 or gen 2 UMC or a part from the HPWC? Pics are very helpful when talking to people on the internet to show whats broken. Also you could prob buy a parts only item on ebay and use its good parts to replace your bad parts.
  35. airborne spoon

    Can the GPS give me turn by turn audible - Model S 2016

    But it does already its quite annoying because it says crap like lake a left onto X street when the correct turn is a right and that road doesn't even go to the left. Or when it says take a left onto highway X every 5 miles when I've been on highway x for the last 200 miles. Just adjust the...
  36. airborne spoon

    Loud burst of air, now left side suspension bottomed out, diagnostic help

    Have you tried to drive the car and adjust the suspension while its in drive? Also have you done a brake pedal reboot? Also did you use any grease on the drill and tap while you were working to keep metal shards out of the strut area? Because if you didn't then some metal shavings could've...
  37. airborne spoon

    Is 39mV unbalance (parking mode) in my battery pack & 4% SoC bad?

    I'd say no, i mean that is only 0.039V anyway, now if it was .3 then yeah that seems pretty far off bun not .03 especially at a really low SoC like 4%. charge it and then look at it after its done charging and balancing itself out it should be pretty squared up then.
  38. airborne spoon

    72A Charger Upgrade

    Yes it is, or at least it was when i was asking for an upgrade. Back when they offered the Ludacris upgrade to the P85D i inquired if i could make an appt to get that done and was told by multiple service centers that was only an upgrade option for the original owners, even though it said...
  39. airborne spoon

    Is my Model S going to start on fire? ScanMyTesla

    what was your charging speed while the temps were at 140f? Because if the speed is dropping off you could have a closed louver and that'll make the batt be warmer than normal. That happened to me and i had to replace all 3 louvers, it was like $500 for the parts and i did it in my driveway...
  40. airborne spoon

    Quick control screen keeps popping up

    have you tried cleaning the screen? Sometimes dog drool gets on my screen and makes it act funny till i clean it off.
  41. airborne spoon

    Car Camping in RV sites?

    Yeah I've made adapters for 14-50, tt30, 6-30, 6-50 and a few others as well. I'll never have an issue plugging in, just gotta have pretty much any outlet and I'm good.
  42. airborne spoon

    Dog barks when I leave house everyday

    I don't leave treats out, he only gets a treat when I get one for him. He doesn't like chew toys of any kind. I've tried ones with treats inside, peanut butter or something on the outside. He'll use it for like 5 minutes max then never go near it again. I already tried acting like I don't give a...
  43. airborne spoon

    Dog barks when I leave house everyday

    I honestly never even thought of a bark collar. Maybe just one of the ones that sprays an unpleasant scent instead of the zapper one. I'll look into that. Leaving stuff on doesn't have any effect as I've done it a few times on accident I can't get another dog since I'll be living in my car and...
  44. airborne spoon

    Dog barks when I leave house everyday

    I have an 11 year old beagle/basset and I adopted him about 3 years ago. He's super awesome and a great dog. But when I leave to go to work he goes ****ing bonkers and doesn't stop barking for 15-30 min after I leave. During this time he tries to make his way to where he last saw me which means...
  45. airborne spoon

    how much sound deadening material for doors?

    Yeah i used this stuff for the trunk. I was surprised how much stuff tesla had on the floor of the trunk but the lower storage area had nothing. So i put this all over the trunk. I didn't notice the inner door piece being too bad, but i was combating road noise, and the better audio quality was...
  46. airborne spoon

    Car Feels Bumpy When Driving - What Could Be Wrong?

    probably threw a wheel weight and the tire is out of balance. Just go to any tire shop and ask them to balance your tires, wont cost much at all and takes like 30 min
  47. airborne spoon

    Car Camping in RV sites?

    I've posted this question to an RV forum but figured I'd ask y'all as well. I will be retiring next year (April 2023) and I don't have a house due to the insane prices they currently are. I had an opportunity to buy a house in 2015 but I didn't want to buy in North Carolina because I hate that...
  48. airborne spoon

    What happened to the 80amp charger?

    yeah i was in the same boat i have the black elon signed one at my moms house for when i visit, and I'm looking at buying my own place and wanted a HPWC ready to install once i find a home. you can still get a older Gen 2 HPWC on ebay but the prices are crazy usually $1000 for a used Gen 2...
  49. airborne spoon

    how much sound deadening material for doors?

    I got 1 box of the Noico 80 mil stuff and it was enough to do all 4 doors and the trunk lid and some in the trunk base with a sheet leftover. i only did the outer part of the doors and tossed a few scraps on the inner piece. my deadening was to eliminate road noise from coming into the car and...
  50. airborne spoon

    How to relocate 12V battery ground wire?

    for the 2013 is that where the battery is under the fender well by the passenger tire? Also how often are you doing service that requires you to disconnect the battery? Like I've done a lot of work on my car and I've only had to disconnect the battery for service when i was doing the heated...

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