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    Does anyone know how many Plaids have been delivered vs LR

    When I was in the Portland OR location, there was not one Plaid awaiting delivery (S, 3, X, Y, etc.). In addition, the delay in LR deliveries (compared to Plaid) would indicate that there is a huge demand for LRs and little for Plaids. Same can be found on evcpo, several Plaids but nary a LR...
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    For those interested, you only get to "write off" that portion which is used to support you actions, at the time. You drive 1000 miles a month and 800 of those miles are for ride share purposes. You get to deduct 80% and not 100% of your expenses related to the vehicle. You don't get to...
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    Did Elon lie to us (again)? Or is there a miscommunication?

    January build here, LR. No movement from the airbag portion of the yoke. Lots of time have gone for the horn, only to (embarrassingly) hit the wipers.
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    Older 21" rims on new (2022) Model S do fit.

    Just an FYI, had a set of older rims (21" 9 and 8.5 widths) from a 2015 Model S P100DL, slipstreams if I recall. They fit just fine on the new Tesla Model S. Drove for more than 200 miles without any incident. There didn't look like there was any issue with the brake dust shields or rubbing...
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    Can I pickup in NJ and register in FL without any issues?

    No, not in NJ and many others. States usually provide an exception for visitors, short-term residents and those who may be deployed. But to register a vehicle doesn't require residency in many locations.
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    Can I pickup in NJ and register in FL without any issues?

    Why not just pick up and register in NJ? Lots of benefits * No sales tax saving a few thousand dollars * Two year registration for about $310 * License plate w/o a sticker denoting expiration date
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    Press and hold steering buttons ... used to give options

    Oh really!?! I'll have to give that a go and disable it to see if that helps!
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    Press and hold steering buttons ... used to give options

    On the older Model S (up to 2017 at least) you used to be able to press and hold the steering wheel buttons for volume (left) and on the right of the steering wheel. This would give you an option to select the kid of item you want displayed such as music, navigation, energy usage (chart)...
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    Model S Yoke Horn Confirmed

    Does not work, mashing the steering yoke, the airbag, or pressing really hard anywhere but that one button. Picked up a new Model S in Jan with a supposed build date after 22-Dec
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    Well, it depends. Development can happen (a great deal now) offshore in locations like the EU, China and India. Cranking out lines of code or making new functions isn't hard - it's the QA side that comes into play. So you could / would manage the QA side of things back here in the US (along...
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    Model S 19" Tempest Wheel and Winter Tire Package

    Jan 15th or so delivery date in the US resulted in 19" tires with the M+S designation.
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    Winter tire recommendations

    Posted this on another thread, but ... not sure that's a safe setup, 255/45 tires on the new Tesla's running 19" Glad to be told that I'm wrong (winter tires are a thing where I'm at) with someone pointing out a square setup that will be good for the front 9.5" and rear 10.5" rims and a...
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    Has anybody tried older 19s on the refresh? Looking for winter wheels

    Not sure that's a safe setup, 255/45 tires on the new Tesla's running 19" The fronts are 9.5" rim width while the rears are 10.5" IIRC. A standard 255/45 tire can be recommended up to a 10" width. No 255 R19 tire size is going to be a recommendation from Nokian for 10" much less 10.5" tires ...
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    Bouncy Suspension Model S

    Am curious, what does bouncy mean to folks? * It floats, like on a cloud but doesn't settle? * It bounces, like on a rubber with every hard hit? * On turns, it lurches or lofts? From my limited experience, there are a few factors. If the air suspension is under loaded, you'll get more of a...
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    Has anybody tried older 19s on the refresh? Looking for winter wheels

    Bumping to the top - am interested in a new set of rims for winter tires... Well, new as in previous version 19" rims.
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    Winter tire recommendations

    If you’re in snow country, skip the all season and go with something rated at least 3PMSF (three peak mountain and snowflake). Especially if you’re traveling in and out of snowy climes. Such as between SF and Tahoe. The below is from December where we hit a record 200” with a full size...
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    An honest review of the yoke

    Interesting take on the "reach through wheel to hit turn signal" and have to admit, that I'm guilty of that. It may indeed make more sense to press the button but I'll posit that it can also increase confusion as to which button is what to cancel a signal. Eg. I'm coming off of the highway...
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    Safety : Side swiped by semi and walked away

