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  1. Pinot.Noir

    Left headlight stays on after software update

    Well, it didn't take quite an hour, but just like you, the light has gone off. Weird!
  2. Pinot.Noir

    Left headlight stays on after software update

    Waiting on a call back from Tesla now. Apparently it's an approximate 48 minute wait. I'm hoping my 12V battery doesn't end up dying.
  3. Pinot.Noir

    Left headlight stays on after software update

    2017 Model S
  4. Pinot.Noir

    Left headlight stays on after software update

    I just updated software to 2022.12.3.16 and walked out to the garage afterwards and my left headlight is on. I tried turning off the lights, a soft reboot, and a hard reboot, and the light remains on. Any ideas? I guess I can try to navigate my way through Tesla's automated phone system, but...
  5. Pinot.Noir

    Anybody with a really good experience?

    I've had my Model S since March 2017 and have been very happy with the car. There are occasional idiosyncrasies with software updates that cause me a little consternation, but overall I'm a happy customer.
  6. Pinot.Noir

    Software and Camera Issues After Infotainment Upgrade

    My muting issue has disappeared since an update about a week ago.
  7. Pinot.Noir

    When will it be possible to get a good used Roadster under $150,000? 12 months after launch?

    I can't say I understand the mindset of all future Roadster buyers, but I will likely keep mine until I die. Now, how soon I die after getting the Roadster is unfortunately not up to me, but I'm hoping it's at least a decade plus.
  8. Pinot.Noir

    Software and Camera Issues After Infotainment Upgrade

    No, it mutes. When I try to turn up the volume with the left scroll wheel it shows 1 momentarily then bumps back down to mute. It sometimes happens in the middle of a song. The only fix is a reboot. Happened today on a very short drive. Very annoying.
  9. Pinot.Noir

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Well that sucks. Mine hasn't yellowed in three months but I wasnt driving very much until our current road trip. Will have to keep an eye on it.
  10. Pinot.Noir

    FSD/HW3 Computer Upgrade - Disappointed and Impressed

    I recently upgraded to FSD/HW3 and autopilot is definitely more touchy on corners. The car also wants to hug the left side of the lane more than I like. Phantom braking has definitely increased. Hopefully it can all be fixed with software.
  11. Pinot.Noir

    Software and Camera Issues After Infotainment Upgrade

    After the infotainment upgrade I'm having an issue where the music app mutes on its own and the volume won't go up without a reboot. Happens fairly frequently. On the road right now so don't have time for a service visit. Anybody else seen this?
  12. Pinot.Noir

    Las Vegas LINQ V3 Supercharger

    The strip was going! Extremely crowded, no social distancing at all, about half the crowd with no masks. Thankfully we were only there to charge.
  13. Pinot.Noir

    Las Vegas LINQ V3 Supercharger

    Charged here today. No more gate code or time limits. I couldn't tell which chargers were supposed to be 250kw as there was no signage. We did get 130kw. Not the easiest to get in and out of since it's right off the strip.
  14. Pinot.Noir

    Base vs Founders

    Why not? My S and 3 are both mostly wrapped in clear Xpel Ultimate to avoid rock chips and potential light scratches. A wrap is a great way to get the color you want and I protect the finish.
  15. Pinot.Noir

    Base vs Founders

    Bear in mind that you can always get the car wrapped in pretty much any color you want, and it's way cheaper than $50k.
  16. Pinot.Noir

    How to prevent chips on windshield

    Another solution is to drive backwards.
  17. Pinot.Noir

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    The infotainment upgrade replaces the screen. I had mine done last week and no more yellow border! We'll see how long that lasts.
  18. Pinot.Noir

    $50k Deposit

    I'd rather wait a bit and let them get the kinks out.
  19. Pinot.Noir

    Roadster taking a back seat

    I'm thinking 2023 at the earliest. Glad I didn't plunk down a wad of cash. I'm losing interest as well.....the longer this takes the less interested I become. Might just keep the Model S. Nice way to kill my interest in throwing $200+k at you Elon.
  20. Pinot.Noir

    Roadster taking a back seat

    I'm surprised nobody has posted here about Musk's recent comments on the Joe Rogan podcast. Elon stated that the Roadster would be waiting behind the Model Y and the Cyber Truck. That's at least 2 years from now!
  21. Pinot.Noir

    $50k Deposit

    I think he's trying to point out that he's Captain Obvious.
  22. Pinot.Noir

    I wonder what's happening to Roadster reservation #s

    Wait a week or two. Things go the other direction just as quickly. Tesla doesn't pay a dividend, so unless you are day trading, fluctuations mean nothing. It's really only about when you buy, and when you sell.
  23. Pinot.Noir

    If you're first, you're last.

