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  1. Tha_Ape

    Enhanced Autopilot $6k

    My 2010 Prius had that feature... when you turned on the blinker, it disabled lane keep assist, then when you turned the blinker off, lane keep assist resumed.
  2. Tha_Ape

    Just bought my LONG RANGE Model Y made in Austin

    Can you confirm the center armrest no longer has a latch and instead uses magnets? I keep a thread going on MY changes over time and I've they MIA MYs have cargo covers (you verified that) and magnetic arm rest covers
  3. Tha_Ape

    App is getting 500 server error. Cant connect.

    in the car you have to allow remote viewing. You have to have premium connectivity and sentry mode has to be on. Then click on Security -> Sentry Mode in the app
  4. Tha_Ape

    When will Tesla modernize OTA updates?

    I found leaving it on "Standard" only gives you the worthwhile updates after most bugs have been worked out. I went from 2022.12.3.6 to 2022.16.1.2 yesterday. I got new car visualizations and better trip predictions. The update from whatever I had before 2022.12.3.6 (I really should track...
  5. Tha_Ape

    2 week old 2021 Model Y - SHUT DOWN while driving

    A very quick Google search and I found this: https://www.jeepgladiatorforum.com/forum/threads/cylinder-6-misfire.58987/ (Less than a month ago) I'm not saying it's acceptable, I'm just saying this stuff happens. I'm sure if I spent 5 more min I could find more examples
  6. Tha_Ape

    Has anyone noticed rear dual pane windows? (US)

    windows will shatter just by tossing a piece porcelain at them (like from a broken spark plug). It's not gong to stop theft in the slightest
  7. Tha_Ape

    Any other owners second guess if their next car should be another Tesla?

    I'm going to make a decision when the car is 3.5yrs old or 45,000mi (right before warranty expires). I'm not stuck to any particular brand, but my experience over the next couple of years will shape my opinion.
  8. Tha_Ape

    Ioniq 5 vs Model Y

    At the time (early 2021), Toyota had only made like 500 Rav4 Primes. The wait time for the Tesla was 3mo. The only other similar EV out at that time was a Mach-E, which I had considered, but nixed due to the inferior charging network at the time (I was buying a road trip car). I ended up...
  9. Tha_Ape

    cabin fan turned on by itself while parked?

    Agree, my friend owns a detailing shop where they put PPF, tint, etc on cars. He said Tesla's always make weird noises (his wife has a Model 3, so he's not just going off customer's cars). He tells the employees not to worry about it, stuff turns on and off in them all the time, just let the...
  10. Tha_Ape

    Tesla SC made my paint issue worse, what can I do?

    Whenever you let someone else drive/keep your car, you're increasing the chance somethings going to get damaged. Whether its hit in a parking lot, a tech gets in with greasy hands (less likely at Tesla of course), clips can get broken on pieces, etc... In the case of misalignments, I'd almost...
  11. Tha_Ape

    What exactly does “Trailer mode” do.

    I got the tow hitch installed a month ago at Tesla (on my 2021 Y). The new "trailer" setting appeared on my menu (2022.12.3.6 here). Could be they forgot to install the software, but I also heard the new lithium battery isnt 100% compatible with the tow hitch accessory port. Something to do...
  12. Tha_Ape

    2022 MYP vs MYLR?

    To sum this thread up, if you care about range or need 7 seats, get the MYLR, if you care about performance get the MYP. Rather simple really. The MYLR has more range, less performance and vice versa. The price gap is so low now... only $4k difference. If you really don't care about...
  13. Tha_Ape

    anybody interested in this instrument cluster for M3 & MY?

    I cant tell you how happy I am you didnt call it a "HUD" It does look pretty nice, but I've gotten used to the center display now so its all good. If I had just picked up my car, I'd consider it
  14. Tha_Ape

    Model Y changes over time

    <<HARDWARE CHANGES>> Red = Removed Feature Green = Added Feature (only applies to objectively better/worse features) 2020 (VIN 000xxx) Introduced Mid-2020 980 Performance motors no longer in MYLRs (990 motor used instead) August 2020 Taillights changed from red to amber turn signals...
  15. Tha_Ape

    Where does this go?

    I mean it could just be an extra part. Tech couldn't find it, put in one from stock then you found it later. not really a big deal. it's a fastener
  16. Tha_Ape

    Sold my MYSR and ordered a MYP

    Dealing with people is the worst... I bought my MY and Tesla offered me 5k for my Prius. I couldn't accept that since it was a rare bird. A 2010 Prius with auto parking, auto emergency braking, lane keeping and radar cruise (in other words, level 2 autonomy). I sold it privately, but...
  17. Tha_Ape

    Towing package in vehicle details?

    this isn't the greatest help, but on one of the option screens there a "trailer mode" selection that you won't see unless you have the package. if you toggle it, a trailer icon will appear on the left side
  18. Tha_Ape

    Ioniq 5 vs Model Y

    Honestly why I got a Tesla... got tired of the dealerships adding 20% to the price of the car (Rav4Prime in my case). Went on tesla.com, a few clicks later had a car on order with no surprises. it's honestly way more car than I wanted, but I'm happy
  19. Tha_Ape

    Ioniq 5 vs Model Y

    Prices went up roughly 5% on Teslas... seems in line.
  20. Tha_Ape

    Defective battery

    mine did too... but mine were cosmetic. I put "bot" in quotes on purpose. I don't actually think you're one. I'd surely be pissed, but it'll get fixed and if you don't like the car you'll easily sell it for more than you paid
  21. Tha_Ape

    Defective battery

    This "bot" just went on a 3 post rant, and none of it makes sense The dealership told Benito1283? John Hand Cock? is that some porn name? I think you mean John Hancock. ------------------------------------------------------ You gotta admit that looks pretty crazy especially with a new...
  22. Tha_Ape

    Factory software

    Was your car existing inventory?
  23. Tha_Ape

    Factory software

    I have mine set to standard, sometimes I get updates before some ppl set to advanced. I'm sure there's a reason, but it sure seems random
  24. Tha_Ape

    Third row comfortable in summer?

