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  1. steve841

    So I decided to get a Tow Hitch...

    I just leave the tow bar in place all the time. Just in case someone gives me a love tap at a stop.
  2. steve841

    Holiday Update (2021.44.25.2)- A Big Disappointment

    Im very happy to see some color added. Personally, Im mostly satisfied with the changes. I think there needs to be more customization and more of the shortcuts. I'd like shortcuts for the tire pressure and wipers right in the tray. Things I use far more than arcade or browser apps. The one...
  3. steve841

    Keeping Tesla Wifi button in ON position all the time

    Yeah I personally think this is Tesla's way of souring the milk .... otherwise, their programmers have no idea what they're doing. Could be both. LOL
  4. steve841

    SiriusXM on Model Y

    So much easier to just use the SXM app and bluetooth
  5. steve841

    Dinged door found by Tesla prepping car for delivery

    PDR is fantastic…so long as the paint isn’t damaged, it’s far better than replacing metal.
  6. steve841

    Please help me identify Model Y window trim part number...

  7. steve841

    Model Y Battery Calibration

    This should be automated by Tesla software.... Seems to me that if 100% = 310 miles / 80% = 260 miles, etc .. . the BMS should compensate or adjust to those corresponding numbers ... of course degradation would have to be accounted for. Which Tesla should have ample data to incorporate.
  8. steve841

    Grey Turbine Wheel 21” for Model S

    All gone! Thanks!
  9. steve841

    Radar deleted on all new Model Y and Model 3. Is FSD worth it?

    Just makes me happy I never bothered to spring for FSD on any of my Teslas .... Technology keeps changing and in the end your current FSD is obsolete in no time.
  10. steve841

    Ball Hitch Height for 282TXR

    Some basics ... Trailer should be level. You may need a rise/drop ball mount of whatever to get to level. Brake controller. On 3000lbs you dont need it. The nervous nellies will tell you otherwise, but the car especially with regen will be fine slowing down. In your case .. my opinion is...
  11. steve841

    An honest take on Tesla / the Model Y

    Better to reject than to be that guy who bashes for accepting the service center folks "we'll make it right" BS .... Wait a bit, find an inventory car you can inspect and be happy with.
  12. steve841

    New Tesla Y defective - what would you do?

    Drive unit replacement is not a big deal.
  13. steve841

    What's in your (f/t)runk... RIGHT NOW!

    Nothing ... Same with the amount of dents/creases in my hood. Nothing.
  14. steve841

    Pick up MYP tomorrow. Tips to avoid ANY rock chips etc on 170mi drive home?

    It's a magnet BIG TIME .... Stay 100+ ft away from the cars ahead and go at a less busy time.
  15. steve841

    12V battery replacement options

    In my experience, my 2012 MS, when the 12V died, so did the car. With my 2016 MS, i got the warning and didn't get scheduled in for 2 weeks with no issue other than warnings ... So, while I can't speak technically, I can say, I never got stranded.
  16. steve841

    12V battery replacement options

    Exactly as noted... warranted repair. it seems they have improved a failing 12v so that the car still runs albeit with perpetual warnings... back in the day, that 12v died and your car was staying wherever it stopped.
  17. steve841

    Poorly Designed Induction Wheels

    I've erred before on my Model S. It only took one time to teach me a lesson and that's since 2012. Perfectly fine paying more attention to curbs.
  18. steve841

    Updated software and now upgrades are missing

    Yeah... I’d bet on end of quarter specials
  19. steve841

    Tesla Mud Flaps back in stock

    Installed mine. Simple and hopefully effective...
  20. steve841

    Side view mirror sag

    Anyone have any updates or successes? Still having the issue ....
  21. steve841

    Loose washers, screw, rubber cap found inside Model Y

    Speaks highly of the PDI though ...
  22. steve841

    Model Y Towing - Experiences Post here

    In S Florida, you can get shot for doing 55.
  23. steve841

    Model Y Towing - Experiences Post here

    I just made a 50 mile RT with my enclosed trailer.. yikes Was pushing 170 miles of range when I left. Had 51 miles when I returned. 70 mph mostly highway jaunt. trailer is an 8 x 12 light but very tall. Long trips are definitely not happening. as for chains, I ran mine over the tow bar...
  24. steve841

    Powerwall Founders Edition

    Sold ...
  25. steve841

    Powerwall Founders Edition

    Long story short, I was gonna buy an extra PW and gateway and use it at my house. Then they came to install and tried to force upsell me 2 additional PWs. I declined the install. So now, my Red Founders Edition Powerwall and gateway are for sale. It's scheduled to arrive on Friday 1/22/21...
  26. steve841

    Auto high beam behavior

    You'll notice the icon disappears (disabled) ... So, you have to push the stalk forward again to get the icon back. There was mention this is a bug related to Sentry Mode that remains unresolved.
  27. steve841


    Dark mode is my hope.... and definitely customizable screen:D
  28. steve841

    Leaving Tow Hitch cover off - any concerns about water getting in there?

