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  1. byeLT4

    2022.8.10.1 on MCU1

    Originally 2.5 I believe, upgraded to 3 when I bought the car in June of 2020. PUP but honestly rarely use XM so didn't notice any issues. My browser worked better than it ever had with 2021.24.28, but that's not saying much lol. The charge stats available on the app now is pretty neat.
  2. byeLT4

    2022.8.10.1 on MCU1

    2017 MCU1 just installed. V11 woohoo! Scared to test it out as my 2021.24.28 worked pretty flawlessly compared to others.
  3. byeLT4

    2021.24.28 Rolling out to MCU1/FSD MS/X

    Same! V11 for mcu1!! Finally some love! Lol
  4. byeLT4

    Oil stain on white exterior

    Might want to change the thread title to interior. Good luck!
  5. byeLT4

    Can we put the "teslas have thin paint" rumor to bed now?

    Unfortunately no. The paint on our (20k) Hyundai Ioniq has way less rock chips than my Tesla. It seems like every rock makes a new mark 😣
  6. byeLT4

    Air pressure in tires very low

    My car will show low around 40 psi and will continue until I put significantly more air in. Driving, heating up the tires to 41-42 psi will still show the low warning.
  7. byeLT4

    Supercharger - New Braunfels, TX

    Anyone know the situation with these chargers? They have been showing offline for a few days now.
  8. byeLT4

    Dragy times for Plaid and LR

    Do what?!? 😳
  9. byeLT4

    2022 Apple CarPlay update vs Tesla UI

    That reddit thread is all over the place. The title states that 79% of car owners want carplay (which probably came from a carplay/iPhone poll), then that gets posted in a Tesla section, and a good portion of the comments rip carplay and most seem to really only want Apple music. Well, here's...
  10. byeLT4


    Well fudge.... Add me to the list now. Dodged it for a while but received a positive test yesterday. Double vaxxed with booster. Mild symptoms. Slight fever, slight aches, bad headache but very cyclic, not steady (really weird), congestion. Currently coughing up crud. What's weird is we road...
  11. byeLT4

    Stuck with 2021.24.28

    I agree with all that has been posted. 2017 S with MCU1, 2021.24.28 and 'FSD', but we know the version we have will never function as intended because Tesla now puts all effort into the new beta program. I feel your frustration.
  12. byeLT4

    Supercharger - Wharton, TX

    Yea that surprised me too, looks like it could easily be expanded though.
  13. byeLT4

    Supercharger - Wharton, TX

    Showing up in my app, but I am out of town for a while and can't verify it's officially open.
  14. byeLT4

    Supercharger - New Braunfels, TX

    Showing up in car, or on app I should say already, 8/24 currently available. That's pretty quick!
  15. byeLT4

    bird poo damage

    Good quality microfiber will be ok to use. I have about 10-12 that I rotate, my S has swirls but mostly since the day I bought it (used with 45k miles), it doesn't look that bad though (76k miles on her now). The last few Vettes I had were new, the microfibers kept them relatively swirl free for...
  16. byeLT4

    bird poo damage

    Ceramic alone will not but many installers will recommend a clay bar and polish before ceramic coating. The polishing should remove the swirls. Edit- I should have used paint correction (like jjrandorin states below) vs polish.
  17. byeLT4

    bird poo damage

    My Vette got 'etched' by a bird poop a few years ago so it's not limited to Teslas. The EV does seem more susceptible to rock chips though.
  18. byeLT4

    Plaid represents at no prep drag racing

    This is so full of awesome, and that red POPS!! Thanks for sharing!
  19. byeLT4

    Model Y Air Blowers on face

    I know my S does, AC and stereo volume 😆 And I love cold AC blowing in my face, but it does get hot here in S Texas 😉
  20. byeLT4

    Supercharger - Wharton, TX

    So, only 8 in this spot it is looking like. Green box is in, but no power from the pole yet. Everything else looks complete.
  21. byeLT4

    Supercharger- Richmond, TX

    Looks good according to my car, not there personally though.
  22. byeLT4

    Coworker With A C6 Z06 Keeps Wanting To Race

    BFG Rival tires? I think that and the driver are the key. I still think on the street you should have the advantage, especially to 80mph. Either way I don't think he'll 'eat you alive', although by 80 he'll be hitting his stride. My intake/ headers Z06 did 11.4s128 at a local track. With a...
  23. byeLT4

    Tesla Partnership with Buc-ee's (26 New Locations)

    I read today that the Luling location is getting another expansion, I wonder if SCs are in the mix. I know I10 has a few choices, but it could really use a V3 between Houston and SA.
  24. byeLT4

    How much is warranty worth?

    From what I have read they are common in the Model S (door handles, headlights), but since I don't have a 3 yet I'm not too sure. I want to add one to our stable so I have done a little research on them and they seem less prone to part failures but it might be because they are still all...
  25. byeLT4

    How much is warranty worth?

