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    Hotel Destination Poll

    My preference is for a hotel with a supercharger. I charge to 90% while we are moving into the room, then park in a regular spot for the night. Before breakfast I start charging again with a 100% charge limit. It gets pretty close by the time we're ready to leave. If that is not possible I just...
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    How to increase range on MX?

    I second the destination charger suggestion. An RV park might also be able to help you charge. While having something at one of your stops would be nice, you can also stop anywhere on your return trip for enough charge to make it back. If all you need is a few extra miles the slow charging...
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    When is ultra Long Range battery coming?

    The only time I sometimes miss extra range is if I'm at a destination for a few days without easily accessible charging. National parks and rural destinations may require a check for destination chargers or a Supercharger within a reasonable distance. The compensation is that I never have to...
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    Regenerative Braking Option after 2022.16.1

    Coasting is OK, but I'd hate to have to coast to a stop in city traffic. Also coasting doesn't work down hill if you want to stay within the speed limit. Regen is much more practical.
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    Phantom Braking

    I think some of it is location related. If your normal drive has some geography that AP doesn't like, or a map data error, the car may regularly misbehave and you think the car is trash. I think some of it is a lack of understanding of why the car will slow down intentionally. Like for curves...
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    Autopilot problems after 2022.12.3

    My wife has been getting a day at a time of no Autopilot availability. I'm not sure if there's a trigger that is causing it. Today on 2022.12.3.2 was the latest. The previous was with 2022.8.2.5 I think. It fixed itself with an overnight sleep. She can hardly drive without TACC!
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    New phone time; questions re: phone-as-key

    My base Pixel 6 has been 100% successful as a Model 3 key for me. It's been the first to work that well for me. My wife uses an iPhone with the same success.
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    Second Tesla Considerations

    We use our Model 3 for most local trips and the Model X for road trips, large loads, and when we have overlapping drives. We could easily get by with one charger, but it is nice to leave them both plugged in. The X would be fine with just a 120V for occasional top-ups since it isn't used...
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    Question about charging to 100% for a long trip

    I usually charge to 90% at my usual late night scheduled start. Then I set the limit to 100% and start charging again about two hours before departure. Scheduled departure never seemed to work very well for me. I tried it to keep charging within our super-off-peak electric rates, but often...
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    Scheduled charging for road trips...

    I don't trust scheduled departure times. They never worked consistently for me. I use TeslaFi (requires a subscription) to set the limit to 100% early in the morning and start charging a few minutes later. I set the limit back to 90% before the last stop of the day to avoid leaving the battery...
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    ABRP question:. Limit Supercharger stop time?

    Not sure I understand your reasoning. If ABRP says to stop (charge) for 20 min each and you limit the stop to 15 min then you won't have enough charge to match your target charge remaining at destination at the next charger. Worst case is you run down to 0% charge before reaching the charger...
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    Poll: How do you charge?

    The X is our road trip car. It has many more Supercharger KWh's in it than from the wall charger. We do not use Superchargers for local charging.
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    New Model X hung while Supercharging

    Rebooting after flakey computer behavior is a normal though not frequent necessity. The car is drivable even if the screen is black, so it's not an insurmountable problem.
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    Poll: How do you charge?

    Wall charger and Supercharger. UMC is a great safety margin for road trips. No UMC might sell a few more wall chargers since that seems to be what people are using the UMC for.
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    Have the new CONTICROSSCONTACT LX SPORT improved since 2017?

    I've had two sets of the Contis on our X and both ended with a tread separation at the rear. that was enough for me to switch. Not that I had any choice since it happened during a road trip. The tire shop was able to find a set of Pirelli Scorpions. They have been at least as comfortable as the...
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    Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 for our 18" Model 3. They are considerably more flexible than our OEM MXM4's, like they were going to bounce over speed bumps. But they handled fine. I have 47 psi in them now for a trip to the cold and they feel firmer, but who knows what the wear would be...
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    Driver and Passenger Cabin Area

    The Model X feels like a bus compared to the Model 3. I haven't tried a Y, but it should be closer to a 3 than an X.
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    US95 Idaho Range Anxiety Model Y

    ABRP is great for planning. I trust it, though headwinds and weather are always tough calls. Keep an eye on your charge remaining at destination as you are driving. when it goes below 10% I slow down about 3 MPH (more if necessary) to keep it steady at 10%. You gain a lot of extra range by...
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    Updates have stopped?

