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  1. CYBER_Y

    Model Y real world winter range

    Yeah sorry I sort by new and can’t always tell, lol.
  2. CYBER_Y

    Model Y real world winter range

    For me it’s not wanting to go 500 or 600 miles in one sitting but rather having the ability and freedom to go places where there just isn’t charging or super slow level 2 charging at 6-7 kWh or less. Kinda limits where you can go and yeah that’s part of EV life but having the extra range means...
  3. CYBER_Y

    Wiki FSD Beta 10.4

    Checking Open Street Maps for an area that I frequently have issues with my Y putting its turn signal on while on a main route - rt. 1 shows no reason as to why it should put a turn signal on unless it thinks it is a fork in the road, Also, coming through a traffic light in another area of town...
  4. CYBER_Y

    An unexpected condition has been detected with the heating and cooling system

    Thanks. Was it a quick job or is it a leave the car there type of thing.
  5. CYBER_Y

    An unexpected condition has been detected with the heating and cooling system

    Just got this message on my 2020 MY LR with around 12k miles on it. Had to set up a service appt. but can't get one for a while. It says the car will continue to attempt heating and cooling at reduced performance. Replacement parts are being pre-shipped to my preferred service center. Has anyone...
  6. CYBER_Y

    2021.36.5.3 Updating Now

    Downloaded 36.5.3 today over Tesla wifi. Didn't know you could do that. Thought you needed to be connected to wifi but I pushed the button to see what would happen and it installed from the parking lot of where I'm getting PPF put on.
  7. CYBER_Y

    Is this video about Tesla accurate, or pure hype?

    It is on YouTube just search for those terms
  8. CYBER_Y

    I understand Tesla's point for FSD NDA's to reduce, out of context videos.

    I didn’t have to sign an NDA. Perhaps it’s implied in the agreement.
  9. CYBER_Y

    Is this video about Tesla accurate, or pure hype?

    That’s how utoobers get views nowadays. Post click bait title. Video has intro plus meandering about avoiding the subject matter for as long as you can to get a longer view time. If want actual numbers from a guy who is all in on Tesla watch solving the money problem channel. There’s numbers...
  10. CYBER_Y

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    Looks like the safety score is gone from my app. Is it like that for anyone else?
  11. CYBER_Y

    Safety Score

    I’ve given 2 reviews in this thread alone, but as to why there’s not more- people are probably out driving
  12. CYBER_Y

    Safety Score

    Had FSD beta fail going around a Sharp corner I think it should have made. Also failed a small town roundabout. And it puts turn signals on at times when a normal human wouldn’t. Some places I just can’t use it. I’m sure it will improve over time but having these interventions helps the fleet...
  13. CYBER_Y

    Safety Score

    Just finished my maiden test drive with 10.2. Overall it was a nice experience. I had one intervention right off the bat where the car was inching up to turn right and I wasn’t sure it was going to stop for an oncoming vehicle. More my issue than the car. Ok. Speed coming out of automated...
  14. CYBER_Y

    Safety Score

    He probably means the regen braking where you lift your foot off the pedal and it dings you. I’ve always feathered my regen and time my slow downs so I’ve not experienced this issue.
  15. CYBER_Y

    Safety Score

    According to Elon there’s ~1000 drivers who have 100 safety score who will get the beta 3am EST
  16. CYBER_Y

    Traffic Visualization - Other Vehicles In Color

    Hot dog, not hot dog.
  17. CYBER_Y

    Tried testing the new driver attentiveness feature

    What happens if you tape over the camera?
  18. CYBER_Y

    Legislature fails to act - TX manufactured vehicles still can't be sold in TX

    I don’t understand this logic. Other than Ford, GM etc. pay a lot to prevent competition and sustainable energy.
  19. CYBER_Y

    2021.4.15.12 now...?

    You can turn wipers on with a voice command
  20. CYBER_Y

    Good News for the rest of us.

    I have a 5/20 MY vin in the 6xxxs and although I am happy with it, yes, I am a bit disappointed that it didn’t come with the new console, the heated wheel and now the new ones will have 4680 cells which will make my car worth even less now.
  21. CYBER_Y

    Good News for the rest of us.

    I really don’t want one of the first off production line. First and foremost is build quality. Secondly there’s the iterative improvement. Third, it’s going to be draw a crowd and possibly some rocks. I’m on the list but I hope I get to wait a while before delivery.
  22. CYBER_Y

    F-150 Ford Lightning

    I wish Elon would let Teslas be a backup power source. Sometimes the power goes out for a few hours and it would be a perfect solution
  23. CYBER_Y

    Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Discussion Thread

    Elon is holding I think. It’s anecdotal, but he recently tweeted Diamond Hands and also looks like he may have bought 1.5 billion in doge
  24. CYBER_Y

    Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Discussion Thread

    Thanks. This is a very worthwhile post.
  25. CYBER_Y


    Prepare to be disappointed.
  26. CYBER_Y

    Sell my S and buy a Y?

