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    Ride quality 20" Uberturbines

    I live in Chicago, trust me, we have more potholes than the rest of the world combined. I have ‘21 M3P and I kept the 20” Uberturbine’s. Haven’t had an issue. Definitely run with them and see if you have a problem. To swap them because of something that may not happen seems silly to me.
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    V11- Backing out of garage with homelink

    This was my issue. I don’t buckle up in my actual garage. I do it as I am backing up or when I get on the street and start to move forward. The homelink close button is covered up when you aren’t buckled. I tried it this AM and the button was there. Thanks.
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    V11- Backing out of garage with homelink

    How do I back out of my garage and close my garage without losing the backup camera without (1) using auto-close and (2) pressing a million buttons to get my camera back up after closing said garage? This is the single worst thing about the V11 update. Most of them are just new locations of...
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    Cannot for the life of me decide an exterior/interior combination

    Blue with white interior. Obviously the best combo. ;)
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    Winter driving advice, winter tire choices, etc.

    I'm going to rock the 20" uberturbine and just swap out the summer Pirelli's for the 20" Vredstein QuadTrac Pro's. I'm in the Chicago area, so similar weather to you. Those are all-season, not winter, tires. I don't want to take the time to swap twice each year.
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    Range differences with Pilot Sport All Season 4 or CrossClimate2 vs Primacy MXM4

    Why is there limited (to no) talk about the Vredstein QuadTrac Pro's? The ratings on TireRack are better than the PS A/S 4 and the CC2's. Plus they are almost 1/3rd of the cost of the PS4's.
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    Motion Sickness

    Some people get motion sickness in electric vehicles. Do a Google search and it’s all over the internet. Unfortunately unless he just gets used to it, there isn’t much you can do about it is the reality of the situation.
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    Model 3 Tires, Tire Sizes, Types, make / model recommendations, tire discussions, etc

    I have a '21 M3P with summer tires. I want all-seasons. About to pull the trigger on Vredestein Quadtrac Pro 245-35-20. Will these tires replace the OEM 235-35-20 summer tires along with the TPMS without issue?
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    2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance All Season Tires?

    Why not use the rims for winter?
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    2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance All Season Tires?

    Right. Thanks. And there is no all-season version of these?
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    2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance All Season Tires?

    So I could really use some help here as I don’t really understand it and don’t want to get it wrong. So any help advice is appreciated. I have a 2021 M3P. Has the OEM 20” performance tires. Living in Chicago I need all-seasons for winter. I am going to keep the 20’s and the Uberturbine wheels...
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    Model 3 Tires, Tire Sizes, Types, make / model recommendations, tire discussions, etc

    I took delivery in March of 2021 of an M3P and have been running the OEM 20” Performance Tires. I’m one of the weird people that actually really like them. However living in Chicago they aren’t going to fly for winter. I’m not interested in swapping sets every season so I’m probably just going...
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    Sorry for what happened. Vote for Larry Elder if you want change in Cali
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    Vendor TEMAI Model 3 accessories. Free giveaways and upcoming products! [2021]

    I’ll join the party although I never get picked for these things. Cool that you’re doing it however.
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    2021 Model 3 Cabin noise

    To put my past experience in perspective, I’ve had: Chevy Blazer Chevy Lumina Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX Mazda RX8 Audi A4 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Subaru Legacy
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    2021 Model 3 Cabin noise

    I have a M3 P and I find it pretty damn quiet. The lack of engine noise makes up for whatever wind noise there is. I do majority highway driving and I’ve never once been bothered by wind noise. Maybe I just got lucky. Not sure. It likely is the loss of engine noise, but it’s literally the...
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    White interior M3 - need help with choosing tint %

    There is no way that @Mrcarcrazy has 35% tint on sides and white interior. It is much too dark. He is either mistaken on the tint, or has black interior. I have blue with white interior and just had tint put on less than 2 weeks ago. I went with Llumar Formula One Pinnacle 25% all around...
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    SiriusXM radio on Model 3

    All I used in my previous car was SXM and AM radio. Totally bummed I lost both of those. However, TuneIn radio works really well. Found a few sweet podcasts and TuneIn has AM radio. Looks like it also streams all the NFL games. While I’d like to have SXM back, TuneIn radio does a great job.
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    Blind Spot Monitoring

    It absolutely does not have BSM. The screen is not an acceptable form of BSM that it alerts you to an imminent crash. That’s BS. And your argument about mirrors and old cars not having BSM is a straw man argument. Feel free to give up your backup camera, ABS brakes, seat belt, air bags, lane...
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    Blind Spot Monitoring

    Just turn your head...line up your mirrors correctly. I’m sorry but this is pretty much crap. When people say it’s reasonable that a car that costs $50K+ to not have BSM, it just screams fanboi. It’s pretty much BS. Would it be ok if the car didn’t have a backup camera? I mean...just turn...
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    Blacked out hood emblem

    Did you have to remove the OEM badge, in order to install? Or did you just lay the raised emblem on top of original with double sided tape and you're good to go?
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    Sentry Mode Annoying to use

    Lulz. You were getting into a debate with a person who said they are a software engineer, as if your position of knowledge is better. Which it isn't. So since you don't believe him, or think he's just wrong, I think it's fair to ask what your position of knowledge is. If you're standing...
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    Sentry Mode Annoying to use

    I’ll ask you the same question, how do you know it’s not that simple?
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    Wrapped the inside of my steering wheel matte white

    lol. That would be me. I'd gladly pay someone triple before I attempt it myself. Kudos to all that did it themselves.
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    Small chip in uberturbine