    How long are you planning on keeping the car? My warranty has been worth several thousand on my used '17 S. Rear hatch motor replaced, rear door handle and water intrusion in rear tail light. I was lucky enough to buy one of the last 4 year/ 50k mile warranty cars on Tesla's used listings...
  26. byeLT4

    Bought a plaid...

    Nice score! I've been looking but they still have to drop a bit more for me to be comfortable with the purchase.
  27. byeLT4

    WTB: Model S p100d. 2017 or 2018

    Do you care about mileage? Range at 100%? Not sure why I'm asking, I love my P100D and unfortunately I'm not quite in the market yet for a Plaid unless some sucker is willing to drastically overpay for my car 🤣 Good hunting Mrwatchdawg!
  28. byeLT4

    Phantom battery drain - 30 miles per night

    ^this. I lose way more when I'm under 10% charge vs 20%+. Most of the time I don't even notice a loss while at work, but the time I parked with 8% I came back to 1%, I'm lucky to have a supercharger a stones throw away.
  29. byeLT4

    What’s best for my needs? Ceramic Coat or Wrap?

    Let me know how the paint kit does. I had an older one that I used quite a bit on the hood chips and it was starting to get thick after so many openings(?) of the bottle (sucks because it still had a ton of paint left) and when I tried it on the spot it actually looked worse. I'm considering...
  30. byeLT4

    What’s best for my needs? Ceramic Coat or Wrap?

    Man, I have the same thing on my front bumper, and I did it with a pressure washer as well. 😭
  31. byeLT4

    What’s best for my needs? Ceramic Coat or Wrap?

    Ceramic won't do a thing for that. A wrap will cover it and protect it to an extent, but that's some serious chipping.
  32. byeLT4

    GigaFest Austin, April 1,... make that April 7, whats happening.

    So for all of us who can't go... Is there a preferred livestream?
  33. byeLT4

    3 cyber rodeo tickets for sale. $400 per ticket if anyone is interested

    As hot as these are I can't believe you still have them.
  34. byeLT4

    GigaFest Austin, April 1,... make that April 7, whats happening.

    I'm semi local, Austin is my nearest service center, but like others I guess I'll just watch online. Too bad, I was itching for an excuse to take off work 😆
  35. byeLT4

    Supercharger - Kyle, Tx

    Showing available again!
  36. byeLT4

    Supercharger - Kyle, Tx

    This location showing temporary closure on in-car nav, anyone know what's up?
  37. byeLT4

    057 Technology extended service plan

    I am not on a plan of theirs because my pack size is not eligible yet. But all the questions I had were answered in a timely manner. Once they include 100 packs I'll be a customer for sure!
  38. byeLT4

    Vendor Tesla Model S++ with Fuller Self Driving (Beta) #NuggetsAcquired

    OK. This is awesome. I realize it's April 1st today.. I see the vid and have to ask. How the (expletive) does the car know to stop at the two windows to get the nuggies???!! 😆
  39. byeLT4

    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    But he's an insider, it's in his name! 😆
  40. byeLT4

    Supercharger - Bastrop, TX

    I'm tempted to drive out tomorrow, but no promises lol!
  41. byeLT4

    Supercharger - Wharton, TX

    So, the 8 current ones are where the solid red line is, I wonder if another 4 or 8 will go where the dots are? The black line is where the trenching is located. No green box yet, I think the pad for it is there in the second pic above.
  42. byeLT4

    Supercharger - Wharton, TX

    Here we go!
  43. byeLT4

    Supercharger - Wharton, TX

    Well.... Wharton is well underway! So far looks only to be 8 stalls. @MarcoRP @Chuq @corywright Photos won't upload here, I'll post them when I get home later
  44. byeLT4

    Picked up my Tesla in early December, worst car I've ever owned.

    I had a C7 too! Lol
  45. byeLT4

    Buying a used model s

    I know it's a tough decision. These cars could/should go twice that. But, I wouldn't buy one out of warranty. Too many high $$ items that could potentially need replacing.
  46. byeLT4

    2021.24.28 Rolling out to MCU1/FSD MS/X

    My browser is still usable. Some pages took forever to load but I'm thinking that was more of a data connection as simple pages like song lyrics and such loaded fairly quickly (for the Tesla browser, that is).
  47. byeLT4

    Russia/Ukraine conflict

    Crazy world we're living in. I wonder where an AI bot would fall in wartime politics? Send them trained with the Patriots and all the Ukrainians have to do is say 'Optimus, shoot Russia' LOL. Oh, and hope they work better than FSD... And never allow Skynet as a username... Okay, I'll see...
  48. byeLT4


    https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/gigafest-austin-april-1-make-that-april-7-whats-happening.257995/ Thread here where some of us are trying to find out the same info.
  49. byeLT4

    Supercharger - Waller, TX

    Awesome! Is this the first construction we've seen at a (Texas) Buc-ee's?

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