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  1. SabrToothSqrl

    Sirius XM app has disappeared after latest software update

    add me to the XM scrolls 1,2,3,4 not favorites like it should. FML. #ThanksTesla.
  2. SabrToothSqrl

    Sirius/XM app comes and goes

    my 2019 Raven did this same thing, many many times, and I reamed them out every time. Now I have XM, but the next/back buttons on the wheel don't change FAVORITES any more, they change 1,2,3,4 etc. They can't get the RADIO to work, nor headlights on with wiper, and they expect me to trust this...
  3. SabrToothSqrl

    Can we put the "teslas have thin paint" rumor to bed now?

    Nope. Paint on my 2009 Tahoe was much better than my 2019 Tesla.
  4. SabrToothSqrl

    Has the progress bar been hiding here all along?

    yeah, this is one of many, many on screen items that were designed by a 6 year old on their iphone, 4 inches from their face. v11 is downright dangerous with it's micro fonts, 525,600 submenus and 2 x 2 pixel hieroglyphic crap.
  5. SabrToothSqrl

    Tesla vs. 3rd party for collision

    about 3 days to fudge it up, then another 2-3 to make it right. They painted another white car too close to my drying bumper and it had a nice grey fade at the edges. I had them take it back off and redo it all. Now it's correct. I did find some rougher area around the headlight, but I wet...
  6. SabrToothSqrl

    After 8+ years, no longer a Tesla owner!

    The yoke, and worthless buttons on the yoke, and the door exit button completely ruin the new S for me. along with the freaking awful v11 crap. If the Cyber truck gets that crap, I'll stick with my X for now, but looking hard at the Rivian w/max pack!
  7. SabrToothSqrl

    Yokohama Geolandar X-CV -or- Pirelli Scorpion Zero All Season Plus ?

    I went with the Pirelli's because the other ones were not available until after my inspection due date.
  8. SabrToothSqrl

    HomeLink auto close does not work

    The auto close never worked right for me, in my S, 3 or X. I did setup IFTT to auto close it when I leave the house. I get the door closed notification by the time I get to the first stop sign from my house - under 1/2 mile...
  9. SabrToothSqrl

    Yokohama Geolandar X-CV -or- Pirelli Scorpion Zero All Season Plus ?

    Pick a tire any tire. Both sets are within like $20 of each other. (After rebate)...
  10. SabrToothSqrl

    Cybertruck charging

    GM did the thing. https://jalopnik.com/gm-evs-could-get-dual-charging-ports-to-recharge-in-hal-1848964465
  11. SabrToothSqrl

    Full Self Driving without Assistance by this time Next Year - Musk

    car can't even headlights on with wipers. and now it's supposed to "drive" ? lolz
  12. SabrToothSqrl

    Smelly stinky socks / mold in Model 3 AC

    Wife's car has the funk, after paying to have it defunked 2x now, I think I need to start doing it on my own.
  13. SabrToothSqrl

    Speeding tickets, anyone?

  14. SabrToothSqrl

    Headlights on with Wipers

    my 2009 Tahoe, and brother's 2008 Jeep had this fancy option of "headlights on with wipers". which is both good for safety, and the law. it's now 2022, and not a single Tesla does this very basic option. is it because it doesn't rain in CA?
  15. SabrToothSqrl

    Yokohama Geolandar X-CV

    I'm also now looking at the Geolandar X-CV https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Yokohama&tireModel=Geolandar+X-CV&frontTire=645WR0XCVXL&rearTire=745WR0XCVXL&fromTireCompare=Y&vehicleSearch=true&autoMake=Tesla&autoYear=2019&autoModel=Model+X&autoModClar=265%2F45-20F+275%2F45-20R In...
  16. SabrToothSqrl

    AltiMAX RT43 Installed today.

    with my depth guage, the (now) fronts show 8/32. Rear show 9/32
  17. SabrToothSqrl

    Get some Sense... [sense monitoring solution]

    It's a neat gizmo, but after many years with mine, there's only 1 thing you can really do to cut your electric bill... use less. If It wasn't 'some' level of effort to disconnect and sell mine, I'd not use it.
  18. SabrToothSqrl

    AltiMAX RT43 Installed today.