    Appreciarte the help!
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    Small chip in uberturbine

    When you say mobile service, are you suggesting Tesla mobile service? I doubt you are, but wanted to ask.
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    Small chip in uberturbine

    So lo and behold I have a chip in one uberturbine rim. No road rash. Didn't run over anything. Small chip, like a rock hit it, although I don't see how it's possible. In any event, is there a product I can apply to cover it up? I searched but didn't find any results. TIA
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    Homelink Recognition

    I have my homelink setup to open the garage door at 40 feet away. It works well...however, when my garage door is open, and I pull into the driveway, it closes the garage door. Well that's stupid. Does the homelink really not recognize that my garage door is already open? Is there a...
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    Order Question

    That’s exactly what I did. Placed an order for an M3P October of 2020. Took delivery 3/31/21. Although I had the opportunity to take delivery end of December and refused. So if you don’t take delivery end of December be prepared to wait another 3 months. It’s an absurd system but that’s what...
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    Blind Spot [I want a chime for blind spot warning]

    That’s ridiculous. He’s looking over his shoulder to merge into another lane. Or maybe you suggest taking your eyes off of the direction you’re going in order to look into the rear view mirror. Also, better not look away from the road to change the radio station or to even look at the passenger...
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    Using the 2021 USB-C ports in center console for purposes other than charging?

    Just make a partition. I'm one of the dumbest computer people on the planet, and even I followed these step-by-step instructions and had my SanDisk 128MB card partitioned to 50% TeslaCam and 50% music, while plugged into the glovebox USB. Music plays perfectly.
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    Sentry Mode Annoying to use

    I have a new 2021 M3P. So I tried sentry mode out for the first time a few days ago, and when I returned to me car from work, I had 5 recordings. So I watched them, and wasted a bunch of time watching people get into their car while parked next to mine, or to watch some dude on a bike ride...
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    Window Condensation

    Brand new 2021 M3P. It rained all day and I noticed condensation in the window lining(?) Nothing got wet on the inside. Is this normal for Tesla's, or is it something that I should have serviced? Don't want to be a pain, but also don't want it to lead to issues. TIA
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    Blind Spot [I want a chime for blind spot warning]

    All those reasons don’t excuse a technological marvel of a car not to have BS warning LED’s I’m the mirrors, like virtually all sub-$25K cheap cars. It’s totally ridiculous and it should be added. Even if it’s aftermarket like homelink...there should be an option if not standard.
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    Formatting USB

    I click the button. It grays out for like 1-2 seconds, and then it comes back to life. I can't believe it works that quickly. I honked the horn to see if it would save, but I have nothing saved, even though the red light on the dashcam is on and I can see the cameras. I know it isn't working...
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    Formatting USB

    I'm super dumb when it comes to computer stuff. I bought a san disk adapter with a 128MB card. Trying to format it through the car, I went to security and hit format USB. Nothing seemed to happen on the screen. How do I know if the drive is formatted correctly? I doubt it is, so any advice...
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    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    First charge to 90% and I’m sitting at 282 miles. I can do math, and that seems way too low for the rated range on a car that is 1 day old. Am I wrong? Should I ignore it or mention something?
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    Model 3 and radar detectors

    Right but how do you get the cable out from the sliding door usb, up to the windshield?
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    Model 3 and radar detectors

    I just picked up omy M3P today. I have a radar detector, but the 12V is too far away for my to hang it from the windshield. I thought there was some USB's near/under the screen, but I can't find any other than the 2 in the back. I don't want to hardwire a detector, and don't want to really...
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    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    It's photoshopped, and not sure the background is real, but that's a terrific picture.
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    Looking for some straight answers on Model 3 Performance Tires

    OP, I'm in Chicago and I'm supposed to take delivery this month, so we have about the same weather. I'm going to ride out the summer tires until about October and then switch them out for all-season 20's. Like you, I'm not going to take the time and effort to run with winters. All-seasons are...
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    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    Blue on White. March 3-31. Wide gap. Chicago.
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    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    That thing is perfect. Ordered. Thanks for sharing.
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    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    Mine said 2/27-3/12. Then went blank with the rest of you last week. Sent email Sunday to SA. She responded today that my ETA is 3/15. I think we’ll all be fine. I’m stepping away for about 2 weeks and trying not to think about it.
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    Raising the price of the 14-50 adapter

    Except for the fact that 14-50 is better and much more common. The 14-50 has a neutral so it can be used for other functions as well. Why buy a car like this and then skimp on the outlet buy not running an extra wire? Back to the point of the thread. Since the 14-50 is by far the most common...
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    Raising the price of the 14-50 adapter

    The 14-50 solution is by far the more popular solution compared to those other ones. If the owner wants to use some obscure 6-30 connector then they can get an adapter themselves.
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    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    So you want people to "chillax" but you're the one that called your SA asking for an update? lol. Pot meet kettle.
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    Raising the price of the 14-50 adapter

    I fail to see what one has to do with the other. I just said it was a clear financial decision to remove a 14-50 plug from the purchase of a new car. Are you saying that it wasn't a financial decision? With that said, since the J1772 adapter doesn't have anything to do with allowing a Tesla...
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    Raising the price of the 14-50 adapter

    Let’s face it. It’s an expensive car. It isn’t a $20 toy that doesn’t come with a pack of $5 AA batteries. The car should come with both the ability to charge through a 120V outlet and a 240V outlet. Period. It’s an expensive car and it is completely reasonable for it to come with the most...
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    Raising the price of the 14-50 adapter

    Thanks. Time to buy more stuff then...lol

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