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    How is the Vancouver delivery & service experience?

    As I understand, from my delivery rep on June 30th, Powell is now the Mobile Service base, W 4th is the Service Centre, and Great Northern Way is the only Delivery Centre. FYI the Great Northern Way location is much larger than Powell, in both indoor and outdoor space. Your delivery rep is...
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    How is the Vancouver delivery & service experience?

    The only Delivery Centre is here (the one by MEC): Google Maps You can see my post and others in this thread: Model Y in Canada Yes to mobile service. If you need service, you just book something from the phone app at West 4th first, and if mobile service is available they'll let you know and...
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    TeslaMate: Yet another self-hosted data logger for your Tesla

    Yes that's normal. TeslaMate doesn't stop your car from sleeping. After a drive it could take an hour for mine to fall asleep. But if I woke it by opening and closing a door, it'd go back to sleep in 15 minutes.
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    Gauging interest in a free tesla stats desktop dashboard

    TeslaMate does not require Raspberry Pi. Many are running the Docker images on the NAS (eg. Synology) that we already have. And then there's also TeslaLogger that came before TeslaMate, same form factor. To me, running a service such as yours or TeslaMate on a NAS make more sense than on a...
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    Emergency Jack

    Have you tried this jack with your Y? If I read the specs correctly, the minimum height of this jack is 6". Say your jack pad is 1" thick, you'll need 7" under the jack point to use it. If a flat tire sinks the car more, this jack may not fit... I'll be riding on luck and relying on Tesla's...
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    For Sale: M3 18" OEM tires - Vancouver

    For sale: 4x OEM Michelin Primacy MXM4 235/45R18 98W tires, with 8,500km on them. Good condition, never punctured. I'm putting winter tires on the OEM wheels, thus the sale. Located in Vancouver East. C$200, OBO.
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    Rain-X / Aquapel for front wind shield

    Btw Griot's Garage 11033 Glass Sealant is similar to Aquapel and works out cheaper. Aquapel is easier to apply with its applicator. GG needs more coats of application (more effort) but subjectively seems to last longer. I had wiper chatter with my 3 with Aquapel at first, but that went away...
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    OEM Wheels vs FLowform

    Aren't the OEM wheels flow formed? There're slightly lighter aftermarket flow-formed wheels but most don't have aero covers.
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    QuickJack BL-5000SLX sale @ Costco

    FYI we've a recent Canadian thread on a similar Costco deal, and I've posted a pic showing that the 5000SLX does works (just barely) for the Model 3: Costco: QuickJack BL-7000SLX online - $1499 shipped - Work on your Tesla in isolation
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    Loose Liftgate Latch Cover?

    Would you please check if your Liftgate Latch Cover is loose like mine? A tiny little pull and the cover comes off! Thanks~
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    Freaking out

    I asked my Vancouver delivery advisor via email before my delivery -- the current policy is that you've 24 hours from delivery to report delivery defects. I thought the 7 days / 100 miles was for returning the car to Tesla. Since there's no gov't rebates on the Y, the Tesla return policy is...
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    Trade in inspection

    They don't care about the condition of the trade-in; I didn't even tell them which one was mine (simple to figure it out with the keyfobs). But they'll ask you to sign a document certifying the trade-in hasn't been a commercial vehicle or a taxi, there's no illegal mods, etc.
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    Hansshow vs Tesla Offer Power Frunk/Trunk - which one to buy?

    @tlr1000 thanks for all the useful info! I wonder how long it took for the package to arrive and how much you had to pay in import duty and taxes. Thanks!
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    Model Y in Canada

    For those taking delivery in Vancouver... They've some truly talented body panel-alignment tech there. My Y was in such poor shape when presented to me -- 2 doors were more misaligned than anything I've seen here -- not just the black window trims, but the body lines and side-repeater lines...
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    Model Y in Canada

    017xxx. Thanks!
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    Model Y in Canada

    Taking delivery on June 30 in Vancouver. Dual Motor Non-P Blue, Black interior 19" wheels. Wish me luck!
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    Model Y OEM Factory Tires

    Fyi this tire size info is listed in the official Owner's Manual (PDF).
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    Underside panels

    side skirts: Bottom skirt Rocker panel trim is bowed out - will not push back into place
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    Costco: QuickJack BL-7000SLX online - $1499 shipped - Work on your Tesla in isolation

    Yup my jack pads are not fully sitting on the blocks on the BL-5000SLX, but good enough.
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    Open Source Teslalogger on Raspberry / Docker with ScanMyTesla integration

    Thanks @bassmaster ! Knowing that TeslaMate branched off from TeslaLogger, can I switch from TeslaMate to TeslaLogger while preserving my historic data -- ie. are the database schemas / data structures compatible? Sorry if this is not a fair question, as you've mentioned that TeslaMate has...
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    Vendor Scan My Tesla, a CANBUS reader for Android

    Regarding the app's option to stream data to Teslalogger -- are the data sent in real time, or can data be cached on the device and sent later? I'm asking 'coz I'm running ScanMyTesla on a tablet without mobile data connection while driving. And I cannot try it myself yet, 'coz I'm running...
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    Costco: QuickJack BL-7000SLX online - $1499 shipped - Work on your Tesla in isolation

    I was a noob until I did it :) It was my first experience with a hydraulic system too. You'll need to fill it with some brake fluid and make sure the hose connectors don't leak. You can search around YouTube to see if you wanna take it on; below are two setup videoes that I referenced myself:
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    Door handle slow to return

    Saw this video regarding door handle disassembly...
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    Service paperwork?

