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    Honda teases upcoming Prologue, its first electric SUV to be sold in the US

    But.... Biden said GM is the leader in EVs.
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    Supercharger Pricing Map?

    We "early adopters" still get the cheapest electricity. So glad to pay for it up front.
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    2023 Chevy Bolt EV and EUV get $6,000 price cut, start at $25,600

    Imagine if Super Joe gets BBB part 2 past. That would be cheaper than my first new commuter car out of college.
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    This will stir things up if approved - California's Proposal to Ban New Gas Vehicles

    You mean like the solar program? Government tells people to go solar. Now tries to tax the hell out of the same people that listened to the Government. Government tells everyone that these people going solar is evil against the poor having to pay for transmission infrastructure. Now trying...
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    This will stir things up if approved - California's Proposal to Ban New Gas Vehicles

    Good luck trying to get the poor out. I talked to Section 8 workers. They said they have a 12 years waiting list in SoCal. My Section 8 tenants are not planning to leave either. So many free money. As for cars, no way in hell my tenants will be buying an EV any time soon. They can barely...
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    This will stir things up if approved - California's Proposal to Ban New Gas Vehicles

    Make them work for you then. I got a rental property. Dang, their corrupt laws make rent prices sky rocket especially with rent control and other stupid stuffs. You know why? It screwed enough landlords and get out. Making supply even worse. I try to take care of my tenants, but they know...
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    This will stir things up if approved - California's Proposal to Ban New Gas Vehicles

    Too late. I moved to SD in 2017. Home and rent prices have been going up since 2018. People in SF Bay Area and LA has found "cheaper" and more beautiful place to live. My home cost $1mil in 2017, and is now worth more than $2mil. Rent was $1000 in "up and coming neighborhood" for a...
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    Frunk Thoughts or Engineering Disaster

    I love a van without a frunk any day. This thing is going to be 5 inches shorter than my van. And 8 inches shorter than current vans. This gets so much more space than MX, and still shorter. Yeah. I take interior space for passenger and cargo over a near useless frunk. Since most Americans...
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    We must face facts - meat is the problem

    The author is wrong, not meat. People is the problem! Even driving an EV is distroying the Earth. Hell, even breathing. Putin is like the Greek. Create wars to trim the population. Maybe WW3 is needed?
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    Do you want Tesla to offer Solar Roof option on their cars?

    Elon has to sell his solar panels to someone, right? Not like he is putting them on roofs much anyways.
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    Will electricity stay cheap forever?

    Nevada, Florida, soon California are anti-solar panels at home. With many utilities lining up in other states soon too. We need to have new bills to allow home off grid. So we don't make the poor pay for the grid. With more v2h being touted for EV car features available soon. One can buy...
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    Lotus Eletre

    Kyle from out of spec seen the charging slows suddenly on and off.... as if there is cooling problem. But overall, still faster than most out there. Many YouTube reviews seen this behavior too. And in the cold, it is at 50kW.
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    Lotus Eletre

    Wonder how good their 800 volt system work. First attempt from Kia/Hyundai is not so good. And not good at all in the cold.
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    Thoughts after test driving Ioniq 5 from a Model 3 LR owner...

    At least they return phone calls unlike Tesla.
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    Blog Rivian Gets Range Rating of 316 Miles for R1T Pickup

    The scary stupid thing would be current reservation and future owners get current spec Rivian... to find out they will not get 800 volt system, bi-directional charging, and heat pump that RJ talked about 2 weeks ago. With current 70k-ish reservations, that would be shipped in 3 years? I can...
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    Blog Rivian Gets Range Rating of 316 Miles for R1T Pickup

    Rivian said it would be 10-15 percent hit with off road tires. With 289 miles from Kyle, looks like Rivian is not copying Tesla on rating miles then. And he is doing it in Colorado cold weather. Model Y cannot even get 289 at 70mph on OEM tires in CA weather. So I am guessing... 240 miles at...
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    Blog Rivian Gets Range Rating of 316 Miles for R1T Pickup

    Wonder what the Model Y LR would get if off road tires are used at 70mph.
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    Thoughts after test driving Ioniq 5 from a Model 3 LR owner...

    When gas was cheap. Sure. Prius is the hot stuff now with today's gas prices. I picked up a Prius Prime for my wife last year (and my girl's car in the future), got rid of her Toyota Rav4EV. Did not want to pay $12k to replace the Tesla EV motor when it dies from leaking coolant into it...
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    Rivian Deliveries Pushed to 2022

    Still think the GA expansion is a mistake. Should of taken care of spending on delivery and not burn more money in the short term.
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    Rivian Deliveries Pushed to 2022

    You mean how GM and Ford learned from Tesla Roadster 2020 case study?
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    No floor mats for $149K Plaid? REALLY?!!!?!!

