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  1. dswansonsb

    Easy Entry doesn't recognize the current driver

    I've been having similar problems recently. Let us know if you figure out a solution.
  2. dswansonsb

    Model 3 grind sound from wheels

    Mark Dickinson posted a useful YouTube video showing how to remove a rock between the rotor and dust cover.
  3. dswansonsb


    The not sleeping bug in 2020.12 seems to be fixed for me with 2020.12.1
  4. dswansonsb

    Basic question about net metering..

    Solar + Powerwall + Electric Car + Net Metering + Time Of Use billing = Big Savings (at least with Southern California Edison). Last year was my first full year with my 2 Powerwalls on SCE's TOU tariff. Having the powerwalls allow us to run on battery power during peak rate hours while...
  5. dswansonsb

    Weak WiFi signal

    You might want to get something like this: Google Wifi - Mesh Wi-Fi Router - Google Store
  6. dswansonsb


    I've configured peak & off-peak (no part-peak) to get that behavior. I've extended peak from SCE's 2-8pm an hour to help with the duck curve. My two powerwalls discharge about 20‰ during that time, sufficient for SGIP charge/discharge cycles.
  7. dswansonsb


    I finally talked to Powerwall support and they said the reason my system went dark (no monitoring via the app or PVOutput) was because my powerwalls weren't registered. I was asked if I ever received an email to register them. AFAIK I never received such an email. While it was dark the system...
  8. dswansonsb


    What happens with the web-server lockup? This morning I noticed that the Tesla app showed no power flow on my system. My logger stopped uploading data to PVOutput late last night. Called tech support but no one from the powerwall team was available to help. About 1pm logging restarted. Noticed...
  9. dswansonsb

    USB Dash Cam Questions

    Someone else posted this : V9 - need two USB drives for MP3 play & Cam
  10. dswansonsb

    Bad port on Neurio in Backup Gateway

    A while back in the Firmware 1.22.1 thread (Firmware 1.22.1) I wrote about an unexpected power draw from my system when entering the peak period (TOU cost savings). What it looked like to me was that when entering the peak period the gateway would use the battery for the house load and push back...
  11. dswansonsb

    Firmware 1.22.1

    I had a couple of friends over to look at my system (one is about to have solar installed). We took off the panel covers and I took some photos. 1st is the subpanel with a breaker for each powerwall + a breaker for solar PV, 2nd is old main panel, 3rd is new backed up loads (whole house), 4th is...
  12. dswansonsb

    Advanced: Cost Saving Hack to maintain PW2 at peak capacity

    Couldn't you simplify configure only peak and off-peak times (no shoulder)?
  13. dswansonsb

    Firmware 1.22.1

    Is this - the CT clamps - something I can check? As I said before, I have two powerwalls for a whole house backup.
  14. dswansonsb

    Powerwall disconnected from WiFi and forced a cellular connection

    I just fixed a similar problem with my system. The wifi connection to the gateway was fine util I reset my router. After the router came back online the gateway would not re-establish the wifi connection. I found this that explained how to connect to the gateway hotspot: Monitoring from your...
  15. dswansonsb

    309 mile range with 40 minutes left to charge

    The best I've ever gotten is 307 miles on a full charge...
  16. dswansonsb

    Firmware 1.22.1

    I've had my two powerwalls for about a month now. I was upgraded from 1.17.1 to 1.22.1 a week or so ago (at least that's when I noticed it). I've been playing around with the various modes of operation and just a few days ago I integrated my system with pvoutput.org so I can better track my...
  17. dswansonsb

    Easy Entry

    Currently the car does not switch driver profiles based on phones or any other method. The last driver profile that was active before switching to easy entry is selected. So for me (6' 2"), if I get in the car after my wife (5' 5") I have to stop the seat and then select my profile. We somewhat...
  18. dswansonsb

    Feature request

    Do you have satellite view enabled on the map display? I find the clock & other info at the top is much more readable with satellite view disabled.
  19. dswansonsb

    Model 3 improvement wish list, additions?

    Adjustable headrest on the front seats.
  20. dswansonsb

    Rear ended.. minor damage but don’t know what to do

    Yeah, I agree. Might want to get a guesstimate from a Tesla approved body shop to get a ballpark estimate if you decide to pursue the repair without involving insurance companies.
  21. dswansonsb

    Vampire drain from unclosed door/trunk

    Doesn't show rear passenger door open on app. A top down view would be nicer.
  22. dswansonsb

    Getting 320Mile charge Constently anyone Else?

    Not using Tesla Fi.
  23. dswansonsb

    Question re rebates

    Yes, larger rebate because of the cost of a 2nd meter. I'm probably gonna apply for the $500 rebate, but not until I get my powerwall installed so that I can avoid the $. 48/kWh peak. Note that for the full rebate you have to stay on a TOU rate plan for 2 years
  24. dswansonsb

    Feature request for walk away lock - configurable horn tweet

    For homelink users it should be easy to use the operating of the garage door along with GPS to know you are home in your garage.
  25. dswansonsb

    Getting 320Mile charge Constently anyone Else?