    On smooth roads the Y is rather quiet and the ride is smooth but on bumpy roads it tends to not be the best experience. Noise is a non issue- 19 inch wheels is my vote for weight savings and cheaper tires but everyone will have their personal preference. range I’ve been getting is around 240...
  27. CYBER_Y

    Post your Travel trailer that you tow with your Y

    IIRC that 3 is highly modified to distribute the weight. This isn’t representative of what the common 3 or Y can actually tow.
  28. CYBER_Y

    Traffic Visualization - Other Vehicles In Color

    red is a warning sign that you are in danger of collision.
  29. CYBER_Y

    Double Glazing !

    Not sure if this helps but I have a 2020 model Y with the single pane windows and I measured the driver side window with Mitutoyo calipers and got 5.3 mm. Not sure if it is the same as model 3 though. Also, I'm in America.
  30. CYBER_Y

    Model 3/ Model Y Center Console 2.0

    ah ok, I live hundreds of miles away from a service center. I was hoping I could get it shipped direct to door. The Gen 1 console phone lip is just too tight for my phone plus the case so the new open charger looks better. But I just ordered a Jeda spacer and it seems to be doing the job. So...
  31. CYBER_Y

    Model 3/ Model Y Center Console 2.0

    Just curious how do you order this directly from Tesla?
  32. CYBER_Y

    MY just went up $500

    It adds up though. That also means higher tax and that’s money that could have been spent on registration or accessories so it’s an unexpected expense that may well be a deciding factor for some. But then again one could always gamble on a future price shuffle.
  33. CYBER_Y

    What's in your (f/t)runk... RIGHT NOW!

    Tesmanian frunk mat and that screw tow hook thing
  34. CYBER_Y

    What’s an educated guess on when Model Y will receive 400+ mi range capability?

    In approximately 10 days a button will appear...
  35. CYBER_Y

    Cyber Lndr (Camper for Cybertruck)

    40 grand let’s you flex on the poors.
  36. CYBER_Y

    Model Y owners in Maine!

    I’m in Maine. Have Model Y. I go to manual car wash stall. Presoak. Wand wash, no brush. Rinse, then try to avoid all the puddles on the way home. I had the rainbow effect on my black trim but it comes off fairly easily with maguires waterless wash, which is what I use to touch up. And I rarely...
  37. CYBER_Y

    Model Y test-drive experience (not a current Tesla owner)

    Be aware that with the Mach e your useable range is about 80 percent. This is because it takes about 2 hours to go from 80 to 100% so your total distance will be reduced unless you are willing to sit at a charger for long periods of time. There’s a ton of Evs out there to choose from, just none...
  38. CYBER_Y

    Model Y acceration boost vs Lambo Huracan

    pretty sure Hurican is AWD and it does have a launch mode. Wasn't too lazy to google but I could still be wrong on the internet you know.
  39. CYBER_Y

    Tesla superchargers opening up to other EVs?

    Should be easy enough for tesla to retrofit existing cars with CCs1. But I agree, as an investor, Tesla already has the infrastructure built out. Getting other auto manufacturers to use this existing network means Tesla could be the largest in NA. As an owner. I kind of like the exclusivity of...
  40. CYBER_Y

    I hope we didn't hear it here....

    Didn’t they fire Deiss for liking Tesla too much. Something tells me Volkswagen would like to buy tesla perhaps but most of the board seemed anti EV except for one other guy but I could be wrong.
  41. CYBER_Y

    Just got notified my Blue M3 LR RWD is totaled

    I have it insured through liberty. Just said I needed the fsd covered for replacement should my car be totaled and my agent said they have a software policy. I have to manually ask for increases as fsd price increases Its not automatic. I realize re-reading my statement may seem the increase is...
  42. CYBER_Y

    Just got notified my Blue M3 LR RWD is totaled

    I have a software policy that covers fsd and the coverage increases as fsd increases but it’s an extra add on to my regular insurance. It wasn’t covered under my regular policy.
  43. CYBER_Y


    Not sure what you mean by goes nowhere. It was 10.00 or less per share on its first reverse merger. It was recently 30.00. How is that ‘going nowhere’?
  44. CYBER_Y

    Tesla on Autopilot crashes into police cruiser: Lansing, MI

    On the FSD beta or regular autopilot
  45. CYBER_Y

    YouTube account login

    RuneScape seems to be no longer working
  46. CYBER_Y

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    How can a candy be keeping us down?
  47. CYBER_Y

    WTT - M3/MY center console 1.0 for 2.0

    Thanks for the information. This is great to know.
  48. CYBER_Y

    WTT - M3/MY center console 1.0 for 2.0

    One of the things I'm interested in learning about the new center console and maybe @MorrisonHiker can comment is how does the functionality differ since the gen2 consoles were made to be used with the new glove box usb - are there still two usb connections in the front compartment, and how is...

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