    Wonder if missing brake pads is with this thinking too?
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    Rivian Deliveries Pushed to 2022

    Guess there is a lesson for companies taking pre-order. GM and Ford knew better and stop taking reservations after certain amount.
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    Rivian Deliveries Pushed to 2022

    Looks like a lot of cancellations today. Big price bump for reservations. And a lot of complaining online.
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    Russia/Ukraine conflict

    Again. You think with logic. China's current leader makes Donald Trump look like Mickey Mouse interms of crazy. China is already distroying their own economy with crazy laws. Chinese stocks have been tanking and cracking down on billionaires (and especially their money from going aboard)...
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    Russia/Ukraine conflict

    You know blocking those ships will only escalate their reaction. I can see armed convoy escort of Russian and Chinese Navies. Will the West escalate to shoot? History has suggested that West will back down. Just look at South China Sea. The World stand by and allowed China to make Naval...
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    Russia/Ukraine conflict

    Don't estimate China. There are stories of China paying shipping companies to not pick up American containers to China in Long Bench ports. These ships paid to go back to China with empty containers, so no import into China. The CCP can pay oil ships more... Good luck getting tankers in...
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    Russia/Ukraine conflict

    Don't underestimate crazy. That is exactly why he can hurt Western Europe. Not like he would care what his actions will do to his people.
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    Russia/Ukraine conflict

    Wonder when Putin going to shut off all the gas and oil to US backed countries? That seemed to be the best options without going nuke. It will only hurt the west. Bet China would buy all of it pennies to the dollar. And laugh on the sideline.
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    Using EVs to power homes in emergency, EV as batteries.

    If utilities complain about using their power grid, then make it legal to solar customers GO OFFGRID then? I love to be able to not deal with electric bill and politics. Oh, they need your money and make it illegal to go OFFGRID. As for v2g, the original intent was to "help" off load peak...
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    My Tesla S P85d nightmare. I don't think I ever want another tesla ever again and want to get rid of this junk asap

    The fact that you said your next car is not Tesla will get you in trouble already. Glad this is close to finality for you soon.
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    P85DL HV Battery Replacement

    Tesla would most likely do what Uncle Rich did. Replace the bad module(s) and send it back to customer. The replacement module needs to be in similar shape, can't just put new battery module.
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    Rivian Deliveries Pushed to 2022

    Where is the $39k truck? I am waiting!
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    SDG&E or SDCP?

    I opted out after calling them. Their Customer Service is useless. The nice lady talked to their co-workers and gave me useless canned answer. I saw on their website of their rates, they charge the same regardless of which plan you are on. I am on TOU5. Why would I pay $16 more a month if...
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    Rejected Delivery

    With so many known complaints from customers, and Elon Musk has not done a thing. Doubt these experiences will get any better until sales numbers reflect problems. The sales numbers right now shows Tesla is doing great. So business as usual.... Sounds like GM from the 80s. I picked up a...
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    Rivian Deliveries Pushed to 2022

    As sad as Rivian is, looks like Tesla is much worse now that CyberTruck is vaporware (again) until who known when it will not be. So much sadness until the legacy big boys sell their stuff soon.
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    What will be the bottom?

    Who knows. With the White House not having a good idea how to slow the inflation, bad news of interest rate hikes, maybe potential recession.... And seems more bad news keeping the market going down. Or maybe Tesla stocks will turn positive again when the quarterly report comes out. And same...
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    VW ID Buzz

    If that is the final shape, good luck selling without discount. That is not a retro VW Bus as promised. Just another van. VW didn't get the memo that vans sales #s suck? Everyone wants SUVs! It has lots of buzz just because it looked retro. And this ain't it.
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    Terrible Service Center Experience for Model X

    Got baptized by Tesla I see. I have not gone in for the trunk recall and MCU2 replacement yet because of possible runaround like yours. I have worked many years dealing with customers. Communication is the most important thing. Something Tesla and Elon Musk still have not learned after half...
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    CPUC Nem 3.0 discussion as it relates to Energy Products

    96% from a poll said they will not install solar panels under NEM3 really say something. Good lucky going green when only 4% of the people will go ahead with solar after NEM3. How is CA going to meet green energy goal with new homes with small solar setup? I am already thinking of selling my...
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    CPUC Nem 3.0 discussion as it relates to Energy Products

    Looks like CPUC removed the decision for next week's meeting. My guess is they will quietly pass it in their next meeting. Hope Newsom comes in and renegotiate the terms. Or Newsom might get roasted in his reelection by his solar supporting Democrat voters.
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    CPUC Nem 3.0 discussion as it relates to Energy Products

    Hopefully Newsom can do something about it. At least he is aware of potential anger from his supporters. There are a lot of his supporters with solar panels.
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    Rivian range to charge time is going to be an issue.

    Please keep making excuses for Tesla to get more sales. My Tesla stock needs more hyping because it is coming down recently.
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    SDG&E or SDCP?

    Anyone familiar with San Diego Community Power? This is for homes with solar panels that San Diego default in moving to their program. I am not sure if I read their rates properly, it looks like they are charging more than SDG&E. Hope someone can explain their experience so I can decide to...
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    ioniq 5? too bad its a hyundai.

    I heard reviewers loved the suspension compared to the 3/Y/MachE bone crushing suspension. The big complaint was it is more a hot hatch than a higher sitting CUV.
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    Reaching the Magic $25,000 Price Point, Who First?

    Elon Musk is going to make CyberCar. A triangle prism with 4 doors and a hatch. Five panels, no paint.
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    New Details on Toyota EV Plans

    I am hoping Toyota succeed. Customer Service and build quality will force Tesla to step up. I have been a long time Toyota customer. My worst Toyota car from ownership was the Frankenstein Rav4EV with Tesla parts. I hope Toyota design in house only. And maybe use Solid State batteries...
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    Rivian Deliveries Pushed to 2022

    Rivian earning report in 5 minutes. Wonder what spin talk to keep stock from tanking.
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    Bad news for those who delayed until 1/1

    Guess Lucid and Rivian customers are happy and hope this drags out even longer.
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    Does Tesla Shop Customer Support Even Exist?

    I am scare of Tesla Customer "NO" Service department when I do need help from these types of stories.

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