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  1. meloccom

    Practical kilometres in a M3 long range

    Sutton Forest is the latest DC quick charge station to be built on the Hume Highway between Sydney and Canberra. 13125 Hume Hwy, Sutton Forest NSW 2577, Australia
  2. meloccom

    Supercharger - Bondi Junction, NSW

    That’s a bit of a Coup for Eastgate, they lost a lot of trade to Westfield.
  3. meloccom

    Practical kilometres in a M3 long range

    That still exceeds the range of my bladder somewhat, so having to stop once is no big deal and Sutton Forest now makes the stop much faster than Goulburn.
  4. meloccom

    Gen 3 wall charger now on the NZ store

    I have a Gen 1 wall connector, working perfectly even after about 7 years. I purchased a Gen 2 wall connector some time later for my holiday house and it is already giving problems, I have to hold the cable just so for the port opener to work, the car to not complain “check wall power” or on...
  5. meloccom

    Victoria Destination Charging Across Victoria Program

    EVIE‘s Chairman and founder is Trevor St Baker. He’s a long time big hitter in the energy space including being the owner of a number of Power Stations including Vale’s Point. Link to his Wikipedia page: Trevor St Baker - Wikipedia See the section Political Views. Have only once ever used an...
  6. meloccom

    installing EV charger apartment complex

    Yes and yes. If anyone knows how to apply, let me know. All the NSW government websites are still not updated to include this new initiative.
  7. meloccom

    installing EV charger apartment complex

    You have someone on the Owners Committee that is anti EV. I had a similar reaction when I wanted to install solar panels on a shared holiday house. The other owners tried to suggest that the fire brigade would not put out a fire on a house with solar panels. It took me under a minute to find...
  8. meloccom

    Returning to Melbourne with my Model S

    Member @Jansy123 has a Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) Tesla Model S in New Zealand, so can probably fill you in on his experience. In this thread we discussed his home charging options. If you choose to bring your JDM Tesla to Australia, I can tell you that you cannot use Tesla Superchargers as...
  9. meloccom

    Blue Jeans Stain Cleaner

    My cream (Cow) leather seats occasionally show some blue Jean transfer but most of it wipes off with a damp chamois when I am washing the car. Any remaining blue is easily removed with a leather cleaner or upholstery cleaner. I think you only get into trouble if you ignore it for a long time.
  10. meloccom

    Model X - 12volt battery died

    Sometimes lead acid batteries simply fade to a point where they are too weak for service, sometimes they can be okay one day but the next day have a sudden short. The 12V battery monitor can only detect the first, before it becomes a problem but not the second.
  11. meloccom

    Evie EV charging networks

    Yes, but provision for more at a later date.
  12. meloccom

    Ev charging in the next 1-2 years

    With the recent support from multiple State Governments and the recent change in federal politics I am more hopeful than a few months ago. I would still avoid long trips requiring a DC quick charge on high traffic days like Boxing Day and ends of long weekends and holidays.
  13. meloccom

    installing EV charger apartment complex

    If you go into the Council Office and ask to speak to a “Duty Planner” they can answer your question. I doubt you will be required to submit a Development Application or similar but if you do you will likely need a letter from your OC giving you permission to do so.
  14. meloccom

    Enhanced autopilot (EAP) is upgrade to FSD

    Price removed as requested.
  15. meloccom

    Starlink in Oz

    I was referring to the previous post that appears to be advertising their Starlink referral. On second reading it can also be interpreted as a request for one. The language is not clear. The rule was introduced as when the Tesla referral scheme was started advertising of referrals became a...
  16. meloccom

    Starlink in Oz

    Moderators note: Advertising referral programs from Tesla, Starlink or any other company is strictly prohibited on this forum. This is why it’s a sticky thread on the first page of the Australian Forum...
  17. meloccom

    Model 3 owners in New Zealand As of July 2019

    He can learn a lot about his upcoming Tesla by joining this Forum. In addition he can join Tesla Owners Club New Zealand who may have members in Dunedin.
  18. meloccom