    Thanks for asking! No dash camera footage (too old for the stock camera, and I had an IRO dash camera which had TAPE over it. I think the people who replaced the windshield covered it to protect the lens, but forgot. Insurance claimed it as a total loss (which reminds me that I need to ask...
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    2021+ Model S LR Delivery Tracking

    Ordered 2-Apri-2021. Delivered 15-Jan-2022 Model S LR white/white. PDX delivery. Missing floor mats, license plate frame, parcel shelf and rear trunk well cover. Delivery helped take care of everything except that last one, have a pending service order in for the 4th in which I'm hoping to...
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    My $9241 XMAS 2021 & New Year 2022 Repair Bills

    That's crazy! Over the past few decades, I've changed quite a few brake pads (and rarely rotors, but I have a new set waiting to get installed in my garage) and have never seen that kind of imprinting nor would I have thought it was likely! Pads too hot? Rotors too hot? Pads too hard...
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    Has anyone installed a radar detector in a updated 2021 model S?

    There is a cigarette lighter ... wouldn't use it as it's in the center console and a longer run. OBD connectors which supply power. Used it for a cell phone booster. Plus it cuts out when the car is off. Rearview mirrors. I've retrofitted a few and dash cameras. Wouldn't use it. It's...
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    A Microcosm of what's wrong with Tesla service, the door handles

    Zip tie. You can loop it around and use it to pull open the door handle until you figure out what you want to do about the problem. No need for a stick (or credit card)
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    Looking for some guidance here......what's a completely unreasonable time frame for 2020 Model S to not be repaired after an accident?

    Am curious, is it "Tesla Authorized" repair shop, any ol' repair shop, or a Tesla Service center? I'm thinking that it's the first one, but want to confirm.
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    Model S rear trunk well cover

    Looks like this is a common miss: * License plate frames * Parcel Shelf (that top privacy shelf in the trunk) * Floor mats (two front, one rear) * Trunk well cover Just make sure the above show up I guess.
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    Model S delivery delayed.

    Well, mine was 9-months. Placed my LR order in April of 2021 and it got pushed to June/July and then all the way to Feb of this year. Finally got the confirmation for pick-up dates starting the 15th of Jan, with me closing it out on the 17th (Monday, MLK)
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    New (2022) model S - missing covers?

    When I picked mine up (Monday) it was missing the parcel shelf, floor mats, trunk well cover and license plate frame. The Delivery Advisor was able to scrounge up most everything except the well cover. Hopefully it got added to the delivery items that were missed, but also submitted a service...
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    2021+ Model S Refresh - white interior thread

    LR: Ordered April 2nd, 2021. Delivered Jan 17th.
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    Rivian Deliveries Pushed to 2022

    Considering Tesla manufactured zero of the Model S line in Q1 and orders (like my own) are being pushed 9-months out (14-Dec to 28-Dec) it's likely that even Tesla orders made this year will be delayed until 2022.
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    Blog Tesla Posts Record Q1 Production

    It's frankly horrible. If you have people placing orders in Q1, with none being produced then that rolls over to Q2. Q2 orders are being pushed back at least eight months (and were slated for February of 2022 ... or nearly a year) and this continues to add to the backlog. As such, greater...
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    Tesla Hits Production Goal of 500,000 Units

    Would not even consider it commendable. You have people waiting 6+ months to have a Model S delivered, and we're talking $85K and on up. The current expectation is now given as "Mar-Apr" which means that the Model S is being pushed back compared to the 3/Y.
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    Blog Tesla Delivered 241,300 Vehicles in Q3

    Wow that's horrible, less than 10,000 Model S produced and delivered. No wonder I'm sitting on a 6+ wait for a Model S. It's obvious that Tesla is focusing on the lower end market for the Model 3/Y versus the higher end S/X area.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Looks like my white on white LR was pushed back again. Order put in on April 2nd and now the earliest delivery date is December 11. Eight months by my finger counting.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Apparently (according to the news) there is a shortage of truck drivers in the US. Especially truck drivers with the appropriate license to transport hazardous materials such as gasoline. The rail yard by Fremont used to be a major transport hub “back in the day” but most vehicles that I’ve...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Regarding PPF We paint things to protect the underlying surface. Wood homes get paint (or varnish), metal cars to protect it from oxidation. We apply a clear layer of paint, a clear coat to protect the paint. We apply a soft layer of plastic to protect a supposedly soft layer of paint. A...
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    Model S delivery date moved up drastically

