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  1. 2krazykats

    Idiot of the week (is it just me?) and the Kind People of Colorado

    I hear ya loud and clear. I am in a rental waiting for repairs to my Tesla and have had to be reminded by my husband to turn off the ICE when I get out! I just feign that I am checking my parking job on the outside before shutting the car off. :p However, my experience has also been that I'm...
  2. 2krazykats

    Model S - Door Damage

    It would be best to take it to an authorized Tesla shop and the insurance should not have an issue. At least your car is drivable in the meantime, unlike mine so you can count that blessing. They can order what is needed for the repair while you keep driving. Sad for the damage to your baby!
  3. 2krazykats

    Has anyone installed Unplugged Performance's refresh front fascia?

    Unplugged Performance has a cool front fascia that I am thinking about getting. Unplugged Performance Refresh Front Fascia System for Tesla Model S It's currently on back order but I figured a few people have gotten it installed already. Has anyone done it (or had a body shop do it) and what...
  4. 2krazykats

    Accident on my Teslaversary

    Thanks to everyone for your condolences and support. I woke up this morning hoping it had been a bad dream but alas, it's not. The car was towed to Stuttgart in Denver which is apparently a Tesla certified body shop. They even have a Tesla promoted on their website so I'm sure she'll be in...
  5. 2krazykats

    Accident on my Teslaversary

    So the day started off great. We met some other Tesla owners at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Loveland, CO SC Supercharger - Loveland, CO Was coming back from that afterwards and decided to take a detour to do some grocery shopping. While waiting to turn left in the left turn lane...
  6. 2krazykats

    Model S - Deep Blue Metallic w/Stealth Wrap

    Looks better than I expected. I have the deep blue original paint as well but opted for matte purple vinyl wrap with xpel over the front which has saved my paint job a couple of times of scratching against pillars and what not. It's smart to get xpel all over if you can afford it.
  7. 2krazykats

    EVTripplanner Accuracy

    Has anyone tried using evtripplanner or evtripping or abetterrouteplanner, etc using the Tesla web browser on a trip? Just wondering how the response is with the browser. It'll be interesting to compare it to Tesla's built in planner.
  8. 2krazykats

    Supercharger - Santa Fe, NM

    We'll certainly try that and see how it goes. Not sure how much driving between isleta and relatives homes there will be but we'll use 110V if we're desperate. We're also planning a side trip to ABQ to visit a friend while we're there so might try and time it for when we need to fill up. :D
  9. 2krazykats

    Black Hawk Destination Charging

    We'll be there on New Year's Day so will be sure to check it out!
  10. 2krazykats

    Supercharger - Las Cruces, NM

    It would still be a metaphorical supercharger desert between Albuquerque and las cruces. The really need a super charger in between.
  11. 2krazykats

    Supercharger - Santa Fe, NM

    We'll be driving by there on our way to Albuquerque. Guess we'll be charging in Las Vegas, bummer.
  12. 2krazykats

    Tesla provided Cellular Data Plan - Free forever?

    I was told 4 years free as well when I picked up my car Jan 2016. However, would not having the cellular data access inhibit Tesla from gathering AP data and other data about the car that they're uploading to the cloud? What if there isn't any wifi configured for the car? Then presumably...
  13. 2krazykats

    Self /Auto Park sucks!!!

    Haha, you should tweet it to @boredElonMusk twitter account. I've had no curb rash issues with auto-park. It's performed flawlessly and gives me a thrill each time I have used it. It does a better job than I would and it's so cool to sit back and watch it! My issue is just getting it to notice...
  14. 2krazykats

    V8 - I'm very happy, how do you feel about it?

    Had really high hopes for the auto-dial feature using voice commands. The first few times I used it, it kept calling my boss even though I spoke someone else's name! Very embarrassing to have to explain to her the problem. Recently, it seems to be much improved and I'm liking it because it is...
  15. 2krazykats

    Long songs and short drives

    I've experienced the same thing with Slacker. I quite like it because sometimes, it's a song I like and enjoy hearing it again. The solution to your problem is to drive around a little longer until the song completes. ;) I prefer to keep the "bug" but I probably won't get a choice in the matter...
  16. 2krazykats

    Teslas ordered beginning 2017 will have limited supercharging

    News to me, thanks for sharing.
  17. 2krazykats

    November Denver Tesla Club meeting - Feat. Extreme Autoworks

    For the next November DTC meeting, we'll have a special appearance from the people at Extreme Autoworks who will talk about the services that their company provides to beautify and protect your Tesla. They do everything from body kits to vinyl wraps such as the one they did for my car. If...
  18. 2krazykats

