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  1. Obsoletion

    Apple Car apparently back on

    I think you got an extra zero in there
  2. Obsoletion

    Zoox Unveils All-Electric Robotaxi

    Could be an alternative to Uber/lift and taxi's. I would think this could also be a great ride from an airport gate to my car in a long term parking area, and hotel shuttle replacements etc
  3. Obsoletion

    Brand new Y with flat tire - my journey

    They have a layer of foam glued to the inside of the tire to quiet them some. It is very easy and common to just remove an area of the foam where the hole is/patch is to be placed. On a side note, I would get a plug kit with a compressor and do a field plug and fill and take it for repair at...
  4. Obsoletion

    Requirement to register EV with power company

    I told mine and they actually came and put larger service wires from the street to my meter. Had I not told them, I would be dealing with voltage sags and other issues and would have needed to call them anyway. The original wire was just too small for charging the cars and running the rest of...
  5. Obsoletion

    Warning every time I fold down 2nd Row

    My 2020 7 seater does it too.
  6. Obsoletion

    Problem with Wi-Fi connection between Model S and Ubiquiti AP AC Pro Access Point

    I have the same issue and know what the problem is... I have a 2014 Model S(MCU 1), 2017 Model S (AP2 MCU1), 2020 Model X (AP3 MCU2) and have 2 Model 3's at the office. The network setup is (at home and my office)Ubiquiti Edgerouter Pro-8 and UAP-AC access points. One access point...
  7. Obsoletion

    Model X: Average Wh/mile Tracker

    331 - on 2020 Raven X performance 7 seat - after 4000 miles about half of that freeway trips averaging 80 mph
  8. Obsoletion

    Family man finding the S a little too tight. Is the X significantly better with kids?

    I have a wife and 4 daughters (17, 14, 12, 11) I went from the S with the rear-facing jump seats to a seven-seat X as my kids all outgrew the rear-facing seats. I have to say it is WAY more room and comfort for road trips. We still have trunk space too with all the seats filled
  9. Obsoletion

    Charge Limit Ignored

    Yep, same here on both of mine. I stopped using scheduled departure because of it.
  10. Obsoletion

    Hold feature unavailable error

    This happened to me last night, I just put it park and got out and shut the doors, the screens all went off. Got back in and it was all normal again
  11. Obsoletion

    SC bust?

    It seems like they are offline/not reporting their status
  12. Obsoletion

    Model 3 HW3 retrofit failed. Advice?

    It happens. I had an issue with one of mine and it turned out to just need some form of reset that I had never heard of. I was skeptical when i was told that, but after they were done, it has been perfect
  13. Obsoletion

    V3 Wall Charger

    So, less charger (shorter/lighter cord), lower amperage relays(slower charging) and the same money....
  14. Obsoletion

    V3 Wall Charger

    I would prefer to have a v2, can't see what the WiFi adds and I have cars with 80 amp and 72 amp charging capabilities which comes in handy sometimes.
  15. Obsoletion

    Need help from 6 seater owners -- took delivery yesterday

    I bet that’s it. I do like the front seats
  16. Obsoletion

    Need help from 6 seater owners -- took delivery yesterday

    My November 2019 build does NOT have them on the third-row seats - The demo I looked at and drove did have them.
  17. Obsoletion

    Supercharger - Rancho Cucamonga, CA (12 V2 stalls)

    this location is not a good location. The mall itself is not easy to navigate to when coming from the freeway for one, couple that with it being right next to the movie theaters and let’s not even consider going there around Christmas, it’s a mess. A much better location would be on the...
  18. Obsoletion


    The guy was pretty drunk! Did he do any damage other than the mirror?
  19. Obsoletion

    Supercharger - Rancho Cucamonga, CA (12 V2 stalls)

    This location has really gotten bad. I have given up on even trying to charge there. I just go to Fontana and even though it is an Urban 72kw, it is always 72kw. I have not got a charge over 53kw at RC in over a year now. (S - p100d and X p100d)
  20. Obsoletion

    Who has a shinier car than me? (1 hours work)

    My wifes P100D (I am happy with my solid black X)
  21. Obsoletion

    Tank Turn for X

    And I only think it would work on a surface the tires can slip on some.
  22. Obsoletion

    2013 Model S 85 AC hissing noise and warning on MCU

    If no leaks were found, where did the refrigerant go? That would have been my only question and then wouldn't have paid as it was obviously low from the factory... you know, because there are no leaks...
  23. Obsoletion

    Ability to use Cybertruck to trickle charge Model 3?

    I'm sure it COULD charge another EV, but I have owned and driven only Tesla for 6 years now and this has NEVER been something I have needed. Maybe I'm the exception but I just think ahead a little so I don't run out of charge.
  24. Obsoletion

    2020 Model X firmware

    I got my 2020 X on 11/27 and it had 2019.35.x It's now on 2019.40.2.1
  25. Obsoletion

    Think this is a totaled 3?

