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    General chit-chat in "For Sale" threads

    The FS forum is starting to bum me out. Pretty much the only listings are for reservation sales. Maybe have a new subforum for reservation conversations and sales?
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    Panel Gaps, Burbank service, nightmare

    The car still isn't completely satisfactory. But I will say the Van Nuys location was so much more helpful. They took care of the 2 biggest problems left from Burbank's incompetence. Hatch looks like it belongs on the car now and the driver fender that had been bent and scratched by a bodyshop...
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    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    Best case scenario, say Austin matches Fremont production at some point... You will have a 50:50 chance of getting a 4680 (hopefully soon, and hopefully eventually exceeds)
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    Model Y wireless phone charger doesn't work with iPhone 13 pro max

    5 watt wireless charging is useless even if your phone does fit. Such a slow way to charge. If you really care about wireless, you should retrofit a Magsafe charging puck to replace the Tesla charging coils. Or just use a wire and charge from the usb-c port. For most new android phones, I think...
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    Did I accidentally unlock FSD ?

    If you had unlocked it, you might be surprised with a nice $12,000 charge on your credit card. :oops:
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    May-June group window tint (Los Angeles Area)

    G5 has better pricing than OP is thinking.
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    Panel Gaps, Burbank service, nightmare

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    Tesla's amateurish service lives up to its bad reputation

    Ha, that just happened to me 6 times. Your car is within specs. meanwhile, my brand new car looks like it was repaired poorly after an accident.
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    Tesla's amateurish service lives up to its bad reputation

    Disheartening to see so many apologists regarding Tesla build quality. Tesla claiming these gaps are "within spec" is ridiculous. My car has been in the shop for 3 weeks now, been told it was ready 4 times, it still looks like crap. No other car manufacturer has such horrendous quality control...
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    Model Y Performance or Model S Plaid?

    I just had a few days with a model 3 performance and it's certainly fun and definitely more power than my current model Y LR, but both of these pale in comparison to the time I had with my P100D. There's nothing else like that available. The Plaid apparently is a couple notches above the P100D...
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    Lifted Model Y Owners: Report!

    I might do this to my ugly model y
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    I should've rejected it

    I'm a sucker too. taken my model Y back to the service center 5 times now. they tell me it's fixed, I go and pick it up. either nothing is done, something is done part way, some things are now worse. my car smells like it's been painted by the body shop but the invoice says they applied touch up...
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    Panel Gaps, Burbank service, nightmare

    is the bumper even the correct color? I thought they had some issues with the bumpers not matching, but had heard this was fixed. not sure this is the case.
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    Panel Gaps, Burbank service, nightmare

    Was notified via app that if I didn't pick the car up today, I would be charged $100/day. Went to go get car, and of course it had not been worked on yet. Service rep was very nice, but since it was Sunday afternoon, there wasn't anything he could do for me at that point. Heading back up...
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    Panel Gaps, Burbank service, nightmare

    Looking at the invoice ($0) and seeing 2 instances of touch up paint being applied. sigh.
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    2022 Calif. Clean Air Sticker

    My wife got pulled over once on the 110 hov with the sticker In the glove box. Chp officer gave zero f**ks and wrote a $400 ticket. This was back in 2017.
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    2022 Calif. Clean Air Sticker

    I can't imagine a single CHP officer knowing what colors are current and which aren't. Purple Orange Blue Yellow. but not that old yellow.
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    Panel Gaps, Burbank service, nightmare

    Took delivery of model Y LR in white on Dec 3rd. They dropped it off and said if there are any panel issues or any other concerns, note them down, make an appointment and they would take care of them. Of course, the soonest appointment was a month out. They basically talked me out of refusing...
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    safety score

    whenever I figure out how to see my score, I'm assuming its going to be about 50. having fun != safety
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    21" Referral Arachnid Wheels - Satin Black

    Or unreasonable?
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    21" Referral Arachnid Wheels - Satin Black

    Bump for reasonable offers. Wife wants them gone.
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    21" Referral Arachnid Wheels - Satin Black

    Make an offer. Pick them up. Win.
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    21" Referral Arachnid Wheels - Satin Black

    wheels with spacers available. would consider selling spacers if wheels are sold without them
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    21" Referral Arachnid Wheels - Satin Black

    Bought these as Silver referrals brand new in January 2018 from a forum member. Never tracked or raced or anything. Sadly the P100D lease was up in October 2020. So, the Michelins lasted about 2 years or 20k miles. if that gives you an idea of the type of driving done while these were on the...
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    Giving up on Tesla solar.

