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  1. Black306

    Cyber truck

    I’m looking for a ‘beater’ EV pickup. 50k for a Cybertruck was acceptable; 70k isn’t. I’ll probably keep my reservation, take position, flip it, and get a Lightning.
  2. Black306

    Cyber truck

    My guesses are… Single motor is not gonna happen Dual motor is going to be ~65-70k Tri motor is going to be 100k+ easy I like the Cybertruck, but not enough to spend ~70k.
  3. Black306

    Cybertruck in Tesla App?

    Thanks. It may be a while [for solar]. Ordered mid-April and I’m almost 3-weeks away from the site assessment step. :rolleyes: At this rate, I might get the Cybertruck first.😂
  4. Black306

    Cybertruck in Tesla App?

    No, it's not in the app. I have solar panels going through the process as well; not in the app either.
  5. Black306

    Seriously. What is your max amount you'd pay for EAP?

    Seriously. $0. I don’t see any value in it. Autopilot does everything I like and even then I hardly use it.
  6. Black306

    Leave my 3 stock or be a little different?

    Definitely pic #2; 2020 Performance wheels look WAY better than Überturbines. 😁
  7. Black306

    AC Blower noise (Found)

    Had this weird tapping/crackling/popping sounds coming from the vent for some time. It was coming from the passengers side and would only make noise when the blower was set to blow air towards passengers, not the windshield or floor. It also only made noise when the blower speed was set to 3-5...
  8. Black306

    Serious 12v battery corrosion. 4,700 miles

    Not on my Tesla, but I have seen cracks in the plastic where the case meets the lead on 2 different batteries. This will lead to a corroded terminal. I’m pretty particular about batteries and can’t stand corroded terminals. This is my ‘03 Cobra (OEM terminals)… This is my ‘05 Expedition...
  9. Black306

    Installing Wall Connector is better than NEMA 14-50

    Had the outlet for years. No issues. Don't need to be convinced hardwired is the way to go either. If I thought that way, would have done it a long time ago.
  10. Black306

    Installing Wall Connector is better than NEMA 14-50

    Personally, I want options. I tinker with projects and want the option of a 240v outlet in my garage for heavy duty tools. I want the option to swap out my charger with another one, Tesla or non-Tesla, easily. Only downside is a limit of 40a charge rate vs 48a; doesn’t impact me since I charge...
  11. Black306

    Pedestrian Warning System

    Late ‘19. Around October IIRC.
  12. Black306

    Should I wait?

    How soon will depend on Elon. 😂
  13. Black306

    Should I wait?

    Same 400w panels currently being offered. I find it funny that they had 14 panels on the South facing roof and 4 panels on the North facing roof with the 7.2kW system only to come back with 19 panels on the South facing roof with a 7.6kW system. 6-week delay for nothing. :rolleyes: Hopefully...
  14. Black306

    Should I wait?

    Well, they finally got back with a revised layout...and they upped the system size to 7.6kW. 😂 Let's see if that'll fly with SMUD. (Doubt it, cause even the 7.2kW system was estimated to generate over 100% of my usage.
  15. Black306

    Starting to feel like Cybertruck is going the way of the Roadster: Vaporware

    Umm, no thanks. I like her ingenuity, but the car’s style doesn’t do it for me.
  16. Black306

    FS: 2020 Model 3 Performance

    Looking to sell my 2020 Model 3 Performance. No issues with the car. It's not a need and I'm hardly driving it; only has 5,791 miles in ~2.5 years. Car shows ~274 [email protected]%. Visually, there is nothing different than stock; no exterior mods. Interior has an Abstract Ocean matrix black center...
  17. Black306

    You'll forget how to pump gas

    At least you didn't go to have lunch/dinner for 20-30 mins while the car "charged." 😂
  18. Black306

    Pressed "park" on accident while driving on the highway. Is my car ok?

    Holding the lever on the 1st up position while driving will ‘shift’ the car into neutral. Just tapping it up will disengaged cruise control.
  19. Black306

    Pressed "park" on accident while driving on the highway. Is my car ok?

    Holding the park button down while driving enables the parking brake. Doesn't happen instantly though; you're fine. EDIT: This is from the 2019.36.1 manual, but I'm sure a newer manual says something similar. EDIT 2: FYI, To disengage cruse control, just move the lever up to the 1st position.
  20. Black306

    Racing game wear and tear on tires

    Do mall food courts still have these? 😁
  21. Black306

    Should I wait?

    Ordered a 7.2kW system back on 4/14 and Tesla came back with an initial system design in <48hrs. However, the design has 4 panels on the North facing roof. I’d rather have all of them on the South facing roof and, based on another house with the same roof design and solar, it’ll fit. Problem is...
  22. Black306

    Crack in roof. Cost to fix?

    Check with a glass repair shop. Repairs are usually on flat surfaces, but you might be surprised; they may be able to add resin to stop the crack and make it less visible.
  23. Black306

    What the?

    Dog is going to tweak the frame laying down like that.
  24. Black306

    NEMA 14-50 not working with my mobile charger

    Check a local RV park. They may have an outlet you can try. https://www.bonellibluffsrv.com/amenities EDIT: or plugshare https://www.plugshare.com/location/68243
  25. Black306

    Is Premium Connectivity Worth it?

