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  1. taurusking

    Wanted: 2016 - 2017 Model X 90d/ 100d w/ AP2, PUP and UHF

    Hey Mike... long time back I used to be active with TMC but now I am not. Bought a MS in 2014 and now looking for MX just like you. WIth FSD options you are looking at 60K + depending on the battery size. This is what I found so far browsing through threads and looking at EV CPO.
  2. taurusking

    2018 Model X for sale in NC

    Interested but the price seems to be way high...is the price negotiable?
  3. taurusking

    55K for 100D Model X from Tesla??

    What is the disadvantage of just basic autopilot? just curious
  4. taurusking

    Model Y -- Is this a good deal?

    @Plan B What happened? I am in the market to buy one from Tesla. Would you share your experience? TIA
  5. taurusking

    2019 Model 3 SR+ Red with AP

    Your mileage, pics, accident history if any?
  6. taurusking

    For Sale: 2017 Tesla Model X 90D

    Just wondering are there cars that are eligible for transferable free unlimited supercharging ?
  7. taurusking

    2020 model 3 standard range plus

    Does it have Full Self Driving (FSD)?
  8. taurusking

    AC coolant

    AC refrigerant is what I meant sorry. I opened the hood and was checking the brake fluid level which is when I saw that the levels were close to the minimum. AC is working fine and there is no leak.
  9. taurusking

    AC coolant

    Hi Everyone I see that the AC coolant fluid is getting close to the minimum in my car. Do you guys recommend that I take it to the Tesla service center or buy aftermarket coolant and flush it myself? Thanks
  10. taurusking

    Another leaky screen

    Hi Everyone It has been 5 years since I purchased Model S. My touch screen is leaking and it has been for the past one month. Finally I was able to get a service appointment after 3 weeks of the start of the issue. I have seen several posts by Tesla owners in this forum. I firmly believe that...
  11. taurusking

    Wheel alignment for S 85 RWD

    Hi All Does anyone have specs for wheel alignment for 2014 Model S85 RWD? Do you recommend getting wheel alignment at non Tesla shop such as Pep Boys ? Thanks
  12. taurusking

    Custom Bumper from Unplugged Performance

    Hi Everyone My car was involved in an accident and the front bumper was pretty much gone. I had the option of going with OEM bumper (pre-autopilot) vs. new facelift bumper. It was cost effective for me to go with new facelift bumper as well. So went and ordered the custom bumper from...
  13. taurusking

    Removing rear chrome fascia

    Omg...That small chrome sucker requires this much hard work...:( Thanks for directing me to your posts. I am going to have Tesla do this when I take my car for annual service.
  14. taurusking

    Removing rear chrome fascia

    Hi Everyone Does anyone know how to remove and replace this rear chrome fascia ( chrome valance)? Uneven road caused this chrome to break and I have the original part from Tesla. Thanks
  15. taurusking

    Want to buy Blackvue front dashcam

    Hi everyone I have blackvue dual-channel dashcam and I just found out that my front camera no longer works. I am looking for blackvue dashcam single-channel or just the front dashcam. If anyone has one please let me know. Thank you
  16. taurusking

    Looking for nose cone

    Hi Everyone Anyone have a nose cone that they are willing to sell? I have a 2014 S85 Thanks
  17. taurusking

    Firmware update on 11-1-2016

    It was so weird. I got it last night but then I got a notification that update failed. This morning I got another notification of update and this time it did update.
  18. taurusking

    parting out model s 85d

    How about sun visors?
  19. taurusking

    Texas registration issues and steps to navigate them

    Yes my wallet was way lighter (paying my taxes) after I exited the building in less than 5 minutes...:p But every time I get on the car and drive...I think to myself "Man it was worth it"
  20. taurusking

    What accessories are people buying?

    Chademo Adapter Floor Mats Screen Protector from Abstract ocean Magnetic cell phone holder Dash Cam USB drive Foot well lights from Abstract Ocean
  21. taurusking

    Monday is delivery day!

    Congrats ! Post pictures of your car
  22. taurusking

    Tesla Model S 2014 P85D 32k Miles Highly Optioned w/Autopilot

    Beautiful colored wrap...I have been around driving around DFW but never saw your car before. Good luck with the sale
  23. taurusking

    Hit a deer...

    I got T boned by a deer. $10k plus in repair costs with two doors that were replaced. Sucks big time. Took 5-6 weeks to fix after parts delivery. Have deer whistles installed...was not very optimistic about them but have to say they prevented 3 more hits.
  24. taurusking

    Parting out 2014 S85

    How about sun visors? Mine is June 2014 build and small...looking for bigger sun visors
  25. taurusking

    Would you trust AP2.0 with your life?

