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  1. TomServo

    Electrify America has raised $450 million of equity investments

    Interesting news, between EA’s announcement and Tesla’s plan the EV DCFC network is going to get much better and very soon. https://media.electrifyamerica.com/en-us/releases/190?utm_source=marketing_cloud&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=ELAM_2022_AQ_EARefreshedSizzleReel&utm_content=body_cta My...
  2. TomServo

    Enhanced Autopilot $6k

    The only feature I want is Auto Lane Change. Sell that at a fair price and Tesla will rake in a ton of money that is sitting on the sidelines. The hardware is in the car not earning any money for Tesla. Come on Elon, let us buy some of these features ala cart.
  3. TomServo

    Curb Rash MYP 21" Uberturbine (Fixable?)

    Or Scotch
  4. TomServo

    TSportLine Independence Day Sale

    Many were bummed after missing out on their Memorial Day sale, they just announced the same sale for Independence Day. Thought some would be interested.
  5. TomServo

    CCS Adapter - ?

    I bought one as a back up, but when traveling I’ll stick to Super Chargers even if they cost more. Should I wander away from Tesla’s “moat” the CCS adapter is available.
  6. TomServo

    Martian Wheels order delay for 2 months?

    And yet a famous YouTuber is still pushing Martian wheels and claims he has some coming.
  7. TomServo

    Illinois Waiting Room

    I hope and pray your wrong. I have a solution already bought and paid for siting in my garage - a set of 18” tires and wheels from TSportLine with some 245/50-ZR18 Michelin A/S tires. But to me the Pirelli’s are a downgrade. I was going to keep them but will now probably sell them and recoup...
  8. TomServo

    MYP totaled 2 days before delivery

    If you are price-protected, who knows, you might bet a BETTER car.
  9. TomServo

    MYP Delivery Still With Summer Tires?

    I hope not, I live in Illinois and summer tires are dangerous 4 or 5 months out of the year.
  10. TomServo

    Model Y P vs Rivian R1S

    So how are these cars similar? What are your needs?
  11. TomServo

    Trip to Vegas, Grand Canyon North Rim and Zion National Park on MYP

    A highly detailed report, what tires are on your PMY. I ask because I will be replacing the 21' UT tires/wheels with a square set of 18s from Tsportline with 245/50-ZR18s. I expect to gain another 10 to 15 miles of real-world range. And for years I have read how needed a Super Charger is near...
  12. TomServo

    2022 Performance model y updates tires and trim

    You won't know which tires Tesla mounted until you pick it up. To get the WHITE dash one has to order the WHITE seats, else all Tesla's get the wood dash.
  13. TomServo

    Fair price for PPF + Ceramic?

    Seems fair on the surface but the devil is in the details, what products are they using?
  14. TomServo

    Rear Double Pane Window Update?

    Sadly the NA Tesla is missing at least three items available in the MIC/MIG cars (rear laminated glass, revised door panels, and cargo cover). I wonder why?
  15. TomServo

    Illinois Waiting Room

    Precision Detailing in St Peters MO - St. Peters Clear Bra & Paint Protection Film | Precision Detailing Shawn is going to get my new PMY for a partial PPF and window tint. Tell Shawn I recommended you.
  16. TomServo

    Looking for photos of a MSM Y with a matte black hood

    Since I’ll be doing some PPF on our new MSM Y, I was thinking of taking that opportunity to do the hood in a matte black as a throw back to the classic muscle cars of the 60s/70s, but I’m unable to find any photos. Any suggestions?
  17. TomServo

    Looking for a special PPF \ Exterior \ Racing stripes idea for Tesla model 3

    I’m thinking of doing a matte black hood on my new MSM PMY since I’ll be having some PPF done. But I can’t find any photos.
  18. TomServo

    MYP - April/May OD July/September EDD

    I ordered my PMY on May 11th, my latest EDD is 5 -19 July. I may have to delay delivery if they try to deliver a car before July 8th. We'll be returning from vacation on July 6th. My original EDD was July 28th - Sept 8th and I checked the box that I WOULD NOT ACCEPT AN EARLY DELIVERY.
  19. TomServo

