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    View Waze Incidents on the Tesla browser

    I would agree on it being buggy. I didn't document the version but I believe it was probably two before this one?? The browser was half screen for us with vertical screens. TeslaWaze would be stable for long periods of time with that version. They kind off fix the browser then they re-break...
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    Rail Rust?

    The car doesn't need to be shipped by rail to have rail dust. Finding it on the rear of the car would be a classic sign it came from the highway.
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    Home Charging MS on V11, can't set charging amps?

    Display issue. It displays 40 amps but it always charges at my preset amps which in my case happens to be 30 amps. When you plug in what does the IC tell you?
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    2022 Model Y sunshade for windshield?

    It's that time of year again... Heatshield makes an excellent product easy to deploy and store. Great customer service also. https://www.heatshieldstore.com
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    Failed Model 3 HV Battery - Out of Warranty - DIY

    Log into your account.. Look under car details and all the warranty information pertinent to your car is there. I believe the only cars with 8 year unlimited mile battery and drive unit warranty were the original pre-refresh cars. I not sure but could have extended for a short time into the...
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    Cabin temperature shooting up while SC’ing.

    These cars have a large green house. For summertime Supercharging we always use our HeatShield. And keep climate on is your best friend when you leave the car. https://www.heatshieldstore.com
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    trunk won't close or open

    Sounds like the cinching actuator …
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    Cannot clean Model 3 windows for the life of me.

    Something to also consider when washing your microfiber is the detergent you use. Pick one free of dyes and perfumes. I use Tide Free & Gentle. I also concur with the recommendation to use vinegar. While it’s tempting to reuse a microfiber that has been used for cleaning or drying windows...
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    Can someone explain this behavior of the refresh auto-garage door opener closing the door on the car?

    You can raise the sensors so the whole car is detected rather than just the wheels. Or better yet add a second set of sensors at the raised height. Personally I think there should be a second set even if you don’t have the auto close function. No chance for an oops then. We’ve used the auto...
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    Legacy S owners, how many are upgrading to new LR or Plaid?

    Ready to order a new LR now. The headlights and tails pretty much check all the boxes we were looking for to upgrade. The Raven was very tempting but we just knew there was a more significant change coming. The one thing I thought my wife might not care for was the yoke. She's seen the videos...
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    Anyone else done anything stupid when driving an ICE vehicle, now you are used to a Tesla?

    Forgetting that when stepping on the accelerator that you need to count.. January .. February .. March .. Ok now we're moving.
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    New Service & Sales Center: Superior, CO

    We've stopped there a number of times and met some great people that live in the area. It is very painful to see 😢 😢.
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    Homelink usefullness vs regular garage door opener

    HomeLink will begin opening my door more than 70 feet from my home if I want. In my situation it certainly isn't being shielded by any part of the car. What kind of distance from the door are you folks with opening issues setting for HomeLink transmit the opening command?? Like I said the door...
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    Homelink usefullness vs regular garage door opener

    I haven’t seen where HomeLink cares if the car is in forward or reverse. It’s all a distance thing. If you’re backing in the door should have already opened as you drove up if you have correctly set your distance to open to fit your situation.
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    Supercharger - Rogers, MN

    The first Cybertruck store… This is definitely jacked up pickup country ;)
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    Homelink usefullness vs regular garage door opener

    It's been opening and closing our door for over six years now. Very, very rarely does auto close fail to close the door and I'm pretty sure I know what causes that to happen. If it does fail to close just a touch of the button on the screen and its closed. To my knowledge the auto open feature...
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    New MY first road trip: Supercharger ?s

    What alexgr said!! Everything you need for planning a road trip is already built into the car. Use the energy use screen until you get more comfortable with the car. Download the PlugShare app for your phone. Gives you a plan B if ever you would need it. Enjoy the trip. This is what Tesla’s...
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    No Sirius in new 2021 Yoke S

    This is a pic from the vertical screen on pre-refresh. We likely won’t see our refresh until spring.
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    Service says $22k for new battery on 2012 Model S

    I would interested in @wk057's thoughts regarding GM's announced plans to replace potentially bad battery modules (if they can figure out how to determine which are bad). The Bolt owners I know are more than a little apprehensive about that plan for numerous reasons. They just want a completely...
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    Another Chevy Bolt Fire

    One of the Bolt owners I know filed a buy back request several weeks ago. He's been pretty patient but they keep telling him "We'll contact you in a week to 10 days" They never call back.. When he calls again he gets the same "We'll call you in a week to 10 days". He likes the car enough he...
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    Another Chevy Bolt Fire

    I'm sure they have but if it's like several friends I have with Bolt's the charging range limits suggested by GM make the car useless to them. They need the range so have no choice to ignore the limits and take the risk. GM is clueless.
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    Regenerative braking on icy roads

    The next generation of EV drivers won’t be asking this question. Because they unlike us will have never driven a vehicle without regen. To them feathering the braking with the accelerator pedal will be a natural instinct. Frankly if there’s ice it’s also likely cold also??? Regen is going to be...
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    Crossing the Montana Supercharger Desert; Any Generous HPC/HPWC owners along I-90?

