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    Skyforce Relaggy

    Sure, most of you may be adults and so no longer play video games (especially in your car), but I'm hooked on Skyforce Reloaded. Unfortunately, the game is sometimes laggy. In a shmup like Skyforce, lag will always happen at the very worst moment. It typically results in thinking I'm skirting...
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    POLL: Mobile Connector Usage

    I haven't yet seen a binary mobile connector poll, and I think this might be helpful to better gauge Tesla's current decision not to include them. Please note: this isn't a poll about whether you *want* one, or how strongly you feel about keeping one in the trunk for emergencies. It's...
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    Solar battery warming?

    This morning the app showed the snowflake icon (cold soaked overnight), yet the interior temperature was 94F. Sure seems like a missed opportunity. It'd be nice if the HVAC system reversed the fans and sucked that heat into the battery compartment. As it stands I'm going to roll down the...
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    High voltage battery replacement labor

    There are posts that discuss replacement of the high voltage battery, and invoices from Tesla seem to show something like 11 hours of labor. That seems like a *lot* of time to me. I imagined they could just get the car on a lift, drop the battery, slap the replacement in, and close it up. Maybe...
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    Obtaining v10 - creative solutions

    Like many owners, I'm very dissatisfied with the current state of the software in my vehicle and would like to get back the good thing I once had. When it first happened and the complaints started rolling in, I held onto a glimmer of hope because "certainly Tesla will see all the complaints and...
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    Mobile - jittery nav + reflow

    I couldn't find these mentioned, my apologies if they are duplicates. On Android Chrome, the bottom nav jitters while scrolling. I haven't checked, but it seems to imply that it's anchored using JavaScript and absolute positioning. Also, header images and the top ad placeholder don't seem to...
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    Unexpected 100% volume since last update?

    I've had the M3 for almost a year. Since the last update, I've had the music volume blast at 100% on 3 different occasions. This has never happened before the latest update. Each time, I pressed the left scroll wheel to play the music and when it started, it was on full blast. It's incredibly...
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    Hypothetical - software updates negate battery degradation warranty claim?

    Since the two most recent updates to my M3, it seems like my average wh/m has dropped. It could be unrelated to the updates, but had me thinking. The warranty (at the time of this post) covers the battery for 8 years or 120k miles (whichever comes first) with a minimum 70% battery retention. If...
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    Sentry viewing habits and patterns

    I'm curious to know what others do with their sentry event videos. I've found myself reviewing and deleting each recorded sentry event each time I get in the car, just because I don't want to "miss" something. My last car received two mystery dings in the door that I kept for years until I...
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    Climate worse with 2021.36.5.5?

    Climate control seems much worse to me after this update. Does anyone else feel this is way? "Auto" used to control the fan speed based on the desired temp... but now it seems to keep the fan very low. It also now disables the forward blowing fans and keeps the heat on the floor. This is...
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    Fast starts and smooth ride mutually exclusive?

    My M3 started vibrating at around 3k miles, and I replaced the OEM tires at around 8k miles due to feathering and inside tread wear, assuming that was the cause of the vibration. Unfortunately, the new tires didn't solve the vibration. I'm now at around 17k miles and the place I had the tires...
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    GM wants to be seen more like Tesla... and expects a similar valuation

    I swear this seams like an article from The Onion... so strange. Please tell me I'm not imaging it: GM says it will double annual revenue by 2030 to $280 billion in digital push to be seen more like Tesla The article goes on to say "The two-day investor meeting, including product test drives on...
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    Browser controls rant

    I'm baffled that the most recent update included new icons for the browser, as well as a loading screen, yet somehow they managed to not fix the icon positioning. It's a glaringly obvious UI fail... the close and back buttons are *so* close to each other. All of the other icons have a healthy...
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    Possible to steal a tesla with a MITM attack?

    The idea popped into my head today of using some sort of Bluetooth relay devices to unlock a Tesla. Thief A stands near your car, thief B stands near you (in the mall, grocery store, etc), each with a device that relays the Bluetooth exchange between your phone and vehicle. After a bit of...
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    New tires at 8k miles? Your advice appreciated.

    Howdy Y'all. I got my M3 exactly 5 months ago, and for the first 3ish months it drove like a magical unicorn. Then it developed a bit of wheel vibration, so I made an appointment at the closest service center (12 days of waiting, 1.5 hour drive to the SC). I finally got to the appointment...
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    Unknown referral... who dis?

    I've only just noticed a referral within my account that I'm completely unfamiliar with. It's from before I even ordered by M3. Was this me referring them, or them referring me? Is there a way to know who it was and if there were any incentives I gained from it?
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    Does your emissions testing mode do this?

    In emissions testing mode in my M3, the whoopie cushion moves to whatever seat you press, but the sound is "stuck" at the first seat pressed (unless you go *real* slow). I'm not concerned about emissions testing mode, but that there may be a wiring problem or other issue with my sound system...
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    M3LR Audio vs MSP85+... is there a problem?

    I've read many posts of owners claiming the premium sound system in their M3 is the "bees knees" for stock audio. I don't consider myself an audiophile, but my 2021 M3LR just doesn't seem to sound all that good. I just chalked it up to difference of opinion. THEN... today I got a loaner from...
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    Accelerator on lunch break

    Please forgive me if there are already threads about this... I searched but really didn't know what to call it. I've had my M3LR for almost 4 months now and it's great. Sometimes, when I feel it's safe to do so, I'll really floor it when the light turns green. Twice in the past few weeks...

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