    Recent Road Trip Report with Stats and photos

    My bad, I spent $35.60 for my Super Charging stops. The rest of the energy came from Home (12 cents per kWh and FREE Destination Charging). No matter how you slice it, it's still considerably less than any ICE vehicle and my elapsed time was the same given the car had notified us it was ready...
  20. TomServo

    Pathetic mileage

    We just returned from a short road trip from our him in Swansea IL to visit family in Heber Springs Arkansas. This trip was a bit of a challenge given the lack of DCFC in that part of Arkansas. You can get IN but getting OUT is a challenge. For us, there is only one way IN/OUT and that is...
  21. TomServo

    Recent Road Trip Report with Stats and photos

    We just returned from a short road trip from our him in Swansea IL to visit family in Heber Springs Arkansas. This trip was a bit of a challenge given the lack of DCFC in that part of Arkansas. You can get IN but getting OUT is a challenge. For us, there is only one way IN/OUT and that is...
  22. TomServo

    Which tires did you get on your 2022 MYP?

    While I want the Michelin A/S tires, I have some 18s with the Michelin A/S tires waiting to go on. The OEM tires/wheels will go back on when I trade or sell it.
  23. TomServo

    What’s your longest drive without charging?

    We just returned from a road trip visiting family in Heber Springs AR from our home in southern IL. From the Super Charger in Miner MO to our hotel (Lindsey’s Resort) in Heber Springs AR was 207 miles. The car reported we used 55 kWH. That was just at 4 hours of non stop driving. That was...
  24. TomServo

    CCS Adapter - ?

    Received mine and case. Awesome that it stores the CCS and J-1772 adapters. I Ops checked it this morning at a 350 kWH EA station. Arrived with a 53% SOC and it ramped up to 93 kWH the same as a Tesla V3. It’s another tool in an EV owners tool kit.
  25. TomServo

    Not Available 21’’ Überturbine Wheels/Tires/TPMS for sale after delivery

    Still have not received my PMY yet, but I have decided to just keep and store the UT's for the time being and will ask the mod's to delete this post. Good luck.
  26. TomServo

    Illinois Waiting Room

    Yes, this just popped in this morning. July 5 - 19
  27. TomServo

    Martian Wheels order delay for 2 months?

    In the past TSportLine had a Labor Day and Black Friday sale. And since I ordered mine on May 30th, like everything else in America these days, they just increased prices by $100.
  28. TomServo

    Any other owners second guess if their next car should be another Tesla?

    Nope, we own a 2020 LR Y purchased almost 2 years ago and have ordered a PMY to replace it. People joke about Tesla owners being BETA TESTERS. Then what the hell would be buying some other manufactures EV today - ALPHA TESTERS.
  29. TomServo

    range anxiety

    Make that "A COLD CABIN AND BATTERY...." ALWAYS precondition the CAR in COLD temps on shore power before heading out. I learned the car is far more efficient if I'm running a bunch of short errands to leave the HVAC ON when you stop and exit the vehicle. If you keep heating and losing that...
  30. TomServo

    Will the Mobile Connector I ordered come with the vehicle at delivery?

    But when do you get it. Before or after you take delivery of the vehicle?
  31. TomServo

    A Must Have Detailing Accessory

    Maybe, but I don't have one, but I have a leaf blower.
  32. TomServo

    When is ultra Long Range battery coming?

    We road trip 3 or 4 times a year from southern IL to southern MD via I-64 to visit our grand kids and NEVER had any issues. In fact we enjoy our Tesla. We are 70 years old and need to take BIO breaks well before the car needs to be charged. I really don’t want to pay for RANGE I don’t need...
  33. TomServo

    CCS Adapter just arrived from South Korea

    I ordered one from Harumio and it was a straight CC transaction from their web site. I didn’t have to give them my Tesla credentials or any other jumping through hoops. NOTHING. Easy Peasy.
  34. TomServo

    MYP Estimated delivery date

    How do you get MAX COVERAGE. I have FULL GLASS coverage and FULL REPLACEMENT coverage if totaled (they buy me a new vehicle) after a $500 deductible. I didn’t see how to add those features.
  35. TomServo

