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  1. DeltaOne

    Magic solution for getting bird poop etching out of paint clear coat!

    That explains what happened to me. Last summer, when our Model 3 was a few months old, we found bird poop on the hood. Just like you...it seemed to have etched the clear coat. We tried a few things...could not remove it. We had an appt coming up for PPF and ceramic so we hoped they could...
  2. DeltaOne

    Installed 2022.16.2 but looks the same as 2022.16.1.1

    I agree with Ken...when an update lists the same items as the previous update...it's a bug fix.
  3. DeltaOne

    Tinting the Windshield in Florida

    I did 70% and now wish I'd gone a bit darker. Same for the side windows...I think they're 50% and could be a bit darker.
  4. DeltaOne

    Scheduled Charging

    On my Model 3 I've had success by setting the Scheduled Departure, Off Peak and Precondition times to the time I want to depart. I've not had one problem since using this strategy. I don't have any off peak rates to consider either.
  5. DeltaOne

    Mt Airy, MD - Phantom Charger

    Here's a thread and picture I posted last May: Tesla charger in my home town The picture shows one charger. I drove by there recently and saw two chargers. There are 2 or 3 third-party chargers there too.
  6. DeltaOne

    PPF installer near Frederick, MD

    I've had my Model 3 for a little over a year. Last summer when I researched shops I found two that I can recommend: 1) A Plus Auto Styling in Forest Hill, MD. Their shop is about 90 minutes from here, so it was a long ride. Great shop, great work...I highly recommend them. I had PPF (full...
  7. DeltaOne

    Are the door exterior handle mechanical or electronic or both?

    The front doors can be opened via the manual release. Full info here: Model 3 Owner's Manual | Tesla
  8. DeltaOne

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Correct. I charge to 60%. I'm retired, so no daily commute. For just normal day to day stuff, 60% gets me anywhere I need to go...and back. This works well for me. I don't charge every night, but the other poster is not wrong for telling you to charge every night. If the car is below...
  9. DeltaOne

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    This sub-forum has more than a few threads that have thousands of posts that cover your questions. I'll summarize what I know from hanging around here for about 13 months (and owning a Model 3). Your best bet to extend the life of your battery would be to move to a cold climate. But I'm...
  10. DeltaOne

    Is PPF or ceramic coating necessary?

    It was worth it to me. I keep a car for a long time. When I was younger I used to wax my car pretty often. Older and retired now...I waxed my Model 3 when it was about three months old...I didn't enjoy the process at all. So PPF and ceramic will make things easier for me and keep the car...
  11. DeltaOne

    What amperage do I set for dryer plug?

    I'm not an electrician, but have read on these forums that circuits can only deliver 80% of the breaker size. 24 is 80% of 30.
  12. DeltaOne

    Ceramic coating testing by pro auto shop

    Chicago Auto Pros is starting a two-year test of ceramic coatings. First video in the series is 53 minutes and covers each coating that will be used in the test. Many (all?) of the ceramic coatings are only available to a professional shop. The car is divided in to sections and each coating...
  13. DeltaOne

    Power Conversion System (PCS) failure

    The firmware my car is on now, 2022.12.3.2, has made the size and font much the way it was before...easily readable from outside the car. It was the previous version that was smaller and almost impossible to read.
  14. DeltaOne

    Where to get Xpel paint protection film in Maryland?

    No. I'm about 90 minutes from A+. Drove there three times...once to check 'em out, once to drop the car off and once to pick the car up. It was worth it. Where ever you ultimately go, do lots of research. Bad wrap jobs are expensive to fix (meaning you have to pay to have the bad wrap...
  15. DeltaOne

    Where to get Xpel paint protection film in Maryland?

    I found two shops I can recommend: A Plus Auto Styling in Forest Hill, MD and All American Paint Protection in Rockville, MD. I went with A Plus Auto Styling last August. They have a page dedicated to Tesla cars with pricing. I had PPF put on the full front (bumper, hood, fenders), rocker...
  16. DeltaOne

    Trade in damaged!

