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    Model 3 trunk beeping twice and stopping halfway?

    I’ve been having the trunk opening partway issue for a while now, intermittently 25-50% of the time and still occurring on version 2022.12.3.2. It also appears that alignment is off on the passenger side near the hinge. I also had the issue where the trunk caught on the car trim and had to be...
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    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    I agree. I like my model 3 but I don’t think I’d buy another Tesla because function seems to be an afterthought in some areas. Luckily I’m not in the market anytime soon which gives most of these companies a chance to come out with a second generation model.
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    Rivian price increased massively - $15,500. Cancelled, I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    This is all very interesting to me. As someone who camps and enjoys outdoor activities with my family the Rivian R1S was always more interesting to me than the Model X. Comparing dual motor to dual motor I’d come out ahead with the Rivian (all else being equal which with the supercharger network...
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    CCS Adapter for North America

    I’ve been able to use a broken ChargePoint plug like that but had to pull up on the broken piece since there is a switch underneath that presumably tells the base whether it is plugged in or not. Probably not the best solution! I’ll be checking next time if they have a way to report issues.
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    NHTSA Data Shows that Tesla has the Least Amount of Recalls

    Since this is showing the total number of recalls it should be worth noting that Ford and GM have many times the number of models and then many times the number of variants for each of those models compared to Tesla. Based on that I’m not surprised in the total size difference. I think this is a...
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    CCS Adapter for North America

    Seems like that is on the west coast, here in the Midwest everyone (Tesla, Electrify America, EVgo, ChargePoint, etc) seems to put most of their DC chargers at the edges of parking lots or where it is difficult to get to amenities. The parking lots aren’t designed for foot traffic and other...
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    CCS Adapter for North America

    I wonder if they will be making a joint announcement about this adapter and the opening up of their supercharger network to another car manufacturer. I for one am waiting patiently for this as it would make some of my trips easier. Try to get to places off of interstates but along US numbered...
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    Why don't we have (more) curbside charging for EVs?

    I like the concept and could be incorporated into a parking meter for payment as well. Pay to park only or pay to park and charge. With the ones in Europe that only have sockets are those free or do that have a payment method?
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    Whats the silliest EV prejudice youve heard?

    I’d actually counter that the travel items you listed were actually not prejudices but realities. With the current state of EV charging infrastructure you are limited on routes and even more so on stops and at times you don’t have a choice in when and where you stop. I don’t prefer to sit in my...
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    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    The market is growing which is a good thing. Other manufacturers entering this space validate the existing participants.
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    What would be the coolest car to convert to electric?

    I picked the Alpine because they are priced lower, $15K versus north of $50K, and you could always upgrade other components.
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    500 + Mile Range Debate

    I shake my head at these threads. Lots of commenters stating that if something works for them it should work for everyone else. I’ve taken trips in my EV that were very easy because I had a Tesla, some that would’ve been easier in my old ICE and others that would be easier if I had an EV other...
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    Good experience with destination chargers at hotels

    I’ve had pretty good luck with destination chargers at hotels and otherwise. It is wise to have a backup plan and to use an app like PlugShare when traveling. I had a round trip day trip recently in an area where superchargers don’t exist (there are plenty of these places/routes and they are...
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    How long do EV main battery packs last before failure (not just manageable degradation)?

    Tesla’s warranty tells us what we can expect for degradation with at least one data point, 8 years and varying miles. For all models the warranty applies when degradation is below 70%. The Model S and X at 150,000 miles, Model 3 RWD at 100,000 miles and Model Y and Model 3 LR and P at 120,000...
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    Is Tesla's 'continuous improvement' the next manufacturing model after Toyota?

