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  1. EdA

    Supercharger - Utica, NY

    Nvm, made it all the way to Syracuse (Dinosaur BAR BBQ)
  2. EdA

    Supercharger - Utica, NY

    Besides BK what food is available within walking distance to the SC? Going from Boston (leaving ~12:30pm) to Syracuse tomorrow and want to charge/dine here before spending the night in Syracuse...
  3. EdA

    Vermont Tesla Owners

    I'm pretty sure battery info is readily available on the internet, probably with installation videos. Isn't Montreal closer than MA?
  4. EdA

    How to plan a road trip - how long will it take?

    Best advice which is the hardest to live by: drive slowly that trip! Make sure tires are filled properly.
  5. EdA

    Supercharger- Manchester, CT

    That is crazy, there's already something like 16 chargers there already! They should start adding CSS cables at this point.
  6. EdA

    Supercharger - Edison, NJ - US Hwy 1

    I won't miss the old location!
  7. EdA

    Supercharger - Mystic, CT

    Wouldn't have been able to make it unfortunately. My track record for these events has been horrible recently.
  8. EdA

    Supercharger - Mystic, CT

    So am I - and I have a reservation...never seen one...
  9. EdA

    Supercharger - Freetown, MA

    The number of SC's on the southcoast of MA is incredible!
  10. EdA

    Supercharger - Darien CT Rest Area

    First supercharger I ever used back in 2013 (Darien NB; SB wasn't operational!)
  11. EdA

    Supercharger - New Jersey Turnpike Rest Areas - Molly Pitcher & Joyce Kilmer

    Supercharge.info shows that it is open, not sure about the car nav.
  12. EdA

    How to plan a road trip - how long will it take?

    Go with option 3, that's how we navigate to NYC. Charge as close as you can to entering the city...
  13. EdA

    Supercharger - Dartmouth, MA

    Drove by yesterday! Wish it was in the BJ's parking lot :-)
  14. EdA

    Supercharger - Ellsworth, ME

    *NEVER* supercharged in 5 years!?!?!?!
  15. EdA

    Model S Software/Firmware wishlist

    Rear screen? Which car do you have?
  16. EdA

    Supercharger - East Greenwich, RI - 1149 Division St.

    seems easy enough to drag away, but I 'd recommend glove unless you want pine tar on your hands
  17. EdA

    Supercharger - Concord, NH

    Battery is probably not pre-heated?
  18. EdA

    Fitting a tandem into a Model S: favor required from Eugene, OR area owner...

    It turns out that my bike fits in the Model S with front *and* rear wheels removed and the rear seats folded down. This works for us just fine.
  19. EdA

    Supercharger - Warwick, RI

    Wow! Makes my head spin since I have been WFH since 3/2020.
  20. EdA

    Supercharger - Warwick, RI

    @JaeTheDev - Do you have no home charging?
  21. EdA

    2022 Climate XChange Tesla Raffle

    Please consider buying a ticket for the 6th annual Tesla Raffle - please pass it on! https://carbonraffle.org/ This has consistently been the best Tesla raffle as you get the car AND the cash to pay the taxes. Climate XChange is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to achieve a...
  22. EdA

    Supercharger - Dartmouth, MA

    Wow! South coast will be well covered after Seekonk and this are complete...
  23. EdA

    Phone App: iPhone/Android app

    I did notice that over the weekend!
  24. EdA

    Supercharger - East Greenwich, RI - 1149 Division St.

    I wonder if they will close the other E. Greenwich supercharger
  25. EdA

    Service Center - Bedford NH

    Live free or die!
  26. EdA

    Supercharger - Franklin, MA

    Had to be a stunt, the supercharger opened that day!
  27. EdA

    Supercharger - Franklin, MA

    The Mustang would have to be built with a Tesla port, unlike Europe where Tesla is required to have a CCS cable.
  28. EdA

    Sandy Monro Plaid Road Trip - Boston visit Sunday 12/12/21

    How did it go? Video?
  29. EdA

    Sandy Monro Plaid Road Trip - Boston visit Sunday 12/12/21

    Super interesting, just watched his Rivian video...would be awesome to meet him but I doubt I can make it
  30. EdA

    Supercharger - Franklin, MA

    LOL, drive by it twice today...
  31. EdA

    2021 collision repair in MA?

    I've heard good things about Today's in Malden. Good luck
  32. EdA

    Supercharger - Franklin, MA

    I drove by on Saturday and it still seemed inoperable.
  33. EdA

    Home charger installer recommendations for Framingham Metrowest area

    We have had two Tesla's since 2014 and have managed with a single charger. It is rare both of us need more than 200 miles of range added in the same day. We are garaged but in the winter one of us may use the 120 outlet.
  34. EdA

    Storage for Tesla

    Best bet is with a friend... You can ask at the Electrified Garage perhaps...
  35. EdA

    Storage for Tesla

    You'll just need to trickle charge during that time
  36. EdA

    WTB: Model 3 Winter Wheel / Tire Set

    Mounting and unmounting the wheels is not a good thing. If you have all wheel drive and aren't an avid skier you should be able to get away with all seasons. My first car was a RWD Model S and I swapped the tires/wheels twice a year. Note: I do have the ability to WFH at any time, so I...
  37. EdA

    Supercharger - North Conway, NH

    Isn't it possible this could be another Hannaford ChADemo/CSS combo charger like the others scattered across NE?
  38. EdA

    Solar Roof/Powerwall Installation Frustration

    Tweet Elon?
  39. EdA

    Plate Number for EV Plate

    The RMV will probably tell you what you need to do...
  40. EdA

    New Englanders -- check in!

    The roof is higher in the 3 and you sit slightly higher, more noticeable in the back. Not sure of actual leg room being greater in the 3. I had an S before my 3, and my wife has an S which I typically drive when we need more storage space.
  41. EdA

    New Englanders -- check in!

    All car companies are facing a chip shortage, at a time where there are more chips in cars than ever before: Chip shortage likely to keep car prices sky-high through 2023
  42. EdA

    Recommendations for Window/Lights Tinting in the Boston Area

    @Tdreamer - Congrats on the new beast!
  43. EdA

    Plate Number for EV Plate

    Start at the RMV website...
  44. EdA

    Plate Number for EV Plate

    @PeterK that is sad, I think the EV plates are "cheap" vanity plates.
  45. EdA

    New Englanders -- check in!

    I have used Wheel Dynamix on Natick for 4 Teslas so far starting in January 2013: Wheel Dynamix, Inc. | Natick MA Tires & Auto Repair Shop
  46. EdA

    Solar Panels

    BTW: I put my deposit on my original Model S in October of 2010 with an estimated delivery of the car in late 2012 (it came in early January 2013). In early 2011 I started looking into solar and asked somewhere on the TMC and got some great input.
  47. EdA

    Solar Panels

    I bought the panels on my old house (2011) and my new house (moved last year, installed this year). If you can swing paying for it (without a long or lease) in MA my calculations (and from my prior home) show that you are cash positive between year 5 and year 6. When I sold my house last year I...
  48. EdA

    Hebert Candy Mansion EVent SEPT 18th 1-5pm

    Looking forward to finally attending this event!
  49. EdA

    Service Center / Supercharger - Norwell MA

    I went there twice since they opened and both times everything was efficient. Once was recalls and once was new tires. Ugh, could be Covid-related. Or perhaps they flooded last week. When I was there I think the first time, it was raining and rain was coming in under the door.
  50. EdA

    Service Center / Supercharger - Norwell MA

    If it were me I'd just drive back and have them service it on the spot. But I'd get there early.

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