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  1. DavidB

    9th Annual Sound of Silence Tesla Rally in Custer, SD! May 19-21, 2023

    I love this event, and look forward to it!
  2. DavidB

    8th Annual Sound of Silence Tesla Rally! May 20-22, 2022

    I'm famous*, but, unfortunately, a family obligation cropped up, and I will be unable to attend. *Famous for embarrassing my children.
  3. DavidB

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    The 8th Annual Sound of Silence Tesla Rally is now accepting reservations. Friday, May 20 - Sunday, May 22, 2022. There is a 200 person limit. Registration: 8th Annual Sound of Silence Tesla Ra Tesla Motors Club thread: 8th Annual Sound of Silence Tesla Rally! May 20-22, 2022
  4. DavidB

    Rear touchscreen always on

    On older Model S and X cars, hold down both scroll wheels until the main screen reboots. Holding down the two buttons above the scroll wheels reboots the dashboard. I don't have a car with a rear touchscreen, so don't know if there are other reboot methods.
  5. DavidB

    Rear touchscreen always on

    Have you tried a hard reset? For so many quirky behavior issues, that fixes the problem.
  6. DavidB

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    I, too, have crossed into Canada (years ago) with my dogs. I got hassled a bit about bringing dog food into Canada from the US, but, when I pointed out that the dog food was made in Canada, they dropped the issue. They took my word about vaccinations and never asked for vaccination records.
  7. DavidB

    Falcon door scraping doorwell

    The doors can be adjusted to reduce the friction. However (1) the adjustments are difficult, finicky, and time consuming. Service personnel are reluctant to do the work. (2) Fixing the friction point at one spot may create a friction point at another spot.
  8. DavidB

    Model S refresh - Reduced Front Radar Visibility

    You could try cleaning the front radar. The error could be from bugs or oil film on the sensor.
  9. DavidB

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Aw, bummer. This post got my hopes up. Nope—earliest record is still Feb 2017.
  10. DavidB

    Model S front Bra?

    I wouldn't call Victoria's Secret black bras "ugly".
  11. DavidB

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    I wish I had. Back in 2013, my car kept a history of ALL charging events. I foolishly trusted the car to keep the data.
  12. DavidB

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Same for me. Which is a shame, because my earlier records are what I'm most interested in recovering.
  13. DavidB

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Actually, the female papaya are preferred in colder climates; more hardy flowers. The hermaphrodites are preferred in hotter climates.
  14. DavidB

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    "To ensure pollination and good yield, male trees are interplanted with female in a ratio of 1:5 or 1:6." From: pistachio | Description, Uses, & Nutrition Today I learned that even male trees can have harems!
  15. DavidB

    Tesla moments

    On Sunday I was slowly driving by a picnic area (15 mph road), and a boy - roughly 7 - called out, "Hey Mister, what model is your Tesla?" (Model X). After waving his approval, he ran back to play soccer with his dad.
  16. DavidB

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Not saying I agree, but if you compare the number of superchargers I've visited this year against the number of times I've visited my mother, my denial is problematic.
  17. DavidB

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    I've visited James Place Inn, but haven't stayed there. I suppose that gets a thumbs down?
  18. DavidB

    Suspension compressor disable

    I got that error once. After I left the car for 15 minutes, and rebooted once back in, the error went away. Seemed to be some sort of software glitch, rather than an actual problem with the car's air suspension.
  19. DavidB

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    You still look very nice.
  20. DavidB

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    How about we tentatively allow it, since it might be the site of a permanent supercharger. If it gets moved without a permanent replacement, we can disallow it in the future.
  21. DavidB

    Bumper refresh

    You can't easily do an OEM bumper refresh. There are many subtle changes to how the bumpers are attached & fitted. You would be better off buying a 3rd party bumper—or to leave well enough alone.
  22. DavidB

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Nice. Wish that was the norm.
  23. DavidB

    2021 Refresh: Model S (and X?) Changes to 12v System

    Does this high voltage also apply to the auxiliary power outlet?
  24. DavidB

    Doors won’t open!