    You best me in terms of time, and I match sentiment. Could’ve gone with a MBZ or Lexus instead of waiting for my April 2nd order to be pushed out to February as of this mornings EDD update. This isn’t my first Tesla but based upon the latest experience and the rate of automotive advancement...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Not sure if I’d buy the stock again, as taking an order that can’t be filled for months (and reporting it as sales) is sus. RN1147400 placed on April 2nd 2021 Latest EDD is February 2022. Now that’s going to be 10 months for 100LR with FSD. And there is no guarantee that it’ll even pass...
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    Nervous now for ordering a Model S

    The biggest concerns shouldn’t be ordering a vehicle that is on par with a good portion of a house down payment… It is the wait. Not just for the car, but what if the car isn’t good enough and you have to reject it? Some of us may have outstanding orders that we are being told won’t be filled...
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    2021+ Model S LR Delivery Tracking

    RN1147400 - April 2nd, 2021 order placed Latest delivery date : February 2022
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    Solar Panel Installation, started April 2020, still not done

    If you're going with a Tesla Solar Panel (and this isn't the roof, just a panel on top of the roof) you can expect some serious delays. Sizing: 12.24 kW Solar, 3 Powerwalls Let's see if this helps anyone out. April 2020 - Initial order submitted 4/16/2020 - CPUC Solar Packet 4/16/2020 -...
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    NH resident with required to pay $2500. transportation and $1200. federally mandated fee.

    I'm wondering if they'd do that to Reno NV. Tesla has a facility there (SE of the Gigafactory) to repair and deal with sales. It's up I-80 which means a safe trucker route; and for people, it's an easy route from SJC to RNO or you could even take the train from Emeryville/Berkley/Sacramento as...
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    NJ doesn't charge sales tax on new EVs

    Got off the phone from my insurer (Ameriprise via Costco) and there is no fraud or wrong-doing with insuring a vehicle in another State. You just have a new policy written up for that State, NJ, in order to register the vehicle there. Lake Tahoe spans two States, California (where Tesla is...
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    Plaid vs LR

    Had a Model S with Ludicrous. Used it quite a few times the first couple of months. Passengers, after the first experience, stated they wouldn't want to ride in the car if I did it again (even given a warning). You can rocket-off at a light, but after a while, it becomes passe. I'd use...
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    21” arachnid or 19” base

    Have had both (21" & 19"). In the summer and on good roads run with the 21" tires. In the winter, (fall, winter and spring) I run the 19" tires. * The 19" tires are more comfortable * Better snow (mountain-and-snowflake rated) rating * No crazy rotation with the 19" tires * Cheaper with the...
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    Blog Musk Says Tesla is Working on ‘Grief’ from Collision Repair

    No. Was involved in an accident recently and the Tesla repair center wouldn't be able to even look at the vehicle until May 7th. The accident was at the end of March. If they can't even look at a vehicle to assess it, what is the likelihood that they're parts starved?
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    NJ doesn't charge sales tax on new EVs

    Reading from the Tesla website: Registering Your Tesla > Tesla will complete registration and mail your title and registration card. > > Tesla will mail your plates and registration once processing is complete. And based upon what I'm reading (old threads ... so yes I did use the search...
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    NJ doesn't charge sales tax on new EVs

    It's from this old thread ... just looking for more up to date information! https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/out-of-state-cpo-owners-who-bought-in-new-jersey.89308/
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    Safety : Side swiped by semi and walked away

    Last week got side swiped by a semi-truck driver. He just decided to come into my lane, and keep coming. No injuries, simply walked away. Biggest concern was swerving back into his wheels so corrective action after the initial hit was to put a bit more distance between him and me (shoulder...
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    NJ doesn't charge sales tax on new EVs

    NJ doesn't collect sales tax on the purchase of new EVs (it's on the Tesla web site) and a brief search here clearly shows that you don't need to even be a resident of NJ to register a vehicle there (just need insurance). I'm thinking of registering it in NJ using a NJ address and insurance...
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    Plaid+ 0-60

    This ^^^ Range is what kills me now in terms of time lost on a weekly basis. Range is what affects me thinking about a long road trip to Vegas or Clearwater. Range can be countered by rate of charge (at home over night at 40A or on the road at 250 miles an hour) but it's range. For example...
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    Model S underside

    The bottom looks pretty good. It's free from missing parts, parts aren't hanging down, the bolt heads aren't worn off indicating a drive/strike. Seen this on a few though (when you charge at Tesla service centers, you get to wander around and see how bad damage can be) ... the inside wheel...

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