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    Supercharger - Portland, OR

    The owner of the Fox Tower is a long time Tesla owner, dating back to the early days of the Model S. Probably a factor.
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    No front license plate, driving from WA to CA?

    The only law enforcement in Oregon who care about front plates are the City of Portland Parking Patrol. I don't know if they would ticket an out of state car with no front plate, but I kind of doubt it... but park in downtown Portland and you'll find out pretty quickly!
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    Mobile service experience

    I also had a 12v warning, and Tesla mobile service came to my house and changed the battery. They were great! I can't speak highly enough of them.
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    How frequent is everyone seeing 3s in the Seattle area?

    In Portland (I know, not what you were asking) I see them all the time. Multiple sightings every day.
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    AP abuse - this is a whole new level of idiot...

    Most people eat and drive without any sort of autopilot at all, so I would think this is an improvement!
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    Power steering issue

    My 2015 85D just had this issue, and they say they need to replace the steering rack. It seems to be an issue with D models of a certain age. I have about 35,000 miles on my car.
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    Who really owns Model S Vin 1?

    If you read the article, Calcanis says he has #1 Signature S. Jurvetson has #1 Founder's S, which is the first production Model S. Elon has #2 Founder's S. Hopefully no one tells Calcanis that he wasn't special enough to get a Founder's car.
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    Air Force Uses Teslas to Chase the U-2 Spy Plane

    They used to use Mustang GTs, so it's cool to see them using a Tesla. I chatted with a U-2 guy about this once. He said that the real issue was fatigue-- the missions they fly are so long that they felt it was just safer to have an extra set of eyes, particularly on landing.
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    Oregon's new "Tesla Tax"?

    Since EVs pay no gas taxes, it seems entirely reasonable to charge an additional registration fee. We need to pay for roads somehow. I believe, but could be wrong, that these revenues are dedicated to roads and infrastructure, in which case this makes total sense.
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    Firmware 8.1 - Autopilot HW1

    I found that it greatly reduced the roads where speed limiting was in effect. I'm sure it depends on the road, but I did a longish trip on a highway which is mostly 2 lane, undivided (but no stop lights or stop signs) and the entire thing was unlimited. In the past, only a few divided sections...
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    Tesla Showroom Portland OR

    I thought many service centers had private superchargers in the service area, for testing and delivery purposes? So maybe that's what you are seeing the transformers for. Was this a newly built building, or a remodel of an existing one? Either way, a huge improvement!
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    Tesla Showroom Portland OR

    That's good news!
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    New "hold" feature on ap1 and the future

    I had that happen for the first time, today. I've driven the same road in more or less the same traffic for a long time, and haven't seen it. I actually thought maybe it was the hill hold activating, since I was stopped on a hill.
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    P85 modded to be a P85 w/Ludicrous

    Jason, first of all, this is awesome. You might consider speaking with Tesla about doing either an in-house tuner/custom program (think AMG for Mercedes, for instance), or about being an "outside" tuner/custom with a degree of unofficial factory support. In fact, the second could lead to the...
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    Top free charging locations in Portland

    In the old days, Washington Square used to be a deal where if no one was parked in the Tesla spots, just pull in and plug in. Those days are long gone... although I think you're right, if you call them and ask nicely, they might let you charge there.
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    No incentive to keep improving AutoPilot on HW1

    It can do it very safely. When it reads a stop sign or red light, it stops and goes into "hold" mode. When the driver decides it is safe to resume, he or she presses the gas, and the car resumes travel. Perfectly safe, and perfectly do-able with the AP1 sensor suite.
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    No incentive to keep improving AutoPilot on HW1

    Isn't AP1 largely MobileEye, with Tesla's software running on top? In which case, given the relationship between the two companies, I wouldn't expect a lot of additional improvements. Reading stop signs and traffic signals would be great, and fully within MobileEye's capabilities, but I don't...
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    Firmware 8.0 - Disable control bar fades under Nav?

    Obviously someone wanted it. My guess is Elon, or possibly Tallulah.
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    Top free charging locations in Portland

    For free charging, there are some up by PSU (electric avenue, I think) and maybe some down by the world trade center (those might be aerovironment or Blink-- can't remember). There are also some free chargers at OMSI, although I've never gotten the J1772 to work there (haven't tried in years...
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    Tesla Showroom Portland OR

    That might actually make some sense. I think you can access that location relatively easily from I-5, and get back on.
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    AutoPilot speed restrictions...what do you think

    AP 1.0 can't operate safely in those environments without driver monitoring. I would argue that with a driver paying attention, it's much safer than manual driving in that environment. None of that is any reason for the speed limitation. I think the speed limitation is probably meant to...
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    Thoughts on my winter tire selection?

    I have the Rial/X-Ice setup on my car (85D). Just drove up a pretty steep hill with ice and packed snow about an hour ago-- worked great! So I think that's a great combination, especially if you are in an area which gets a lot of snow. I also go skiing in my car, and, again, no issues.
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    2.48.16 limits max autosteer speed to speed limit on local roads?