    Australian Model 3 Waiting Room

    Polestar ordering process doesn’t always go smoothly if this is anything to go by. https://www.polestar-forum.com/threads/my-experience-buying-a-polestar.6096/
  19. meloccom

    LFP. Weekly Charging vs Daily Charging

    There should be no difference in battery life if you charge smaller amounts more frequently versus larger amounts less frequently. Batteries have a Cycle Life rating and one cycle means charging from 0 to 100% and discharging back to zero again. This is the equivalent of discharging and...
  20. meloccom

    New Zealand Road Trips

    I’m not sure if Model 3 is the same as my Model S but the hill hold feature doesn’t seem to use the park/emergency brake callipers, it appears to use the regular brake callipers to hold the car. It uses the brake pressure you applied to come to a stop for the hill hold feature and that works on...
  21. meloccom

    Tesla Model Y in Australia

    I think with the number of Model 3 on the road, most tyre shops have seen a Tesla or 2 by now. I use Jax Marrickville and they know my Model S quite well now, know how to put it in jack mode, where the lift points are etc.
  22. meloccom

    installing EV charger apartment complex

    It’s quite old, but take a look at my thread from 2014 where I outline my experience including writing specific By Laws for my Owners Corporation. My Charging Story
  23. meloccom

    Tesla Model Y in Australia

    Doh! Beat me by seconds. Order now button now appearing on Model Y Australian page.
  24. meloccom

    Model 3 - UAE Orders

    I’m pretty sure UAE cars are built in Shanghai and the level of quality is considered better than Fremont built cars. You can spend the time of your delivery going through a long checklist like this or better still enjoy the excitement of a new Tesla and maybe spend less time on the inspection...
  25. meloccom

    Model 3 - UAE Orders

    The switch to AMD Ryzen happened a few months ago, so unless affected by supply shortages you will almost certainly get this new chip. Less sure about the Lithium ion accessory battery, but you can likely upgrade from lead acid in a few years at the batteries end of life.
  26. meloccom

    Tesla Model Y in Australia

    Chilton Park rest area is a real place on the Hume Highway southbound a few kilometres south of Barnwartha. So this might be legitimate.
  27. meloccom

    Model 3 - UAE Orders

    Now that it’s June, the Shanghai lockdown has finished and the beginning of the quarter when Tesla will traditionally start building cars for overseas and distant markets, it’s likely that they are revising future production plans. This might be what has triggered the change in EDD for many...
  28. meloccom

    Energy retailers asking customers to leave

    Moderators note: I updated the thread title to better reflect that a number of energy retailers are asking customers to leave, not just ReAmped Energy.
  29. meloccom

    Australian Model 3 Waiting Room

    Currently the regulation EU 2019/631 limits the fleet wide Co2 emissions for each manufacturer in Europe for the cars they sell and issue fines for non compliance. Tesla makes no cars that emit Co2 in operation so make good money selling credits to other manufacturers, so they can reduce their...
  30. meloccom

    Model X - 12volt battery died

    Model S, first one lasted about 2 years, but the second one is still going, 5 years later. I understand that there have been a number of software updates to extend the life of the 12V battery.
  31. meloccom

    Please do not post referral links (Australia\NZ Forum)

    But members have been posting referrals from other businesses, which is why this has stayed up.
  32. meloccom

    Australian Model 3 Waiting Room

    They are referring to the ship’s draft or draught, depending on US v English spelling. It is the distance between the water line and the bottom of the ships keel. The more load on a ship, hopefully the more cars in this case, the further it lowers into the water and the bigger the draft. See...
  33. meloccom

    Model X - 12volt battery died

    12V lead acid batteries do have a shelf life, so purchasing one early will reduce its useful service life to some degree. To maximise its shelf life, you will need to keep it off the ground in a cool dry place where the temperature doesn’t vary too much and recharge it every 3 to 6 months.
  34. meloccom

    Labor Electric Car FBT discount

    Moderators Note: As Labor has indeed won the 2022 Federal election I have modified the title to suit.
  35. meloccom

