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  1. jimtelsa

    Enhanced AutoPilot (EAP) Has Returned!

    i think the ding should be added it's for safety, really, who's cars do this? Tesla Its another reason to push drivers for Full Self Driving, one ding at a time EAP ding for all Its catchy....say it
  2. jimtelsa

    Enhanced AutoPilot (EAP) Has Returned!

    so those that have EAP By chance is the stoplight ding there I see the posts before I ask Sounds stupid, but I had FSD, even though I didnt use it. Safety score too low I did like the little reminder. F, lets go LOL
  3. jimtelsa

    yup sorry bro

    yup sorry bro
  4. jimtelsa

    SEXY button so how do you have this set up

    SEXY button so how do you have this set up
  5. jimtelsa

    2021 Model 3 Performance 3,100 Miles

    did you sell car
  6. jimtelsa

    Used value hit if you no longer have the factory tires/wheels

    i bought a used performance model 3 traded it in to tesla for 13k more than what i paid for it a year later Dont worry about car When you are ready to sell some day it will go in a heart beat, My new model y is worth more than what i paid for it I could sell it for a 15k profit Enjoy your car...
  7. jimtelsa

    Used value hit if you no longer have the factory tires/wheels

    Sell the tires and rims now Enjoy the car as long as you have it Sell the car for profit when your ready. I would not worry about the OEM tires and rims Good Luck and enjoy your Y
  8. jimtelsa

    Anyone regret buying the Acceleration Boost for their Model Y?

    Ingenext makes a boost module for the y for half the price it add some other features also Says its for the 2022 model Y Anybody go this route and save a grand?
  9. jimtelsa

    2022 MY performance for sale. Fort Myers FL

    You guys need to chill. He is selling the car. He listed the price. if interested contact.
  10. jimtelsa

    2021 Tesla Model 3 LR / Low mileage (3k) / Ceramic Coating

    what is the new white 2022
  11. jimtelsa

    Underbody Lights and 12v battery issue

    who did the install? I know older thread I like the underbody lights, Always thought it would be cool to flash your charging status at night while charging, or just cool colors. Cause its a cool car
  12. jimtelsa

    Which car to buy?

    just got my 2022 MYLR Great Ride heated steering wheel, this was not on my 2020 AMD chip, But the speed depends on signal, No or limited signal still has issues. But its faster no doubt Overall great ride, came from a 2020 performance model 3 I don't miss the acceleration difference, as ride...
  13. jimtelsa

    Hiding 12V Console Power

    https://tinyurl.com/yckuja74 It went up in price since I bought it This works with the ap from the console led strip and you can set the color the same it was 9.99 when I bought it . Moved it over from my 3 when i sold it I also bought a 3 way 12 volt cigarette splitter to plug in all of...
  14. jimtelsa

    Hiding 12V Console Power

    i have that kit I don't have any wires in plain sight If i lift the arm rest I see them Im good with this Other option is to get the accessory tray to hide this when you open the armrest I also ran LED lights for the foot wells no wires in plain sight Both projects took less then ten minutes...
  15. jimtelsa

    CA Waiting Room

    got my VIn. text and calling me to pick up. What should I expect if I pick up now? AMD chip? new 12 volt battery? anything else? would you get the car now or postpone? they gave me the option on the text 2022 MODY White No FSD No Tow 5 Seat 20 inch rims
  16. jimtelsa

    receive and end calls

    Mine will display now in the lower left corner of screen when a call comes in. But it still does not allow me to answer from the steering wheel Nor allow me to hang up from the steering wheel. My Tesla Model S can do this? Since update the phone some times does not connect and I have to call...
  17. jimtelsa

    CA Waiting Room

    How did you lift the hold? I could not pick up my Y because of the Covid issue at my Hospital Have not had any time off for over a month, I asked to delay my pickup and they changed my date to end of March. And thats with having a Vin assigned. I was given a Delivery location and not given the...
  18. jimtelsa

    CA Waiting Room

    Had to delay my Y delivery. Was ready for pickup Now Im march 9-31. What changes could happen to car I see everybody getting the AMD chip and the new Lithium 12 volt battery What else is coming or is everybody getting. Bummed it didn't work out and I had to delay
  19. jimtelsa

    SoCal place to get best used 3?

    What are you looking for? Many on this site are on the upgrade bubble and are waiting for their new cars to come in, Like me. I sold my Models S in less than 24 hours on this site. Bought my Model 3 on this site and will sell my current one on this site
  20. jimtelsa

    Wiki Teslike Model Y Survey & Order Tracker Spreadsheet

    I had a delivery date for Model Y, this weekend in Camarillo, but because of the Covid hit to my Hospital, I have no time to pick up or deal with the transaction. I had to delay and re-enter the Que. Not sure if this was a mistake but I had no choice. What am I looking at now as far as a...
  21. jimtelsa

    MASTER THREAD: Powering house or other things with Model 3

    I have Solar City panels which are now managed by Tesla I have applied for a Power wall but cant get one because they will only sell one with additional solar panels and i don't have any space available on roof So I need to power my fridge, internet, comp, and one 32 inch screen Also have a...
  22. jimtelsa

    Vendor Model S Custom Headlights by Evil Headlights

    just a bump for this great Mod for either the Model S or Model 3 I have gotten several questions lately on this upgrade and I can thank Evil Headlights enough Great craftsmanship and great customer service and installation My son did his Model 3 just after he got it Still looks amazing and light...
  23. jimtelsa

    Powerwall needed [Medical condition]

    How can I get a Powerwall? I have Solar City Solar panels and no more room for additional Solar I need emergency back up power How can I get a powerwall to help? I can only configure with solar panels on website thanks
  24. jimtelsa

    Need new tires..Where can I get Sport 4S tires?

