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    Wall Connector Power Sharing

    Ran into perhaps a similar problem with my OpenEVSE that automatically limits available power based on other intermittent high power loads in our house. My Tesla ramps down as required, but never ramps back up. It's almost like the charging power slider is changed. Link to thread
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    2021 Model 3 never ramps back up after temporary amp restriction by EVSE

    Both the iOS app and the car shows 5/40A once the EVSE has raised the limit, so the car indeed detects the limit has gone back up. It's just that the car isn't ramping back up its actual charging power to the original level in response. I found another thread on here describing a similar...
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    2021 Model 3 never ramps back up after temporary amp restriction by EVSE

    I just confirmed an weird Model 3 charging behavior via my OpenEVSE, which we have set up with some home automation scripting to automatically restrict charging current to 5A when other high loads are in use (water heater, hot tub, etc), so as to avoid demand charges from the utility. After...
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    Supercharger queuing system

    Tesla has an advantage of controlling their charging experience from top to bottom. I’d love for my car to reserve my charging stall as I am navigating to it and take care of managing queuing and congestion automatically. It would give me some additional peace of mind on long trips to know that...
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    Seniors wishing the glovebox had a physical button to open

    Tesla could help by adding a glove-box button to the lower right corner of the screen. As it is now, if a passenger wants to open the glove box, say to get out a parking permit as we're pulling in, they have to know to tap the Car icon on the driver's side, then find the Glove Box button on a...
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    Wipers randomly turn on

    Pulled up to a storefront with one of those vinyl banners as a temporary sign. The banner was well secured on all four corners, but still making waves in the breeze. The low angle of the winter made shadows from the waves. My wipers turned on high. I just assumed the car's software interpreted...
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    Repeater camera feeds are mostly useless when turn signal is on at night

    I turned the feature off primarily due to the turn signal glare at night. Secondarily the video feed "snaps" on and off, which is itself a distraction. Fade in/out would be better. I'll stick to trusting my side mirrors which are angled out so no overlap with the rear-view mirror (per current...
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    2022 Model 3 Adaptive Headlights?

    My 2021 Model 3 came with matrix headlights, but with only two exceptions, they are static in pattern/aim. Exception 1: headlight aiming function on the service menu moves the headlights through their range and projects a special aiming pattern to help with proper adjustment. Warning: don’t hit...
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    Rugged Textile floor and rear mats now available on Tesla shop

    Don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but if you need an extra grippy surface, just flip the rugged textile floor mat over. Neoprene foam surface up. Works great if you don’t want things to slide around.
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    Blind Spot Monitoring

    My other half turns off the side repeater cameras on the backup camera, while I like them. The problem he has with them is since they aren’t full color RGB cameras but instead designed for the computer to look at, colors can look off. So you may see a red car in the full color rear camera, but...
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    Owners Manual crashes Tesla's computer

    Happy to report that my in car owner’s manual is once again usable after the upgrade to 2021.36! Yay! In fact, I notice the whole system is faster, such as the transition into and out of YouTube. Thanks to whomever at Tesla figured that nasty bug out. Must have been a fun one.
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    Charging port staying open

    This just happened to me a couple days ago after the 2021.32.21 update. I noticed first the charge port wasn't closing a few second after unplugging like before and required the gentle nudge to close it. Yesterday the charge port was had mysteriously opened on its own sometime overnight. It...
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    SERENITY NOW! - Autopilot Chimes are way TOO LOUD!

    I have to agree with you. AutoPilot is a mode, and we humans aren't so good at remembering modes unless there is a consistent indicator that is visual, audible, or tactile. I miss the days when you would feel cruise control take the gas pedal away from under your foot... and don't get me started...
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    SERENITY NOW! - Autopilot Chimes are way TOO LOUD!

    Of the cars I’ve driven with adaptive cruise control and lane guidance systems, the Tesla is the chattiest with its bing-bongs. While I don’t find the sounds offensive (actually quite the opposite), my other half despises them - the tones are right in a frequency range his hearing is very...
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    Speaker Dead or ?

