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  1. NathanJax

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Started talking about these wheels back a few pages ago... post 2,277 https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/show-off-your-aftermarket-wheels.28776/page-114#post-6564077
  2. NathanJax

    Are these fog lights?

    Nope.no way to do that. It's like adding a button to an arcade game. Would have to root the system/software to even begin to do that.
  3. NathanJax

    Are these fog lights?

    So if you're talking about the lights in the chrome, those come on when turning (left when turning left,etc). There is no button to turn those "on". It would have to be something completely custom.
  4. NathanJax

    2016 after refresh. Radio

    It doesn't work like that. Here's the diagram of each system. Amps are different and fit in to different locations. Standard Premium Wiring diagram of premium
  5. NathanJax

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    It's purposely sticking out. He's made it this way so the center cap will not rotate with the car. Google "floating center cap" to see
  6. NathanJax

    Was My Front Subframe Installed Wrong?

    Did you take it back to Tesla? If so, what did they say? If not, why not?
  7. NathanJax

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Calipers are a wrap as well... here's a couple more....
  8. NathanJax

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    That's correct. It's a wrap on the wheels to go with the wrap on the car. It's a local wrap business owner (and friend fo mine) at #201wraps in Jacksonville Florida
  9. NathanJax

    Replacing Tesla Liftgate Applique on older Model S

    Yes it will swap out, but a lot of people will just wrapped their current one... I actually had mine painted.
  10. NathanJax

    NVX Subwoofer vs 4 light harmonic door speakers

    Audiomobile GTS 10” subwoofer Rockford Fosgate R2-500X1 Amplifier I just swapped the front door speakers to the larger Premium speakers. I installed everything myself as I've done car audio/video for the 25 years. That link others posted is how much the box cost.
  11. NathanJax

    NVX Subwoofer vs 4 light harmonic door speakers

    This is the box I have. He's local and a long time friend of mine. There's a couple of my vehicles on his youtube channel.
  12. NathanJax

    NVX Subwoofer vs 4 light harmonic door speakers

    Tap in to one of the door speakers
  13. NathanJax

    Complimentary camera upgrade

    Free MCU2 and HW3 upgrade? How dis that happen?
  14. NathanJax

    Infotainment Upgrade

    It will replace both screens. You'll get upgraded form MCU1 and AP2.5 to MCU2 and HW3. MCU3 is the horizontal screen which will never happen. https://www.tesla.com/support/infotainment
  15. NathanJax

    NVX Subwoofer vs 4 light harmonic door speakers

    Probably just the stock premium audio. Definitely a big difference in my opinion. The $500 is just the sub and box. The $900 is also the wiring and amp. Most people will just get the kit unless you want to piece it all together.
  16. NathanJax

    Sub enclosure

    sound deadening on the box probably won't affect it in any way. Polyfill is what is used if you'd like to get a little more space inside your box. https://learn.sonicelectronix.com/what-is-polyfill/
  17. NathanJax

    NVX Subwoofer vs 4 light harmonic door speakers

    I replaced the front door speakers (160mm) with the premium speakers (200mm) and noticed a little more midbass. Got them off eBay. If you search on here there's no point to replace rear speakers. Then I added a custom box with a 10" sub in the rear. You can do something custom or something...
  18. NathanJax

    Model S Nature Pictures

    In Daytona Florida for the weekend
  19. NathanJax

    AP2 & MCU1 - Does upgrading to MCU2 also upgrade AP2 to AP2.5 or 3, and does it enable sentry mode?

    For you (MCU1 and AP2) it's $1,500 for the MCU2 upgrade and $500 for the HW3 upgrade. So $2,000 total. If you want to keep FM, it's another $500. Yes it enables sentry mode. I had it done recently on my MCU1/AP2 Tesla. https://www.tesla.com/support/infotainment
  20. NathanJax

    Frame Damage on a used Model S

    For sure! I would 100% get out of that car while you can.
  21. NathanJax

    v11 Headrest adjustment?

    Just updated to 2022.4 and can confirm it's back.
  22. NathanJax

    v11 Headrest adjustment?

    Good to hear!
  23. NathanJax

    Update on AP Camera Update for Older S/X Vehicles

    Thank you for this. I after reading this entire thread, I upgraded my cameras to the black Model Y cameras (1125106-50-G and 1125107-50-G) and wanted to test them just to make sure I was good.
  24. NathanJax

    v11 Headrest adjustment?

    So I decided to schedule a service to see if Tesla would give me any more info on it. Basically everythings still safe and they are aware and it will come with an update.... eventually.
  25. NathanJax

    v11 Headrest adjustment?