    My 2017 X, upgraded to MCU2 and FSD computer, is on 2022.4.5.3 as of 2/24/2022. I was last on 2021.44.30.8 on 2/10/2022. It does seem like you might be a little behind. Sometimes a reset can help. But if the SC won't address it, there's not much you can do beyond being a pain in their neck. It...
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    Speed Limiter

    We certainly use TACC around town to match our speed to the limit. You just have to leave your foot off the pedal when you want your limited speed. You still have accelerator control, and can actually cause the car to go slower than the set maximum without leaving TACC. It's easy to dial the...
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    Auto High Beam ceased working

    They are auto-dimming, not auto-high beam. You essentially turn on the auto mode, turn on high beams (push the turn signal lever forward to get the logo), and the car will dim them as necessary. If you can see the greyed out Auto logo then they should be ready to go, but may not switch to high...
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    MCU screen yellowing and no UV fix...

    There was a thread, probably two years ago, describing a DIY UV treatment that was successful. It seemed easy enough, but you should look it up to see what wavelength and power they used.
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    Lane changes in autopilot

    You can use just traffic aware cruise control if that's what you'd prefer. You can then steer the car manually. I assume that is still available in the newest cars. Those with Navigate on Autopilot, part of the FSD package, can turn that off and eliminate all automatic lane changes while...
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    Creating "clips" with Dashcam

    As of 2022.4.5 (I can't speak for FSD beta) clips can once again be taken by tapping the dashcam icon at the bottom of the screen (I may have had to place it there with the long press and drag). That works for my X, but the 3 hasn't been updated past 2021 firmware yet. In the 3 I have to hit the...
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    Skipping supercharger

    A longer charge before hitting the Fresno charger should cause the nav to skip Fresno if that is possible. It favors longer drives and fewer stops. The nav will also get the message if you just head for the Supercharger you want, eventually. I've always just entered my next Supercharger stop...
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    Tesla Update 2021.44.25.2 Issues

    Wouldn't you know my X's Homelink wouldn't work on our guard gate today. The GPS worked fine, the signal automatically triggered (and I triggered it manually a few times), it looked like it was working correctly per the display but the gate didn't open. I tried it on both gates. When I have time...
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    Tesla Update 2021.44.25.2 Issues

    Homelink should pop up when you are near the location you saved when you programmed it with your remote. It shouldn't care about rolling codes. It's GPS based.
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    Used X

    I have one of the first 2017 X 100D's and purchased nearly all the options. I've upgraded to MCU2 for $2500, the HW3 AP computer came "free" with FSD purchase, as will updated cameras when they get around to safety ratings around 80%. I've had the "shudder" fixed under warranty. I'm pretty much...
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    Discount tire refusing to install winter tires on Model S Plaid?

    I'd use a little more pressure in the tires to give them a small break. Usually more load requires more pressure, so maybe that would help tires that are a little under the load rating.
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    How can the established car companies fail so badly with EV?

    The traditionals didn't want to understand electric cars. They wanted to keep producing the same thing forever. They had already won the game. Their future profits depended on killing off Tesla (and the EV-1). Regarding parts outsourcing, I have read the the traditional car companies were...
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    Unknown Autopilot Ding Sound

    It is not unknown for settings to change with a firmware update for no apparent reason and without notice. Hence the need to double check your settings. I do have the speed limit warning set, and differently than the Autopilot max speed setting. It dings "randomly" all the time, but most...
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    Do you guys use auto lane change on the free way in socal?

    I use it all the time driving from AZ to the SF Bay Area. I have come to trust it for common lane changes. I think the main weakness is when a car is coming up fast in the lane you are trying to change into. I don't trust it much in that case. I usually initiate a lane change manually, using...
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    Mason mother of 5 dead in Clermont County crash (Model Y crash)

    A typical EV fire after an accident is a slow flare in the ruptured battery, which slowly grows. People have time to exit if they are able. I have never heard of an "explosive" EV fire, though I suppose it's possible with the right damage. However, an EV fire is hard to put out and undoubtedly...
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    AC charging issues only with Tesla chargers

    One thing that crops up occasionally, but does not perfectly match this problem, is little plastic pieces falling off the charge port pins and lodging in the connector wand. Especially if you have two cars sharing the charger, it is possible that one car (with the missing piece) will charge...
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    Need Help planning out home charger(s) installs. Appreciate any Pros that can weigh in...

