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  1. Brentt

    Model S Plaid V11 Energy App missing

    This makes no sense:oops:. The graph is extremely useful when making trips. Tesla, please add this back.
  2. Brentt

    Looking to buy a Roadster (US)

    Check out Gruber Motors. Pete always has several cars for sale on his site. https://grubermotors.com/product-category/tesla-vehicles-for-sale/roadster-teslas-for-sale/
  3. Brentt

    First 2022 VINs (and changes) discussion / Thread

    Got it. I wonder why the change?
  4. Brentt

    First 2022 VINs (and changes) discussion / Thread

    I’m still confused. The 5th digit is G which is Tesla’s new designation for the Y, Multi Purpose Vehicle (mpv). My original Roadster VIN also starts with 5YJ. According to Electrek all Tesla’s made in the US start with 5YJ...
  5. Brentt

    First 2022 VINs (and changes) discussion / Thread

    I just got my VIN. From my research the first three digits indicate country of origin. 5YJ is the US and LRW is China. Mine also starts with 7SAY ? I checked 2021 Y’s listed for sale in the US and they start with 5YJ. Has Tesla changed the country coding for 2022?
  6. Brentt

    2022 Model Y Long Range Reservation

    I think Ob1Kenobi is right. You may have to take delivery then re-sell the car
  7. Brentt

    Roadster loss

    Very Sorry to hear about your loss. Please Keep us informed on how the settlement turns out.
  8. Brentt

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    Sad day.
  9. Brentt

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    I totally Agree. Please Let us know how we can help.
  10. Brentt

    Roadster loss

    Terrible news for the Roadster community :(. There is no one more passionate about Roadsters than Pete. It’s companies like Gruber that keep passion for Roadsters alive. Hoping he rebuilds even bigger and better.
  11. Brentt

    Can anyone help me

    Keep trying. I spoke with one of the sales reps recently and he was able to get his customer a refund for a founders edition in about thirty days. You might also try sending a registered letter with return receipt to Tesla. This will give you a paper trail that they’ll have to respond to.
  12. Brentt

    How to price a 2010 Tesla Roadster in Mint Condition

    You could list it on Ebay and see what it bids to, but beware of scams!
  13. Brentt

    Parting out Tesla Roadster 2010 VIN: 5YJRE1A30A100961

    Have you sold the car
  14. Brentt

    Late-2010 Roadster 2.5 - Twilight Blue - Original Owner

    I’m also in NE Okla. Best of luck with the sale!
  15. Brentt

    Parting out Tesla Roadster 2010 VIN: 5YJRE1A30A100961

    Can you send me a DM with price? I’d also be interested in the glove box door
  16. Brentt

    Tesla Model 3: Three Year Review – Driving, Charging, and Battery Status (Part 2)

    Just over 100k Miles on our 2018 Model3 LR. 95% of charging is done at home to 80%-90%. Normally 90% in winter, and 80% in summer. Current range is 250 miles @ 90% and 280 miles @ 100%. The biggest range drops have been at about 50k and 100k.
  17. Brentt

    Parting out Tesla Roadster 2010 VIN: 5YJRE1A30A100961

    Is it a Sport. Do you have the Sport logos in front of the rear wheels?
  18. Brentt

    Roadster 2023

    To me, the question is, will the Roadster be built?
  19. Brentt

    Who has had/having their roadster deposit refunded

    I think it’s a valid question. Who’s has had their deposit refunded or asked for a refund, and how many are left?
  20. Brentt

    Today's Roadster Orphan

  21. Brentt

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    #613 Is alive and well :)
  22. Brentt

    18% off Roadster

    Message sent
  23. Brentt

    18% off Roadster

    Are you interested in selling it? For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to send a DM .
  24. Brentt

    18% off Roadster

    Sorry about that. A Roadster referral.
  25. Brentt

    18% off Roadster

    I’m considering purchasing a referral. Would you care to share that agreement?
  26. Brentt

    Supercharger - Van Buren, AR

    Any update on this location?
  27. Brentt

    Registration Mandatory?