    I call my 7- seater a 5+2 for just that reason.
  25. Tha_Ape

    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    I'm probably going to get on this train... 4/21 car, guessing no drilling. Just waiting to hear verification from people with the part numbers changed by Tesla to verify its all good.
  26. Tha_Ape

    Tesla bringing back RADAR?

    Apparently Tesla registered a new high-res radar with the FCC. Looks like it'll have blind spot and rear cross traffic alerts, too! https://teslanorth.com/2022/06/07/tesla-registers-high-resolution-radar-unit-with-fcc-reveals-filing/
  27. Tha_Ape

    Tesla wants to replace my battery because jack points are damaged

    That's odd... I have the opposite experience with other products.
  28. Tha_Ape

    So I decided to get a Tow Hitch...

    When we first ordered our Y a year ago we had added a hitch to it. We ended up switching to existing inventory and the vehicle we got did not have a hitch on it. It wasnt something we needed immediately and knew we could add it later. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, its time to get one...
  29. Tha_Ape

    Today's trivia: 9 ways to open the charge port door

    button on charger (as you said) touching port door open from main display voice command key fob app widget lightshow ???
  30. Tha_Ape

    Model Y Performance 7 seater

    Yes the rear seats recline and the button for it is in the more intuitive place (next to the seat bottom). You lose about an 1" of floor space in the trunk and of course the second storage compartment. You can however store things under the 2nd row seats (not much). I'm not sure that inch...
  31. Tha_Ape

    Model Y Performance 7 seater

    if you REALLY want performance, you shouldn't get an SUV. M3P is the way
  32. Tha_Ape

    Model Y Performance 7 seater

    I think the rear motor is larger. I would have easily bought one. I got a MYLR7 and added acceleration boost instead.
  33. Tha_Ape

    Getting increasingly less miles per charge

    Don't get me wrong, the MYLR is my road trip car and I'm about to go on another 1000mi trip in it soon. The only time it really is a bother is when the family is asleep and I can easily go another hour or 2, but the car won't. That really depends on the person, I'm the type that likes...
  34. Tha_Ape

    Getting increasingly less miles per charge

    Because it takes forever and a day. I love my MYLR, but long distance traveling isnt as good as ICE. Its not bad, and totally acceptable, but I'd be lying if I said it was better than an ICE for long range trips.
  35. Tha_Ape

    Getting increasingly less miles per charge

    The difference is you can use nearly 100% of your gas which is wildly different that refilling to 80% of your tank when you reach 20% remaining
  36. Tha_Ape

    Getting increasingly less miles per charge

    Range should be based on 65mph on level ground. That's the only time anyone cares about full range.... long trips. No one cares how far you can drive at 45mph.
  37. Tha_Ape

    Are the Model Y/3 Tapped Out?

    Really? I'm pretty sure the MYP is decidedly faster than the MME GT PE which throttles itself after 5sec.
  38. Tha_Ape

    Software Update Download gets stuck at 50%

    I stopped watching installs. just start it at night and wake up with it complete
  39. Tha_Ape

    No CCS compatibility; legal?

    that's funny... I was about 50/50 depending on how I felt that day... then I ended up working with a vehicle fleet for a bit. Now I ALWAYS back in. It's the rule for most fleets because it's (apparently) safer to pull forward than back out. That's probably especially true in our Teslas...
  40. Tha_Ape

    No CCS compatibility; legal?

    That's basically the long and short of it.
  41. Tha_Ape

    CCS Adapter - ?

    Also, other charging companies often have promotions and free charging on occasion. Still, I think the main reason you get a CCS charger is flexibility, not to save money.
  42. Tha_Ape

    No CCS compatibility; legal?

    I honestly have no issues with Tesla removing things that were in the car I looked at before getting my "hedgehog" screen. What I have an issue with is them not telling people.... remove whatever you want, but let the customers know I went to price out a similar car and that site was very...
  43. Tha_Ape

    CCS Adapter - ?

    mine was delivered on a Sunday and left at my door without signature. I dint recall waiving one either, but my neighborhood is pretty safe so I was happy it was waiting for me
  44. Tha_Ape

    Pin to drive

    That doesnt work with the BLE fobs
  45. Tha_Ape

    Model Y 2022 - Back right passenger side damage from hitting side of garage — has anyone had body work of this kind done in Austin? Cost? Experience?

    Since you already have the pics in case you want to make a claim, I'd polish the area. Wax will get a lot of that garage paint off and it wont look nearly as bad. That said, it wont look new and will surely need clear coat on the affected areas
  46. Tha_Ape

    CCS Adapter - ?

    hahaha... that's the first thing I noticed when I went to test mine.
  47. Tha_Ape

    CCS Adapter - ?

    my guess is with them no longer using credentials, they're doing bulk orders so they'll ship them out in batches
  48. Tha_Ape

    88,888 mile update MY AWD

    Yea... I'm in a similar boat. The simple fact Tesla doesnt even OFFER an extended warranty tells me all I need to know. I dont drive as much as many people, and I'll re-evaluate when I'm at 3.5yrs/40kmi.
  49. Tha_Ape

    CCS Adapter - ?

    I just got mine a couple days ago and tried it out. I signed up for an EA account long ago (when I got a chademo adapter). Its not as simple as a supercharger, but its hardly a nuisance. Once all that info is already in your account, you just pull up, plug in, and click "start charging" on...
  50. Tha_Ape

    Model Y changes over time

    I'll add that next update!

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