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  1. Solarman004

    Model Y hit and run while parked - total loss or reparable?

    Don't know if the insurance company will total it or not. But what I can say is that the $13.5 K estimate is pure fantasy. A simple rear quarter panel replacement, with no other damage, cost me $8000. Really sorry that you have to go through such a frustrating experience. The fact that it was a...
  2. Solarman004

    A little LEGO fun

    I would accidentally step on it in the middle of the night. It would then be in the shop for 4 months waiting on parts from Denmark. (Nice job on the car! I'm impressed with the tight panel gaps 😀)
  3. Solarman004

    Tesla Body Repair - Denver, Colorado

    Call and leave a message: (303) 335-1940 It took 2 business days for them to get back to me.
  4. Solarman004

    Hit and run on brand new Model 3

    @FastEddieB glad to hear how this turned out, but sorry you had to go through this. Could you please share the name of the video processing software used to identify the tag? I've never lived in TN but sure would like to see their red-painted deer!
  5. Solarman004

    Charging at 12amps

    The circuit will be no less than a 15 A circuit so you don't have to worry. You can confirm this for yourself by looking at the label on the breaker for that socket. But if the house was built in the 2000s, barring a huge electrician mistake and an incompetent inspection, that socket will...
  6. Solarman004

    Charging at 12amps

    @LoudMusic looks like we were typing at the same time ...
  7. Solarman004

    Charging at 12amps

    A 15 amp circuit can only handle 15 x 0.8 = 12 amps continuous. This is the safety limit specified by code. So the car is doing the right thing by limiting the amperage to 12. If you use an extension cord (not recommended), the car may sense a voltage drop and limit the current even further...
  8. Solarman004

    MCU1 Smooth like butter?!?

    I'd like to know the secret of that performance! The GUI on my MCU1 2016 MX functions fine for maps, traffic, and settings, but that's about it. Internet has been unusable since an update around 2018 or 2019. Early on, I could use Tesla Waze while driving, but it hasn't worked since that update...
  9. Solarman004

    Vehicle may not start, acceleration and top speed reduced, 2016 Model X

    Although a "Top Speed Reduced" error would be unusual for a failing 12V battery, it's worth checking the battery. If it is dying, open your frunk and front windows now while you can. I've changed the battery on my 2016 MX and it's slightly time consuming (frunk tub removal) but not complicated...
  10. Solarman004

    Vehicle may not start, acceleration and top speed reduced, 2016 Model X

    How old is your 12V battery?
  11. Solarman004

    Electric Riding Zero Turn Mowers

    Are the batteries removable for charging?
  12. Solarman004

    Intel chip time again...

    Basic question, I know... For folks reporting after delivery, where in the car, or in the app do you find which chip is installed? Thanks.
  13. Solarman004

    Road trip help

    I agree with @GRANDIZER52 . We've gotten a lot of use out of our TT-30 adapter at campgrounds. State and national parks mostly use the same standards. 50 amp service (at 240 volts) use the NEMA 14-50 plug. 30 amp service (at 120 volts) use the TT-30. It only gives you 3.6 kW charging, but if...
  14. Solarman004

    New Colorado Superchargers

    Still disappointed that Walsenburg dropped out of the plan, but Pueblo will be a good addition.
  15. Solarman004

    Electric Riding Zero Turn Mowers

    I will be purchasing an eGo 42" this summer. I have an eGo chainsaw and trimmer, and want to stay in the same battery family.
  16. Solarman004

    My Tesla S P85d nightmare. I don't think I ever want another tesla ever again and want to get rid of this junk asap

    If the used car dealer misrepresented material facts about the condition of the vehicle, you have a strong case for legal recourse. I'm really sorry for all the trouble you've been through. Tesla service is frustrating and slow, but your case sounds more like an issue with a shady car dealer.
  17. Solarman004

    Estimated charge time way off

    I have had this happen when level 2 charging in cold temps with the cabin heater on. The heater draws a significant percentage of the charging power. Try plugging in and turn off your HVAC.
  18. Solarman004

    Airstream/Thor introduce the eStream concept

    @ohmman , I saw it on Electrek this afternoon and suspected it would get your attention! EV Stream
  19. Solarman004

    My MX's dead 12V battery in Vermont apparently requires a 173-mile tow to Latham, NY.

