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  1. WCM3

    Close to purchasing p100d

    Hey guys, I've been shopping around for a while for a model s and i'm close to purchasing one local. Wanted to just make sure there wasn't anything I was missing that really makes this a dumb idea (lol) and worth it to spend a little extra and purchase a newer version. I have my heart set on a...
  2. WCM3

    Ventilated seats gone from P100D?

    Currently shopping for a p100d with ventilated seats. Does anybody know what I need to look out for to make sure the p100d i purchase has them included?
  3. WCM3

    Best model year for CPO model s p85d

    Sorry my question was if you put the $100 down and it was delivered to a local dealer, can you still deny the car if it has more issues than you like? Would you owe the $100 plus any transport fees?
  4. WCM3

    Best model year for CPO model s p85d

    Is this definitely accurate or do you need to make sure all the paperwork is approved/completed before time of delivery?
  5. WCM3

    Who has ordered?

    I'm not sure if this is the thread for it but is there any truth to there being a delay with the cybertruck? I have an order in and planned for late 2021. I saw somewhere it was delayed to 2022/2023. It could have been clickbait but I forget where I saw it.
  6. WCM3

    WTB: P90D or P85D with specific options

    Sounds great thank you! Pictures do make a big difference! I would like to buy from the tesla website but the majority of the pics I receive aren't very good.
  7. WCM3

    WTB: P90D or P85D with specific options

    Any other constructive comments you would like to add to my thread, Troll? I'm not "telling" anybody to do anything. Just bringing up the criteria that I'm searching for in a Tesla. If folks want to help me with that search, it's very much appreciated. Please stay out of here. k thx...
  8. WCM3

    WTB: P90D or P85D with specific options

    Hey guys, Looking to get into a P90D or P85D with a few specifics. Please don't message if you have something not in line with the below options (just trying to save us both some time). Also, been monitoring EV-CPO/Tesla site daily so i'm aware with most vehicles on there. Models: P90D or...
  9. WCM3

    2016.5 P90DL for sale in SoCal

    He means it's metallic black. Looks like solid black in the pics, but can probably trust the owner before me! lol..always thought obsidian looked a little lighter because of the metallic.
  10. WCM3

    FOR SALE: 2017 MODEL S P100DL. 12k-miles. $89k. NYC

    Any idea if he's open to negotiate?
  11. WCM3

    So all model S are 100D now

    I feel like with all these recent announcements I'm at a loss of what to actually do next. I've been eyeing up a CPO Model S P85D and P90D in the range of $55k-70k. Then stumbled on the different versions of the P90D battery and how some don't meet the advertised specs. Not sure how to...
  12. WCM3

    WTB: P85D/P90D

    hey guys, Looking for a P85D or P90D with the following options: Deep Blue Metallic paint Glass roof/sunroof Prefer Black interior and headliner Subzero package Upgraded sound package I’m located right outside of Philadelphia so anything in the Northeast would be preferable but would also...
  13. WCM3

    2016 Model S 90D for sale, seattle WA 72,630 USD

    Body color roof or pano? Original owner?
  14. WCM3

    Pearl White Loaded 2014 P85D 38k miles - $70k

    Is this sold?
  15. WCM3

    P90DL Inventory cars

    these still around? PM me..
  16. WCM3

    Batch of New Inventory 90D on the loose.

    Dumb question..Glass roof means no sunroof right?
  17. WCM3

    2016 Black Model S75D, AP2.0 w/ EAP -- $66k

    Does it have the upgraded sound? Also where are you located? Thanks!
  18. WCM3

    2017 Model S 75D

    beautiful color combo!
  19. WCM3

    Need help with options..

    Thanks! My issue is I would really like a P85D/P90D for the added performance over a regular S. Most of those have AP 1.0, right? It's the P100Ds that are on AP 2.0. Trying to stay < $90k.. I'll try to convince myself to at least entertain 75D or 90Ds..
  20. WCM3

    Need help with options..

    Hey guys, I'm in the market for a model S and have one question. Saw a video a few months ago of a Tesla following some other cars on the highway, it's radar beeped, and a second or two later two cars got into an accident in front. Saw some comments to the video and it said the newer...
  21. WCM3

    2016 S 90 D Sticker $111,200 Fully Loaded Ask $75,000 9,500 miles

    lol did you upload 92 of the same two pics?
  22. WCM3

    FOR SALE: 2016 Model S 70D - NJ

    Subzero or Hifi sound?
  23. WCM3

    WTB: Model S <$75k

    Thanks. Trying to stay within the price point and definitely need AWD in the northeast. Definitely looks like a good option. I'll keep this in mind. Would really like a pano roof and black interior.
  24. WCM3

    WTB: Model S <$75k

    Must Haves: Dual Motor AWD High Fidelity Sound Sub-Zero Package Would like: Autopilot 1.0 Pano Roof Black Interior Feel free to message me with any available vehicles. Thanks, Mike
  25. WCM3

    2015 Model S Black 85D, 11k miles, $80k

    Is this still available? Does it have the Hi-fi package?
  26. WCM3

    P85D W/ Ludicrous, P+ Suspension and 52k miles, Extended warranty for 78k

    Does this have the Sub-Zero package as well?
  27. WCM3

    WTB: Model S 70/85/90D..

    Hi guys, I'm in no rush but looking to find a Model S fairly local to PA (Philly suburbs). I've included my list of wants below but feel free to PM or email me if you have something available and would be willing to negotiate. Price: $85k (or lower) Model S 70d, 85d, 90d (Needs to be Dual...

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