    I take canyon roads to work every morning I am very happy in the transformation of this car with these new tires Since safety score has been removed I have driven more aggressive and seen the limits Yes it still has some role, but compared to my sons Model 3 with lowering springs and 4S tires...
  25. jimtelsa

    Need new tires..Where can I get Sport 4S tires?

    Went with the 255/40/18 Firestone Indy 500 All I can say is wow. Glue on the on ramps now with no role. Stock suspension Before with the primacy I had to slow down and then accelerate out. lots of body role Overall great ride, with a much wider stance Will post more as i drive more...
  26. jimtelsa

    Model 3 Tires, Tire Sizes, Types, make / model recommendations, tire discussions, etc

    Wanted to give a big shout out to my new tires 255/40/18 Went with the Firestone Indy 500 4S out of stock everywhere, needed new rubber All I can say is wow, With my Stealth performance, i now have a really good cornering car, launches much better and overall ride quality has improved...
  27. jimtelsa

    Need new tires..Where can I get Sport 4S tires?

    any pictures of your ride with the 245 45 18 i wanted a little wider tire 255 40 18 that way I can keep the stock rims i had power coated satin black Did you consider the Yokahama adven apex
  28. jimtelsa

    FSD button is here!

    multiple days multiple ways of driving still get 97 Every single day I take the canyons with limited freeway Hit 90 plus yesterday on freeway Drove almost normal in canyons 97 I get dinging getting on first major street have to make a left across a double lane highway Every time thats...
  29. jimtelsa

    Need new tires..Where can I get Sport 4S tires?

    How do you select Mobile install?
  30. jimtelsa

    Need new tires..Where can I get Sport 4S tires?

    255/40/18 or 245/45/18 or even stock. nobody has them Back order back order back order anybody have a tire store that can get them Would prefer 255/40/18 Im in So Cal Somewhere at certain times
  31. jimtelsa

    Safety Score

    Day three coming up Driving like I dont own the car anymore and still cant figure this out How do you turn auto pilot off and not get an error message on screen? Or any message? Feel this is a ding Avoiding a car drifting in your lane gets you a ding for aggressive turning and hard breaking...
  32. jimtelsa

    That notorious driver side dash rattle..

    That is the exact issue I have on my 2020 M3P, Mobile service would not address Same Area . also have rattling noise in the doors as speed goes up If I take car in, I have to agree to a cost per hour, as its not covered under the warranty, then its put into a service que and I dont know when...
  33. jimtelsa

    Boombox Custom Sound Thread

    looking for a 13b RX7 bridgeport sound file like the one on Drag Times
  34. jimtelsa

    2020 Stealth Performance questions

    Morning After driving now for a month i noted that a have some sway in the corners with the stock suspension I wanted to know if I have front and rear sway bars on this Stealth model Would upgrading to a performance sway bars help in this area I plan on keeping the 18 inch tires and rims...
  35. jimtelsa

    Model 3 All-Weather Floor Mats

    still available
  36. jimtelsa

    2014 Tesla Model S P90

    Car has been sold
  37. jimtelsa

    2014 Tesla Model S P90

    Well thats what I said regarding the Tan interior, then after taking it to Vegas several times, I appreciate it that much more stays much more cooler. And cools down faster after sitting in sun. its a very classy interior.
  38. jimtelsa

    2014 Tesla Model S P90

    just the headlights
  39. jimtelsa

    2014 Tesla Model S P90

    Evil headlights They exchanged them for a like set while they had them out I upgraded to newer bulbs They have many options, including the Model 3 they include the swap out at their facility with the price or you can do it yourself when I did the paint correction and ceramic coating I had the...
  40. jimtelsa

    Model 3 All-Weather Floor Mats

    texted no reply
  41. jimtelsa

    2014 Tesla Model S P90

    Right here on the parts Forum for the black Alcantara A pillars and sun visors They really help with the glare and improved the dash cam footage The battery was replaced by the previous owner in Fremont in 2017 went in for routine service and they said it failed a test so they replaced Didn't...
  42. jimtelsa

    2014 Tesla Model S P90

    I have the Beige a pillars and sun visors, changed to black to reduce glare Also included is a Tesla outdoor car cover and Windshield Sun Screen Aftermarket Center Console, Tesla center console available Car is amazing, still has major get up and go, gets compliments everywhere and will be...
  43. jimtelsa

    2014 Tesla Model S P90

    $37,000 Located in Simi Valley, CA Battery - Originally a P85, battery was replaced with a 90kW pack - 100% charge shows ~257 miles - 90% charge shows ~239 miles - 80% charge shows ~208 miles - Currently 91,215 miles ODO - CPO Warranty until December 2021 or 99,000 miles - Battery and...
  44. jimtelsa

    3M Crystalline shade question?

    i wear Maui Jims sunglasses and can see a color change in the upper corners through the windshield, just very slight with no sunglasses, its just clear Night is perfect I was fearful that it would decrease vision but it has improved it. Same amount of light but less glare Even with the...
  45. jimtelsa

    3M Crystalline shade question?

    Went with 70% on the windshield and Sunroof 50% all other windows Came out just perfect Thanks for the help.
  46. jimtelsa

    Model 3 All-Weather Floor Mats

    Are these the mats on the Tesla website for 250.00?

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