    I keep my tow bar in all the time, cover off obviously. no issues
  29. steve841

    Front parking sensor is gone after update

    Try the Obligatory reboot?
  30. steve841

    Paint scratches, does the Tesla SC do body work?

    If someone shrugged off responsibility of their pets actions, I'd have a police report and saved video and take them to court simply to teach them a lesson even if it was $10.00 The lack of respect for other people's stuff is a giant peeve of mine.
  31. steve841

    Frustrated. 2 month old car not drivable

    Dont think it only applies to Tesla .. I came out to my 2020 GMC Denali on Tuesday. Deader than dead. Had to have it towed in. Now past noon on Thursday and they still have not diagnosed it.
  32. steve841

    Paint scratches, does the Tesla SC do body work?

    Id surely have saved that Sentry video and visit small claims if needed ...
  33. steve841

    Please help me to understand about Tesla

    A car is just a car. Point a to b. Do you have a home? Is it furnished? Do you have any decorations? Any art? Any improvements? Do you clean it? Why? It’s just a place to sleep. Yet, I'm sure you do. just as some have intense pride in their homes, some people have the same with their cars...
  34. steve841

    Jeda Hub for Model Y

    I tend to agree... PT Barnum: There's a sucker is born every minute. If you got a refund and reorder when they are actually shipping, good for you. If you paid and decide to wait and hope and get nothing, refer to PT Barnum quote.
  35. steve841

    Rear door alignment

    Im in the same boat ... I was hoping to just move the door in by loosening the latch. But, no luck. Almost tempted to pull the latch and grind a mm or two to allow the adjustment.
  36. steve841

    Auto high beam behavior

    Someone mentioned its a bug related to sentry mode. But, the auto high beams performance suck compared to my S
  37. steve841

    Dented hood and Paintless Dent Removal?

    Some PDR guys are freakin magicians..... always start there.
  38. steve841

    Cracks in rear undercarriage cover.. anyone else have same issue?

    Probably a gift from the transporter.
  39. steve841

    My Model Y 20" Induction wheels

    New they are $1000 each for a complete wheel set. I'd say a fair price is $600-700 each wheel set. And, if you want to split them up, I'm interested in one.
  40. steve841

    Wanted Model Y Long Range

    Mine's negotiable .... I'd have no problem waiting on another.
  41. steve841

    Jeda Hub for Model Y

    I still follow this thread to see if anyone actually gets a product. Sadly, I can't believe some of you are holding out on their non stop lies about delivery. In may case, as soon as my dispute time limit was close, I canceled and disputed the charge. You can always repurchase when someone...
  42. steve841

    Wanted Model Y Long Range

    Im local and I can be motivated. 1,655 miles. Title in hand. Make an offer. https://photos.app.goo.gl/U86dHozns4Ho6Yae7
  43. steve841

    Wanted Model Y Long Range

    What's the point? To save $1,000. Really?
  44. steve841

    Software Update 2020.44.10.1?

    They must not have paid the $10,000 upgrade price. :p
  45. steve841

    Firmware version stuck at 2020.39.xxx on my 2021 MY.

    It never hurts to reboot the MCU ...
  46. steve841

    MY trailer hitch cover really hard to remove & put in

    The hitch was clearly an afterthought .... Chains will damage the plastic if you are not careful to make sure they are very carefully attached.
  47. steve841

    MY trailer hitch cover really hard to remove & put in

    Put a ball mount in, leave it installed. Thank me when someone runs into you from behind.
  48. steve841

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    That's for S and X's that had older MCU's ... and upgraded.
  49. steve841

    Always carry the key card

    Exactly why the FOB is in my pocket ... Key card use is just too cumbersome.
  50. steve841

    Do you regret paying for Full Self Driving?

    So glad I only popped for acceleration boost ... FSD and even EAP just add stress.

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