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  1. jaguar36

    Yet another 85kWh supercharging thread

    What's to ask about? They nerfed the supercharging speed on purpose, it wasn't an accident. Tesla cares not for its early adopters and is happy to screw them over.
  2. jaguar36

    Plaid Suspension Accelerometer Test Readings in Comfort and Sport Modes

    I'd guess your sampling rate isn't fast enough. So on the hard settings you're missing the peaks that are much higher in magnitude, but over a short duration so you end up missing them in your data. Still it very clearly is different between the two modes so it is doing something.
  3. jaguar36

    Has anybody tried older 19s on the refresh? Looking for winter wheels

    I ran Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 245/45R19 102 T XL Tires all winter on 19x8.5 Rial Luganos all winter on my Plaid and had no issues. No spacers, the back ones were about a half inch tucked in. I thought it looked fine, wasn't at all noticeable.
  4. jaguar36

    Refresh wh/mile display in IC?

    Just have to live without it, or live with having the settings open all the time. It amazes me how completely awful the software is in the refresh. Its such a big step backwards in functionality compared with my P100D. I really miss the V7 days when the focus seemed to be on usability rather...
  5. jaguar36

    Any loyal Tesla fans switch to Taycan?

    I contemplated switching while waiting over a year for my S Performance/Plaid. The taycan handles way better and looks alot flashier (which is either good or bad. The current S software is a pile of *sugar*, but maybe it gets better (or maybe it gets worse)? I like the yoke, the lack of turn...
  6. jaguar36

    MCU2 upgrade appointments

    Scheduled 12/22 for 12/27. Pushed to 1/11 and completed then.
  7. jaguar36

    2020 Performance or new Plaid?

    I had a 2017 P100D (aka Performance) and switched to a Plaid. I was also considering a Taycan Turbo instead of the plaid and test drove one. 2020 Perf vs Plaid, the Plaid's performance and interior are much improved. The mid range acceleration on the plaid is crazy. The new interior is...
  8. jaguar36

    Show of hands… Adaptive Suspension

    I suspect this is all coming down to a difference in perception and expectations rather than any actual issues with the system. One mans jarring ride is another mans sporty suspension.
  9. jaguar36

    Winter tire recommendations

    I've run 19” 245/45 Hakkapeliitta’s on the car all winter and they've been great. I think they look good in the wheel wells, the backs are inboard a hair if you really look, but its not particularly noticeable. They are great in the snow, and still do decently well in the dry. Obviously they...
  10. jaguar36

    Winter tires for the Model S Plaid ?

    I’ve had 19” 245/45 Hakkapeliitta’s on the car all winter and they’ve been great.
  11. jaguar36

    Show of hands… Adaptive Suspension

    Certainly not the most sophisticated suspension. The magnetorheological suspensions are way more sophisticated (and are now 20 year old technology) and work waaay better. I can just barely tell the difference between comfort and sport. Both are worse than the coil spring suspension in my 2014 S.
  12. jaguar36

    Is the rear screen useful for anything yet?

    Its a gimmick. Even if it had alot of capability, its in a terrible location. Its only use is if you want to make your passengers car sick, while you get to hear the audio of whatever junk they are watching.
  13. jaguar36

    Turn off Autosteer chime?

    Thats what I do, but its a poor solution. It still chimes, just quieter and it also quiets turn signals, which I would perfer not to be quiet since the refresh sucks at turning them off.
  14. jaguar36

    Our of warranty rapairs

    Tesla now makes both the manuals and the software tools available to 3rd partys... for a fee of course. See service.tesla.com
  15. jaguar36

    Tesla Plaid.... Simply Amazing

    What? I mean sure, you can play sonic super well... except for the shoddy controller support and the poor ergonomics. Are you basing that on what Tesla says it can play or what is actually out? I don't understand how they are possibly still advertising Witcher 3. It sounds like you haven't...
  16. jaguar36


    Wow, that looks way worse than the current design. Maybe its better with the CF spoiler for contrast?
  17. jaguar36

    Severe traction issues on roads with ice/snow

    No issues in my 2014 or 2021 with snows tires.
  18. jaguar36

    Plaid/Refresh CAN data

    I've run into similar issues, anyone successfully gotten data from a Refresh?
  19. jaguar36


    This is way uglier than the current rear.
  20. jaguar36

    I Ordered a Taycan

    If Tesla does that it will both destroy the supercharger network (unless they significantly increase its expansion rate) and make every other EV including the Taycan far more desirable. Was certainly a reason I got a Plaid instead of a Taycan. However the Taycan back seats are really just too...
  21. jaguar36

    Plaid/Refresh squeaky seat

    Does anyone have an issue with their driver seat squeaking? Its not super loud or consistent, but it is getting annoying.
  22. jaguar36

    Power frunk coming for 2021+ Model S

    The Plaid frunk is significantly smaller than on my 2017, So much so that its mostly crossed the line to not being very useful.
  23. jaguar36

    Power frunk coming for 2021+ Model S

    Its a shame the frunk has shrunk so much since the orignal. I use it all the time on my 2014 Rwd and find it super convient its about the same size as a regular cars trunk. On the Plaid its so small as to be barely useful though.
  24. jaguar36

    Anyone have any luck on the refresh with game controllers?

    Wired Logitech F310 works just fine for me with a USB-A to C adapter.
  25. jaguar36

    Can we have a separate Plaid/refresh section?

    I've asked this before. I don't think it matters how its broken up, but it would make life a whole easier if at least the 2021+ cars were discussed in a separate area.
  26. jaguar36

    Has anybody tried older 19s on the refresh? Looking for winter wheels

    Older 19s should have no problem fitting, assuming the OEM tire size. However you'll need new TPMS at ~$400 a set.
  27. jaguar36

    Model S Plaid heating system sucks!!!