    I have Gen 2 wall connectors that share one 100A circuit very nicely. That would be the best way to future proof. Tesla has actually been downsizing the chargers since the Gen 2, So the trend has not been to larger chargers. As long as you can charge to your target limit overnight and don't have...
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    Yoke: Anyone know what left/right clicking on the right scroll wheel does?

    Not like Model 3 where it changes the following distance? I already have enough trouble switching between our old X and our 3. It would be nice if Tesla could figure out their preferred configuration. which is probably no controls at all.
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    Travel planner that lets you input your range

    ABRP does have an app that works like the browser. I have it loaded on my phone, but really only use ABRP on my laptop. EVTO is the other app-based planner I have used. It is OK, and still seems to be there, but had enough quirks that I prefer ABRP.
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    Beta FSD software rollout

    I did check the three boxes and tap the button. It says I'm enrolled. I updated the app but haven't seen the safety rating show up yet. This is not an FSD Bata firmware update. It's just the promised button to request the update when it is ready and they feel like giving it to you.
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    Beta FSD software rollout

    We got this (2021.32.22) in both cars overnight. It has the button to request FSD Beta. Or at least to be evaluated and see if you're worthy to be added to the queue. That was all the release notes said.
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    HVAC Control - for those over 50

    I'm fine with a constant 70 degrees. For me, the major factor affecting my comfort is if the sun is shining directly on me. Then I'm a bit hot. Unless Tesla can check our skin temperature, all the standard cabin sensors won't help with that.
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    Road Trip from Seattle to Bozeman Mountain Drive Habits

    Your best efficiency gain will be by slowing down, up or down. Downhill is particularly easy using regen since you won't need to tap the brakes to keep your speed in check. Plan ahead with ABetterRoutePlanner to get an idea of what to expect. Enter either your final destination or the next...
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    Tesla online route planner make strange routes?

    It is kind of a long segment between Oklahoma City, OK and Van Buren, AR. That was the longest segment of our last road trip. Van Buren and Ozark, AR are fairly new Superchargers, so it is possible that Go Anywhere does not have the latest info. Those routes are "reasonable" if you can't use I40...
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    Limited Charging Issue

    Looks like a piece of black plastic stuck at the bottom of the left hand pin. I had a donut of plastic break off one pin of my charge port and get stuck in the charge handle. It charged my car fine because the plastic part still matched up with the empty space it left around the charge pin. My...
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    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Try to get low rolling resistance tires as well. For now, travel a few MPH slower than normal when on your most demanding route. That should get you there with a better charge safety margin.
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    Can't lane change to the left with FSD subscription

    I have had this occasionally, nearly always when trying to change to the left lane. Some have fixed that with a new left repeater camera. I recently talked to a mobile service tech at a Supercharger who recommended noting the times this occurs and then submitting a service request. They can look...
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    Blended Braking System

    I like regen as it is. It's very similar to downshifting a manual transmission, without all the work. You can easily apply all the regen available without causing any friction braking, ensuring no added efficiency losses. As far as I know, the battery and regen hardware limits the maximum...
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    Navigate on Autopilot - auto lane change not working consistently

    It may be software, our 2017 X has the same problem. No warning about AP or NoA being disabled, no sun glare, no featureless camera view to the left, and of course no cars in sight to the left. I have had decent luck with it, maybe 80% or better success. My wife seemed to be more like 20%, but...
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    Experience with 2020.48.37.6

    TeslaFi agrees, if you look farther. Even some AP3's getting it, though that could be just bad data. Just S & X though. My 2017 X is on 2021.4.18.2, but I'm MCU2/HW3 now.
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    Experience with 2020.48.37.6

    You have some company, with TeslaFi showing 3.9% of its fleet on 2020.48.37.6. But that was the last of the 2020-dated revisions. I'm surprised they are still sending it out. Is it perhaps the latest for the older hardware?
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    What settings to get ACC to behave more like a human on the highway?

    1) This has varied quite a bit as software revisions are rolled out. Hope for better. Try adjusting the following distance and try Chill mode and see if that has any effect. I'd love to see it glide to a stop using regen, like I'm used to. Unfortunately, not everyone will like it the same way...

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