    I thought I had tread here that little speaker is a backup / redundant to produce the alert chimes should the normal audio system fail. Might have been required in some regions?
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    screen protector

    I noticed my 2021 LR already has some kind of anti-reflective coating similar my iPad screen.
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    cell phone data

    When you stream audio from your phone to the car over Bluetooth, you will use your phone’s data plan (unless the audio was previously downloaded and locally cached onto your phone for offline playback). When you use the TuneIn app built into the Tesla screen, that uses Tesla’s data plan...
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    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Things my non-EV-geek friends don’t want to wrap their heads around: battery degradation, optimal charging practices, and the taper on fast charge. Then when they do get an EV, those things become non-issues anyway. Manufacturers have to keep care-and-feeding instructions dead simple. Most...
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    How much % do you lose while unplugged?

    Pacific Northwest San Juan islands, garaged, so very mild temps. Best I can tell, my 2021 LR consumes an average of 7W if left alone long term with sentry disabled. It seems much improved over earlier reports here.
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    Best way to keep heat from coming through the sunroof?

    I suspect the synthetic composition of the mesh fabric might already reflect some IR light, but I wonder if applying a light coat of silver spray paint to the sky-facing side would reject more radiant heat. I'm kind of surprised it isn't already coated like that, but then thinking about it...
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    Shortcut for Turning on Lights

    We have a ferry system between islands. They have signs asking us to turn off headlights, especially at night, during loading and unloading so as not to dazzle the workers directing cars on the boats. Most people with automatic headlights have no clue how to turn off the headlights. Tesla could...
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    Rugged Textile floor and rear mats now available on Tesla shop

    Still liking my rugged floor mat, with only two negatives on it: 1) it is not a non-slip surface like rubber, so some things may slide around on it easily, and 2) while it doesn't impede access to the sub trunk, it seems like it would be better if it has some sort of built-in crease and/or...
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    Noise Cancellation

    My previous luxury car had active noise cancelation. It felt unnatural. I'm sure Tesla would love to make the Model 3 even quieter... the laminated side windows are expensive and do help considerably with wind and traffic noise. My 2021 is noticeably quieter than the first version I test drove...
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    Motion sickness?

    EVs, especially Teslas, present some novel sensations: that velvety smooth acceleration, lack of engine noise as a cue, and strong off-throttle regen. Tesla has especially mastered the slow speed stuff - there's generally no lurch at either start or stop. At first you'll find yourself...
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    Smelly AC not covered under Warranty on new cars?

    Mine started having intermittent emissions of this uncured silicone smell just a few weeks into ownership. Car was delivered at the end of December and built just a couple weeks prior. It got increasingly more potent and would come and go. We wondered if there was some glob of silicone that had...
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    Noises While Not In Car—What is It Doing?

    My 2021 Model 3 LR makes all sorts of noises, even when not driven for days at a time and left unplugged. I'll be down in the garage and sometimes hear the main contactors close with a clunk and coolant pump running. If the car has been recently driven or even if I just sat in it for a few...
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    Closing Charge Port Door Manually?

    Yep, charge port won’t respond to pressing/tapping on it if the car is locked.
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    Smelly AC not covered under Warranty on new cars?

    If you are handy, perhaps follow the DIY guide on Tesla's customer support site to pull the cabin filters yourself and inspect them. My filters smelled like acetic acid, and running the A/C without the filters in place (temporarily), made it clear the smell was originating in the OEM filters...
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    Installing a Instrument Cluster Dashboard Displayer mickey mouse

    All of these instrument binnacles look like they would block airflow to the driver.
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    Tesla Service Remote vehicle access

    My mobile tech told me they can only remote unlock the vehicle if there is an active service appointment and the time and place are correct. No ability to randomly walk up and magically unlock just any vehicle.
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    Model Y PPF and window tinting options in AZ

    Cactus Tint on Raintree in Scottsdale, right across from a Tesla service center did a great job on my 3. I had full front PPF, but no tint since I’m not in AZ during the summers. They use XPEL. It seems to have a hydrophobic finish and I’ve been able to use a heat gun to take out scratches from...
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    Model 3, LR-AWD First Impressions

    I, too, thought my Model 3 stereo sounded terrible when I picked up my car. Turns out it was the EQ settings. The bass and table were maxed out. I reset it to flat and so much better!
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    Owners Manual crashes Tesla's computer

    Yep, happened to me on Sunday when trying to use the search function in the manual. Screen froze, max A/C.
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    Yeah, I Bought A Digital License Plate.....sigh.....

    Too bad the OP had such a bad experience. Interesting tech I could see actually taking off, especially if it were standardized and manufacturers could build it right into the car. No more temporary tags and easily a much more integrated design.
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    Anyone tried the "Active Exhaust" systems?