    "A leaking lithium battery smells like rotten eggs due to Sulfur Dioxide and should be disposed of. A non leaking battery has no smell." Source: How Does Lithium-Ion Battery Smell? – Camping Fun Zone Are you sure your dog or cat wasn't nearby when you smelled sulfur?
  25. DavidB

    Worth it? 2012 Model S, $20K

    They didn't get new modules. They used modules from salvage. No warranty (that I know of).
  26. DavidB

    Worth it? 2012 Model S, $20K

    Tesla wanted him to pay $22500 to replace a battery pack, we did it for 75% less!
  27. DavidB

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    It is precisely because buyers succumb to ordering a Performance to get faster delivery that Tesla has that pricing structure & that ordering delay if you don't get the Performance.
  28. DavidB

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    During my road trip, I had to have things shipped to Custer, Burbank, and Oakland. I'd pay extra for the convenience of getting deliveries at SCs!
  29. DavidB

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    My dad drove us (3 adults, 6 kids) around the country for over 16,000 miles in 1968—in a station wagon with no seat belts. I started doing long road trips in 1997. I've driven at least one long trip every year since (except 2020).
  30. DavidB

    Nurburgring and Plaid

    Roadster owners have been modifying the brakes from almost the beginning, and I know of Model S owners modifying their brakes in 2013. Wouldn't surprise me if some were modified back in 2012. There were kits to modify the Model X brakes within a month of it's initial release.
  31. DavidB

    MX 6-seat - second row seat removal?

    In spite of the problems, it is doable. I recently came home after traveling for 22k miles with the seats removed (and a 6.5' long foam bed instead). Once home, I reinstalled the seats. I haven't looked into removing the seat back, but I suspect that you wouldn't be able to replace the back, so...
  32. DavidB

    MX 6-seat - second row seat removal?

    Doable, but there are significant problems. You will always get warning messages, your airbags will might not work in an accident, you cannot get software updates, and Tesla Service cannot perform any major service on the car. Tesla will refuse to reconfigure your car to ignore the missing...
  33. DavidB

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    I'll never drive in Mexico in a Tesla. Chat with @Bighorn about his experience.
  34. DavidB

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    It wasn't just you. I got the same error this morning, and it is working now.
  35. DavidB

    Back seats folded down for long trip ok despite weight?

    It is possible to deform the back of the seat by having hundreds of pounds pressing down on a few square inches. However, if the weight is evenly distributed, there won't be a problem. If you are worried about the former, you could lay down a sheet of plywood first.
  36. DavidB

    Supercharger - Beaver, UT

    I have no idea what @PStewart posted. Could it be summarized without a Facebook link?
  37. DavidB

    Totaled or fixable

    Anything can be fixed, if you throw enough money at it. The real question is: Will the repairs cost more than the car is worth? Without seeing the damage under the Frunk, it is hard to tell.
  38. DavidB

    Curb rash rim repair Northern Virginia

    I haven't used any shops in NoVA, but search for "Alloy Wheel Repair". I have been very pleased with the shop in Gaithersburg.
  39. DavidB

    Thule 3130 kit install: drilling/thread cutting required?

    I would think there would be a custom mounting adapter specifically for the Tesla Model S. I know other companies have mounting adapters for Teslas. I could contact Thule and double check that you weren't sent the wrong kit. Otherwise, I would send it back and go with a different company.
  40. DavidB

    FUSC Transfer and Regular Supercharging

    You would have to read the original contract between the first owner & Tesla to know if the free unlimited supercharging transfers to a new owner. The original owner has access to that contract through their phone app. Supercharging regularly does degrade the battery faster than using a home...
  41. DavidB

    voice command issues

    It could be that the button that activates voice command is sticking. Try squirting some electronic contact cleaner around the button.
  42. DavidB

    Paramus Service Center Closed Indefinitely

    Just a guess on JFreader's part—not an official statement. From Reddit: JFreader -2018 LR RWD If it was there during the storm then it is probably totaled.
  43. DavidB

    Paramus Service Center Closed Indefinitely

    The location of the shattered glass makes more sense now. Thanks.
  44. DavidB

    2021 Model X Order Updates

    Shops can paint the wheels any color you want for only a few hundred, or you can paint them yourself.
  45. DavidB

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    The battery swap closed in November, 2016. Superchargers and J1772 chargers are still there.
  46. DavidB

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Tesla's 'Supercharger Network' of electric vehicle power stations will be revealed September 24th [2012] "So, what will it actually look like? Musk claims it will "feel like alien spaceships landed at highway rest stops," ---- Even the earliest pedestals never felt like alien spaceships to me...
  47. DavidB

    Paramus Service Center Closed Indefinitely

    I can understand the showroom & office area getting closed off, but I am surprised that the damage is considered so severe that Tesla has to close down the shop!
  48. DavidB

    Disappearing software updates

  49. DavidB

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    I'd move that slightly forward. Looks like the weight isn't properly distributed: • 60% of the load needs to be in front of the trailer axle. If too much weight is at the back, the trailer can swing out and you lose control of your vehicle. • Another approach (same issue): Tongue weight should...

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