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  1. Burrito

    Hit a squirrel, Broke my grill

    i was able to get the louvers back in place, they were just forcefully bent but not broken and work fine now, the grill i just left alone o_O, its pretty close to impossible to notice so its fine for now
  2. Burrito

    XPEL Prime XR?

    i had it done at "a buff and beyond" in cranbury NJ, every window is 35%, windshield is 70%. no visibility issues at all. the shop is super legit and professional, check out their youtube page and you wont have any doubts of using them. constant flow of cars 4-5x our price. Nick is the...
  3. Burrito

    Chrome delete retrofit?

    i would be interested still in swapping the majority of the trim out for the "real" deal and match vinyl for the rear quarter panel trim. not sure how involved the mirror assembly is but would like to swap that out too. not worried about taking the door panel off but the window i understand is...
  4. Burrito

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    stance sf07 19x9.5 265 rubber
  5. Burrito

    DIY Ceramic coating recommendations please...

    i used carpro cquartz 3.0 and it was super easy to use, did 2 coats and a topper of carpro gliss since then i removed it all and wrapped my car, again used carpro skin to coat the vinyl i've also used carpro cquartz lite on my FILs truck, about a year later its still decent, starting to wear...
  6. Burrito

    Redesign? New frunk, headlights and power trunk?

    im hoping the new redesign parts can be retrofitted to current 3s, specifically the rumored black trim, would love to replace my chrome delete with the 'real" stuff
  7. Burrito

    PPF over a wrap. Couple of questions

    What color wrap are you looking at. I know some of the people getting chrome wraps then wrap over with ppf since chrome wraps are delicate. I have ppf in my bumper. Recently wrapped my car and left the ppf under.
  8. Burrito

    Do not buy "Chemical Guys Tire + Trim Gel"

    the only products from chemical guys i use now are the VRP joebruin mentioned, its really great for tires and clean slate if i need to strip a car of whatever. sucks about your wrap
  9. Burrito

    Securing a Modern Spare in Trunk

    my car is getting wrapped at the moment but when i get it back ill take some pics of where i attached the straps, basically though i just put the hooks in the metal holes available
  10. Burrito

    Securing a Modern Spare in Trunk

    2 small ratchet straps
  11. Burrito

    GlassParency tips?

    Anyone use GlassParency on their car yet? I just got these from their just pay shipping offer (link on pantheorganizer YouTube page) feedback from users? It used to be professional install only up until now. Anyone self instal yet? I plan on doing all the glass.
  12. Burrito

    Any way to get safely on 4 jack stands?

    I got mine here but are also out of stock https://reverselogic.us/jack-stands/
  13. Burrito

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    what lugs are you using?
  14. Burrito

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Old pic of my car with the same wheels as above
  15. Burrito

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    i have a set of iconix that are very nice, i can take the weight of them if you want since they are off my car at the moment..... also for sale WRI14KA | Kics R40 Iconix M14 Black Lug Nuts 14x1.5
  16. Burrito

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    sold them to another member here local to me... was anticipating driving alot more for my job before covid...... yea miss them now haha
  17. Burrito

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Stance sf07 19x9.5 265 tires
  18. Burrito

    PPF Front Bumper - One Piece?

    my front bumper was precut xpel and 1 piece. its nearly undetectable
  19. Burrito

    PPF Front Bumper - One Piece?

    this is terrible, precut or not, which this was neither. looks like they couldnt handle any curves and just cut and paste pieces until they covered as much as they could
  20. Burrito

    Rocker Panel PPF, useful or waste of money?

    yea, i regret not doing that, i did ppf on my front bumper and its saved me a few nicks by my rockers after about 12k miles look pretty bad when you get close. its not a maintenance thing either, my car is babied, garaged, and washed weekly. the whole car has/d ceramic too so that doesnt do a...
  21. Burrito

    Vstar: Model 3 Assassin kit

    i think its looks good, not over the top but different enough
  22. Burrito

    what color is this? unpluggedP vinyl wrapped car

    thanks all, the car in question is KPMF matte purple black iridescent, Dubai Customer's Model 3 Long Range RWD - Unplugged Performance the video above is indeed inozetek midnight purple and has a sick gloss finish
  23. Burrito

    what color is this? unpluggedP vinyl wrapped car

    anyone know the color? @UnpluggedP
  24. Burrito

    Spare tire location

    I’m using 2 straps with 4 points. Good to know though
  25. Burrito

    Spare tire location

    Hey all. I bought a modern spare and had it sliding around the trunk for a while and then after seeing someone else I got a couple of ratchet straps and used the holes in the aluminum upper part of the trunk to suspend the spare from. Anyone thing long term the stress of the wheel weight ~40lbs...
  26. Burrito