    I got the paperwork. When my car was ready for pick-up after the HW3 upgrade, I got an electronic invoice (hosted on echosign.com) in my email that I was asked to sign electronically. And when I arrived I was given a paper copy.
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    Open Source Teslalogger on Raspberry / Docker with ScanMyTesla integration

    This looks to me like TeslaMate with a customizable dashboard... TeslaMate pulls data using Tesla's API, and looks like this does too. Where's the ScanMyTesla integration, or in other words, what extra statistics do the ScanMyTesla integration provide? Thanks!
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    Costco: QuickJack BL-7000SLX online - $1499 shipped - Work on your Tesla in isolation

    No I haven't; haven't needed to, and my garage is kinda narrow for the car to be shifting sideways when lifted.
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    Costco: QuickJack BL-7000SLX online - $1499 shipped - Work on your Tesla in isolation

    You need to measure the distance between the Model S jack points. This SLX model support a max "Max lifting point spread" (QuickJack's terminology) distance of 60 inches. If the front-to-backjack point is longer than 60 inches you can check the left-to-right jack point distance and possibly...
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    Costco: QuickJack BL-7000SLX online - $1499 shipped - Work on your Tesla in isolation

    I've the BL-5000SLX and it does work with the Model 3, without the frame extension, just barely. I use the large rectangular blocks that come with the jack, together with those circular hockey-puck jack pads.
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    Auto present door handles for Model 3 now available

    @artsci have you installed it yet? What's the verdict?
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    Vendor Looking for Model 3 Owner to test electric tailgate

    @Supremeperf how did the test go? Wondering when your product is available and how it compare the the Hansshow kit.
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    Rear hatch susceptible to rear end damage

    It's nothing new. Model X has the tailgate flush with the rear bumper also.
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    Model Y Performance with really heavy Wheels/Tires

    fyi Model Y OEM 19" (OEM 20" has the same width and offset) vs Model 3 OEM 18" Aero (with enlarged tire size) wheel comparison: https://www.willtheyfit.com/index.php?width=255&aspect=45&diameter=19&wheelwidth=9.5&offset=45&width2=235&aspect2=55&wheel_size=18&wheel_width=8-5&offset2=40
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    Snow Help?!? Window Lip?!?

    These? US $32.02 30% OFF|NEW 1 Pcs Gloss Black ABS Trunk Spoiler Cover Trim Water Retaining Wing For Tesla Model 3 2018+|Spoilers & Wings| | - AliExpress US $69.0 |LUCKEASY Car ABS the water retaining wings for Tesla model 3 2017 2019 coupe performance trunk spoiler wing|Spoilers & Wings| | -...
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    What percentage of the day should my M3 sleep when not used?

    In the last few days my car was waking up by itself and staying online for 2 hours every 38 hours, ie. about 5.3% awake when not driven. Not seeing significant vampire drain. So it went like this: I drove it ---> it slept for 36 hrs --> it went online (awake) for 2 hrs --> it slept until I...
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    Aero Covers For 19" Sport Wheels

    Tesla does sell the 19” Gemini Wheel with aero covers as part of this winter tire package (sold out right now): Model 3 19” Gemini Wheel and Winter Tire Package But I thought OP is looking for aero covers for the 19" Sport Wheels that are already on his LR RWD, and there's no such a thing (yet).
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    See this for Android software and post #2 in the thread for hardware needed: Vendor - Scan My Tesla, a CANBUS reader for Android And check out Bjorn Nyland's YouTube channel; he shows OBD data in many recent videos and explains the readings.
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    Model Y Owners Manual is now live

    in this post: Tesla Y Pictures - Interior and Exterior
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    Model Y Owners Manual is now live

    No cargo shelf at the back?! :(
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    Model Y Owners Manual is now live

    Page 191 front brake rotors diameter of 14 inches on both P/non-P models, same size as M3P.
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    Model Y Owners Manual is now live

    Page 15 mechanical release cable for rear doors!
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    Is there open-source data to track and analyse my car's driving and usage

    Looks to me like a) and b) aren't available via Tesla's API. For c), you can use TeslaFi or any one of those similar apps. Check this out -- it's an open-source self-hosted app (ie. you need to do the work to set it up) that provides many of TeslaFi's functionalities: Yet another self-hosted...
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    Underground Overnight Parking

    Here on the west coast we've plenty of Shaw Open WiFi hotspots. I've a Tesla friend who is a Shaw customer, and he's kind enough to add my car's MAC address to his Shaw account, so that my car is able to connect to those hotspots automatically whenever I park near one. Usually takes less than...
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    Slacker Log in

    Contact [email protected]; they can fix it remotely. They did fix it for me when my car was delivered without Slacker credentials.
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    2 model 3 on one app

    Sounds like you've two Tesla accounts with one car in each. You need to ask Tesla for VIN Sharing between the 2 accounts ; see here: Adding additional driver Tesla app : TeslaModel3
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    19" Gemini wheels

    Plastic covers on flow-formed alloy wheels. None of the OEM Tesla wheels are steel. See this video for more info:
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    Door handles stuck open

    See here: Door handle slow to return
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    Door handle slow to return

    Yes I've the same issue on the rear passenger-side door. Since I don't use that door often, I haven't plan a SC visit for this issue yet.
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    Does upgrading Michelin Pilot Sport 4S from stock Michelin MXM4 make sense for GTA driver

    +1 -- exactly what I think. There're other options between MXM4 and PS4S, but the MXM4 is probably one of the quietest out there.

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