    It's totaled.
  26. Obsoletion

    Likelyhood of bending 20 inch performance wheels

    On my S P85+ it came with the 21" Turbine wheels. The looked great, but potholes broke 2 wheels and ruined the tires in less than 5000 miles. I didn't like the look of 19" Tesla Slipstreams, and started looking for alternatives. I found the T Sportline 20" staggard they made looked just like...
  27. Obsoletion

    Scheduled departure epic fail

    Mine works, justing finishes about an hour early. I stopped using it because I don't want it heating or cooling (preconditioning) the car. Mine is in the garage and every morning it was preconditioning and it was also preheating when parked at my office. Since smart preconditioning was...
  28. Obsoletion

    Unpainted door hinge area - normal?

    But is that how it’s suppose to be or do I need to take it in to have them fix it?
  29. Obsoletion

    Unpainted door hinge area - normal?

    I just got my 2020 Black Model X and noticed this when the front doors are open, I search the forums and can't find anyone else asking about it. Is it normal or did they miss painting mine?
  30. Obsoletion

    What to do?!?!? 2013 Model S 60 Battery fail

    Is anyone selling used batteries from wrecked Telsa's that could be swapped out? or anyone repairing them? I'm guessing some of the modules could be swapped and get it working
  31. Obsoletion

    Forget Everything I Have Said... I’m Now Totally In!

    I agree it wasn’t staged, AND, it was marketing genius by accident.
  32. Obsoletion

    Zero communication for one month about MX Order

    That's odd, I ordered my MX performance on Oct 8 and got it November 27th. I picked it up in Buena Park. I was worried i would miss the Dec 3 deadline for the rebate
  33. Obsoletion

    Royal Screwup by Tesla for Inspection

    The inspection is not your responsibility. The installer (Licensed contractor who obtained the permit) has to be there for the inspection, not the homeowner. If the installer missed the inspection, they are on the hook for the reinspection, not you. I wouldn't stress the fee, but I would be...
  34. Obsoletion

    Wiki Model X Order/Delivery Tracking - Google Sheet

    I picked up mine on 11/27(Performance 7 seat) - Confirmed 10/8. The new seats feel GREAT!! Better than I had hoped for and a huge difference coming from my 2017 P100D. They feel like they were custom made to fit me.
  35. Obsoletion

    Towing with Cybertruck

    I think the top end will be 200-250 KWh to be able to tow with any real range
  36. Obsoletion

    Cybrtrk RN #

  37. Obsoletion

    Towing with Cybertruck

    seriously? too heavy for the truck??
  38. Obsoletion

    Towing with Cybertruck

    I know this isn't practical..... But a BIG extension cord to charge!!!:D
  39. Obsoletion

    Wiki Model X Order/Delivery Tracking - Google Sheet

    Confirmed my 7 seat Performance X on 10/8 for Buena Park Delivery - just found the Vin in source code(Monday 11/25) and called the delivery dept to schedule delivery. Says I can do Saturday or Sunday delivery, I am out of town but coming back early and getting it Sunday. I wouldn't care...
  40. Obsoletion

    Major Flaw - No Charge Port in Front (towing)

    I have a Ram 3500 Mega cab with a 6.5' bed and it is about 1 foot longer than the Cybertruck. My ram fits in my garage
  41. Obsoletion

    Major Flaw - No Charge Port in Front (towing)

    My guess is that you will be able to charge with MegaChargers and SuperChargers. I would imagine they will be rolling the Mega's out soon to support the upcoming semi release and are probably putting them at or around typical truck stop plaza's
  42. Obsoletion

    Whoops....ordered wrong one.....

    You have to email them to merge the accounts
  43. Obsoletion

    Quick Sketch showing how Cybertruck could be refined...

    I’m sure we will see design changes before it’s released
  44. Obsoletion

    That is One Ugly Truck?

    I have to agree on the glass. They spent A LOT of time showing how the glass wouldn’t break in the ball drop demos just to have both break too easily. It had to be a setup
  45. Obsoletion

    Sentry Vid of person denting my car - what should I do?

    If it was a hit and run, that is a felony in many states. The police will get involved. Also, your insurance company will repair and be able to go after the other party since you have the info and that will be a not chargeable against your insurance or affect your rates
  46. Obsoletion

    Model y battery upgrade?

    They are??
  47. Obsoletion

    Model S HW 2.0 to HW 3.0 Upgrades? (Not HW2.5 or Model 3 upgrades to HW3)

    I think we will get the MCU2 as a retrofit when finally upgrade our AP2.0 to AP3
  48. Obsoletion

    Model S HW 2.0 to HW 3.0 Upgrades? (Not HW2.5 or Model 3 upgrades to HW3)

    And the longer Tesla waits, the more cars will be lost to collisions, and the cost of the hardware will most likely drop... The best strategy for Tesla is to wait as long as possible to do HW2/MCU1->HW3/MCU2 upgrades.
  49. Obsoletion

    Issues with LED lights on trailers

    What is happening with the lights when you plug in? are they just not working at all?
  50. Obsoletion

    Tesla Cybrtrk


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