    Now that brings back some wonderful memories. And people wonder why we love this car so much…. We have those same photos except for a couple on each end. Only the Model S is black but just as alone. Times sure have changed. Thank you for the trip down memory lane.
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    Supercharger - Escanaba, MI

    It’s typical for a newly activated site to not show up officially for a short time. Call it a “soft opening” if you want. It’s rare but problems do happen that cause it to go offline or have reduced service. Those of us who have been at this awhile have a “plan B” if traveling to or through a...
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    Cleaning hard water stains

    Carpro Spotless or Iron X
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    Another Tesla driver asleep at the wheel. Keep it up kids.

    The same feeling here with out a doubt. We drive a lot and our percentage of AP active is extremely high. I wish I how many times its saved our cans without us even knowing it. It’s priceless.
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    MCU1 Recall Will Happen Very Soon?

    I would venture to say after the MCU2 upgrade the car is better than new. Even the satellite radio is better with the new digital tuner. Is was money well spent.
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    Right Headlight Malfunction Detected

    Sounds like you need some new bulbs. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/intermittent-headlight-issue.173681/
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    The upgrade is a really a pretty good deal. I would do again in a heart beat.
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    SSupercharger - Milwaukee, WI (Showroom and Service)

    Good group of people there from our experience.
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    Should PPF look OK from 5 feet away?

    They owe you a redo or your money back.... Thats pretty bad
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    North America radio/SiriusXM tuner upgrade after MCU2 Upgrade

    We just went through this situation also on a 2016 pre-refresh. I checked that XM was after the upgrade working... it wasn’t. The channels we listen to were there but grayed out.The tech confirmed XM was available when he completed the work but there was a software update after the new MCU was...
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    PPF Installation Photos - Is This Good?

    No.... that’s not so good :( That will be causing you some issues unfortunately.
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    Regen and Braking on Snow/Ice/Slick Roads

    On the Audi and BMW you are coasting when switching between the accelerator and brake pedals..... What some of us are trying to explain is that we don’t coast, we’re always feathering the accelerator anyway under what you could call normal conditions. To be honest I suppose we think snow and...
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    Regen and Braking on Snow/Ice/Slick Roads

    ^^^^ THIS ^^^^ Very well said!!! I see it and hear it repeatedly about concerns how these cars drive on snow and ice especially the regen thing. If...... they are driven as an EV.... These cars are superior winter cars in my opinion. And I believe I have the winter shitty road driving miles to...
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    Hello from Salt Lake City

    Welcome aboard!! Aaaaay!!!
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    Car wash in winter at home [Need advice]

    Takes gallon or less of water to do an ONR wash... You don't to do anything special to the garage for that small amount.
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    Car wash in winter at home [Need advice]

    Exactly what Thp3 said..... Been doing that for years now. Even easier if by chance you have the car ceramic coated. I have an electric heater which I use when working on woodworking projects but could easily do an ONR wash without it. Its more for my comfort ;)
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    Gen 3 Wall Connector Mounting Dimensions

    This is probably what you’re looking for.
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    New Sirius XM App nowhere to be found

    Yes, looks the same as pictured. I actually did not see that an update was available. One morning I opened the car door and there was this pleasant surprise.
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    New Sirius XM App nowhere to be found

    Works just fine with a MCU1 Even occasionally get album art now.
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    Sirius XM update...

    Definitely a pretty significant update considering you lose SiriusXM if you do the MCU 2 upgrade. Maybe no one told the left hand what the right hand was doing ;-) I would like to believe Tesla realizes some of us really enjoy having SiriusXM......
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    Something sprayed on the windscreen after SC visit...

    Sounds like overspray.. Overspray.... meet your nemesis...Claybar...
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    Additional Warranty on MS worth it - please advise

    Nope... Especially since you already have the cash and not borrowing it. Put money in the bank.
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    Are Elon's COVID rants affecting how you think about your Tesla?

    Elon would do well to realign his humility compass... That ugly part humans brought with us when we crawled out the muck is showing.. Intelligence is one thing. Using it as hammer on people is not smart.
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    Driving Tampa to Spokane in 2020 MX

    Everything you need is already built into the car.... Don't make it hard... because it just isn't.
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    Subzero package

    Hmmm, You didn’t say when that Model X was built. Is it possible that it already has it? I’m sure someone here remembers when the Sub-Zero package became cold weather features and where then considered standard equipment??
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    Subzero package

    Add heated washer nozzles to that. A person can get by without sub-zero I suppose. But it sure makes life a whole lot easier. We do a considerable amount winter traveling and use the features of sub-zero frequently.
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    SSupercharger - Milwaukee, WI (Showroom and Service)

    Yes there is a Tesla sign there however.... Given situation in Wisconsin Tesla would prefer not advertise this too much at this time.
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    best car hand wash detergent and wax combo for detailing ?

    Wait...... While I make popcorn. No offense to the OP intended.

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