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  1. Two-rocks

    2022.16.1.2 -> 2022.16.2

    Received the same - they are evening things up getting ready for nothing for a long time (layoffs...) That's the half empty glass ;-) OR - getting ready for a decent release (active matrix headlights, single stream using FSD, etc.) Leaning toward the empty glass.
  2. Two-rocks

    Model 3 seat upgrade?

    These pre-cooling statements are odd. People said the same thing for the heated steering wheel. Sold and re-bought a model3 and the heated wheel was definitely a consideration (crazy used prices was the main reason). I use it all the time. My daughters Kia has heated and cooled ventilated seats...
  3. Two-rocks

    Price increase? [posted 06.16.2022]

    49.9k December 31st, also the last day and last time the state allowed a $2500 rebate. I see many comments on “the competition” - good luck with that - from dealers, ccs charging, etc, I just don’t see it (yet). When yet becomes now - Tesla certainly can leverage pricing. Tough path for the...
  4. Two-rocks

    Version 2022.16.x

    On our old VW (2019) it didn't have one pedal driving - you had to move your foot constantly like a ICE hole ;-) As you depress the brake it starts regen - then adds brakes. If regen was limited the brakes took over seamlessly. Now it sounds like one pedal driving will use brakes when regen is...
  5. Two-rocks

    Songs that just hit hard...

    Hood Go Crazy - Tech N9ne :-)
  6. Two-rocks

    Charge Point Home Flex feedback

    My light has taken almost two years to turn on, I guess.
  7. Two-rocks

    Model 3 front suspension clunking

    Happens every drive and is not acceptable. I have a service appointment, but unsure I want to waste my time. Any progress from anyone else? (Stock setup)
  8. Two-rocks

    Vision only sucks ass

    Since I started this thread, happy to say that vision only is almost there. The only issues that remain are 80 mph limit and the dangerous and illegal auto high beams. No confidence in matrix headlights with the worst auto high beams ever implemented on a vehicle. Autopilot is now two down on...
  9. Two-rocks

    Model 3 trunk beeping twice and stopping halfway?

    I have a theory. The opener is now current limited to prevent deforming the hinge and fubar-ing the trunk. Mine will not open fully like our 2021 model 3 did. I manually shove it higher - else I bend over. Tesla will bend over when it breaks under warranty.
  10. Two-rocks

    Model Y Reservation for Sale

    As they should have
  11. Two-rocks

    v11 software update SUCKS

    WTF I say: click on supercharger map, click on a supercharger to see the details - who needs to see it all, right? Just have the list of superchargers block everything...idiots, no confidence in anything they make. I hear a rattle, maybe they forgot the nuts, just like my tail lights (really!)
  12. Two-rocks

    Model 3 front suspension clunking

    Another clunker here (‘22 awd), rebound only. Hit a big pot hole and thought that may be it. Guess not. It’s annoying. My ‘21 sr+ was a much better built car.
  13. Two-rocks

    Still hate v11

    2nd model 3 3rd version (9-10-11) 1st without radar. Hate to say it, but will not look at buying a third Tesla (provided there are other options).
  14. Two-rocks

    Radar Removed from Model S now too...

    Bummer for S folks... My '21 Model 3 radar VS my '22 Model 3 - no radar....not even close. Would not have bought the car had I known it was this bad - autopilot is a major consideration for us. Therefore, in my case it's 10x worse in daylight, and 100x worse at night.
  15. Two-rocks

    Tesla Vision earns IIHS "Superior" rating avoiding crash in *all* pedestrian tests

    A student at my daughters college was hit by a car and killed, at night, in the rain - no foul play/alcohol - just walking. When the weather is bad on my boat I use RADAR, no other way. When the evening arrives, otherwise clear, my tesla brakes for everything, and nothing. The clock is ticking...
  16. Two-rocks

    Vision only sucks ass

    Some new members will throw in the “bought” the wrong car fud, others may say plenty of competition on the way. Sold the sr+ for more range. It’s our third EV. CCS charging is not adequate for real world usage yet (needs years to catch up, except they are chasing a moving target), my...
  17. Two-rocks

    Vision only sucks ass

    My model3 2021 with radar was good. My 2022 is crap. Vision only at night, blinding auto high beams auto on at every engagement , phantom braking galore, 80 mph limits. Just got back from 950 miles this weekend. Autopilot at night is useless junk. Combine this with v11, and I think I regret...
  18. Two-rocks

    Whirring Sounds in Reverse with Model 3 AWD

    I first heard this, backing out of the garage - thought something was wrong ( slipping belt!) We picked up the new car (facing out) and parked at home. Next day, something was broken! You get used to it, and helps with the pedestrians on their phones (that'd be all of 'em).
  19. Two-rocks

    Pumping gas is HARD!

