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  1. Markk993

    WTB Silver 21” Turbines in SoCal !!!!!

    i have a set of staggered but to be honest there previous owner could not park to save her life... I was considering having them refinished (about $100 per wheel) and selling them but would consider selling them cheaper to avoid the hassle... 3 of the 4 tires are 50%W or better... the one rear...
  2. Markk993

    Staggered Silver 21" turbines for sale - Maybe

    taking offers of suggestions... no waiting LOL
  3. Markk993

    Staggered Silver 21" turbines for sale - Maybe

    I have a set of 21" staggered silver turbines with TPMS 1 from my 2014 P85+ that I no longer need... But the dilemma is as follows.. the young lady who originally owned my car was severely challenged when it comes to curbs so there is a a good amount of curb rash on all 4 wheels... not deep...
  4. Markk993

    WTB p90d

    OMG.. do you not realize this is a scam... Mike Litoris REALLY??????? PS... please send me your bank account number also... thanks LOL
  5. Markk993

    21" Turbines for sale... POSSIBLY

    Not sure where to put this thread but was both looking for interested buyers and an opinion... I have a staggered set of 21's from my 2014 P85+ they have gen 1 s and michellin tires... the Front are in good shape 6-7/32 and one of the 2 back tires is good, the other is not really road worthy...
  6. Markk993

    WTB p90d

    can you send me your bank information as well please ... thanks
  7. Markk993

    FS: 21" Black Arachnids

    yes just about 2 weeks ago... took forever to get them delivered
  8. Markk993

    Arachnid Sale

    Finally after more than 12 months my second set of arachnid wheels have arrived in Las Vegas. I have someone locally that I am selling them to. What I wanted to know is how most people are completing this transaction. I have heard everything from the fact that I have to physically pick them...
  9. Markk993

    I should by from private seller (not dealer) or Tesla official website

    i vote for private party for a couple reasons... I bought mine when it was 2 years old and immediately bought the extended warranty... this gave me 6 years of coverage which is technically more than a CPO would give me for more money. Also in some states, Like Nevada and Arizona there is no...
  10. Markk993

    FS: 21" Black Arachnids

    can deliver to OC no problem... will keep everyone posted on my progress... it seems at the speed Tesla moves we could sync up by your delivery date.. LOL
  11. Markk993

    FS: 21" Black Arachnids

    it may be still a couple more weeks before i have them... i was told they were en route but if you are familiar with the referral program at all you know that they are usually in no hurry to get things done.... will post a pic as soon as i get possession. the last set i got came with Michelin...
  12. Markk993

    FS: 21" Black Arachnids

    For those wondering... the newest referral program wheels were only in Silver but the program people screwed up pretty badly on my order so as a "nice to do" they offered me a brand new black set... wheels, tires, TPMS, etc...
  13. Markk993

    FS: 21" Black Arachnids

    My second set of Arachnid wheels and tires are on the way to Las Vegas... I opted for the black this time but have since decided to leave the silver ones on my pearl white car. Anyone interested in a somewhat rare black set please let me know...asking $3500 OBO... + shipping I am in the LA...
  14. Markk993

    F/S 2015 P85D Model S Loaded

    keep it!!!
  15. Markk993

    WTB - 21” staggered Black Arachnids

    Tesla is currently shipping me a brand new set of Black arachnids with tires... Shipping to Las Vegas... I have no idea when they should arrive or what it would take to ship to you but what are you looking to pay?
  16. Markk993

    F/S 2015 P85D Model S Loaded

    i cannot believe this car is still here. to me a P85D with + suspension is the ultimate Tesla...I will not sell my + just because of the handling alone. If it were me...I would just keep it... but for the price you are asking, considering the mileage and condition it is a GREAT deal IMHO...
  17. Markk993

    Buying a CPO vehicle. Ship it or fly and drive?

    drive it ... it is a great way to get to know everything about your new car
  18. Markk993

    F/S 2015 P85D Model S Loaded

    with a 3/15 build date and a door tag that shows staggered wheels I am guessing that this car has the + suspension as well... IF so that makes this much more of a find in my opinion. Other question for perspective buyers... you are the second owner, did you purchase through a private sale...
  19. Markk993

    Rear Axle Clicking

    was under warranty but seemed concerning that the axle was "coming loose"
  20. Markk993

    voice commands

    agreed... sometimes it works perfectly other times it seems like it does not hear anything I am saying... frustrating
  21. Markk993

    Rear Axle Clicking

    when fully stopped i started to notice a series of short clicks / grinds upon acceleration in my P85+...it seemingly started in the right rear but within a few days it seemed like it was both sides... I took it in for service and on the test drive we also noticed it was making the same sound...
  22. Markk993

    XM Mystery Issue still unresolved after 2 years!!