    VIN F500 When

    When will VIN F500 be built. Wonder if Tesla will even celebrate that milestone? Maybe Elon will sign it or offer a factory delivery. I can see Elon now - it is my privilege to extend a laurel and hearty handshake to our new... Ahh Blazing Saddles
  36. TomServo

    I'm screwed - Delivery

    Here’s to Miles of EV smiles. Looking forward to picking up our PMY. BTW I have mixed emotions getting rid of our 2020 LR AWD Y as it’s been fabulous and with each drive I enjoy it even more as it ages. Someone is going to get a great pre-owned Model Y
  37. TomServo

    Sold my MYSR and ordered a MYP

    They offered me $61,887 a month ago. I have a 2020 LR AWD Y with 20K miles and the Performance Boost Upgrade and GPS HomeLink. But as my EDD on a PMY kept slipping I didn’t take it as we are a one car family. As I get closer to my Sep delivery I’ll revisit them.
  38. TomServo

    Recapping my 3500 mile road trip frustrations

    Owned our MY for 23 months and didn’t know that. Thanks.
  39. TomServo

    Used Model Y Price Gouging

    The market will determine the price. It’s it mis-priced it won’t sell and will collect dust. The price comes down. If it sells then the price was fair.
  40. TomServo

    Prices up for everything except the M3P - potential for suggesting upgrades are near?

    The gap between the LR AWD Y and P is now just $4K. Looks like Tesla is really pushing the Performance models.
  41. TomServo

    What’s the deal about the first 24-48 hours after delivery?

    Might be referring to you having to ID all the delivery defects to your Service Center.
  42. TomServo

    Shouldn't Tesla deduct my Trade-in before taxes are calculated?

    As F'ed Up as Illinois is at least we get the full trade-in deducted from the new purchase price and only pay state sales tax on the difference. You folks in Calif are getting raped.
  43. TomServo

    Trading in higher value vehicle

    When I factor in the 7.25% tax break, cost of renting a car for about 30 days and inconvenience of not trading it in the day of delivery I will base my decision on the average of several online offers. So far my break even point on my 2020 LR AWD Y is $56K. Anything over that is gravely...
  44. TomServo

    NEW MODEL Y 18 inch at Tsportline?!!!!!

    They might run a Labor Day or Black Friday sale as they have in the past.
  45. TomServo

    NEW MODEL Y 18 inch at Tsportline?!!!!!

    They come ready to mount Now all I need is my PMY. My EDD is Aug-Sep.
  46. TomServo

    Tesla Phone Number(s) for Delivery

    My SA has a 510 area code on his mobile number and I know he works out of Las Vegas
  47. TomServo

    NEW MODEL Y 18 inch at Tsportline?!!!!!

    The same as the label on the driver's door frame - 42 PSI COLD. My tires were shipped at 50 PSI too. So I'd start at 42 PSI and go from there. With the OEM 19's I found I liked 44 PSI COLD. am thinking given the aspect ratio (more sidewall) 44 will be where I end up again. I'm going to...
  48. TomServo

    Illinois Waiting Room

    Just received a dose of reality yesterday with a new EDD: MYP MSM/black, no tow, no FSD (IL) OD: 05/11 EDD1 on 05/11 (07/28 to 09/8) EDD2 on 05/21 (07/27 to 08/31) EDD3 on 06/1 (06/17 to 07/1) EDD4 on 06/6 (06/15 to 06/28) EDD5 on 06/13 (08/12 to 09/8) EDD6 on TBD But that's cool, it's now...
  49. TomServo

    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Just received a dose of reality yesterday with a new EDD: MYP MSM/black, no tow, no FSD (IL) OD: 05/11 EDD1 on 05/11 (07/28 to 09/8) EDD2 on 05/21 (07/27 to 8/31) EDD3 on 06/1 (6/17 to 7/1) EDD4 on 06/6 (6/15 to 6/28) EDD5 on 06/13 (8/12 to 9/8) EDD6 on TBD But that's cool, it now guaranteed...
  50. TomServo

    Performance "Plus" Option?

    I don't think our "pleading" and "begging" will move the needle. But if the competition starts releasing "Tesla Killers" Elon will have to respond. Now the question is can existing Model 3/Y be improved with an OTA or are they MAXED OUT leaving any performance improvement to a "new model"...

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