    That’s an interesting article and I didn’t realize the architecture of the Model 3 is so different from the Model Y. I think of their nimbleness is due to the comparatively small number of models Tesla makes, and the fewer variants of those models. As they grow and add more models I wonder what...
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    New Details on Toyota EV Plans

    I disagree. It might be accurate to state these these press releases are always subject to change and almost always do change. Anyway this is a continuation of earlier announcements and I’m eagerly waiting to see more. Not because I’m a Toyota fan but because I’m an EV fan and more product...
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    New Details on Toyota EV Plans

    I don’t disagree with the pessimism and one could certainly question their motives but I expect some decent product out of Toyota. I don’t think any of the models they shared had actual pictures of cars so the wish list comment is correct. The point I wanted to make is that competition is good...
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    New Details on Toyota EV Plans

    Toyota made some big announcements and updated their EV plans today. Some very interesting models. I for one welcome the competition as it makes everyone stronger. Key evidence of this is Tesla revising their Cyber Truck plans to include a 4 motor variant. Toyota - Lexus - Future EVs
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    Navigation changing supercharger

    Interesting. I had something similar happen last week. I was driving three hours to an airport and wanted to leave my car in long term parking with a decent charge so I could be on my way on the return drive home. The nav was having me stop 35 minutes shy of the airport to charge which was...
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    Thinking of placing the order...wanted expert insight.

    1. I have a M3 but had a MY loaner for a bit. If this was my primary car I would’ve gone for the Y for the extra space though storage wise the M3 excelled on a recent apple orchard visit. 2. One of these, just look at the plug you have and order the adapter. I have a 14-30 adapter and it works...
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    Another Price Increase? 11/11

    I wonder if the history of the Model S pricing can tell us anything about what is going on with the Model 3 and Y. On the depreciation front, the older Model S cars certainly have depreciated but those are also the ones with a noticeably lower range (250 miles or sometimes below). Higher...
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    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    It’s always entertaining to see the tangents these threads sometimes take.
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    Aggravating EV Journalism - public EV charging

    Didn’t they mention it in the Final Thoughts section of the article: “A long road trip in an EV right now is not impossible, but it’s not ideal. Yes, we know that something like 95% of trips by car are short hops along the same routes: work, school, store, repeat.” Perhaps they could’ve gone...
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    Is LR worth an extra 6k?

    Having owned an SR+ since March I’m fairly happy with it and have taken a couple of road trips. The only thing I miss with this car is the limited ability to take random detours and scenic routes. I was once driving across South Dakota in an ICE car and saw a sign that a point of interest was...
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    2021 Trunk Damage Upon Open/Close

    Mine was covered under warranty. It was shortly after I received the car which might have made a difference. After the fix I haven’t had any problems but the trunk overall doesn’t seem precise or smooth in it’s closing.
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    Blog Rivian Gets Range Rating of 316 Miles for R1T Pickup

    You aren't ranting but perhaps I wasn't clear since I was by no means knocking Tesla. I would consider a 25% market share in 5 years a success, given the new entrants in the quickly growing market and the incentives that will likely add fuel to the market (or should I say electrons?). Here is...
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    Blog Rivian Gets Range Rating of 316 Miles for R1T Pickup

    They are currently the best because they were first, at least when it comes to infrastructure. Imagine in 5 years when many other companies are making EVs and Tesla’s market share is 25%. If incentives are passed to really ramp up the infrastructure then there will be plenty of stations that...
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    Blog Rivian Gets Range Rating of 316 Miles for R1T Pickup

    I think the scenario of having a couple of stalls with the CCS Combo plug for other customers would probably work. I do wonder if they will be switching to the industry standard plug type now that there is one, like in Europe. It would create some short term pain for sure but would be very...
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    Blog Rivian Gets Range Rating of 316 Miles for R1T Pickup

    Lots to think about here and lots of opinions. It is apparent that this market can’t be fulfilled by one manufacturer and having a list of incumbent players and startups only makes things exciting and pushes every company to do better. So who wins? Us as consumers of course.
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    Blog Rivian Gets Range Rating of 316 Miles for R1T Pickup

    That is a puzzle that still needs to be solved with EVs. The math on range is similar when towing with an ICE truck or SUV. Although adding a larger fuel tank is more easily and cheaply done to achieve reasonable range compared to adding significantly larger batteries on an EV. Making things...
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    Blog Rivian Gets Range Rating of 316 Miles for R1T Pickup

