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    Question about SD card

    It sounds like you have a failing EMMC/SD card. Your concerns are well-founded. State your risk clearly-symptoms of impending EMMC failure, a big trip planned, you don’t want to be stranded with a bricked car. No way to prove it, there’s a chance your replacement MCU already had a marginal...
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    How do adapters signal max amperage to UMC?

    There may be another safeguard. The Tesla monitors line voltage. If the voltage drops too low, the car reduces charge current. Don’t rely on this, though it could help prevent circuit overload. I’ve recently noticed our S and 3 engaging in an “Amp dance” with the local utility. The car will...
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    Extension cord from dryer outlet?

    Apologies for late reply. Since this is a long-term situation, I suggest: Find what 30-Amp socket you have. Home installations may be old or new generation. This picture shows both https://www.amazon.com/Outlet-Adapter-14-30P-10-30R-Converter/dp/B08ZN6GCGH/ Get a Dryer Buddy or similar for your...
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    First bit of snow this morning...

    In addition to other measures, “Chill” mode on the accelerator makes it easier to control torque in slippery conditions. I agree - Slip mode is counter-productive in snow. Any slippage between tire and roadway converts the snow beneath the tire into polished ice. Spin the tire, the ice will be...
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    Evidence of Tesla not honoring pricing by gaming configuration discontinuations?

    I don’t think there’s a risk that blue will be discontinued. If it were dropped AND you had not postponed delivery of a car matching your specs, I suspect Tesla would let you select a different color without changing the price. On the other hand, Tesla’s treatment of people who ordered...
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    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    When did you complete your delivery tasks?Had you postponed your original order? How many times?
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    Tesla never registered my car (California)

    Try “Other” in Service section of Tesla app.
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    Extremely Disappointed With Model S Range When Driving on the Highway at 35F

    Factors to consider / tune based on over 60k miles in our 2017 S 100D (LR). Tire pressure. I run at 48 psi cold - before driving at that day’s morning temperature. At highway speed tires generally end up at 53 psi. They reach that equilibrium pressure by heating the internal air through...
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    Update on AP Camera Update for Older S/X Vehicles

    You can get a third fob, or replace a lost / broken one. When I started sharing my S with our daughter and her husband, they took both fobs and paired them with their profiles. There’s a significant height difference between the two, so I could understand it. I soon got a 3rd fob and linked it...
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    Help: Camera blinded or blocked

    Our 2017 S had the complaint occasionally. Figured it was condensation since the car is not garaged. Left the sunroof partly open on dry days (windows vented in near cars). The problem has not recurred.
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    Help me decide: Model Y or Mach-E

    Since you have some time, consider going through the Munro & Associates tear-downs for both the Model Y () and MME ( ). As an engineer, I'm more comfortable when I know the internals of a product. The 2022 Model Y you would purchase will have addressed some of the issues called out in the 2020...
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    My 2017 S100D came with 72 Amp charger. I had our HPWC circuit set up for 100 Amps. We use 72 Amps several times a year, when we have a trip and charge time is limited. This can eliminate a Supercharger stop. We installed a second HPWC, so the 100 Amp circuit is useful with 3, soon 4 Teslas...
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    In need of a 14-50 NEMA adaptor (gen 1)

    Then it’s a Gen 2 Mobile Adapter.
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    Current Delivery Times

    Nearly four years since I drove my Model S home. Now slightly over 60k miles. Just over three years for my wife’s Model 3 stealth Performance. The thrill is still there whenever the car starts moving. It helps to have a “no regrets” configuration. When I got the S in 2017, a lot of features...
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    Current Delivery Times

    Enter insurance info for your current vehicle. Once VIN AND actual delivery date are assigned you can line up a policy for the new car and update your profile.
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    What Do YOU Call the Pedal on the Right?