    I've downloaded 2021.44.30 laste last week and just downloaded and installed 2021.44.30.2 tonight and still don't have my headrest control back.
  26. NathanJax

    Graphite Interior Finish Retrofit Index

    Here's some, I got them from Tesla and eBay so I won't post prices as they could change. Please add the "CheetahWrap Matte Charcoal Metallic" to the original post as well from my post above. Rear AC Vent bezel 1064501-01-B Far left AC Vent bezel 1061731-02-B Middle left AC Vent bezel...
  27. NathanJax

    Graphite Interior Finish Retrofit Index

    Vinyl. A buddy of mine owns a shop and it took a little while to get the correct wrap, but it's CheetahWrap Matte Charcoal Metallic. Did you do the B pillar sides half way up and C pillar sides just behind the rear doors as well?
  28. NathanJax

    Graphite Interior Finish Retrofit Index

    I'm about halfway done with this upgrade and wanted to show a few pics. Here's the differences in some of the pieces. I tried to take a picture to show the difference with the passenger door before I swap that trim over. I've done: - all 4 AC vents in front - rear AC vent on the center console...
  29. NathanJax

    Floor Heating

    Have you seen this? https://teslatap.com/footwarmer/
  30. NathanJax

    v11 Headrest adjustment?

    Can anyone try to adjust the headrest with the new v11? Mines a 2017 MCU2 and for the life of me can't figure out how to adjust the headrest. V10 would pop up in the bottom corner of the screen to change between the headrest and seat, but I can't get the passenger side or drivers side.
  31. NathanJax

    Boombox Retrofit?

    As much as it cost to sell your S and get a new one. The wiring, the software, nothing is there.
  32. NathanJax

    Boombox Retrofit?

    No. Wiring isn't there. Only started in 2020.
  33. NathanJax

    Legacy v11

    I posted this on another thread, but here's a couple (that aren't mine)...
  34. NathanJax

    Opinions on the Tesla All Weather Mats

    I have Tesla all weather mats, I'm happy with them. Basically renamed WeatherTechs
  35. NathanJax

    New UI for pre-refreshed model S? Holiday update

    2017 S MCU2, just finished installing 44.25.2 Sucks, I'm out of town till Friday so can't see it till i get back
  36. NathanJax

    Model S 75 Phone as a key

    His question in the subject is, “phone as a key” and you’re saying you can’t use your phone as a key? When I purchased my car from a private individual, he did not have a FOB. He only used the app. I test drove the car and before agreeing to purchase the car, I told him he would have to...
  37. NathanJax

    Re-trimmed steering wheel

    Saw your post on Facebook. Would LOVE to have something like that done, however, in the states it's around $1,000 to do.
  38. NathanJax

    Model S 75 Phone as a key

    Incorrect My 06 2017 S has unlock and can drive without needing my fob.
  39. NathanJax

    Ceramic coating on wheels - how well does it work?

    This is what I've experienced. Did mine and my wifes wheels. Basically just hose off the brakes dust and it's good.
  40. NathanJax

    Can we have a separate Plaid/refresh section?

    But other than AP1 vs 2/3, basically all other exterior, interior, MCU, etc. parts can be swapped out. No point in separating them. That's 100% not the case with those and the 2021 Plaid and LR.
  41. NathanJax

    Received my model S , 1st week had to get frunk realigned. Was told by mobile service and SA that wrapping my car would not void warranty

    This is exactly it. They are not "voiding" your warranty, but the are not going to work on your wrapped car, somehow scratch your wrap, and then have to pay to fix it. Most of your issues deal with panels being moved/adjusted which is just asking for the wrap to be messed up. I bet if you...
  42. NathanJax

    Can we have a separate Plaid/refresh section?

    If I were to change it, it would be First Generation (2012-2021) Second Generation (2021-) More exterior and interior changes between these two compared to the 16-17 changes. I said this in another thread, but will say it here as well. the sections and subsections on this forum REALLY...
  43. NathanJax

    Is the infotainment update at $1500 worth it?(2017 100s)

    It depends if you have AP1, AP2, AP2.5. https://www.tesla.com/support/infotainment This upgrade is available for $2,000 plus applicable tax, including installation, for vehicles equipped with Autopilot Computer 2.0 or 2.5 and for $1,500 plus applicable tax, including installation, for all...
  44. NathanJax

    Somebody upgrade MCU2 and lost free premium connectivity?

    I had it done a month ago. 100% kept my free premium connectivity. The "free" part is on the car/vin, not on a piece of hardware.
  45. NathanJax

    No Security View Live Camera option in my FSD Beta enabled Model S

    2 weeks.... Sorry, had to. But yes, I'd really like to have Live View as well. on 2021.40.6 and really thought I'd have it by now
  46. NathanJax

    Threads too Long to be Useful

    I agree. I'm an Admin on a bunch of other forums and the sections and subsections on this forum REALLY need some work. The subforums need updating, Interior shouldn't be grouped with exterior. If someone moved threads to their correct sections, 90% of the threads in the open S forum would be in...
  47. NathanJax

    Infotainment upgrade includes?

    LTE upgrade is $200 https://www.tesla.com/support/3g-cellular-network-retirement That is correct. Both screens replaced and new MCU https://www.tesla.com/support/infotainment
  48. NathanJax

    Model S/X Yoke steering wheel upgrade

    Whats the cost?

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