    Supercharger - Santa Fe, NM

    I'd be interested to know more details about these southern SC sites. We're planning on driving to Los Lunas over Christmas and can depend on the SCs along the way up to Albuquerque but after that, there's nothing! We're staying at Isleta and they don't have destination charging. There are...
  19. 2krazykats

    The Official Vinyl Wrap Color Thread

    Ah, well you have plenty of time to drive to CO for the meeting on the 19th. ;) Good luck with your vinyl search. Hope to see pictures soon.
  20. 2krazykats

    Help/Opinion on wedding speech

    Congrats, Hank (and the lucky "Julie")! If people know how much you love your Tesla, they'll probably catch on right away (as I did) that you're talking about the Tesla. But, if the majority of people there don't know about it, then chances are, it'll catch them off-guard. I liked the first...
  21. 2krazykats

    The Official Vinyl Wrap Color Thread

    What a great idea! I don't know but I remember seeing just about every shade of red possible. I would visit a vinyl wrap place and check out the colors. I would love to see after pics! On a similar topic, I've invited the guys who did my wrap to the next Denver Tesla Club meeting on Nov 19th...
  22. 2krazykats

    If 10/17 announcement is Autopilot 2.0 I will wash &wax your Tesla by hand!

    Calisnow sure is lucky with these squeakers.
  23. 2krazykats

    Streaming songs stopping at 40 seconds left

    Same here and initially, I thought it was a data issue but the frequency of it happening makes me believe it's 8.0 instead of data connectivity since I'm driving in the same area I had been driving in before 8.0 upgrade and never had this issue. It happens frequently but seems random. I don't...
  24. 2krazykats

    Where do you take your Tesla for tire service?

    Does that mean you've taken your Tesla there? I like that they will store your tires for free. Is that only if you buy the tires from them?
  25. 2krazykats

    Firmware 8.0

    Not sure if this has been posted already (too many posts in this thread to read thru) but someone took screen shots of their update - Version 8 Screenshots I've been wishing for the automatic phone dial since I got my S so I'm really looking forward to it... truly hands-free phone calls. Not...
  26. 2krazykats

    Mount Evans Road Trip - July 30th or 31st

    5) Mountain goat that we saw as we were descending. We felt very fortunate to see one but the poor guy was scared and there were cars and people all around so he ended up going the only way he could - down the side of the mountain!
  27. 2krazykats

    Mount Evans Road Trip - July 30th or 31st

    1) Console as we left the house 2) Projected battery usage at the start of the drive up for the round trip 3) Energy consumption to the top of the mountain 4) What we actually did versus projected.
  28. 2krazykats

    Mount Evans Road Trip - July 30th or 31st

    @Zaxxon, those are fantastic pictures! Your T8 is a beauty. I'll narrate the drive up and share pictures of the energy consumption. We left our house in Denver with 236 miles of full charge on our 70D. We knew that going up the mountain would eat up a bit of energy but did not alter our...
  29. 2krazykats

    Dipped my car: Autoflex Matte + ZTA Hypershift + Blueberry Juice

    Gorgeous! You and Hank are making me want to dip my car after getting it wrapped just a few months ago! Of course that's beauty of these temporary color changes; you can change them as often as you like. I love seeing these unique Teslas...they make an already gorgeous car, drop-dead gorgeous.
  30. 2krazykats

    Dipped my car: Autoflex Matte + ZTA Hypershift + Blueberry Juice

    It's a beautiful car, @HankLloydRight ! I personally love how it changes to the purple at a different angle, but then again, I'm partial to purple - mine is matte purple wrap. How long is it supposed to last and how easy is it to take off? I've not heard of autoflex until now but might...
  31. 2krazykats

    Second Annual Pikes Peak EV Hill Climb, September 24, 2016

    We hope to make this event as well as the Cripple Creek rally. Lots of quality time with the CO Springs group this fall.
  32. 2krazykats

    Cripple Creek, CO Tesla Rally - August 13, 2016

    Thank you for the details. Do we have to stay the whole time?
  33. 2krazykats

    Mount Evans Road Trip - July 30th or 31st

    You might consider the trip that the DenverTeslaClub is planning for August 20th. We'll definitely post pictures and what not. Was there anything specific that you wanted to know? We'll be starting from our place in SE Denver which is about 40 miles from Idaho Springs. We're in a 70D so less...
  34. 2krazykats

