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    low pressure one tyre, no obvious damage

    Not had my car that long, and a couple of weeks ago I got a low pressure warning in the rear drivers side tyre. It was showing 36psi vs the 44 on the others (guess they were over inflated from delivery). I can't see anything obvious wrong with the tyre - no big screw/nail in it. I topped up to...
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    possible first time long distance + wrong side of the road. Tips? Mad?

    One of my wife’s favourite pianists is playing in a music festival in Verbier, in the south of Switzerland. I’m curious whether I‘m crazy to think about combining it with a road trip in the M3LR. I’ve never done a massive trip (cornwall or the lake district from Windsor is the furthest) and I’d...
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    Does AP adjust lane position now?

    Driving to the airport today I passed a lorry slowly in the average speed section and the car beeped a little and pretty sure it moved over to the right side of the lane to give itself space and then back to the middle after passing Tried to check again but traffic wasn’t ideal for it, but I...
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    does the alarm not auto-set if you leave a door open?

    I've just glanced outside and noticed the rear drivers side door is ajar and the window is down a little bit. Gave my daughter and her friends a lift back yesterday and her friend couldn't work out how to open the door so she got out the passenger side and I thought nothing of it. I guess she...
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    powerwall - supplied from Tesla vs third party?

    looking at adding home storage. 10.5kwh is probably ideal but I’m struggling to get quotes and the only one so far has been around £6.5-7.5k depending on the battery supplied. I’ll likely need it installed outside due to lack of internal space, which probably rules out the pylontech unless I...
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    Ryzen browser benchmark - how does it compare to Atom?

    My M3LR has the ryzen processor, so I went to www.browserbench.org and ran the Jetstream2 and Motionmark benchmarks on the built in browser. Can someone with the atom CPU do the same and we can compare notes? Maybe this isn't that useful - eg it may not be able to access the GPU in the...
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    how *should* Tesla ordering/queueing system work?

    Seems relatively straightforward to me, but lets see if we can agree a logical solution, think about things that might impact Tesla's ability to implement that and how they might work around that. - Each model/performance variant can be handled as its own pipeline - so model 3 RWD/LR/P, Model...
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    Need more non-superchargers in the satnav

    I read somewhere that Tesla have added a few non-tesla rapid chargers in the satnav under the charger filter, but not many. There are an increasing number of decent rapids being added, often filling gaps between superchargers. The simplicity of using the satnav and auto-routing means I almost...
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    When can I remove the car from my account?

    I sold my car yesterday. Dealer paid the finance settlement to Tesla which showed up quickly in my account, and got a confirmation email of the payment from Tesla. Got the notification from DVLA by email too. Went to remove the car from my account yesterday evening (left it on to allow the...
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    Aircon won’t stay on?

    Noticed this with the cold weather and did some fiddling in the menus The AC doesn’t seem to stay on in ‘auto’ mode - and as a result you can very easily get into a defrosted car but with the inside misted up from condensation, and then have to hit the AC button and wait another 5 minutes for...
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    No way to remotely defrost front/rear windscreen?

    Went out to the car this morning and it was frosted over. I came inside and switched the AC on. I swiped up in the app to see if I could also specifically defrost the front and back windows. There is a defrost button that looks like the windscreen heater button, but pressing it warns me that...
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    timing of a second purchase with Tesla - anything to be aware of?

    I currently have a 2020 model 3 SR+ from Telsa, financed through them. I’m seriously considering selling it and buying a new SR with the slightly larger battery. if WBAC/Motorway come through with their estimates it’d be a roughly £0 cost to change. But is there anything I need to consider with...
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    calibration after windscreen replacement?

    had my windscreen replaced, and booked by autoglass for a calibration - needed a separate appointment as the one person in the area that can do them wasn’t available on the same day as the windscreen booking. Its due to be done this coming thursday But my systems all seem fine - I can see the...
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    random text booking me in for a service

    apparantly something to do with failing internal temperature sensors and I think they have it booked in for a fluid check too. Anyone else had anything like that? I’ll try and get then to look at the squeaky rear brakes too
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    Maybe still a honeymoon period but I’ve never had to wait for a charge to finish

    Today I took the SR+ to stoke on trent and back. On the way up the car started out saying I’d arrived with 5%, but slowly that increased to about 15%. I stopped at Warwick services anyway for a coffee, plugged in and was maybe 15 minutes getting a coffee and drinking it. That was enough to add...
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    scheduled departure @100% or not?

    Mistimed my usual overnight octopus go top up and I'll likely be at 20% when I get home tonight. Have a long trip tomorrow that I want to be at 100% for. Not sure the best approach. Never used scheduled departure either. Should I - just set scheduled departure to eg 8:30am when we should...
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    Sentry mode has triggered alarm state

    First time getting this notification from the app. I’m nowhere near the car - it’s parked in a car park, I’m in London at the office Anything more I can do to check in the status or I just worry until I get back to the car in about… 6 hours?
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    superchargers with particularly good nearby facilities - and do you prioritise/divert?