    I’m still so annoyed that a company that’s desperately trying to sell solar can be so difficult and intransigent to deal with. Glad it wasn’t just me.
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    Giving up on Tesla solar.

    Not sure if Baker will work in Hollywood area of Los Angeles but will call them. @NathanielHrnblwr where did you end up getting the PW from? Also thanks for the tips everyone. Hidden conduit is the way to go. I actually didn’t think it was an option because I see so much conduit everywhere. Is...
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    Giving up on Tesla solar.

    I unfortunately had to cancel my order today. TL: DR Sorry, no financing Sorry, no powerwalls Sorry, no subscriptions. LOL Placed deposit at Tesla retail location and was pretty excited to get set up with a solar panel and power wall combo. Was told I would be in contact shortly, which I was...
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    This truck design had better be a joke....

    Ordered. I shall name mine Johnny. But I won’t use it for Uber.
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    Cybrtrk RN #

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    Jalopnik P3 thoughts

    I find it humorous that none of these auto journalists realize how goofy they sound when complaining about the touchscreen interface. Literally "I can't get used to this new interface because I immediately go back to driving 50 cars with outdated interfaces" EVERY SINGLE REVIEW. Although at...
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    Socal Burbank Service Center Joyride and BS explanation for spikes?

    I thought this was literally about spikes ending up in your tires. yawn.
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    P100D Delivery Details and 4 Month Drive Review

    driving experience tldr: goes like the sh*t handles like sh*t ;)
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    DIY Chrome Delete with Plasti Dip

    Plastidip is more than fine for this application. there are literally tens of thousands of people that use it on wheels and holds up for years. Also do you really spill gasoline on your window trim in your X5? If so, a simple solution would be to use the full service option at filling stations...
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    The Bandit - Tesla Model 3 Front License Plate Holder

    eloquent. check sense of humor. check loser. check. you're still winning. keep at it.
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    The Bandit - Tesla Model 3 Front License Plate Holder

    Threadcrapping. check Wrong information. check Failure to take responsibility for own actions. check Trifecta! you win!
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    Volume failing on bluetooth and media....

    Just started having this exact same problem. Going to assume the system is crashing when pairing Bluetooth. Going to dry deleting phones from tesla and pairing again. Wonder if it was an Apple Bluetooth update or a Tesla update that is causing this.
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    Selling 21 Arachnid Wheels silver

    Cool, only double what I just paid for my set. Literally double.
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    New Tesla Model S Arachnid 21" Forged Wheels, Pilot SS Tires and TPMS

    Thanks! Car looks great with these wheels on
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    Hertz selling their Tesla fleet?

    Ooph. A hertz car rented by hundreds of people?? Does it come with a 10 year extended warranty?? And a bottle of sanitizer??
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    P85DL is the Ultimate CPO Model S Unicorn. Opinions???

    Other than the recent overuse of the term "unicorn" in today's online lexicon, I can see agreeing with your statement. 0-60 in 2.9(ish) and low 11s in the quarter. plus less weight than p100d and sportier suspension. I guess if you got more nitpicky, you could find some rare combination of other...
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    $9k pano fix...ouch

    Can’t wait for jalopnik and/or autoblog to write a snarky article about Tesla’s being damaged from autocross. Smh. Some of these service advisors will just think of any lame thing to say.
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    How many Tesla hater you have run into on the road ?

    maybe it's not the car, maybe it's your driving? first story sounds like you were tailgating. Second story sounds pretty implausible actually. You were in a parking lot waiting to leave for 5 minutes? I just don't believe that at all. I've only gotten thumbs ups from random people while driving.
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    Cheapest P100D model S ?

    Is $124k before or after federal and any state rebates/credits/etc? :)
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    Exactly one week until delivery...

    I remember being one week out like it was 2 weeks ago. Savor it.
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    Owners delivery stories, photos and first impressions

    I haven’t gotten below 400Wh/mi yet:D
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    Looking for switched 12V power along the inside top of rear hatch

    Yes, please provide details. Thank you! Unswitched is preferable for my interests. Was hoping it would be in the hatch itself, but the trunk side would be ok and better than having to run wire up to the front.
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    Dashcam: Frugal & Viable Product recommendation

    This one is quite small https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00U2DGI10
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    Looking for switched 12V power along the inside top of rear hatch

    3.5 years later... any switched or unswitched power in the rear hatch?

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