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    Accident damaged Tesla Model 3

    I've taxed worse. But seriously, perhaps compile a list of EV conversion garages and see if anyone is interested.
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    M3 winter driving tips & tricks

    Avoid it if you can, if it's an absolute requirement get some snow tyres. Simple stuff.
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    [UK] Premium Connectivity Progress - pre mid July 2019 orders

    Explains why everything still works on my car, at least!
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    It’s not an M3 people...

    The future is now. Get with the programme.
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    Finally Arrived! Subtle Enhancements with pics

    Who's paying for the repair to my retinas? That colour saturation nearly burned them out of my head!
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    LTE / 3G connected all the time?

    Mine has stayed reliably connected for the most part.
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    Paint damage during service centre visit - Tesla will disregard ceramic coating

    Almost definitely a touchup and I'm kinda with Tesla on the whole issue of whether they should restore your ceramic coating.
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    Departure schedule & preconditioning?

    So far as I can remember, the logic had been mostly around orchestrating when the charging ended rather then scheduling your departure. Even that isn't guaranteed to get a fully pre-conditioned battery.
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    Overly Dramatic Braking

    If we're honest with ourselves these features just aren't very good currently. There's nothing more to it.
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    SpaceX logo position

    Amen to that.
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    SpaceX logo position

    I wanted to hate it, but I quite like it.
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    Fellow car cleaning obsessives...

    There has been some building work going on nearby and the car was covered in a layer of sticky grit so I washed it a few weeks ago (single bucket, old sponge) and could still feel the grit on the panels afterwards. If it gets too dirty I'll just order another ;)
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    Fellow car cleaning obsessives...

    In the interests of balance, I've washed mine twice (badly) since I got it in August.
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    Considering getting a Powerwall

    I haven't read the entire thread, but my belief had been that my position on the globe meant that I simply didn't get enough sun to make it worthwhile. Is that not the case?
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    Car door dented, caught on Sentry - help!

    I've used the phrase 'the joys of motoring' many times on here; and this is another good example of it. Cars will get dinged, it's part of ownership. Unless it looked like deliberate and malicious damage it's unlikely I'd care enough to chase the other party for payment.
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    If I get a flat tire in UK what’s my options?

    Lobbed a can of tyre-spunk in the frunk and have AA coverage. That's about as complicated as it gets for me.
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    Tesla trade-in values

    There's a bit of 'it's worth what someone will pay for it' right now. I can't imagine at the starts of a steep recession that there's much anticipated demand for a Golf R.
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    Card payment gone from my Tesla account

    I'm a leaseplan customer and can still see the card option.
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    Acceleration Boost Ireland

    Are you unhappy with the current level of acceleration? Perhaps it's something to save for when you get a bit bored with the car.
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    Rolec EV Wallpod

    I've had no issues with mine other than occasionally hearing a bit of buzz from a contactor when very close to it (< 6 feet). There's something to be said for a dumb charger.
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    Track Days

    As someone who has done a fair bit of racing and this kind of stuff my advice would be to get some tuition. It never ceases to amaze me how many have-a-go-heroes bin their pride and joy within an hour.
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    When do you get your reg number

    I got mine at the time of collection, giving the insurance company a call and updating the quote with the reg number was no big deal.
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    Considering getting a Powerwall

    I'm very interested in getting solar and a powerwall in the future, but it doesn't seem to be 'time' yet. I'm expecting some kind of price crash in the next few years.
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    How reliable is the 3 key app?

    I've had to toggle Airplane Mode once since August last year. The card lives in my wallet which is on me most of the time, but I think the last time I used it was when I collected it at the dealership.
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    Michelin Crossclimate+

    Yeah - but you've got to be careful with how far you go with that. The difference between 2mm and 4mm of tread, for example, can be quite significant, too.
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    Michelin Crossclimate+

    Thanks for the link. I haven't knowingly used that particular tyre but I have used a good half-dozen of that type of tyre, as they were always fitted to the company cars of a place I worked and I changed cars every 6 months or so. I'm open to the concept that things might have got better or...
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    Michelin Crossclimate+

    Jack of all trades, master of none. I've driven a few 'all season' tyres and just found them to be a disappointment in 4/4 seasons, rather than summer tyres which are only disappointing in 1/4 seasons.
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    18" Aero vs 20" Performance: Ride Quality, comfort, noise etc

    The 18s are more comfortable, but the 20s are more than comfortable enough.
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    Wet in compartment under boot

    Interesting! Thanks for sharing.
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    Get it immediately to a high quality, reputable car valet person. You can't clean this properly yourself.
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    The Beast of Burbage

    If only Summon wasn't horribly distance limited, eh?
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    Northampton supercharger - BE WARNED !!