    I've changed twice to 100%, both times getting 297 miles I mostly charge to 70‰ and consistently get 218 miles which would imply 311 miles on a full charge. I'm hoping the 100% charge is "wrong".
  26. dswansonsb

    Feature request for walk away lock - configurable horn tweet

    Agree. I'd also like to be able to open the car door, touch the lock icon on the screen (so I'm sure the car is locked) and still be able to use my phone's Bluetooth to unlock the car when I walk back to it. Currently I have to use the card or open the app to unlock the car if I lock it with...
  27. dswansonsb

    What do you dislike most about your Model 3?

    The front seat & lack of adjustable headrest. The back of my head hits the top of the headrest and since it's tilted forward its a literal pain in the neck.
  28. dswansonsb

    Submitting a bug report

    There's no prompt asking you for information. Just keep talking after saying bug report. What you say should be displayed on the screen For me it often misinterprets what I say.
  29. dswansonsb

    Known working voice commands?

    Agree, except for interpreting what I say after Bug Report. Sure wish they had an option to type the bug report. Could have that option when car is in park.
  30. dswansonsb

    Are the Destination Charging Stations free, like the 8kw and 16kw?

    The only one I've charged at was free...
  31. dswansonsb

    What was the range for your first full charge??

    297 - both times I've charged to 100%. However, I've gotten a calculated range of 304 - 312 at various states of charge (70%, 80%, 90%).
  32. dswansonsb

    EAP observations

    This past weekend I had a case where auto lane change could of performed better. Me in the slow lane (2 lane freeway) following a car that was going slower than my set speed. I waited for a car to pass me on the left then used the turn single to initiate the auto lane change. Nothing happened...
  33. dswansonsb


    Do you have bluetooth on? Maybe they changed the signal strength reading at which the car is woken up, maybe to help with issues with using the phone as key?
  34. dswansonsb


    Anyone with 18.3 care to comment on vampire drain? Some (IIRC) have reported excessive drain with 18.3, but I haven't heard if it is universal or just some cars. Is anyone with 18.3 NOT having excessive vampire drain?
  35. dswansonsb


    There.were some reports of excessive vampire drain in 18.x. Anyone with 18.3 see excessive vampire drain?
  36. dswansonsb

    Summary for No Drill Front License Holder for Model 3

    Yeah, I know. In that case he stuck the plate higher than where the plate would normally be with the provided licence plate holder. I plan on putting mine lower - after first sticking it to xpel ppf so that I can easily remove it.
  37. dswansonsb

    Before the 3, what have you owned/driven?

    1974 Datsun 610 wagon (bought used) 1986 Toyota Corolla (replaced the Datsun) 2000 Subaru Forester (replaced the Toyota) 1999 Toyota T100 pickup 2011 Honda Civic 2012 Toyota Prius V (replaced the Subaru) 2018 Tesla Model 3 (replaced the Honda) plus 5 motorcycles over the years 1982 Honda Ascott...
  38. dswansonsb

    Summary for No Drill Front License Holder for Model 3

    Another option: Custom License Plates - Adhesive license plate replica Not really legal though, but maybe better than no plate in states that require a front plate.
  39. dswansonsb

    Summary for No Drill Front License Holder for Model 3

    You're right. It used double sided tape to stick to the bumper
  40. dswansonsb

    Phone as Key Issues

    App is at 3.3.6 Car is 2018.18.1 which just came out a few days ago. I don't have it yet.
  41. dswansonsb

    Where do you store your sunglasses?

    Me too. Not ideal, but it works well enough for me.
  42. dswansonsb

    Where is the front radar on Model 3?

    Hmm... page 59 of the owners manual shows the radar not in the middle, but towards the right side of the bumper. I think I'll get one and stick it to PPF so that I can easily remove it if need be.
  43. dswansonsb

    HPWC - What cable length?

    Be aware that the cable should rest on the floor to relieve stress on the end that plugs into the car. The cable is quite heavy, at least the longer version is (the one I have .
  44. dswansonsb

    Phone as Key Issues

    Anyone know how the car detects that your phone is within the necessary range to allow you to unlock the door? Is it signal strength? If so, according to what I read (I know zilch about BT), signal strength can't reliably measure distance.
  45. dswansonsb

    Where is the front radar on Model 3?

    Did you figure out if the vinyl plate was the problem? Where did you get the vinyl plate from. I've been thinking of ordering one from Custom License Plates - Adhesive license plate replica
  46. dswansonsb

    Washing our new babies

    Another option is to have a ceramic coat applied. Once coated, washing is much easier. In SB I can recommend Colbern Detailing.
  47. dswansonsb

    Are there any products out there that protect the rims? XPEL?

    You're not alone. Messed up the right rear rim on my car. $175 to get it repaired. Too bad the aero caps didn't extend over the outer rim. Then it'd be only a $30 oops.
  48. dswansonsb

    Exiting from freeway with TACC enabled

    Sorry, I should have made that posting a little clearer. The following is from the user manual : In right hand traffic, engaging the right turn signal when driving in the right-most lane within 164 feet (50 meters) of an exit (on a controlled access road only, such as a highway or freeway)...
  49. dswansonsb

    Exiting from freeway with TACC enabled

    Anybody been able to use their turn signal to exit from the freeway when TACC is enabled? Doesn't work for me in 2018.14.13. In right hand traffic, engaging the right turn signal when driving in the right-most lane within 164 feet (50 meters) of an exit (on a controlled access road only, such...

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