    Agreed. Personally, Premium Connectivity would be an absolute waste of money. I don’t use any of the features offered above Standard Connectivity. Makes no sense to blow $99/year just cause I can.
  26. Black306

    Mobile Connector no longer included with new cars [posted 04/16/2022 - Tesla confirms adapter included with cars ordered before 04/17/22]

    You might be thinking about the NEMA 14-50 adapter. That was removed sometime in mid-late 2019. My Dec ‘19 delivery didn’t have it.
  27. Black306

    Mobile Connector no longer included with new cars [posted 04/16/2022 - Tesla confirms adapter included with cars ordered before 04/17/22]

    I find it very plausible. I’ve used my UMC once, over 2 yeas ago, on a trip where there wasn’t a Supercharger near by. If I were to make the trip again, I wouldn’t need the UMC since there is now a Supercharger in the vicinity. Sucks cause I was going to take the one from my Cybertruck and use...
  28. Black306

    Getting a more than "properly sized" system under SMUD

    Well, took a year but finally pulled the trigger and ordered solar today. Neighbor ordered Tesla solar and they were able to get a system slightly more than their needs. Plus, Tesla is offering more sizes. And I’m sure it helped running the AC more than usual last summer to crank up my...
  29. Black306

    What level of issues with Model 3 [poll]

    Have you switched to High-Mileage or still using Premium?
  30. Black306

    Is there a way to change when the car locks?

    Just tested it. Left my phone in the center console under the screen. When the door closed, the car honked and lights flashed to indicate it was locked. When I went to open the door….. [suspense] 😨 It opened! 😁 🤘
  31. Black306

    Is there a way to change when the car locks?

    OPs concern was the delay in auto lock was so long that he would not be in the immediate vicinity while the car was still unlocked. By tapping the lock icon before closing the door, the lock is immediately engaged when the door is closed. Yes, if he or someone else did try and open the door...
  32. Black306

    Is there a way to change when the car locks?

    Hit the lock symbol at the top of the screen before you get out.
  33. Black306

    When Did You Need to Replace Your 12V Battery?

    IMO, short answer is no. Assuming there is nothing wrong with the car's 12v charging system (ie DC-to-DC converter and other related components), a voltmeter can be an accurate indicator of a bad battery if battery voltage is low. However, a normal voltage reading doesn't automatically mean the...
  34. Black306

    When Did You Need to Replace Your 12V Battery?

    Where does it say "Oh, my battery lasted X years and was still fine?" Are you referring to when a false message pops up? ie Message shows but the battery is still good.
  35. Black306

    When Did You Need to Replace Your 12V Battery?

    No, cause that would dirty the data. The OP is looking for when batteries fail, or nearly fail by presenting an error message, so that he can preemptively replace the battery before it’s needed. Data for when a battery was changed by choice is not what he is lookin for.
  36. Black306

    True Meaning of Being ICEd

    Elon already thought about that… 😁
  37. Black306

    Best Tesla M3P performance tyres

    YOLO! 😁 https://m.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Michelin&tireModel=Pilot+Sport+Cup+2+Connect+%28240%29&partnum=335YR0PSC2C2XL&vehicleSearch=false&fromCompare1=yes
  38. Black306

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    I reject your reality and substitute my own! 😁
  39. Black306

    When Did You Need to Replace Your 12V Battery?

    This is not a question of 'if,' it's a question of 'when.' If you haven't changed your 12v battery yet, just wait. 😂
  40. Black306

    Saddest. Charging Station. Ever!

  41. Black306

    SoCal Spotted a model 3 with Honda badges

    Trying to avoid a #HondaBump.
  42. Black306

    Tapping the charge port no longer opens it

    http://www.black306.com/images/tesla_related/charge_door_1.jpg http://www.black306.com/images/tesla_related/charge_door_2.jpg
  43. Black306

    Charging with 240v 50amp Standard Range +

    Electrician is correct; '20 SR+ will only pull 32A max. The actual charger is in the car, not in the Wall Connector; wall connector is basically a fancy smart switch. Whether to get a Wall Connector or an outlet boils down to your personal preference/considerations. Considerations may...
  44. Black306

    Worth buying performance over LR+boost JUST for the acceleration increase?

    Funny, I thought the opposite after taking my Performance to the drag strip; that's it, that's as fast as it'll go; can't make it faster. One of the benefits of an ICE.
  45. Black306

    Worth buying performance over LR+boost JUST for the acceleration increase?

    PUP option was $7k in late 2019. Don't recall what an LR was, but IIRC it was ~$47-48k. Stealth was $50k and Performance with PUP was $57k.
  46. Black306

    Model S plaid vs Model 3 performance driving dynamics

    Give me a Plaid to bea…er…drive for a week, and I’ll reply back. 😁
  47. Black306

    Anyone regretted getting a Performance M3?

    IMO, utilitarian/enthusiast isn’t a measure of good and bad; it’s a personal measure of considerations. There are also varying degrees; it’s not only polar opposites; there can be borderline cases. Ultimately, one side wins out. People that pick an LR consider things like utility and value more...

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