    I have not noticed any grip issues. I'd wager they are actually better the majority of scenarios With approx 8,400ish miles on them: Tread depth Front Driver Outer: 9 Front Driver Middle: 9 Front Driver Inner: 9 Front Passenger Outer: 9 Front Passenger Middle: 9 Front...
  19. SabrToothSqrl

    What does this mean?

    it's "normal" but I agree - it's a stupid message.
  20. SabrToothSqrl

    2019 Model 3 Long Range - RWD - FSD - $52k

    Following for sale price as we have a similar AWD one. not for sale, but curious.
  21. SabrToothSqrl

    Mobile Charger no longer included

    This gives me hope that the UMC will have to be included. https://appleinsider.com/articles/22/04/20/brazil-orders-apple-to-pay-iphone-buyer-1000-for-not-including-charger
  22. SabrToothSqrl

    Cybertruck - capacitive switches on yoke

    Finally got inside a new Model S, and the door button was a capacitive switch/button crap. MUCH MUCH preferred the real button on the Model Y right next to it. Or even the door handle in my Model X. If you thought the unlabeled hieroglyphics of the Model 3 door was hard for your friends who...
  23. SabrToothSqrl

    6-50 vs 14-50 upgrade installation

    Do the 14-50, or at least, run the N wire. If anything in the future you can easily swap to something else. The labor is the hard part. a single wire means you're much more future proof.
  24. SabrToothSqrl

    v11 software update SUCKS

    I got the one that makes v11 marginally less shitty, but the icons are still 5x5 pixels. And now, once again, for the 200th time, my XM next/back buttons change channels and NOT the favorites. WHY is everything so hard for this company? my 2009 Tahoe; XM worked 100% fine for TEN YEARS, and I...
  25. SabrToothSqrl

    MCU_w029 error - battery imbalance

    dahhhhnnnngggg. Somedays I miss my 2013 S. Other days, I'm glad I sold it. Do you get to keep the old battery? Can Rich Rebuilds weigh in?
  26. SabrToothSqrl

    Electric Boat Racing!

    https://electrek.co/2022/04/11/racebird-all-electric-foiling-boat-takes-first-flight-ahead-of-new-e1-marine-racing-championship/ ahhhwwwwwww yyyyeeeahhhhhh
  27. SabrToothSqrl

    Do Some V11 Issues Warrant NHTSHA Reporting? Here's How to Do It.

    what caused the crash? had to take my eyes off the road for 6 minutes trying to decipher the micro icons, slide my fingers in just the right place, squint to see any relevant information, and tap 476 times to defrost the dash. That's even before we get to the heated seats. So, YES, this...
  28. SabrToothSqrl

    Do Some V11 Issues Warrant NHTSHA Reporting? Here's How to Do It.

    v11 still missing that glorious uninstall button we keep hoping for.
  29. SabrToothSqrl

    Under hood panel - 1036240-00-E wont stay in.

    Anyone else w/this issue? Service says they fixed it, and by the time I drove home, it still didn't stay 'snapped in'.
  30. SabrToothSqrl

    Still hate v11

    No, mine was real: Car Makers Test Fumes on Monkeys? Your Questions Answered. No, v11 won't give you cancer, but it may cause scurvy.
  31. SabrToothSqrl

    Selling cars with loans. - Best options

    I also used to use #2, but meeting at my bank serves no purpose. And I had several buyers walk due to not waiting to wait for the title. They claimed to be handing over "Cash" and wanting a title right away, even though I was handing them the car, and allowing them to take a pic of my license...
  32. SabrToothSqrl