    I've read a little about making sure the other guy's insurance compensates you for "diminished value." It's likely your trade-in will be worth less due to the accident. That's where the diminished value comes in, the guy's insurance company should compensate you for this loss of value. I've...
  17. DeltaOne

    Apple Car Play

    Ah, my mistake. Good to know. Thanks!
  18. DeltaOne

    Apple Car Play

    Perhaps you know this, but it's easy to send a route from one's iPhone, using Apple Maps, to the Tesla navigation system. I've done it a few times. You use the "share" icon on the iPhone.
  19. DeltaOne

    "Keep the Tesla app running for the best phonekey experience"

    According to Apple's most recent advice, the only reason to force-close an app is when it is misbehaving. The OS is very efficient now, for power and RAM, and opening an app after force-closing it uses more power and takes longer than just leaving the app in memory. I get why you're doing...
  20. DeltaOne

    "Keep the Tesla app running for the best phonekey experience"

    Geez. I guess it was keeping your iPhone warm! Two suggestions: I firmly believe that iPhone's benefit from an occasional restart. Maybe twice a month? At least once a month. If it's been a long time since you powered the phone off, and then back on, I'd try that. Secondly, delete the...
  21. DeltaOne

    "Keep the Tesla app running for the best phonekey experience"

    The Tesla app doesn't keep my iPhone warm. It's more normal that a low cellular signal keeps an iPhone warm because the phone ramps up broadcast power trying to find a signal and stay connected. I'm sure there can be other reasons an iPhone stays abnormally warm. I'm not a Facebook user but...
  22. DeltaOne

    What is the cost of replacing a cracked touchscreen model 3 (2020)

    A guy I follow on YouTube has 3 or 4 videos from a few months ago about the display. He originally installed a tilt/swivel mount. Found out later, when the display stopped working, that he had broken part of the wiring/logic board. Here's a few links if you're interested:
  23. DeltaOne

    Xpel ultimate plus quote

    Good info, thanks. I'm going to say my paint doesn't need a clay bar treatment. It's 13 months old, PPF and ceramic since it was 4 months old, parked on a carport and washed at least twice monthly. Thanks again.
  24. DeltaOne

    Xpel ultimate plus quote

    Do you decontaminate after washing but before spraying with this wax? I see Griot's recommends a decontamination step between washing and using the wax. I've never used a clay bar or any decontamination product. And I assume the process is wash...dry...spray wax...buff it in? (With a...
  25. DeltaOne

    Scheduled Charging - daily setup

    Off peak really means the time you want it to finish charging?!?! This is the first time I've read/heard this...but it makes perfect sense. You may remember a recent discussion where you (I think it was you) said the car preconditions and will be ready to go 15 minutes early. I, and another...
  26. DeltaOne

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Totally secondhand info, but I know of a guy that had a 2 or 3 year old Model 3 and called Tesla saying he wasn't getting the range he expected. They checked his car logs and said he wasn't driving enough. He lived two miles from his office...and had lots and lots of 2 mile trips.
  27. DeltaOne

    Change only one tire? NTB won't do it

    National Tire & Battery. Large chain, at least here on the east coast. I probably have a dozen within 50 miles of my house. I used to buy tires from them but switched to Costco long ago. NTB - Tires & Routine Auto Maintenance
  28. DeltaOne

    Scheduled charging

    Overall good advice! I would just add that when I use Schedule Departure it seems to reach the desired SOC about 45 minutes prior. Maybe the early SOC is to leave time to condition the cabin and battery?
  29. DeltaOne

    Master Thread: Definitive 14-50 NEMA Outlet Guide

    Mine is 50-inches above the concrete pad (on my carport). Fifty inches from the concrete to top of the outlet box. Ground up, that way the UMC hangs straight down.
  30. DeltaOne

    Best practice for installing home charging?

    I've been charging my Model 3 for the last twelve months without problems. Cable runs from my electrical panel to a box with a GFCI, then on to a box that houses a NEMA 14-50 outlet. It's worked flawlessly. No tripped breakers in twelve months.
  31. DeltaOne

    MASTER THREAD: Floor Mats

    Many of us here have mats from TeslaShields. They're very much like the MAXpider mats but they don't have the company logo (which many don't like to see every time they get in to their car). TeslaShields, like many companies, had some bumpy times during the supply chain issues of the last two...
  32. DeltaOne

    Master thread: Delivery / Service Issues (panel gaps, delivery delays / issues / Service problems etc)

    Looks to me like the air ducting under the removable cover. Open the frunk, remove the wide cover that is at the base of the windshield. Those duct pieces go left of center. I suspect it's something you can take care of yourself. I found a picture that might help:
  33. DeltaOne

    How do you plan your charging stops?