    Travelling from Windsor to St Ives tomorrow. ABRB recommends lifton and a top up at cambourne but mostly skips exeter/darts farm. I’ve heard a lot about darts farm so was curious is the facilities there are worth diverting off route (its at least a few minutes off the A30) and trying to specify...
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    Accidentally charged my Tesla to 100% last night. Will it explode?

    of course not, but I can’t say I’m not a little edgy. Accidentally left the zappi in fast mode, and Tesla set to 100% after our last long trip so when I plugged in around 7pm last night it just charged straight to 100%. Probably got there about midnight-1am. Got in the car to do a local errand...
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    Can you slow down super chargers?

    Dropped son off at Uni today and I was expecting to get back home with 7% battery. Was needing to stop for a wee and grab some food so I stopped at Membury. plugged in and went to the loo, grabbed a kfc and Starbucks and straight back to the car. It had already put in 50% charge and was about...
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    I wish the headrests were adjustable

    When driving the position is ok, but when trying to relax while parked they’re a pain in the butt. the sets recline massively - almost flat which is great for a quick nap during a stop, combined with a nice view up through the glass roof and an ocean sounds Spotify playlist…perfect. Almost. I...
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    ‘chirp’ from left side when going over bumps

    Had my car for a couple of months. Only started doing this a few days ago. Going over a fairly rough road, whenever it was a biggish bump (not like a massive pothole but enough to notice it), there was a ’chirp’ kind of sound from the left side of the car, roughly around the front passenger door...
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    Measure how much energy used for non-driving (eg AC)?

    Is there any way to measure the electric used for other systems like AC etc during driving and while parked up? Recently while parked for relatively short periods I’ve forced the AC to stay on while shopping to come back to a cool car, so was curious what it was costing. I have teslafi if that...
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    Has autopilot changed (TACC not disengaging)?

    Drove to Brighton today and out the autopilot on on the m25. Normally I don’t bother unless I know I’m staying in a lane because it’s annoying to keep turning off when you indicate and then on again, and having to blend the throttle to maintain speed. but today when I indicated, the steering...
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    Squeaking in reverse only

    Moving my car just a few yards down the road to make space on the drive. Have the car in creep so I pull up to the side of the road and brake to a stop. Fine. Then pop into reverse to nudge the car closer to the kerb and as I brake it let’s just the most almighty squeal. I assume led it was the...
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    Dash cam front camera low quality

    Needed a reboot to get my viewer working but testing this morning the rear/side cameras are fine and clear but the front camera is very low quality - blurry and blocky. might be water? Is it something that clears up or something I need to check/wipe before trips? edit :
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    possible service centre mistake - should I get them to correct?

    My car has been in for some paint/dent/headlining issues - finally all sorted and I'm ready to pick up this afternoon. Tesla sent me an invoice (for £0) but one part caught my eye and I'd like some feedback in case this is a generic thing or I need to get them to fix I own an SR+ possibly a...
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    Using the granny charger just to open the charge port?

    Watching a youtube video about someone charging from the granny plug, I didn’t realise it has the little button like superchargers that opens your charge port. Which got me thinking - is it possible to use that somehow just to unlock it? I have a zappi on the wall with no button how much power...
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    what video/apps can you access through the browser?

    going to be stuck for 90 minutes while I drop my wife and daughter off at the hairdressers on Sunday - right when the grand prix is on. I can watch netflix of course, but it got me wondering if I can watch sky sports on the browser via Virgin TV go. Probably not, but what video apps do work -...
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    only third party insurance on loan cars?

    Took my car in for a 'while you wait 1hr' switch out of dirty headliners. Which they then broke somehow so they have to keep the car in (and will do a dent + overspray fix at the same time). They gave me a LR model 3 as a loan car but pointed out its only third party insured, and there is a...
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    blimey it tops up fast!

    first long trip for me in the SR+, dropping son back at uni in Bath. about 185 miles round trip so I was hoping to do it in one go without charging, but was prepared to top up if needed. On the way out, the tesla navigation said I’d get there with about 45% battery left which seemed...
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    What is acceptable ‘idle’ charge loss?

    Only just got the car. On Friday we went for a drive, came back and charged the car up to 80% around late afternoon. This morning just checked the app (first time opening it since Friday) and it’s showing 73%. No sentry mode on. Seems like a lot of drop for 1.5 days? What’s normal to expect and...
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    I’d like a ‘dynamic creep’ mode

    I love one pedal driving for regular driving. I find that last tiny bit of travel as you ease off is amazingly well tuned both to kick in a little more braking and letting you adjust your stopping point with finesse. Lovely. I don’t like it for slow speed things (mainly parking). I’m used to...
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    Do you have a pocket full of RFID tags or don’t bother?

    Before I bought an EV I read up a lot on the mess that is our national charging network. All separate app, RFID tags etc. What a mess. Now I have a tesla. Most of my ’normal’ longer range drives to family etc should be doable with limited stops and I think would be covered by superchargers...
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    Any issues with the car unlocking if you are in the house?

    Sitting in my ‘home office’ (spare room) which is at the front of the house and I realised my current car is parked maybe 1-2m away from where I am. My incoming Tesla would be in that same spot so I was wondering if you ever have issues with the car thinking you’re approaching and unlocking...
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    would you pay £1000 more for a MiC 2021 SR+ vs a likely US model?

    In the middle of trying to buy an SR+ but got caught by the PICG change. I ordered an inventory car at the original price, then did the finance, then Tesla updated the price to remove the grant before I finalised the finances. Then they updated the website to offer their inventory cars in March...

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