    It's really annoying. Plus 5 was bad enough (plus 10 would have been more reasonable) but it makes it largely unusable on the secondary roads around here. I'm not talking about in the city or something, but rather 4 lane highways which just don't have a center divider. I think Tesla had a...
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    Tesla Showroom Portland OR

    I should add that my service experience there his past week was great.
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    Tesla has wiped away any mention of Blind Spot Detection / Lane Departure

    My AP1 car has blind spot detection. A fast moving car coming up in the lane next to me, but which is not in my blind spot, should be visible in the mirrors-- that is by definition not in my blind spot, since I can see it. As the driver, it's my responsibility to check the mirrors. The Tesla...
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    Ok, Winter Is Here - I Want To Leave the Heat On When I Run Into The Store!

    Phone app for me. The neutral/e-brake thing is for if someone wants to wait in the car while you go inside. I don't believe the car locks in that state.
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    New firmware release 12-10-2016

    That's kind of crazy that it didn't have auto-headlights. I assumed it was talking about the auto-dim headlights, which requires the camera. Auto-on headlights just requires a light sensor.
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    Firmware 8.0

    I have to say, the strict adherence to the speed limit for auto-steer on non-divided roads is pretty annoying. I thought the +5 MPH limit was bad (I would prefer a +10 limit, personally), but strict adherence makes it pretty much useless unless I'm stuck in traffic. First world problems and...
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    bluetooth/iphone problem - any ideas?

    I tried making a call using the car's phone UI, and after hesitating for a few seconds, that seemed to fix it. At least for the rest of the day. We'll see what happens tomorrow.
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    bluetooth/iphone problem - any ideas?

    I already have that shut off. I don't think I've ever had that turned on.
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    Tesla Showroom Portland OR

    They told me the new one would be 3x the size, but they're still not sure it will be big enough. Apparently when they planned it, it would have been the largest service center in the US, but it's now been passed by one somewhere else.
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    bluetooth/iphone problem - any ideas?

    I have this exact problem with my iPhone 5S. While I think it's an iPhone problem, I have to admit that it doesn't do it in any of my other bluetooth equipped cars.
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    Tesla Showroom Portland OR

    They really need two service centers in Portland by now. It was a 3+ week wait for an annual service, and now with the snow I asked if I could move it into next week. Nope. Next available date is second week in January.
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    AutoPilot camera can detect pedestrians and other "objects"

    Now if only they would activate hold mode for red lights or stop signs!
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    WHERE is the QA in Tesla?

    My November 2015 S85D has had zero problems since delivery. None, nada, zilch. 14,000 miles so far.
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    Parking Etiquette Question

    I agree that you shouldn't ICE those spots. That said, there is a 110 volt charging spot that I park at occasionally. While I always plug the car in, the reality is that 110 charging isn't going to do much for me, for the couple of hours that I'm parked there.
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    Firmware 8.0

    Jet engine FADECs get rebooted every engine start.
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    After 6 months of loving my car, version 8 makes me want to sell it

    If you want to avoid nags and not really be bothered with holding the wheel, just rest your hands on the bottom of the wheel. No nags any more. I suppose if it's a road with sharp curves, that could be annoying, but they I find autopilot doesn't work all that well in that situation anyway. It...
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    AP in 8.0

    Does 8.0 still have the 5mph over speed limit restriction on undivided roads? Making that 10mph would really make it more useful.
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    Car will not allow reengagement of Autosteer until parked if user ignores repeated warnings

    Really? So do you never get a "Hold Steering Wheel" message? Because, in my experience, the car can't detect hands on the wheel unless you apply some torque. Simply resting your hands on the wheel isn't sufficient.
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    Car will not allow reengagement of Autosteer until parked if user ignores repeated warnings

    If I'm watching the road, as I am most of the time, I'm not staring at the instrument cluster and often miss the little "Hold Steering Wheel" annunciator. Then, as Elon describes, it beeps and I tug the wheel and all is good. So this sounds like it's going to cause me to spend more time looking...
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    My conversation with a BMW salesman

    No, it means he's a good salesman. Unlike the OP's salesman.
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    Tesla Model S with LIDAR ‘Puck’ spotted testing near Palo Alto HQ

    They may or may not be LIDAR, but I would think Tesla would want to use LIDAR to validate their 8.0/8.1 radar improvements. Test cars have been spotted for a long time with other validation gear, so not surprising.
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    Those lucky enough to have Euro Lux \ Exotic and a Tesla

    All things being equal, I drive my Porsche Cayman about as often as I drive the Tesla. However, all things aren't equal, and as a result the Tesla gets driven quite a few more miles-- mostly because it's a better ski car, better for overnight trips, and has four seats. For my commute, I...
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    Autopilot Lesson At Delivery?

    When I picked up my current Model S, in November, we did a drive and autopilot familiarization. Of course, autopilot was new at that point.
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    Tesla Showroom Portland OR

    And that would be in keeping with standard practice on Tesla time promises!
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    POLL: Do you carry a spare tire in your Model S?

    I don't carry a spare, and a few weeks ago my son did have a blowout in the Model S-- well outside of any metro area. He called AAA, and they towed the car back to our vacation house. I ended up bringing our snow tires down and putting those on, and then we brought the car home and get a...
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    Chevy Bolt in the Wild

    The Bolt looks more like a Leaf competitor than a Model 3 competitor.
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    Auto park doesn't work, TM says to keep parking myself

    Are you talking about parallel parking, or the back in perpendicular parking? Parallel parking works fine for me, but the perpendicular parking almost never comes up as an option.
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    Supercharger - Seaside, OR

    I charged at the Seaside supercharger the other day. Next to an X with the doors open-- first time I've had a chance to see that up close! I think Seaside is going to be pretty busy, at least in the summer.

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