    @MichaelHill the battery replacement in the MX is time consuming, but not difficult. It's a straight forward DIY project and you can find detailed instructions online, and detailed YouTube videos. Not an ideal solution, but better than a 173 mile tow, is to drive the 173 miles (assuming you have...
  20. Solarman004

    Replacement Brake Pad Part Number Information

    The pads did not come with springs and pins. I cleaned the original pins using a Dremel with wire brush, lubed, and reused them.
  21. Solarman004

    Cleaning rear - beware of weatherstripping vent collection.

    This story, I believe, is the next "Most Interesting Man in the World" commercial.
  22. Solarman004

    EGO chains saw

    I got one last summer and love it. I wasn't trying to take down large diameter trees, but in one day, I was able to cut down five 8" to 10" diameter trees, and cut all the trees and branches into 12" lengths for my wood stove. The saw still had over 50% charge at the end of the day. The stock...
  23. Solarman004

    Electric mowers, tractors and other lawn and farm equipment

    Mountain View Electric Association in Colorado. A description of the rebate is here: MVEA Rebates
  24. Solarman004

    Anyone carry an emergency 12V tire compressor to allow to drive to a garage station to get a flat repaired.

    I have a 12vpump purchased at the local Advance Auto Parts store. Also carry a small 3 ton scissor jack (Harbor Freight), jack pad (homemade), tire plug kit, needle nose pliers to remove the screw or nail causing the leak, and the appropriate socket and breaker bar in case the tire needs to come...
  25. Solarman004

    Electric mowers, tractors and other lawn and farm equipment

    When stationed in England in the 1980's, these corded units were all we saw in our neighborhood. I took the hint after our very nice, elderly nextdoor neighbors remarked how "interesting" was our big beefy American gas model for use on such a small garden. I went right out and bought a proper...
  26. Solarman004

    no regeneration on first trip

    Typically, what is the state of charge of the battery as you start down the hill? If greater than about 90%, the car will limit the regen regardless of temperature. You're correct that a cold battery will also limit regen. When you observe this issue, what are the outside temperatures, and if...
  27. Solarman004

    Supercharger - Holbrook, AZ

    Stopped here on 9 Aug and all chargers were working. But coming back on 14 Aug, all v3 were down and only the 4 v2 stalls were working. Not a big deal for us in a MX 75D with a max charging rate of 122 kW. The good news was that it was not a busy station.
  28. Solarman004

    Which NEMA Adapters to carry?

    You'll never see the plug type listed for parks, but when they advertise "50 amp service" it's always a 14-50. And likewise, "30 amp service" always means TT-30. Another tip, many of the parks we've camped at have old and slightly corroded breaker boxes. I always start off at a lower current (10...
  29. Solarman004

    Which NEMA Adapters to carry?

    Larry, I can tell you the adaptors we've used most often since 2016. The J1772 is a must-have for level 2 charging. It's the "plan B" adaptor when we're on the road in the event of a lengthy detour or a Supercharger that is unexpectedly closed. We do a lot of camping. The NEMA 14-50 is the...
  30. Solarman004

    Cabin filter cover has no screw

    Don't feel bad. There's a very good reason for how I know that's it's easy to confuse the filter cover... :)
  31. Solarman004

    Cabin filter cover has no screw

    Just to make sure- are you looking at the filter cover? The center of your photo is not the filter cover. The cover is all the way forward where the orange wires have 2 clips. The screw is at the very top and difficult to see without a good light and crawling head first into the foot well. I...
  32. Solarman004

    #6 Cooper wire

    The answer is yes but it depends on the type of wire and insulation. Individual wires labeled THWH are rated for continuous current of 65 amps, and THHN wire rated to 75 amps. As mentioned earlier, both of these options would be safe but must be run through conduit. The NM-B wire mentioned above...
  33. Solarman004

    Body Shop Recommendations in Colorado Springs

    We have damage to the left rear quarter panels on our 2016 MX. Significant damage and a punch through on the upper panel and minor damage on the lower panel. The closest Tesla Body Repair Center to Colorado Springs is in Denver. Tesla lists only two authorized repair centers in Colorado Springs...
  34. Solarman004

    New M3LR loud fan noise when Supercharging

    @OKCU it's a bit disconcerting, but normal.
  35. Solarman004

    Yet another bug fix update

    Well the only logical conclusion is that Tesla cars have achieved total perfection. There is nothing more to add. :)
  36. Solarman004