    Accelerator. The pedal allows one to modulate the vehicle’s acceleration. Push it to the floor, there’s massive acceleration. Release the accelerator, the car slows sharply. Finer movements allow fine-grain control. Press it a bit further for mild acceleration - go a bit faster Maintain...
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    Wiki UK 2021 Orders and Pending Deliveries

    Ordering a Tesla is similar to purchasing a guaranteed win lottery ticket - with no specified drawing date. You know it will be great when your ticket is finally a winner. You simply cannot tell when that will happen. Meanwhile, you hear about others whose tickets paid off. Experience teaches...
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    Setec CCS to Tesla Adapter

    I suspect that’s for easier wheelchair access. A ramp is visible in the photo. Two CCS/CHAdeMO chargers were installed in a nearby shopping plaza. Originally both faced forward. We returned from a vacation and one had been turned backwards with a ramp.
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    Georgia Tech Senior Project on EVs

    Contact info?
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    Improve charging speed beyond 48A using 100A breaker with Gen2 Wall Connector? [not possible]

    Good news - the electrician set your Gen 2 charger correctly for 100 Amp service. You’re all set for 2018 and earlier S & X that could charge at 80 or 72 Amps. Bad news - Model 3 & Y chargers are only capable of handling 48 Amps.
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    Question About Model 3 Performance

    Tesla would still deliver Stealth Model 3 Performance vehicles through 2019. They weren’t on the order menu, but close inventory tracking would reveal them. One or two sales reps were famous for their ability to catch and reserve the Stealth 3s. My guess was that Tesla would make them available...
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    My First EV

    You can raise your odds of timely delivery by completing ALL information in your Tesla profile. Upload your current auto insurance information. Specify cash payment. If these are missing, the scheduling program tends to skip your order when VINs are assigned. Thus your estimated delivery date...
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    Question About Model 3 Performance

    There were four “flavors/flavours” of Model 3 dual-motor/Long Range. Base $2,000 upgrade after delivery. If the vehicle had been manufactured with performance motors, the owner could purchase an over the air upgrade with improved acceleration. Not quite as strong as Performance, but...
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    Setec CCS to Tesla Adapter

    If I were Tesla, I would definitely want it onboard the vehicle. Firmware updates simply get pushed as needed. Easy to log failed handshakes and send them to the mother ship for analysis. Else there will be a flood of complaints about compatibility plus a line of people at the SC waiting to get...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    2016 and 2017 Model S could be “uncorked” for stronger acceleration. It was a no-cost firmware update, if the vehicle had the appropriate components.
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    Tesla Order not actually an order.

    It does for most folks. Sit on Tesla’s side of the transaction: Demand far exceeds supply. You want to end every quarter with zero cars on hand. Every unit produced should have been sold. Thus, you want to dedicate production to customers who will be ready to buy when their vehicle arrives...
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    spinning tires on screen while charging?

    Try restarting MCU. Press in both steering wheel scroll wheels until screen goes black, then release them. It will take about a minute until the Tesla icon appears. Full restart takes a bit longer. You’ll hear the air conditioning turn off, then on. Like restarting any computer or persuading a...
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    Nervous now for ordering a Model S

    Some complaints stem from factors that apply only to Tesla: Demand consistently exceeds supply. This reduces Tesla motivation to improve customer communication. Elon Musk’s hyper-optimistic time estimates aggravate the problem. There are rarely new cars on the lot waiting for a buyer...
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    New M3LR loud fan noise when Supercharging

    That’s air conditioning removing battery heat from Supercharging. Louder when air temperature is high.
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    Tesla Order not actually an order.

    A common strategy is to submit order as cash payment. When VIN is assigned, then structure your preferred payment scheme.
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    Tesla Order not actually an order.