    I recently learned that Google Maps, on your desktop computer, can show Superchargers. Once you have the route mapped, click "More" and in the "search along the route" box type Tesla Superchargers. This will show some Superchargers. If you zoom in on a section of the route, click the "search...
  34. DeltaOne

    How do you plan your charging stops?

    Learn how to use the Energy / Trip screen. The Trip screen, part of the Energy screen, becomes active when you use the car's navigation system to plot a route. The Trip screen will show the car's estimate of energy usage on one line and the actual energy usage on another line. Say the nav...
  35. DeltaOne

    Autocross- SCCA EV-X Class vs. SS

    Ah, the event at Summit Point this weekend is MARRS. Must be a different organization.
  36. DeltaOne

    Autocross- SCCA EV-X Class vs. SS

    At Summit Point? I haven't been to Summit Point in years. Used to go there to watch motorcycle racing. I see spectator cost is $10. What's the parking situation like? Crowded? Pretty open? Can you recommend one or two good spectator points? Or once parked one can roam around to...
  37. DeltaOne

    Front End Bug Prevention

    PPF will protect the paint and make clean up easier. Some get the front bumper done, some the bumper, hood and fenders. Some the entire car. I have used Bugs 'n All (and a mesh scrubber sponge). Works good. Spray it on, let soak for a few minutes, then wipe off. But I don't think I've used...
  38. DeltaOne

    Master thread: Delivery / Service Issues (panel gaps, delivery delays / issues / Service problems etc)

    It is normal. The missing weather stripping is to make room for the power strut that opens and closes the trunk. Older models with out the power strut are not missing any weather stripping.
  39. DeltaOne

    Tint question

    My shop, here in Maryland, said they've never seen tinting crack the top/rear glass. They don't tint the top...saying it's dark enough...but they do tint the back part.
  40. DeltaOne

    Window tinting

    The shop that did my car only does the rear half of the top/back window. They said that's how they do all the Tesla's.
  41. DeltaOne

    Watch out for thieves!

    My wife and I always use to leave our iPhones on the kitchen counter just inside the door from the carport. Model 3 is parked on the carport. Phones are about six feet away from the car with a wall in-between. I was amazed to learn the phones were still close enough that the Model 3 wasn't...
  42. DeltaOne

    Third party paint protection film alternatives?

    I'd recommend you visit the Texas forum (part of the Americas parent forum) and ask for recommendations for a local Xpel dealer in your area. Here's the Xpel website: XPEL | Paint Protection | Window Tint | Flat Glass | Anti-Microbial Film Alternatively, use the Installer Locator on the Xpel...
  43. DeltaOne

    Supercharger - Urbana, MD

    Who turns the site "on"? Does Tesla have a crew that inspects and makes the site live? Can they do it remotely?
  44. DeltaOne

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    My Model 3 is just a few weeks shy of a year old. Delivery March 27, 2021. First check up on the battery was May 25th. I also checked it yesterday. If I'm doing the math right I've lost approximately 5%. Does my math look right?
  45. DeltaOne

    When do off-peak hours start?

    I've had trouble with Scheduled Departure starting charging immediately too. I've played around with setting off-peak to end at different times and so far this has worked...scheduled departure works as I expect. Our rates here are the same 24x7, so I shouldn't have to use off-peak settings at...
  46. DeltaOne

    Unplug 14-50 Adapter or leave it plugged in all the time?

    No, the Tesla logo stays on 24x7.
  47. DeltaOne

    Supercharger - Westminster, MD

    Agreed. The town of Mount Airy did install one Tesla charger at the municipal parking lot. This picture was taken last May: Tesla charger in my home town I haven't been there recently to see its status, I assume it is still there.
  48. DeltaOne

    Supercharger - Urbana, MD

    Stopped by this location today, 2/26/22 -- no changes since the last pictures.
  49. DeltaOne

    Supercharger - Frederick, MD - Buckeystown Pike

    Stopped by this location today, 2/26/22 -- no changes since the last pictures.
  50. DeltaOne

    Nema 14-50 cost

    Sounds like my setup. New 14-50 on carport that's about 7 to 8 feet above the supply panel (inside, in basement). Installation was quick and easy, he charged me $700 which included a GFCI box and breaker (between the outlet and supply panel). And a two new breakers for my supply panel (we...

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