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    TeslaMate [megathread]

    Found your comment explaining you’d done it but not the Grafana panel. Would you mind sharing the json for it?
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    TeslaMate [megathread]

    With rising petrol costs I want to make my fuel savings panel more dynamic. Has anyone done anything to calculate fuel savings month on month against average petrol prices?
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    Tessie App

    If you are even slightly computer literate Tesla mate is by far the better option. So customisable and free for life. Easy to run in the cloud or at home on a raspberry Pi. Gotta love the open source community.
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    Apple CarPlay in the UK?

    Workaround via the browser and a few Raspberry pi devices: https://tesla-android.gapinski.eu/
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    How Secure Are Teslas?

    iOS Siri Shortcuts. Turn off Bluetooth when I turn on do not disturb mode for bed. Re enable when I turn it off. Problem solved.
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    Bonnet now has IONITY

    IONITY now full with teslas whilst the superchargers sit empty 🤣
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    TeslaMate [megathread]

    Small fry, 58k miles 2.5 years and my backup is 1.6GB ;)
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    TeslaMate [megathread]

    Approaching the £10k club :cool: Query if you want to add this panel: select convert_km(odometer::numeric, '$length_unit') * 0.17 - (SELECT sum(cost) FROM charging_processes WHERE $__timeFilter(end_date) AND car_id = $car) from positions where car_id = $car order by date desc limit 1; Change...
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    Gridserve Charger Sites in UK [megathread]

    At Markham Vale and work has not yet started, shocking from Gridserve. On Osprey 50KW :(
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    Rising electricity costs, reflected in big increase in supercharger rates

    At Markham Vale on the M1 which is planned to be Gridserves next forcourt. No matter what method of transport you use it seems to be expensive. Can we hit £2 for diesel in the coming weeks?
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    TeslaMate [megathread]

    Why not run via Cron?
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    TESLAA - Android Auto for Tesla App

    King of TeslaCarplay: https://twitter.com/mikegapinski
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    TeslaMate [megathread]

    Have anybody integrated from Teslamate into HomeAssistant with MQTT? Seems like a way to setup some cool automations based on car charge level, location etc.
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Why they expanded this location is beyond me. I avoid chargers behind parking barriers at all costs, why should we have to pay a parking charge to refuel???
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Anyone know why Park Royal is half the price of most other locations at 23p?
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    TeslaMate [megathread]

    @DaveW has written an article on this for backups to cloud storage.
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    Granny charger

    Granny charger is perfectly acceptable as long as you have good modern wiring. Been using for over 2 years with no issue albeit without any extension cable. If you do need an extension use a heavy duty one rated for continuous 10amp draw. Living in a rental property where I’m already paying...
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    Electric Power Lift Boot Retrofit At Tesla SC

    My 3rd party version has been faultless. Compare that to the official version that seems to have a lot of complaints 😂
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    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    All Superchargers in Netherlands now open to all. Confirmed by official Tesla charging account on Twitter.
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    Bizzarely Direct Line assumed by my reg that I owned a LR. My V5 is definitely 'Performance'. Anyway the LR quote was £1050 Performance was £730 Not complaining but not sure how that even makes sense!
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    30 hour wait for recovery. Lessons learnt.

    Wasn’t the 12v after all that speculation. Interesting.
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    Mobile app updates

    Still baffles me people use miles over percentage when measuring capacity. Percentage is way more useful in most scenarios. As for the clock I had that recently and yes a long press on the time resets it to the correct value.
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    TeslaMate [megathread]

    For redundancy why not setup auto backups to cloud or similar? There’s a good guide for Google drive backups online.
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    UK standard 3 pin charging

    I live in a rented house so there is no way I am paying for a chargepoint for somewhere I dont own. I use the 3pin exclusively in the garage. First time around stick it at 10amps and check it every few hours for heat. It should be warm but not red hot to touch. Once you are confident the wiring...
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    What's the best accessory for your model 3?

    Second this. Having the screen tilted towards the driver is sooo much better.
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    What do people consider to be reasonable a reasonable kWh charge cost?

    30p or less ideally. I won’t use superchargers that are more which rules out most of them sadly. PodPoint 50KW units are well priced around 26-28p BP Pulse 50KW 29p Gridserve Electric Highway 30p Gridserve Braintree 24p Yes it takes longer but Podpoints are normally at supermarkets where I...
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    iOS Widget for TeslaFi/Teslamate/TeslaLogger via Scriptable

    I’ve had the same. Works perfect on iphone iOS but the formating is all wrong in iPad os. Anyone got it working on iPad?
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    Panic buying!