    I've used that Supercharger and thought the signage was fine if I'm being honest. Be wary of any advice that claims such penalties are completely impotent and can be ignored, the stress and lost cash that comes with calling their bluff can see you in front of a magistrate are very real, if they...
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    Big trip coming up - with a big trailer

    Isn't the car only rated for a 900kg trailer? Re-charging every 90 or so minutes does look pretty tedious, though - but I wish you the best of luck.
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    FSD Feature Complete

    Even the basics of controlling the car in relatively simple scenarios seems way, way off to me. I believe in the project and I'm sure it'll get there eventually but it feels like it's only 50% of the way there.
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    Obsolescence incoming (already)

    As I say, only time will tell. This is, of course, the Internet and I'm sure we'll have no problem finding the perspectives that support our respective arguments to keep this thread alive for many a week. My only point is around my own perceived doubt about the 'stability' of Tesla's position...
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    Obsolescence incoming (already)

    It's such a vexed question - and only time will tell. It could of course be argued that the Tesla residuals have been historically high because where else would you get such a car second hand BEV if not from Tesla in the years gone by? In terms of technology and big players entering the market...
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    Obsolescence incoming (already)

    The rate of development is going to be key here, though. The law of diminishing returns means that a 2 year old ICE car isn't all that different to a brand new one. From a motor/battery perspective at least, my suspicion is that things will move along at the kind of pace whereby a 4 year old...
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    Obsolescence incoming (already)

    It was always on the cards and aligns to what I felt i was getting into when I took a Model 3. It's a big part of why I only leased, and only for 2 years. The development in the marketplace is going to be immense over the next decade, I fully expect the current Model 3 to look very old-hat...
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    Anyone know a quick source for a replacement Sottozero winter tyre?

    I've glued similar damage to the rim-protector in the past. Do your own research and get it checked out, but i very much doubt you need a new tyre.
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    Billing queries phone number

    It sounded like a one-off, could just be a random error.
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    Billing queries phone number

    I'm afraid I don't know of a number, and would suggest you consider the value of your time!
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    Are smart charge points worth having?

    Listening to the complexity and reported erratic behaviour I'm quite happy with my dumb-Rolec, which hasn't missed a beat.
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    Just spotted this opensource API scraper

    If all you're querying is an API to wake the car, why not just knock up a cheap Azure/AWS service to do so? Most of them run X transactions per month for free.
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    Unfortunately had to cancel my order - are Tesla really a business?

    It applies to Tesla more than most. Where other companies have slow order processes they generally have far better communication which is where the confusion/frustration/annoyance creeps in.
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    Unfortunately had to cancel my order - are Tesla really a business?

    I came to realise that the cost of Tesla can't be measured in currency alone, but also in frustration, confusion and annoyance. You need to have the cash and emotional endurance to be a Tesla owner. If you aren't prepared to pay both bills then you can't have one.
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    Moving home - OLEV

    Should be a relatively trivial job for an electrician to move it, that'd be my first port of call.
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    What else do you drive?

    I have a Golf R and a couple of high performance motorbikes in my household. Next year I'll add a track car a track bike to the garage.
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    Squeaky M3 Brakes

    Agree with the others who have suggested some hard braking, I had some noises at low speeds but it was nothing a good late braking session coming off the motorway couldn't solve.
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    Model 3 Heavy Steering

    Variations between cars are quite common in this regard. It falls firmly into the 'stuff you'll get used to' category for me. The Model 3 probably appeals to a sportier market than the A1, sportier cars tend to have heavier steering which makes them easier to drive at pace.
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    Problems with car: Lease company or Tesla?

    I've only done it once but I went directly to Tesla.

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