    Mount Evans Road Trip - July 30th or 31st

    @Erik, glad there will be another chance to go up mount Evans this summer. We're out of town that weekend unfortunately. @Zaxxon, all are welcome! Not everyone has to go to the top and we can play it by ear.
  35. 2krazykats

    Mount Evans Road Trip - July 30th or 31st

    @NovemberXray, we might just pass each other going the other way! If you need a little extra charge to get you on the way, Beau Jo's in Idaho Springs might be a good place to stop for lunch and a little juice for your X. They have two J1772s, Erik, glad you're representing the CO contingent...
  36. 2krazykats

    Mount Evans Road Trip - July 30th or 31st

    Hey all, I'm trying to put together an informal drive up Mount Evans for all interested. I've never driven up this mountain before but it's known as The Highest Paved Road in North America. We'll be using a lot of power to get up but think of how much you will get back going down! Afterwards...
  37. 2krazykats

    Windshield Back Order

    I'm in the same situation but what would Safelite know about AP and Tesla? I would call the SC about it. The windshield appears to be in inventory @ my Denver SC so I got a lucky break (pun not intended). Unfortunately, I have to go thru Safelite because of insurance.
  38. 2krazykats

    Where do you put your change?

    As a woman, I don't have this problem as all my change goes in my purse. Maybe you can get a small coin purse that you can dump the change in. I like the other suggestion of putting it in a tip jar.
  39. 2krazykats

    My Tesla was hit on Jan 4. It's still not back from the body shop

    I'm sorry this happened to you but appreciate you sharing your experience with the community. It's something I'm sure we all fear and hope never happens to us. Until then <lalalala> and I'm enjoying my car while driving defensively. Best of luck with your sale.
  40. 2krazykats

    Fix your door that won't open

    Helpful... I'll have to file this away for "someday". ;)
  41. 2krazykats

    POLL: should I add stripes like this?

    You should totally do what makes you happy. Everyone is going to have their opinions but it's your opinion that should count above all since you're spending it for yourself and no one else, right? While I was looking for my S, I spent countless weeks on this site looking at customizing options...
  42. 2krazykats

    Rental in Colorado?

    You might try the app "turo". I met someone while charging at a supercharger that had rented a S60. It's an iPhone only app.
  43. 2krazykats

    How do I keep the doors unlocked?

    Thanks for the double-click on the top of the fob suggestion, everyone. I'll try it and see what happens. It'll be a pain to have to remember every time but I should be able to get into the habit. I wouldn't leave the fob in the car for various reasons although I have left it in there on...
  44. 2krazykats

    How do I keep the doors unlocked?

    Is it possible to keep the doors unlocked w/o having it auto-lock? I have tried various options and combinations on the control panel but it seems to auto-lock when the fob is not within its perimeter of detection. It's really annoying to have to bring the fob with you each time you want to...
  45. 2krazykats

    Voice control

    And the annoying thing about the voice control for making calls is you still have to look down and touch the phone record to make the call which is not as safe as my phone automatically dialing for me when it finds the unique record. I wish they allowed it to make the call when it only found...
  46. 2krazykats

    How much noise is too much?

    I can certainly understand tire/road noise which I had in all my other previous cars but i'm sure my hearing is telling me that it's louder around the cabin and sounds like wind noise rather than engine or road. I am debating whether I reach out to SC and try to bring the car in which is no...
  47. 2krazykats

    How much noise is too much?

    I've read various threads about wind noise encroaching into the car at high speeds but wasn't sure if it's a problem Tesla can fix? I have a Sept 2015 70D with OEM everything which I've loved since the first drive. The only thing I have to complain about (for which I'm thankful for considering...
  48. 2krazykats

    Again, Colorado trying to avoid paying EV credit. This demand is beyond reasonable.

    Just wanted to update this thread. I got my refund with the EV credit after submitting the requested info. For me, the ordeal is over. Glad i got the incentive before it was rewritten.
  49. 2krazykats

    So how many speeding tickets have you gotten so far?

    I've heard these radar jammers are illegal so check your local laws... I've not gotten a speeding ticket yet in my S but when I bought the car and was doing a budget for the potential cost of ownership. I estimated 1 ticket a year. I may need to adjust based on actual experience. :)
  50. 2krazykats

    April Denver Tesla Gathering

    !!!!Extreme Autoworks EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER!!!! Just got word today that they've decided to cancel based on the forecast. No word on whether it'll be rescheduled.

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