    You can provide proof of insurance for your current vehicle to complete that step. When you have your Tesla VIN and insurance, submit the updated information.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    MotorTrend probably weighed with the battery at full charge, Tesla maybe 20%. e=mc2, right? If that makes a difference for ICE, shouldn’t it apply to BEV as well?
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    Dual Charger setup and Charging outdoor

    Tesla vehicle remembers max current for each non-Supercharger location where it has been set. I’m pretty sure the same applies for scheduled charging. That can be “Start at” or “Depart at”. We have two Gen 2 HPWC sharing a single 100 Amp circuit. One is on an exterior wall near the driveway -...
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    EPA mileage not matching energy screen

    EVs convert electricity into forward motion so efficiently that auxiliary power drains are far more visible. Heating and air conditioning are the most significant. Unless you are willing to turn off air conditioning, roll down the windows and bake at ambient temperature, there’s not much you...
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    Model Y delivery anxiety? The wait is worth it

    If your scheduled delivery is before the end of the quarter, Tesla will move mountains to make it happen. If your scheduled delivery is in the next quarter, but you would like it sooner, you can try to open the door to good luck. There will be quarter-end deliveries that don’t work out. The...
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    Plaid+ CANCELLED

    ...or, on the basis of zero information, I've been speculating that the June 10 announcement might feature 4680 batteries in Model S & X Long Range and Performance. Range would far surpass emerging competitive sedans. Late disclosure would catch competitors flat-footed. Ramping up for volume...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    More likely the VIN is assigned to a configuration before assembly begins. The VIN could be matched to an order at any time. In the old, low volume days, a VIN would be assigned to an order soon after submission. Then shared with the customer as production began. Due to batch sequencing, VINs...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Correction- 5YJ is Tesla vehicle manufactured in US. Model 3 made in Shanghai, China (MIC) starts with LRW. Much discussion in Europe and APAC about which plant will supply their market. Also, which source has better build quality or battery chemistry.
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    Model S color confusion: Red/black or Blue white

    Congratulations on your impending Tesla ownership. The biggest problem is you’ll look for excuses to drive it. I now only go for BBQ if it requires 100 miles or more round-trip drive. If you don’t want two blue cars, consider Midnight Silver Metallic with white interior. Good-looking...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    In the late’60s our old family station wagon was not equipped with power steering, but did have a bench seat. Before my first time driving my girlfriend, I spent some time practicing parallel parking using only my left hand. That ensured I could keep my right arm around her…
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    Help Me Decide Between Long Range and Performance

    We have an S100D I configured as road trip car. Not Performance. We occasionally take my wife’s Stealth 3 Performance on road trips. I’m happier with the S for trips. Smooth ride with air suspension and longer wheelbase. Far more capacity. More efficient above 70 mph thanks to front motor gear...
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    Help Me Decide Between Long Range and Performance

    I’m a grandfather. When I drive my wife’s Model 3 Stealth Performance - delivered without any Dual Motor trunk lid badge - I appreciate every msec of that 3.1 second 0-60. I don’t indulge at every opportunity, but it never gets old.
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    Charging with a 3 prong dryer outlet?

    The first time I charge from an outlet, after 30 minutes I use the back of my hand to verify that the outlet, plug/adapter and circuit breaker are not hot. Warm is fine. Hot could show a problem. Loose connection, bad contact or similar. Drop charging current or find a different outlet.
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    Charging with a 3 prong dryer outlet?

    Also, check your circuit breaker panel to verify circuit capacity. A cousin-in-law has an outlet like that in his garage. I popped the circuit breaker when I tried to charge at 40 Amps - the breaker was 30 Amps! Lesson learned - check first. Else you can overload wires, with fire risk.
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    Setec CCS to Tesla Adapter

    Also, CCS is far more prevalent than CHAdeMO.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    FWIW - There’s a reason it’s called “Arrest Me! Red.” Our daughter drove an old 4-cylinder manual transmission SAAB 900. She reported that whenever she was in a pack of cars caught in a speed trap, the SAAB was ALWAYS waved to the side for ticketing. The color isn’t available with Tesla, but I...
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    Tesla never registered my car (California)

    History repeats. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/tesla-never-registered-my-car-california.215515/
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    At this point, it’s dating, not getting engaged. Consider keeping your Tesla order live while you shop. Once you select an alternative, compare specs, features, feelings and likely delivery dates. It may be easier to choose by then. If both options are more than a month away, you might keep...
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    Tesla Test-drive Volunteers

    Very low incremental cost. Don’t have the bill in front of me, pretty sure it’s less than $150 for 6-months.

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