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  1. chriSharek

    Supercharger Updates?

    Thanks, but there hasn't been an update on this since July . . .
  2. chriSharek

    Supercharger Updates?

    I'm specifically looking for the Melbourne Florida SC update - is it online yet? But, bigger picture, is there a thread, link, or website to check to see when these are up and running? I hope I'm not duplicating a post - I did try to search first! Thanks, cs
  3. chriSharek

    Model S Roof Rack

    I just ordered my whisbar. Could save a couple hundred bucks using Rhino, but . .. probably not worth the effort.
  4. chriSharek

    Autopilot restrictions gone

    Man, you guys are a bunch of nerds! :)
  5. chriSharek

    Best Radar Detector?

    Ok, so Escort seems to have cornered the market on detectors. I read this morning that they also own Beltronics. What is the best bang for the buck detector on the market? Go!
  6. chriSharek

    Model S 2017/17 new Front Facia Plate

    I'm so glad I got my nosecone and not the refresh . . .
  7. chriSharek

    Preparing for Lovebug Season

    Not the case as long as you don't leave it on all the time. Lovebugs are really only here for a couple weeks a year. No reason to leave it on all year long - otherwise, you are right.
  8. chriSharek

    Preparing for Lovebug Season

    Again, this bra has some thickness to it - it will protect against stones as well as bugs. I really like it - and with the nose cone redesign, it makes my MS look even more ominous! Is that a refreshed 2016? Better check the side skirts . . .
  9. chriSharek

    Preparing for Lovebug Season

    But that doesn't protect like a bra for stones! :) I'm really impressed with the fit of this bra. They did a great job. Oh, I did have to buy a 2015 bra for my 2016 Model S. :)
  10. chriSharek

    Preparing for Lovebug Season

    I went through Auto Anything when I ordered it. I absolutely love it. Closing the frunk is now fingerprint free! :) I would NOT recommend the little side mirror covers. They don't fit well. I may throw them on just to protect on those couple of trips across the state, but they look crappy.
  11. chriSharek

    One month in: Model S issues

    I had this EXACT same problem. They took care of it though.
  12. chriSharek

    Preparing for Lovebug Season

    Windows tinted and bra on. Ready for summer now. Not fond of the mirror covers, but the front mask fits great!
  13. chriSharek

    Refresh Schmresh

    Except the standard 5-star old wheels are better than the cyclone! ;) JK
  14. chriSharek

    Refresh Schmresh

    Glad to share - Just driving down the interstate, not behind a big truck, and ding! Just got a dime sized pit right in the middle of my vision/driver's side. Had it replaced a week later by the awesome Brandon, FL Service Center.
  15. chriSharek

    Refresh Schmresh

    Hey man - really, they are all great cars. While I personally (and I think you alluded to it) feel that the 90D is the sweet spot of range, price, and performance, they are all great cars. Having said that, and having driven the X when my windshield was getting replaced (with only 4k miles...
  16. chriSharek

    Refresh Schmresh

    I took delivery about 2 months ago - just a week before they refreshed the front end, added the center console, and changed the standard wheels. I can't tell you how HAPPY I am with my car! I'm thrilled on all 3 of these particular fronts. Glad I ordered when I did and got what I got. The...
  17. chriSharek

    Preparing for Lovebug Season

    Those of you that live in the South know how horrible these little bugs can get. In Florida, they are AWFUL - twice a year for about a week. I was so adamantly against the films that really aren't going to protect against lovebugs or stones (despite what some folks here think). So, although...
  18. chriSharek

    Tinting 2016 MS!

    I received a quote for $200 for carbon at the shop that did my Volt 5 years ago (and still looks great). I am thinking I'll go with that. Also, Florida lets the rear windows be darker than the driver/passenger. But, I am thinking for look, I'm going to stick with the same darkness all the way...
  19. chriSharek

    First Time Drag Racing Tesla P85D Ludicrous

    Insurance? Who cares about that if you're on a track!? Really?
  20. chriSharek

    How anal are you about parking spots and door dings?

    XPEL is going to help with a door ding? Really? That might be wishful thinking . . .
  21. chriSharek

    How anal are you about parking spots and door dings?

    I not only look for an "end" parking spot, I'll even think about if the driver's door or passenger's door is towards the end parking spot - hoping maybe there isn't a passenger - better odds the door doesn't ever open. You get a little more exercise each time you park a ways away . . . right...
  22. chriSharek

    Things you may not have discovered about your Model S?!

    Worked for my 2016 MS90D
  23. chriSharek

    Wheels advice please

    At less than 2k miles I had to replace a tire (or in your case tyre). I'm so glad it was only a $300 19" tire and not the 21s. We have pretty good roads here in FL - unlike the UK. I'd strongly suggest you testdrive both of them if you have the time. The 19s (1) give better range, (2)will...
  24. chriSharek

    Model S - Window Tinting

    That can't be good. I was considering the Photosync . . . now, not so much. I have had a carbon based tint on my Volt for 5 years in the Florida sun and it still looks fantastic. For less than $200 I may put it on my MS.
  25. chriSharek

    Another Audio System Review

    The Bose system in my 2011 Volt is better in every way (highs, mids and lows) than the UHFS in my 2016 Model S. I've tweaked and tweaked the EQ and the volume. Sorry. This is just one area where I don't think Tesla has put enough research and development - which is fine, because I'd rather...
  26. chriSharek

    Autopilot improvement in "MarioKart Rainbow Road" firmware update?