    The sensation of blasting the horn as you pass idiots queuing and blocking the road is fantastic. Morons.
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Have the Supercharging per kWh prices been incerased again??? I drove past Charnock Richard and its now 37p along with Oxford. Could be interesting if a Tesla owner sits on the Gridserve Electric Highway at 30p to save some cash! Surely it makes sense to match pricing at sites where both...
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    TeslaMate [megathread]

    Just cleared out all my old Docker images. 6GB+. Would recommend doing the same if you dont normally clean up after upgrading to a new version: https://docs.docker.com/engine/reference/commandline/image_prune/
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    Auto trunk/frunk kits & random wakeups to charge 12v?

    Exactly the same as Cardo. I use the car everyday and never leave it for a week+ so wouldn’t notice.
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    Hansshow Trunk V4 Reviews/Opinions

    Luckily my Hannshow trunk is absolutely fine. However my Tesla offer frunk kit failed due to water ingress into the control unit. Excellent customer service and they have shipped me a brand new one with better waterproofing via DHL. Everywhere I’ve seen it seems Tesla offer have better after...
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    Intelligent Octopus

    This sounds like a clever idea: We'll either schedule your charge during the cheap hours of 11.30pm and 5.30am or, if we schedule your charge outside those times, we'll give you the 5p rate for your car and home electricity. So 5p if they auto charge the car regardless of time. Be interesting...
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    Tesla Offer's Model Y Auto Frunk Weather Sealing Issues

    Hi all, I had exactly this issue after some rain. Luckily the frunk would still pop open so no need for the emergency release. Tesla offer were great over telegram and are going to ship me a new control unit. They did say the new one has better waterproofing. Did you guys get your new units...
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    Octopus Go, How to set M3 to charge 00:30 to 04:30?

    You can’t. No really you can’t….. I couldn’t believe it either. I set mine to start at 00:30 then have a Siri shortcut automation on iPhone to stop it at 04:30. You cannot do it natively from the car it has to be via a 3rd party app/api integration or via a smart charger. It would be very...
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    Autopilot switching from 70 to 55mph joining M20 from M26

    On the M4 near slough an exit has a 30mph sign. I don’t take the exit I’m in lane one but the cars cameras spot the sign and immediately reduce the cruise limit. I’m still on the M4 at 50mph average speed and it’s incredibly annoying and dangerous.
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Dynamic pricing now in place in the U.K. at Canary Wharf to the disgruntlement of a Facebook user in the owners club. Most of my long journeys are late at night anyway so suits me perfectly!
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    PCN at supercharger Kings Lynn despite reasonable efforts

    I really don’t understand why Tesla don’t insist on implementation of the following at sites with ANPR parking. If stay is less than 1 hour and vehicle manufacturer is Tesla auto cancel PCN. It really is that simple. I shouldn’t have to worry about parking restrictions when refuelling my car......
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    Tesla Offer frunk kit

    Mine went in for water ingress on the wiring loom and the service advisor commented on how cool a mod it was!
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    Tesla Theft

    If you have a garage empty it and store the car there. No thief is going to bother breaking into a garage with far easier targets on offer.
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    TeslaMate [megathread]

    I’m surprised TeslaMate doesn’t have built in support for different electricity pricing at one geofence for off peak rates. Im about to get Octopus Go and the only way I can think to get round it is to stop and restart my charge sessions at 04:30 so they split into two and edit the prices...
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    Primacy 4 replacing [mixing] Pilot Sport 4

    I can’t find the pilot sport anywhere with fitting. I’m replacing my two rear Pilots with Primacys on Saturday.
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    Dreaded Front Motor Temporarily Disabled Fault

    Service appointment today at Heathrow. Great service and all done and dusted in two hours. Water hadn’t got into mine but they did the fix to make sure it didn’t anyway. Worth doing if your car is in the affected time range and definitely during warranty IMO.
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    Octopus Energy referral code please

    @tj333 wins!
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    Octopus Energy referral code please

    Moving house and finally have a place to charge where Im living. Switching to Octopus, first direct message wins :cool:
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    Dreaded Front Motor Temporarily Disabled Fault

    2nd Feb I had these errors. Did the lock and unlock and it cleared. Done multiple drives through stormy conditions and pressure washed many times. Not come back so I’m not convinced it’s water ingress. That being said I may book a service app anyway to get the work done as I’ve never been to...
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    Unsolicited service?

    Just to add to this theory my car is in the affected time period, but I’ve had no problems nor a contact from Tesla to have the loom fixed.
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    TeslaMate [megathread]

    Be careful if doing daily backups. I did mine every day overwriting each other on a monthly basis. I thought ah I'll never run out of space, without realising every backup was 400mb. My VM hit 100% capacity today...... Lesson learnt!
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    Insurance under the age of 25

    I'm 26 and I have paid around £900-£1000 each year for my first two years in M3P. I used to have my parents on it as named drivers but one of them had a crash so it worked out more expensive if I put them on this time around. I find postcode is the biggest factor. London postcodes are by far...
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    EV Homecharge Scheme to be extended

    How does it help those in rented housing? I don’t want to pay for my landlords charging point so currently use the UMC.

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