    2 years ago i discovered an intermittent problem with my XM radio in my 2014 P85+... one of the stations I have pre-programmed is channel 231... this channel and the 2-3 surrounding it in each direction are the channels that broadcast NFL games each Sunday... when i put it on 231 and push the...
  23. Markk993

    WTB: GEN 1 OEM Center Console(s)

    left you a message
  24. Markk993

    WTB: GEN 1 OEM Center Console(s)

    Actually looking for 2 of them... One for a friend... Both Tan one in Piano Black and the other in the glossy wood grain whatever that is officially called... thanks
  25. Markk993

    Looking to trade my P85DL 2014

    i would keep it... that to me is the ultimate Tesla... it is the only car i would give up my + for
  26. Markk993

    P85+ with all options (except subzero) for sale...taking delivery of 90D next week!

    just curious ... paper work says + but the center screen does not?
  27. Markk993

    Got my 5th Referral... Now What Happens?

    i mean will my code still work even though my app says all 5 are used? or does Tesla have to reset something
  28. Markk993

    Got my 5th Referral... Now What Happens?

    I know that part... 2% per referral I believe but i assume the other prizes stop? on my phone app it just says that I have collected all 5 rewards... will that change shortly? Does it change? thanks
  29. Markk993

    Got my 5th Referral... Now What Happens?

    I just got credit for my 5th referral...YAY! Now what happens... I hear of all kinds of people having 30-40-50 referrals... How exactly does that happen? thanks all
  30. Markk993

    Private Party Purchase (Out of State)

    just for the record it is technically not legal to drive it back from California to Az... Nevada has the same tax structure as AZ and I did the same thing... I bought mine in Newport Beach. I did not know at the time but i was told the car has to be "Shipped" across state lines and driving it...
  31. Markk993

    13’ P85+ Feedback

    + suspension is worth every penny... so many threads on here support that.... the handling and stability is night and day better than a p85... considered trading up to a P85D and after driving in my + is way more fun.... DO IT
  32. Markk993

    prices after subsidies run out

    i think the model 3 is the real game changer in Model S used car sales... hard to justify paying 55-70K for a used P85D when a new performance model 3 with more range and more technology is the same price or cheaper... the same goes for lesser cars as well... the dilemma becomes how much do...
  33. Markk993

    P85+ Battery Range @ 90% and 100%

    just turning 33K on my 2014 P85+... 234 @90 [email protected]
  34. Markk993

    WTB NON-Staggered Arachnids

    all arachnids are now staggered ... even all new cars with the turbines are automatically staggered
  35. Markk993

    P85+ Battery Range @ 90% and 100%

    mine is the same as i reported at 17K miles... now 32K.... 234-235 @ 90% 264 @100%.... July 2014 build
  36. Markk993

    2017 Tesla Model S 100D - Silver Metallic - White Interior - Premium

    his profile says 100D at the bottom so
  37. Markk993

    Window Tinting Options / Advice

    glad you had a good experience... Dave at DC is such a nice guy.. great picture too did you go with the 30?
  38. Markk993

    Window Tinting Options / Advice

    yes there is no on better in LV than DC auto and the tint looks the same as day 1... the quality of the work is equal to the amazing customer service I received...I have referred at least 6 people that I can count at this point and they are all equally as happy...all said the same thing... DC...
  39. Markk993


    as a 993 owner i like both your avatars
  40. Markk993


    OK SO... I will ask the next obvious question... if you don't expect "buyers / collectors" that would be interested in the car to be "trolling" TMC... then why did you advertise here?
  41. Markk993

    Looking for a Model S

    EV-CPO.com - Tesla New, Used, and CPO Inventory Listings try this link for CPO options
  42. Markk993

    Looking for a Model S

    if you want AP2 you have 3 battery choices ... 75, and 100...and maybe some 90s there is no such thing as an 85 with AP2... However. a 75D is negligibly different in range compared to an 85... your budget will dictate what will fit you best
  43. Markk993

    Tesla Referral Program

    Question for Hank since he seems to know everything.... last time i gave a referral prize away i just sent them the email link and they ordered it themselves (kids car) .... this time I am hopefully selling a set of wheels and there is only the notification on the phone app to order them (they...
  44. Markk993

    2014 P85D w/bumper conversion (feeler)

    market usually gets flooded with a model at the 3 year mark when leases start coming back... that is why there are P85Ds and 85Ds in abundance right now.... also with private sale... i got a car that had 2 years left on factory warranty and bought the ESA... that gave me 6 years over the CPO 4...
  45. Markk993

    WTB: 22” Black Turbines for Model X

    i have that referral prize you are looking for... I can click and send them to whatever service center you want...Brand new... EXACTLY what you are looking for... PM me if you are interested...
  46. Markk993

    2014 CPO P85D

    i am working on selling this for you... have a friend interested will keep you posted
  47. Markk993

    Tesla Referral Program

    has anyone at all ever had success in getting back a "stolen" referral... I have been diligent but so far just no results... it seems like there is no one in charge of the program LOL
  48. Markk993

    Help with buying from a Dealer with no warranty

    i believe so but there is a copay per visit... not sure what that actually is but i think it is like $200... which seems like a lot but not compared to what the costs could be without it... Others would know this better than I

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