    I only took delivery about 2 weeks ago. I researched the hell out of this car - but I am still COMPLETELY AMAZED at the AP features, how good it is, and how Tesla is light years ahead of any competition. For anyone out there waiting for their car - prepare to be amazed.
  27. chriSharek

    Calling Model X Owner - Southwest Florida EVent

    Thank you for at least letting me know! Is there anyone else in Southwest Florida that might be able to attend with their X? I'm also looking for a Nissan Leaf too. Thanks! cs
  28. chriSharek

    Best Window Tint in FL?

    This seems like an obvious question to post here, but is everyone using a ceramic tint now? Please share your thoughts on what tint you had installed. Thanks!
  29. chriSharek

    Calling Model X Owner - Southwest Florida EVent

    On April 28, 2016 in Estero, FL near Bonita Springs, the Southwest Sustainability Summit will feature an EV Exhibition. I received my MS about 2 weeks ago, my son will drive down our 5 year old Volt. But I'm really looking for a Model X to have on display there for 2 hours (only from noon to...
  30. chriSharek

    Firmware 7.1

    While I can appreciate your efforts to consolidate and reduce the redundant "me too" posts, this discourages input and stifles the collective voice of this forum.
  31. chriSharek

    Firmware 7.1

    My Homelink has been working great too over the past 2 weeks of ownership - just installing the update this morning myself though.
  32. chriSharek

    Some assembly required...

    Even after delivery, your comments continue to be negative . . . Wow. I told you not to get it . . . oh well. Try to provide something constructive once in a while.
  33. chriSharek

    Is the 85D worth the additional $10k over the 70D?

    Yup. Cyclone is right. I ordered the 85D and then upgraded to the 90D. But, as KMTL points out, the 90D really allows you to dictate the speed and comfort of your drive. You're not inching out miles for heat or A/C or speed. You're driving and enjoying the car for what it is. I can't say...
  34. chriSharek

    One Week Ownership Review

    Yup. This was my delivery location too. I was just underwhelmed with the delivery experience. The car is absolutely amazing in every way. Did a 400 mile trip today up to Ocala and back - superchargers worked flawlessly. Ran into my good friend with his Signature 200 miles from our home...
  35. chriSharek

    One Week Ownership Review

    These are good thoughts. Thanks. I'll tweak the stereo today while my son drives a little on our maiden long-trip voyage.
  36. chriSharek

    real world all models 0-60 times and 1/4 mile times

    After one week of ownership, tinabran, I'll just say that it's crazy fast. It may not be insane or ludicrous, but it's just plain crazy fast.
  37. chriSharek

    One Week Ownership Review

    I'm a 5 year Volt owner, ordered my MS last year, but didn't take delivery until last Friday. I'm going to start by saying that the Volt is clearly the "gateway drug" to electric vehicle ownership. I took a plunge and got one of the first Volts - trading in my Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 (AWD...
  38. chriSharek

    Lost Internet (oh, WIFI won't connect either)

    Hey, any help with the WIFI? AT&T had a massive outage across the US this morning - that was the issue with the internet.
  39. chriSharek

    2016 Model S Refresh Mega-thread

    Got my MS last Friday - absolutely love it. Will not be disappointed if the center console comes with it or if that Model X nosecone is also part of the refresh. Love my old 5 spoke 19s too. If you're waiting to get the latest and greatest, you'll wait forever.
  40. chriSharek

    Lost Internet (oh, WIFI won't connect either)

    Ok. Yes. Me too. That did absolutely nothing for me. I've got a call into the service center. Pretty disappointing after only 1 week of ownership.
  41. chriSharek

    70D vs. 90D Speed Regrets?

    Yeah. I've got to admit, I don't even bother plugging in during the day any more in between trips. The range is so sufficient that I just don't bother with it. This is SO different than with my Volt - plugged in after EVERY single little trip to the store or a client's office! I'm sure that...
  42. chriSharek

    Lost Internet (oh, WIFI won't connect either)

    When you say "the reset" - are you talking about the main screen reset? That's what I did. Is there another reset (other than the driver's screen reset)?
  43. chriSharek

    Lost Internet (oh, WIFI won't connect either)

    So I've had my car a week now. We had no internet connection this morning on the way to school. WTF? Our phones worked fine and had all kinds of connection. The APP won't connect to the car either (which makes sense) To make matters worse, I also can't seem to get the car to connect to the...
  44. chriSharek

    70D vs. 90D Speed Regrets?

    I call mine "crazy fast". It's not insane, nor ludicrous, but just "crazy fast". :)
  45. chriSharek

    Color choice?

    The new blue is absolutely stellar. This is a picture of my delivery - but it looks even better in the sun.
  46. chriSharek

    How many of us "Entered Production" on March 11th?

    Congratulations! I was surprised at how much MORE I liked the car than I had expected. I knew I was going to like it, but Damn! I absolutely LOVE this car. By FAR the best car I've ever owned.
  47. chriSharek

    What Swag did Tesla give you at delivery?

    Finally . . . got it. Also received a nice bag with 2 pens, coffee mug, lapel pin, and the pair of leather key fob holders that I won't be using.
  48. chriSharek

    Picking Up My 85D Today

    MikeJr74, that color is gorgeous! I pick mine up this afternoon! So glad I got the blue . . . and those classic 19s. Looks great!
  49. chriSharek

    90D Range slowly declining

    Jeffro01, I pick my S90D up today. I'll let you know what my 90% is tonight!

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