    My Model 3 Died - Full Shutdown

    I'm happy to swing by and help, but it will take me 2 days from Colorado. :) Disconnecting the high voltage is not critical if you're uncomfortable doing so. The reason to do it is that as soon as you reconnect the last lead of the 12V battery, the DC-DC converter may immediately begin to try...
  37. Solarman004

    My Model 3 Died - Full Shutdown

    You are still able to access the frunk using the front port and a battery to release the latch. From there I suggest you disconnect the 12 V battery, charge it while it's still in the car, then reconnect and see if the car wakes up. There are many good YouTube videos on accessing the 12 V...
  38. Solarman004

    Bad luck? New windshield

    @ODWms , the product is Exoshield and the price was $463. This price includes a $60 warranty for windshield damage. The product website is here: Exoshield
  39. Solarman004

    Bad luck? New windshield

    We had ours replaced after a small rock chip. Tesla has to recalibrate the camera. The combined cost in Colorado of Safelite windshield plus Tesla calibration was higher than Tesla doing the full job. It may be my imagination, but the M3 glass seems more prone to cracking than other cars I've...
  40. Solarman004

    What tread depth do you replace your tires at? (and 2 or 4 at a time)?

    That's a good question. After 4 seasons with the Blizzaks, they still have excellent tread. It helps that they are symmetric 19" wheels so I rotate the winter tires every season. I will likely not let them get below 5/32" just to be safe.
  41. Solarman004

    What tread depth do you replace your tires at? (and 2 or 4 at a time)?

    I replace them as soon as they hit 3/32. One caveat though. I have a separate set of snow tires. I would never use all-seasons in Colorado snow with just 3/32" of tread. If I were using one set year round, I would be looking at 4/32 for swap out. I agree with the alignment recommendations. I had...
  42. Solarman004

    Supercharger - Peoria, IL - N Sheridan Rd

    As of 5 pm 10 Jun, Tesla is showing the Peoria Supercharger back up. Will go and check it out. Just in time for the return drive to Colorado! EDIT: Charging now. Peoria is definitely back online.
  43. Solarman004

    Supercharger - Peoria, IL - N Sheridan Rd

    I also reported on PlugShare. I checked the status online Saturday before starting the cross-country trip to Peoria on Sunday (Jun 6). At some point on the 15 hr drive on Sunday the status changed to "inoperative." Just a suggestion to all: we've made numerous cross country trips since 2016 and...
  44. Solarman004

    eMMC recall reimbursement

    Update: got the email around noon today that I was accepted for the full refund. It stated I would receive a check in 4 to 6 weeks. So imagine my surprise when the mail arrived a few hours later with my refund check.
  45. Solarman004

    eMMC recall reimbursement

    Yes, still waiting. I submitted in early March also.
  46. Solarman004

    When do I really have to bring in my MS for routine mainenance?

    This is good advice. I paid for the maintenance package on the MX which was supposed to include a brake check at 12.5k, 25k, 37.5k and 50k miles, but I don't think it was ever done. I checked them at 62k miles and the front right pads were corroded to the caliper and frozen. I had to remove the...
  47. Solarman004

    Streaming News Headlines (ABC Changed?)

    You're not the only one who noticed this. It's not a Tesla issue as they don't dictate the content on Slacker. Other channels are working so it seems to be just an issue with ABC and Slacker (maybe contractual?) @jkburns I can find no alternative on Tunein or Slacker that just provides news...
  48. Solarman004

    Model 3 long range RWD met its match #covid Yellowstone with limited charging d/t Covid

    I'll second the recommendations for using Plugshare to find L2 chargers. We did Yellowstone in an MX 75D. Using Plugshare, and getting permission from the various hotel or building managers, we had no problems. One hotel manager by Yellowstone Lake escorted us into the maintenance yard and let...
  49. Solarman004

    Charging non-tesla vehicle on a tesla charger

    The above info is correct. Tesla does not own the destination chargers. They are owned by the location. Some are free and open to the public, others require you to be a customer of the business. The best source for info is Plugshare, available both as an app and a website.
  50. Solarman004

    Any problems with non-tesla home wall charger?

    We've used a Schneider Electric level 2 charger for a Leaf first then a Tesla, since 2012 with no issues. All the in-car programming functions work well. We did invest in a second J1772 adapter that stays in the car after taking off on a trip and forgetting the adapter in the garage.

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