    Doesn't work with New England wet snow (deep snow), plow more often? Nope, not in 40 kts of wind - as much as I hate my gas snow blower, electric is not there yet. Someone else posted about outboards - I too am considering the e-propulsion 1kw model (to use when the 15hp 2-stroke pollution...
  20. Two-rocks

    Reports of upcoming V11 fixes?

    Mobile service scheduled to revert to v10.
  21. Two-rocks

    Watch Super Bowl in car?

    Sitting inside the car, full audio, adjustable seat, climate joy, is far more comfortable than holding my phone for 4 hours - anywhere. For us, we have hung an iPad over the display. Bluetooth sound, and operates while driving 😎
  22. Two-rocks

    Heat Pump

    We are going on a 300 mile drive this Saturday, temperatures should finish the drive in the single digit Fahrenheit. Today we were fine in 20F. Not as cold as some parts.
  23. Two-rocks


    You’ll be singing along so much you’ll never notice.
  24. Two-rocks

    New App and Charging Info is propaganda rather than data

    For me it’s simple. Didn’t buy the car to save money or reduce transportation costs. The other costs are like the carrying costs for anything. If you kept your car in a heated garage you’d have more accurate numbers to compare to your economy car. The model 3 is not an economy car. Compare the...
  25. Two-rocks

    v11 software update SUCKS

    Clearly you have no kids. Can the car tell me what the wipers are doing? Truth be told, I actually don't mind the auto wipers or the tap on the end thing. However, I do have conversations with humans, both in car and phone, and have no interest at all with map interruptions (I bought a large...
  26. Two-rocks

    v11 software update SUCKS

    If safety was a concern they would not put any of the garbage at the bottom of the screen (next turn info), wiper controls, and on and on. - and would never make it customizable - muscle memory is real. Frequently used icons? It's a car folks. Voice is not the way, unless they ban babies (or...
  27. Two-rocks

    Heat Pump

    If I lived in extreme climates I’d wait. It’s cold where I live (New England) and the heat pump works fine and is efficient (we’ve had two teslas with a heat pump).
  28. Two-rocks

    HVAC controls

    You don’t - they don’t want to hear it. V9 was good, V10 made some welcome changes, V11 is total garbage - and any complaint path would overwhelm Tesla.
  29. Two-rocks

    Windows try to “close” after brake pedal is pressed.

    Mine makes the jiggle as well. Definitely not opening, or only a very small jiggle and then closing. Thought it was to stop wind noise, our first model 3 had wind noise from the front windows (2021).
  30. Two-rocks

    Airstream/Thor introduce the eStream concept

    With all the EV-trucks trying to be produced, someone needs to patent this for things like tool/landscape trailers in the commercial segment. Makes it more viable to a larger audience. Back to my cereal and tv, while others make the millions…
  31. Two-rocks

    UI Rant

    Backing up out of my driveway, passenger turns seat heat up and there goes the backup screen. WTF. Like others, I could go on and on and on and on..... It's bad, and I have become a 'fan' of Tesla as of late - and thus is just plain embarrassing.
  32. Two-rocks

    2021 Model 3/Y Heating Issues

    There were many many ‘cold weather improvements’ added over the year we owned it. Even iced up the cabin was warm and had no issues staying that way. Not saying it was ideal. Also no saying they didn’t fix it with a reverse heat cycle. Don’t usually drive in sh!t weather (a choice I have) so...
  33. Two-rocks

    2021 Model 3/Y Heating Issues

    Not sure if Canada has a lemon law…seems like a good case for it. Our 21 SR+ The radiator iced up in a 2+ hour drive in a snowstorm. (in fact the complete front end including headlights). Fan blades even had ice on them causing an imbalance. We purposely drove our ‘22 AWD in the coldest...
  34. Two-rocks