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Got her prettied up for a pic
  27. Burrito

    Installing Valentine One

    strangely i've been pulled over 1 in about 7-8 years for some bs obstructing view thing, but since i got my tesla a year ago, i've been pulled over 4 times, no ticket just overall harrasing me for nonsense then warning me. i'm a pretty lawful driver, 2 of the pull overs are because they didnt...
  28. Burrito

    Red Caliper Covers - RPM vs EVANNEX

    get a $50 g2 paint kit and it will look 100x better
  29. Burrito

    Installing Valentine One

    just curious, those of you with radars, do you all just speed a ton? like whats average cruising speed? i keep it about 9mph over highway limits because NJ and have waze on almost all the time. but just curious about "that radar life"
  30. Burrito

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Exactly the setup I have. 35 offset running 41 psi
  31. Burrito

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    i have a 9.5 et 35 sq setup, plenty of room in the back but i wouldnt go any more up front or you will poke for sure. my tires are 265 all around
  32. Burrito

    Looking to buy wheels what offset should get me flush?

    no issues, just looked like a more thorough site than what i had been using. thanks
  33. Burrito

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Stance sf07 19x9.5 with 265 square Lowered 1” tsportline on LR awd Front is just flush. Looking forward Looking towards the rear
  34. Burrito

    Changing headliner and pillars

    some dude, i think he owns a shop in miami (he posts alot on the facebook modded telsa group) just replaced his whole headliner on a model Y in alcantara, i think hes heavily modded some crazy chrome X too, good chance hes on this forum in one of those subs
  35. Burrito

    XPEL Stealth Washing/Care

    @XPEL i am getting a quote from an authorized/certified xpel shop that did my tint last year, they also did my front bumper in ultimate. i asked them to remove the front bumper and do the whole car in stealth. is there any scenario where a precut kit would be used for stealth? before i bother...
  36. Burrito

    Aftermarket wheels on Model 3: summary

    I had cord timers last summer, have since sold them but i was very happy with the fit and finish of them, didn’t buy direct though so my customer service was awesome. that said Jason at get your wheels is awesome like you said. Helped me with my current winter setup after countless questions...
  37. Burrito

    Call mobile service for this?

    In case anyone is wondering now or in the future, mobile service came out and replaced the whole trim piece in like 20 minutes. He said an alignment pin was missed in the factory causing the small protrusion.
  38. Burrito

    Zero G wheels vs 20 grey performance turbine wheels

    Just let it be know you can get a lot of nice wheels for that price
  39. Burrito

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    back to wheels! hopefully my last winter pic as i wait for my wheels new summer wheels to arrive.
  40. Burrito

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    too each their own, most people who add the tesla letters remove the T. from an aesthetic stand point, the red accents arent my thing but i think it would look much better removing the T and the dual motor badge..... then again i removed all my badges front and back so i may be bias
  41. Burrito

    Call mobile service for this?

    The Passenger interior b pillar seems to have a screw, knob, or something poking the black plastic trim below the seat belt anchor causing a visible indentation coming out. Seems like it’s nearly breaking through. I just noticed it as it almost looks like it should be there but when compared to...
  42. Burrito

    Zero Mile club

    4 weeks and 2 miles. Just took the kids around the block a few times.
  43. Burrito

    Any way to get safely on 4 jack stands?

    so i just had to do this to paint my calipers and weighed the idea of the quick jack vs jackstands. i went with 2 safejacksand 2 ksco flat jackstands. my car is lowered so even with my low profile jack, i cant fit the jack and jackpad let alone the jack and safejack piece. i keep 4 10"...
  44. Burrito

    best car hand wash detergent and wax combo for detailing ?

    i found these new amazon estimates are overdone as to "underpromise and overdeliver) its been taking on average about 10 days to get non essential items for me vs the average 30 day quote time
  45. Burrito

    best car hand wash detergent and wax combo for detailing ?

    would also like Jasons feedback, my car is coated in cquk and gliss and my normal routine is foam (adams mega foam), 2 mitt wash (carpro reset) and leaf blower dry. sometimes i top with reload or beadmaker. any products im missing that might have better outcome in the 2 mitt or topper phase?
  46. Burrito

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    i just bought project kic iconix, i like them alot

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