    I just can't imagine putting down ANYTHING without a release date in the next 6 months. I have been making 20% annually if not better!
  24. Pinot.Noir

    New model S is coming sooner than we all think

    Sorry OP, but welcome to my Ignore list.
  25. Pinot.Noir

    Model S 100D valuations

    Mine is not yet for sale, but I figured $60k is the best I'm going to do, and mine has most of the options available in March 2017, including FSD. I also spent $5k on Xpel Ultimate and Cquartz Finest, but I'm aware those are sunken costs I'm not likely to get a return on. I'm waiting for...
  26. Pinot.Noir

    Anyone know which location has the 2020 roadster in lobby?

    It's in my garage. I'm not allowed to drive it or show it to anybody. It's pure torture.
  27. Pinot.Noir

    Which color do you prefer your Roadster 2020?

    Lotus Green with white interior. Be still my beating heart!
  28. Pinot.Noir

    $50k Deposit

    Retired. I highly recommend it.
  29. Pinot.Noir

    Founders or Base?

    Bragging rights. People have paid a lot more than $50k for that.
  30. Pinot.Noir

    Founders or Base?

    Base, and if you are truly concerned about resale value, the Roadster is likely not the best choice.
  31. Pinot.Noir

    Recieved Die cast Roadster 2020- Headrest

    Does the current Roadster have a back seat to recline into?
  32. Pinot.Noir

    Which color do you prefer your Roadster 2020?

    I pretty much always go for blue. I'd like to see a brighter blue than the current offering.
  33. Pinot.Noir

    Road tripping and charging to 100%

    Same with me. Maybe 5 miles.
  34. Pinot.Noir

    Road tripping and charging to 100%

    I charge to 100% before long trips. I've done this maybe a dozen times in nearly 3 years. I bought the long range battery for a reason....to shorten charge time on long trips. I'm going to use it when practical.
  35. Pinot.Noir

    Your prediction: is my car totaled?

    With that much damage I would want it to be totalled. Time for a new car!
  36. Pinot.Noir

    Will Roadster be accepted at Exotic car Meet ups?

    As long as you bring excellent Pinot, you are pretty much welcome anywhere.
  37. Pinot.Noir

    Tri motor and single motor have swapped production times

    Toasting some souped up "compensating for something" ICE truck will make that 0-60 very worthwhile.
  38. Pinot.Noir

    Who added FSD with their order?

    I didn't add it, but I have about 3 years to change my mind.
  39. Pinot.Noir

    And the conspiracy theories begin...

    I think Ford paid somebody at the factory to put in alternative glass so the test would fail during the live show. I heard it from a friend who knows the uncle of a guy who works for a Ford contractor that frequents Fremont.
  40. Pinot.Noir

    Will there be badging? (poll)

    I'm putting a huge Toyota badge on the back, and blacking out the last 3 letters. Should add some confusion.
  41. Pinot.Noir

    What is 30x steel?

    I'm more worried about the windows. I see hoodlums running around with large steel ball bearings trying to duplicate the reveal.
  42. Pinot.Noir

    Cybertruck and superchargers

    The best idea is to put in two charging ports, front bumper and rear taillight, to cover most charging scenarios.
  43. Pinot.Noir

    "Any color so long as it's stainless"

    Delorean Stainless for me is perfect!
  44. Pinot.Noir

    Will it fit?

    That's what SHE said.
  45. Pinot.Noir

    Cybertruck and superchargers

    Body shaming to prove a point. Nicely done!
  46. Pinot.Noir

    Cybertruck and superchargers

    If you are taking up 3 stalls and inconveniencing others, yes.
  47. Pinot.Noir

    Cybertruck and superchargers

    Although you will need to be a bigger asshat than this guy to haul a trailer.
  48. Pinot.Noir

    Cybrtrk RN #

    Ordered the tri moter. RN1127459xx
  49. Pinot.Noir

    This truck design had better be a joke....

    Yes, like fixing the glass. That was rather embarrassing.
  50. Pinot.Noir

    Cybertruck is the vehicle that John DeLorean would have built.

    The Delorean was so far ahead of it's time. I had the opportunity to buy one in pristine condition for $12k in 1986. I am so pissed I didn't pull the trigger on that! Not going to make the same mistake on this truck. It's breaking the mold, and I like it.

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