    Has anyone found a solution for the cold footwells? I'm debating pulling the door apart and adding some insulation.
  28. jaguar36

    Wiki 2021+ Model S Refresh - Missing/Incomplete Software Features

    I'd like to have it on the instrument cluster for left turns and on the center display in the upper right for right turns. Should be able to make it resizable on the center display too.
  29. jaguar36

    Infotainment upgrade includes?

    You need to pay the $200.
  30. jaguar36

    Model S plaid vs. Model 3 Performance

    No they aren't. A vocal few are. A vocal few who are taking their 5000lb family sedans to the track, where it has no place being. And thats ignoring the fact that every production car that is going to be tracked should have upgraded brakes. Even you said they are good for 6 consecutive back...
  31. jaguar36

    Recall vs MCU1 upgrade or LTE upgrade

    That brings up another question, the instrument cluster is leaking, it doesn't really bother me, but does that get changed with the MCU2 upgrade? If not does anyone know the price for that? The LTE upgrade is basically a requirement I can't see having a Tesla without cell service.
  32. jaguar36

    Recall vs MCU1 upgrade or LTE upgrade

    Thanks, I was reading that backwards.
  33. jaguar36

    Recall vs MCU1 upgrade or LTE upgrade

    Between the recall, the 3G shut down, and the MCU upgrade I'm trying to figure out what to do with our pre-AP 2014 and what it will cost. It seems like the best idea is to just cough up the $2k and get the MCU2 upgrade. I assume this also will remove the need for the recall? Or is the...
  34. jaguar36

    Model S plaid vs. Model 3 Performance

    Why... Why would you do this? Are you planning on tracking the car? Or were you just trying to find something wrong with the S to point at? 8 back to back 60-0 stops is not something that is ever going to take place in non-track usage.
  35. jaguar36

    Winter tire recommendations

    Sounds like it should be ready for winter 2023. (2024 at the latest!)
  36. jaguar36

    2021+ Model S tires and wheels: all things (Plaid, LR, OEM, aftermkt, 19, 20, 21, summer, winter etc.)

    I ordered a set of Rial's for my winter tires from Tire Rack and was shocked to see the TPMS sensors were $110 each. I was expecting them to be cheaper than from Tesla. I got them from Tire Rack anyway just for the convenience.
  37. jaguar36

    Model S Plaid - 6 Months Later

    Two week owner here and I agree with most everything you said! I was expecting to hate the lack of stalks, but it really hasn't been an issue. I hate the giant center console. I really love the bowling alley in my 2014. It was so convient to put a laptop bag in and really showed off the...
  38. jaguar36

    Anyone here upgrade from a 2018 to a new MS?

    Upgraded from a 2017 P100D to a Plaid. Its a huge difference. The interior is a big step up and is awesome. The Plaid performance has amazed me how much better it is than the P100D. Only complaints I see are the immaturity of the software, and the horizontal screen. The vertical...
  39. jaguar36

    Politics - Quarantine Thread

  40. jaguar36

    Very uncomfortable bottom seat cushion

    The Plaid seats are not the same as the seats mentioned above. They're my favorite seats of all the ones Tesla has made, and I like them far better than MB and BMW's seats. That being said, everyone's different, if you don't like them that much sell the car. Ohh wait, you had already decided...
  41. jaguar36

    Useless UI - Forced upgrade

    7 years between joining and first post, impressive! My 2014 S is in the same situation. Unfortunately I don't think there is anything to do except pay for the upgrade or lawyer up.
  42. jaguar36

    Refresh Seat Height

    Yep, with the seat all the way down. I don't think the yoke matters, I'm looking at the top of the windshield and it seems way lower than it used too.
  43. jaguar36

    Vendor Refresh Model S LR/Plaid : Winter Tire Option

    With a 32 offset on both they will only be tucked in by 4.7mm in front and 12.7mm in the back, should be fine. Narrow tires are better for snow as well.
  44. jaguar36

    Vendor Refresh Model S LR/Plaid : Winter Tire Option

    Has anyone actually confirmed that? I am skeptical that the new 19" have significantly more interior clearance than the old 19" ones.
  45. jaguar36

    Vendor Refresh Model S LR/Plaid : Winter Tire Option

    Has anyone run 245/45x19s winters on all 4 corners yet? I've got a set from my 2017 S that I'd like to use, but I'm wondering if it would look dumb.
  46. jaguar36

    2021+ Model S Refresh - white interior thread

    It's VIN 5YJSA1E68MF45XXX, I'm in Cherry hill. I actually switched it to the wood in June because my advisor said it would come faster that way. :rolleyes:
  47. jaguar36

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    After over a year of waiting, I finally picked up my Plaid/Blue/White last week. Easily the worst car buying experience I've ever had. Just on the pickup experience: When we picked up my 2014 S it was sitting in the showroom with a bow on, and a couple people were there to immediately help us...
  48. jaguar36

    Separate forum for Refresh

    With the refresh being significantly different than the 2012-2020 S, it would be great to have the forum split between the two generations. It would eliminate alot of confusion about which car folks were talking about, and would eliminate the need to have 'Refresh' in every title. This is how...
  49. jaguar36

    Refresh Seat Height

    I'm coming from a 2017 S P100D to a Plaid, and it seems like the seats have gotten significantly higher. Has anyone else noticed this? I assume the windshield angle and roof height is all the same, but I swear I'm sitting higher now.
  50. jaguar36

    2021+ Model S Refresh - white interior thread

    Finally, after over a year of waiting, I finally got my car last week! Plaid, Blue/white, 19" Walnut. Just to recap, I was originally told 4-6 weeks, then last week of December, then January, then March, then June, July, September, Got a Vin, Last week of September, lost that VIN told a couple...

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