    I’m not sure about PA, but in Oklahoma we can buy a black tag to use when the car isn’t being driven. It’s much less expensive and you down’t have to pay back taxes when you put it back on the road.
  28. Brentt

    Blog Tesla Roadster Delayed Until 2022

    It sounds like they are going to be using the Plaid drive train. To outperform the Plaid S they’ll have to get the weight down and traction up, Thrusters could take care of both, but only if they were installed on every car :-)
  29. Brentt

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    That will be considered cheap one day!
  30. Brentt

    Processing time for wire deposit?

    Just curious. For those that have made reservations, does it show up in your account?
  31. Brentt

    Roadster Parts for Sale Listings

    You might check with Carl Medlock or Pete Gruber
  32. Brentt

    When will it be possible to get a good used Roadster under $150,000? 12 months after launch?

    I imagine there are quite a few people who qualified for a partial discount, but even with an 18% discount you’re looking at over $200k, and that’s without options. A person would either need to have the cash, or a bank to provide them with a loan. Payments on a loan this size could easily be...
  33. Brentt

    Base vs Founders

    It sounds like the SpacEx package will be an additional option. The question is, How much? Knowing Elon, you’ll be required to provide proof you are actually insane to use it!
  34. Brentt

    Base vs Founders

    Can you please provide where Elon said this?
  35. Brentt

    When will it be possible to get a good used Roadster under $150,000? 12 months after launch?

    A nicely optioned original Roadster sold new for $120 -$130K. Today you can pick one up for $50k-$60k. There is no reason to expect that the new car will be any different. I’m sure you’ll be able to add at least $50k in options, So I’d say in ten years you’ll be able to buy a new Roadster for...
  36. Brentt

    18% off Roadster

    As far as I know, there isn’t a way to transfer the discount, short of handing over the money to the referral owner and hoping you get a car. This is going to limit the number of free cars to those who actually won it outright, and even then, taxes are going to reduce that number even further...
  37. Brentt

    18% off Roadster

    What’s everyone’s best guess as to the percentage of people that received a discount will actually purchase a Roadster?
  38. Brentt

    Deadline for Roadster referrals

    Is that 10% off for the Founders Edition? Or did you get 10% off from referrals?
  39. Brentt

    Is it still possible to add a Roadster to your Tesla Account?

    I believe I added mine through RoadsterserviceNA.com
  40. Brentt

    Supercharger - Ozark, AR

    You’re correct. The packs are in a separate box. I wasn’t able to see them because the unit can’t be opened while it’s in use. Their primary purpose is to even out the voltage from the incoming 3phase line.
  41. Brentt

    Supercharger - Ozark, AR

    Yep, as of this afternoon it’s up and working. I spoke with Brian the tech, super nice guy. He had driven all the way from Abilene to work on it. Turns out it was some incorrect dip switch settings but should be good to go now. He also explained how the V3 charger works. There are something like...
  42. Brentt

    How Many Roadsters are Left?

    I’ve been wondering this myself. Any idea how many Tesla has bought back? I’ve heard they have a lot full of them somewhere in California.
  43. Brentt

    Supercharger - Lowell, AR

    I charged successfully today and all stalls appear open. Max rate was about 350 mph. As far as I can tell, I wasn’t billed for the charge. I expect Tesla has the charge rate turned down until it officially goes online.
  44. Brentt

    What Happened to the thread of the 110k mile Model3

    That has to be one of the highest mile Model 3’s out there. The video was very informative and I think lots of people would be interested. I know I was. We have 55k on ours and charge to about 295 at 100%. The fact he is still able to charge to 308 is amazing.
  45. Brentt

    My Roadster Odyssey - Joined the Club

    Great story. Welcome to the club!
  46. Brentt

    TPMS CONTINUES TO FAIL... [RANT] And they are gonna send people the mars?

    Hi Shawn, Mobile was out about a week ago and re-set the sensors. Due to weather, I wasn't able to drive the car until yesterday, but so far, so good. The sensors all showed good with 3 volts
  47. Brentt

    TPMS CONTINUES TO FAIL... [RANT] And they are gonna send people the mars?

    Thank Shawn, Do you have a good source for the correct sensors?
  48. Brentt

    TPMS CONTINUES TO FAIL... [RANT] And they are gonna send people the mars?

    Hi Shawn, Thanks for reaching out. The car is in the #600's and I purchased it from a forum member who took excellent care of it. I went to a tire store and they couldn't detect any of the sensors, which I find highly unlikely they would all go bad at the same time. I'm not sure they were...

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