    Selling cars with loans. - Best options

    Due to scammers and people who are generally a pain, I don't think I can sell another car that has a loan on it. (I've sold many, just fine). But it's more hassle, and I don't blame most people for not wanting scammed, I blame the scammers. In PA, titles are electronic and NOT printed, NOT at...
  33. SabrToothSqrl

    Still hate v11

    same way VW tests car exhaust. they put about 10 monkeys in an airtight room, breathing car exhaust, and using v11. because they didn't die within 2 hours, v11 was pushed to market.
  34. SabrToothSqrl

    Subwoofer rattle

    service fixed it. marked it 'good will' aka really warranty, but how dare they mark anything warranty.
  35. SabrToothSqrl

    Still hate v11

    How dare you bring a real world use case to the world of the 12 year old designers. padded walls and plush toys are the only things they know.
  36. SabrToothSqrl

    A Digital Designer's POV on V11

    OMG. I've found the reason that v11 uses 50 shades of grey instead of people colors! it's all a sick joke!
  37. SabrToothSqrl

    Tesla using old time dealer dirty tactics to make money on service

    I am fairly convinced that it's mostly 12 year olds working at tesla at this point. Between v11, and this. Last time I had an issue, I kindly took my time to record the issue, upload it to youtube, because you can't attach a video to the app. the video clearly identified the issue, it's...
  38. SabrToothSqrl

    A Digital Designer's POV on V11

    sometimes, I'll do something crazy in my car, like ya know, driving it, where I'll put my left hand on TOP of the WHEEL, and as it's coming down the left side of the wheel, turning my front wheels, I carefully, knowingly, bump the turn signal stalk, engaging the left turn , then, when safe, make...
  39. SabrToothSqrl

    Why electric vehicles are a bad investment

    I see what you did there.
  40. SabrToothSqrl

    A Digital Designer's POV on V11

    In boredom sometimes I search for a good price on a Performance Model S. In some of the photos, you can clearly see 'buttons' for 'heated seats' and other useful functions in a 'car'. can someone take the development of the car UI away from the 12yr olds and put them on time out?
  41. SabrToothSqrl

    A Digital Designer's POV on V11

    I would be more than happy to verbally eviserate the team that developed this thing Lewis Black style.
  42. SabrToothSqrl

    A Digital Designer's POV on V11

    i'm no professional, but I do hate v11. I hated it before it was cool :-p
  43. SabrToothSqrl

    Still hate v11

    While using my iPhone today, I realized that the icons on my 5" phone screen, that is held in my hand, are actually LARGER than the nano icons tesla thinks we can use at 80 mph safely. when will this stupidity end?
  44. SabrToothSqrl

    Still hate v11

    <<<Calling it now>>> The reason all your icons are 5mm x 5mm? Ad Space. Now tesla can put ads on the screen, right under actual useful buttons! When you go to change the car temp, you'll click it. (by accident) #AdRevenue! Just like all those singles in my area, they gonna make mad money.
  45. SabrToothSqrl

    New Model Y version showing up on EPA site - a new Giga Texas variant?

    <<calling it now>> EPA Forces Tesla to stop publishing unrealistic ranges. 280 is a lot more real world than 330. Flame on!
  46. SabrToothSqrl

    v11 software update SUCKS

    Just a reminder that v11 is beyond infuriating (a danger) to use, and Tesla has not even acknowledged it as a problem. So, I guess we just keep slipping, sliding, putting our right foot in, bending over, and jiggling the handle. And that's just to adjust the car's temperature. Easily 20 more...
  47. SabrToothSqrl

    Power seat switch broken! $1.10 for the part. 6 minutes to replace.

    Superglue has held a lot of my stuff together for much longer than I expected too :)
  48. SabrToothSqrl

    v11 software update SUCKS

    That is infuriating. I KNEW it was made by 12 year olds who never drove/owned a car, and did all the development on a computer with a MOUSE. Here, tap this thing 20 menus deep while you're IN A MOVING CAR, taking your eyes off the road for the constant vision test that is UI11, crashing into...

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