    I agree with everything you said. The Model X with its inability to have a roof rack and the Model Y with its tiny backseat just don’t fit the bill for me either. If I were in buying today I’d pick the Rivian.
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    How can people not afford an EV, but can afford gas

    I think the person with the $50,000 truck claiming to be poor might have a spending problem and not an income problem. Though that type of behavior is not confined to gas vehicle owners! I also checked for the cheapest EVs available within 500 miles of (according to Autotrader) are older...
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    2021 Trunk Damage Upon Open/Close

    Mine happened within 2 weeks of owning the car. I don’t know if that made a difference.
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    Wall Connector Location and Tips for House with Kids

    I’ve been experimenting with locations using the UMC and a heavy duty extension cord. I think the spot on the left hand side where I pull straight in might be the best location. It would allow me to run the charging cable under the garage door during times where I am not parked in the garage but...
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    Supercharger - Sault Ste. Marie, MI

    Looks like things happening at the site today
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    Other Sort of Infrastructure Needed

    I didn’t say bad I said difficult or awkward. Two examples based on my experience are Wytheville, VA (back of Holiday Inn Express) and Columbus (Polaris), OH (have to cross grass or walk across a parking lot where people tend to drive fast and don’t expect walkers). I also don’t think this is...
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    Other Sort of Infrastructure Needed

    Just a thought as a new EV owner, 2 full months in a Model 3 except for the 8 days in a loaner Model Y, and that’s more infrastructure is needed. I’m not talking about anything electrical necessarily but sidewalks and other similar amenities. I’m not terribly fond of plugging in and charging for...
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    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    I disagree with this. Especially when comparing two yet to be released trucks.
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    2021 Trunk Damage Upon Open/Close

    I’m not sure I have any particular advice. Mine happened at just shy of one month of ownership and I just went in and told them the truth. I noticed the rear lights were misaligned and I was intending on getting that address at some point but didn’t realize that the misalignment was also causing...
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    Long Way Up movie - electric motorcycle trip

    I just started the show, it is quite good but then again I really enjoyed the prior two series they did. I can see where people would use the series to confirm their bias towards EVs (either direction). EVs are ready, they made the trip or EVs aren’t ready, they had so much trouble charging.
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    2021 Trunk Damage Upon Open/Close

    Correct. It was close and apparently the trunk doesn’t always follow the same path while closing.
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    2021 Trunk Damage Upon Open/Close

    In case people are watching this my Model 3 is fixed, under warranty, and it looks like they did a really good job. I had a Model Y Long Range as a loaner which was interesting to compare that with my Model 3. The process with the service center was really smooth and communicating with the app...
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    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    I think the F-150 Lightning is very compelling because they made a standard vehicle. The Model X and Cybertruck are out for me because their design makes using accessories difficult. I’m speaking specifically about roof racks, bed accessories, etc. I’m sure vendors will make some but there will...
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    Tesla shop uses product photos that no longer exist

    I had to comment on this old thread because I just bought these floor mats new in box directly from Tesla. The service center still had some on stock.
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    Any stories about increased interest in EVs because of gas crisis ins SouthEast?

    I suspect they are but I’m wondering if the recent issues in Texas with their power grid had the opposite effect. I think the effects with both are likely short term as most people aren’t in position to just run out and change their car immediately. Long term and lasting change will come from...
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    Tesla Service Appointment and Contact

    For the app error message, signing out and back in didn’t do anything. What finally got it working again was to uninstall the app and reinstall.
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    Tesla Service Appointment and Contact

    I have an appointment tomorrow morning and the app says there is a new message… but when trying to view the message I see this… is there another way to view messages and/contact service? Also, any tips on first appointment?
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    2021 Trunk Damage Upon Open/Close

    Just a month into owning the car and the trunk caught on opening and closing and looks like it bent itself and chipped the paint at the edges. Has anyone else run into this? I filled out a request for service and I assume this will be a warranty repair.
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    Supercharger - Chillicothe, Ohio

    I stopped here twice this week. Supercharger worked just fine but if you are charging in the morning and are also planning a bio break nothing on that side of the street is open! Otherwise speeds were good and for both stops (Monday and today) I was the only car there.

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