    Even worse... my new Mercedes Benz SL came with this system installed from the factory. At first it kinda worked its magic... certainly sounded impressive, even with a startup "fart". Then I discovered this mysterious stainless steel sphere in the sub trunk with an "exhaust port" aimed at the...
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    Tesla Branded Front Glass Roof Sun Shade On 2021 Doesn’t Fit?

    My front Tesla roof shade is slightly oversized for my 2021 M3 LR. I’ve made do by letting the excess push the rear two corners down, and it’s not noticeable unless you are looking for it. That said, not thrilled for the cost. I might stop by the SC and see what they think. Shade was...
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    why no beep for backup sensor in Model 3? [rear cross traffic warning]

    My previous car (GM product) had rear cross-traffic detection and vibrated your seat, left or right side, plus a bright red arrow on the touchscreen to warn you. It was OK, except for the false alarms... that car had frequent false alarms on the ultrasonics and cross-traffic that I started to...
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    Best way to keep heat from coming through the sunroof?

    What heats the cabin up in the sun is not the heavily tinted glass roof, but the massive windshield and side windows. You can test this by feeling the seats after the car has been parked in the sun for a few minutes. I’m in Phoenix, AZ right now. The sun is starting to get intense, and I’m...
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    How do you apply wax/sealant?

    I use my Cyclo polisher to apply sealant (RejeX). Why just do when you can totally and completely overdo it!
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    Musings on the wood dash

    Wow, old thread. The real wood veneer accent makes me smile - “soothing” is a good word for it. Adds just enough warmth to an otherwise minimalist design. I’d be interested to know exactly what species it is. Anyone know?
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    2021 Owners....Deep rumbling noise?

    Mine does this. Not the heat pump compressor as far as I can tell. I’m thinking it could be the condenser fan or Octovalve cycling, and it happens to briefly induce a sympathetic resonance in the cabin. Seems harmless.
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    I thought Model X drivers parked poorly

    I’ve seen quite a few people have difficulty maneuvering their cars, regardless of brand and propulsion. Backing in to a perpendicular spot is arguably safer, and I’ve read on this very forum that is standard practice for commercial drivers. That said, not many private car drivers practice it...
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    New Model 3: slight flickering of screen on startup

    Yep, mine does that. More noticeable at lower brightness levels. There are likely technical reasons for this related to how LEDs are dimmed and human perception of brightness.
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    2021: Low Frequency Vibration

    Did some more experimenting. Now I’m not sure it’s the heat pump compressor. I had A/C disabled and was able to get the rumble just by adjusting the temperature to LO then back up to 70F with no other changes. The compressor wasn’t running, but heat was coming out the vents on command. Perhaps...
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    2021: Low Frequency Vibration

    Did some exploration yesterday with the frunk liner removed. As far as I can tell, this low frequency tone is a sympathetic vibration in the cabin as the heat pump spins up through a certain RPM range. It would guess it's a pesky NVH issue that is a) harmless, and b) what's left over after...
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    adjusting headlight?

    I have the new world headlights on my 12/2020 Model 3. Ever curious, I touched the Adjust Headlights button yesterday on the Service screen thinking there would be a confirmation box before proceeding. What followed was rather interesting... There was no "are you sure?" prompt. Uh oh, guess I'm...
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    Before I screw up my Model 3 in the car wash...

    ONR is great! I still like to do a real wash now and then, as a wipe-down with ONR doesn't get all the dust out of the wheels and such. I have a spray-bottle filled with a dilute solution of ONR that is handy for quickly wiping down the bugs before they dry - a habit I got into from owning an...
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    Is there a way to start charging based on my solar panels outputting energy?

    We use an OpenEVSE to charge our Model 3. It has an optional network interface, and if you are skilled with some light programming/scripting, you can send it commands that reduce the “advertised amperage” or simply enable/disable charging. In our testing, the Tesla responds immediately by...
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    Driver profile switch and trunk release?

    Do you find that when both your wife and you are taking the car together that the driver profile is selected more reliably that way? I was thinking the fob used the same BLE beacon that is implemented with the phone, so would have essentially the same behavior.
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    2021: Low Frequency Vibration

    Perhaps a software update could fix it... seriously! Since it's such a consistent and predictable low-frequency tone, a perfectly matched out-of-phase tone from the audio system would cancel it out for all seating positions. The system software may know exactly when and what RPM it is running...

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