    Not at this time...May be in the future when all the cars on the road ( different manufacturers) have self driving capability
  26. taurusking

    Adjusting Volume Wheel Drops Call

    Happened to me since upgrading to v8. I have Samsung Galaxy S5. Never had any issues touching left scroll wheel and call disconnecting before.
  27. taurusking

    Karstyle Facelift Price Reduced to $2,500 on Website. Deposit reduced to $500.

    Oh shoot you are in SoCal...any plans of moving to Texas;) Are you planning to make this big thing once this one becomes successful ? I applaud you for taking efforts to make it reasonable retrofit for pre-AP cars
  28. taurusking

    Supercharger - Arlington, TX

    This is great news...Thanks @jaysquyres
  29. taurusking

    Door opening itself

    @Not an Ice :::I had the same problem and the door handle was replaced at the service center. Mine is a 2014 MS and new door handle was replaced in March 2016 and then this issue happened.
  30. taurusking

    How do you clean Tesla's WeatherTech mats?

    That's exact wrong thing to do.:) PS: I do the same thing ;)
  31. taurusking

    Free EVgo charging Sept 10-18

    Great news for frequent NReVgo users like me:)
  32. taurusking

    Parting out 3 2015 model S's (70D, S70 and S85)

    How about sunvisors? Also interested in center console can pick it in person
  33. taurusking

    Parting out a 2016 70d

    How about sun visors ? Thanks
  34. taurusking

    Wanted Parcel Shelf for S85 2014 model

    Wow @Dovetaildoc Thanks so much. Can you pm me with your email address and I will provide my shipping address? Thanks a lot I appreciate your help
  35. taurusking

    Wanted Parcel Shelf for S85 2014 model

    Hi All If anyone is willing to sell their used parcel shelf ,...I am willing to buy it. Thanks
  36. taurusking

    Micro SD Card for DR650GW-2CH Dashcam

    This is interesting..I never check the card for damage but I format the SD card every week using computer and USB device. When I had the issues I did the reset like what you mentioned. I think 1.5 yrs for Blackvue SD card is too early for replacement not to mention the new San disk 10 speed...
  37. taurusking

    Micro SD Card for DR650GW-2CH Dashcam

    Yep tried that too when my car was in the service center for a week
  38. taurusking

    Micro SD Card for DR650GW-2CH Dashcam

    Yes I did multiple times and I bought a San Disk 10 speed 64GB card and it does the same thing on that micro SD card
  39. taurusking

    Micro SD Card for DR650GW-2CH Dashcam

    Hi Everyone It has been a year since my dash cam was installed and I am having some error messages on my dash cam. Wondering if someone is experiencing the same issues: Blackvue keeps saying "Starting normal recording" and "Check your SD card" I understand it may be the SD card issue. Anyone...
  40. taurusking

    Rear facing Seat

    Terrible wreck and a sad story...My prayers for the family
  41. taurusking

    Remove the 'Dislike' Button?

    I think "dislike" icon should be removed. If I disagree with someone does not mean I would mark that as "dislike"...I would rather have "disagree" button. Well someone gave my post "dislike" without actually understanding what it means
  42. taurusking

    Tesla Referral Program

    Use mine Referral | Tesla
  43. taurusking

    Any DFW owners have their drive units replaced?

    No pushbacks although I went almost three times for the second one. First two times they told me the noise was very minimal. I never had any problem with it. The last one started becoming really loud before service center actually replaced it.
  44. taurusking

    Parting out P85

    Regarding Parcel Shelf: Yes it is a piece of foam and it folds...How about this picture
  45. taurusking

    Any DFW owners have their drive units replaced?

    I have had 2 drive units replaced so far...First one was March 2015 and second one was just couple of weeks ago...Car was delivered Oct 2014 and built in June -July 2014
  46. taurusking

    AutoPilot 2.0 Updates Pending

    Well I guess...I will wait to place order of MX until next year...:)
  47. taurusking

    Parting out P85

    This piece of foam goes on the trunk to serve to cover the trunk Here is the picture
  48. taurusking

    Parting out P85

    Do you have parcel shelf by any chance?
  49. taurusking

    Supercharger - Arlington, TX

    I wish they start on the construction soon..:)
  50. taurusking

    Parting out 2013 S85

    How about parcel shelf?

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