    Model 3 Delivery situation in New Zealand

    The Aus cars being delivered were originally slated as test drive and service loaners, which Tesla Aus turn over on a regular basis. They have decided to keep the existing fleet a bit longer and deliver them to matching customers instead. Assume Tesla NZ have a small fleet of their own, but it...
  36. meloccom

    Evie EV charging networks

    I’ll be back on Friday. So if it’s happening then or over the weekend I’ll be there.
  37. meloccom

    A heavily used SR+ - thoughts and stats

    I don’t know what the legal implications are for quoting a public forum but Bridie Schmidt and Giles Parkinson have been big supporters of the EV and renewable energy movements with the RenewEconomy and Driven websites. I think if you contact Brodie she would be happy to correct any mistakes and...
  38. meloccom

    New Zealand Road Trips

    If you are looking this up on PlugShare, they assume All Tesla Wall Connectors are fitted with Tesla proprietary world wide, or they don’t have a way of indicating the difference. The wall connector sold in NZ by Tesla has a type 2 plug, and will fit a NZ spec Tesla of any type. It’s listed...
  39. meloccom

    Repair/Parts wait times

    Moderators note: Members should remember that this is the Australian sub forum of a website hosted in the USA And is one of the biggest resources of Tesla information on the internet. So it’s not surprising that occasionally a USA based member will ask a question here. No one is required to...
  40. meloccom

    Repair/Parts wait times

    Regardless of where your Tesla is located, Australia or the USA, damage to the sill panel is a complicated repair, as it’s a vital structural part of the car. In addition as the high voltage battery pack is located very close to the area of repair, it will likely need to be removed before...
  41. meloccom

    Tesla Model 3 - 12V Low Voltage Battery

    If you can get a replacement 12v battery it doesn't look very hard, just make sure to open the windows and your frunk before you start.
  42. meloccom

    Australian Model 3 Waiting Room

    Click on the three dots adjacent to the thumbnail on YT and select ""Don't recommend this channel" job done.
  43. meloccom

    CCS Capability In Models S and X Sold in South Korea

    My 2014 AP1 Model S was modified by Tesla Australia to use a Tesla CCS2 adapter. If Tesla Korea is selling a CCS1 adapter, then that likely means that Tesla either has or is developing the hardware modifications for earlier Model S and X as the difference between CCS1 and CCS2 is just the plug...
  44. meloccom

    Australian Model 3 Waiting Room

    Tap on your profile icon at the top of the page and a dialogue box will appear. Tap the third icon that is a head with a cog wheel, this will show the Profile settings including Signature. Tap signature to modify or create a signature. N.B. The forum software restricts access to some features...
  45. meloccom

    Evie EV charging networks

    Drove through Sutton Forest South Bound at about 5PM today and circled around the servo, the truck parking, mcDonalds and the Pie Shop and I couldn’t see any evidence of works. perhaps @QBN_PC would like to check the North Bound side on Friday. If not I will check on Monday.
  46. meloccom

    Evie EV charging networks

    Doh! I drove through Sutton Forest servos on the way home from the southern highlands just a few hours ago, but before I saw this post; it was dark when I went through and I didn’t notice anything on the South Bound side. Will make a point when I return on Thursday or Friday to take a look.
  47. meloccom

    Australian Model 3 Waiting Room

    Vehicle Identification Number, which in this case indicates that Tesla has allocated a real car to your order and things might, possibly, maybe, actually happen soon.
  48. meloccom

    No EDD. Is this normal?

    Based on experience in other countries, the Estimated Delivery Date is not always displayed and can come and go randomly. Also you will not be allocated a VIN until after your car is made and is being shipped to Japan, generally 2 to 3 weeks before delivery. Tesla factories manufacture cars for...
  49. meloccom

    Charging Station Apps/Maps in Korea

    Plenty of chargers come up in South Korea in the PlugShare app. Works well in Australia, where I live, but relies on the user population to keep the status of charge stations up to date.

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