    Misleading title. Mercedes unveils a concept car
  35. Two-rocks

    Comparing my '21 SR+ to my '22 LR AWD

    That's true. But I've done the 95 path from MA to PA with actual driving being only 10-20 percent of the time (no FSD). It does fantastic in sh!tty traffic (I avoid cities, hate them), but lane changes are a pita. Most of CT is left lane set at 90 (I think the 'vision only' does not go up to...
  36. Two-rocks

    Blind spot display is dangerous

    It’s not a good location on the screen. At night, it’s not useful. Solution: I turned it off. The mirrors work well.
  37. Two-rocks

    Comparing my '21 SR+ to my '22 LR AWD

    More time with the autopilot: it’s better. Does not try to center the car as you pass exit ramps (nothing like before, anyway). Smoother accelerating and slowing. Have not had and phantom slow downs (need more varied terrain) However, nighttime is kind of a huge problem with the BETA auto high...
  38. Two-rocks

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    that was echoed (kind of) by the SA at pickup. Bought our last 3 in January (21), and got that downgrade as soon as we arrived home and on Wi-Fi as well. (The famous 'hot' update last holiday)
  39. Two-rocks

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    No. Picked mine up December 24th, 2.6 miles on the odometer, 44.6 version at pick up. Updated a few hours later (home WIFI) to the latest with lightshow and sh!tshow interface.
  40. Two-rocks

    Comparing my '21 SR+ to my '22 LR AWD

    Having just taken delivery of our '22, thought I'd share some thoughts (cars were identical color, wheels, etc.): 1) Projector headlights are much better than the original version (wife pulled over the first nighttime drive and called asking if the high beams were stuck on). A bit of a...
  41. Two-rocks

    New update 2021.44.25 adds customizable app launcher like Model S refresh plus other major upgrades to system.

    Getting used to the new layout, but it's plain to see the age group of the designers is limited younger eyes. There a positives, but that no fun, so I'll complain: HVAC must be a glitch or oversight. Touching the fan or a swipe up turns it ON. I want to change the wheel or seat heaters only...
  42. Two-rocks

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    Picked up yesterday, went smooth. Very much missed our Model 3 for the two months we were without. The car is a perfect match for us. Side story, picked up our fist model 3 and as soon as we got home and connected to Wi-Fi the SW updated, and it was a significant down grade. Picked up...
  43. Two-rocks

    Road trip in Winter - constant preconditioning

    On our last car (2021 m3), the software changes and updates reconfigured the heat allocation. Supercharging preheating was less aggressive and took much longer (an hour or more before stops) So I’d say yes, normal. Although, depending on the state of charge at various supercharger stops the...
  44. Two-rocks

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    It's been covered in other threads. TL;DR income caps, hybrids, vehicle eligibility all change from the current EV incentives, and anyone who buys next year (not Tesla) prior to the 'hopeful bill' will have something taken away that may have influenced the decision. It can't pass as written...
  45. Two-rocks

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    Your profile pic make me thirsty. Devils advocate: Any bill will be effective at signing, not the 1st or the current EV credits are effed. If you have or had a vin, you'll have 90 days or reset your order. Prices will go up, and the credit may be adjusted for only the RWD, and on and on. We...
  46. Two-rocks

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    Just looked that car up, WOW is that an ugly f~ckrer. Good to have choices, I guess.
  47. Two-rocks

    New update 2021.44.25 adds customizable app launcher like Model S refresh plus other major upgrades to system.

    I don't completely disagree, but IMO anything on the touch screen can be considered 2nd tier. Tapping the wipers on a flat glass screen on a bumpy road while looking DOWN (I'm taller, but not tall). The stalk, and 10-2 is the way.
  48. Two-rocks

    I feel like they know I have no willpower.

    I usually don't hide things from the wife, but this may be the first. 🤪 In order for me to sell my last remaining motorcycle, acceleration needs to at least come close. We need to get groceries really fast.
  49. Two-rocks

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    Approaching the 24 hour mark until pickup. Just wanted to share with like minded individuals.
  50. Two-rocks

    New update 2021.44.25 adds customizable app launcher like Model S refresh plus other major upgrades to system.

    Some people love buttons, and more buttons. Went to look at an Acura the other day, wow was it a button overload - I mean really. Imagine if every laptop came with a slew of custom buttons and layout. F that.

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