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  1. bishoppeak

    Scratch on door

    Anything you do besides painting the whole panel will look worse than the scratch
  2. bishoppeak

    Help about speed limit.

    A shrink is probably a better bet
  3. bishoppeak

    What other vehicles do you own?

    Just finished this project, not so much a car as an artifact of my youth https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNDzOZDt8lrmWzQM2G6_lPLacVQydrd5Srf4H0BKXP5YGm-6U1TVLfE6NmoB5CC_g?key=MFZhQkd5LWZWRnEzeDRXOHJCWDhIZjdTM2VidV9R
  4. bishoppeak

    Front upper control arm squeak

    Front suspension points are bushed, not lubed. Squirting something may temporarily stop the squeak, but the bushings need replacement to permanently stop the squeaks
  5. bishoppeak

    Collision Repair: Insurance vs Out-of-pocket

    Let her insurance pay for it, hard to believe that such a minor incident would lead to diminished value
  6. bishoppeak

    Valet Parking

    If it's valet parking only, tell them there is a gun in the car and they'll ride with you to the spot. Don't forget to tip anyway
  7. bishoppeak

    Why are there so many new Plaid inventory cars showing up lately?

    Fly there and drive it back, great first road trip! If you don't have time I'll go for you
  8. bishoppeak

    Picking up my Plaid this week

    Not really tough at all, just control it with your right foot. Perhaps a bit of a pause at red light changes, as it's easy to get Tboned by cross traffic pushing their yellow if you leap out. You will probably be going faster than you think, so keep an eye on the speedometer.
  9. bishoppeak


    I wouldn't go larger than the factory 21" rims
  10. bishoppeak

    Flat tire road side question

    Nope, good will if they do
  11. bishoppeak

    Flat tire road side question

    Still under bumper to bumper warranty? 4 years roadside assistance on new cars, your photo looks like an older model
  12. bishoppeak

    Looking for Advice

    Put them in the for sale forum cheap and someone will take them, at least 3 are probably easily repairable
  13. bishoppeak

    500 mile road trip

    The car will tell you when you've got enough to make it to the next supercharger
  14. bishoppeak

    Where is my S Plaid

    Someone made a boo boo hooning in it and the body shop has it now.
  15. bishoppeak

    Model S 17" wheels

    Factory only offered 19" and 21"
  16. bishoppeak

    An honest review of the yoke

    Necker Knob! I remember those from when I was a kid!
  17. bishoppeak

    Unicorn Model S, X, and M3P

    Did you have to pay much of a premium?
  18. bishoppeak

    I want to purchase 2017 Model S

    You have good taste!
  19. bishoppeak

    Any reliable tinted window and paint protection vendors for Model S in South San Jose?

    I've been very pleased with work from Premier Protective Film
  20. bishoppeak

    Lost Side Camera Display

    No error messages and reboot didn't help
  21. bishoppeak

    Lost Side Camera Display

    Anyone else?
  22. bishoppeak

    AP2 Probably Saved Our Hide The Other Day

    I know mine's better at night in the rain than I am!
  23. bishoppeak

    Square to Staggered?

    No fitment problems. Rougher ride, faster wear due to softer compound tires, risk of tire and wheel road damage due to lower profile tires. All 21"tires with the proper load rating seem to be about the same
  24. bishoppeak

    Weird brake feel

    These are not regenerative brakes, a completely separate system. Perhaps your brakes haven't bedded in completely yet?
  25. bishoppeak

    Question: What am I missing about the headlights?

    I have seen this problem and a reboot fixed it.
  26. bishoppeak

    Carbon ceramic brakes

    Agree that mine were stupid $, but I did notice an improvement in ride harshness probably due to less unsprung weight.
  27. bishoppeak

    Cleaning leaves from Front Bumper Lower Grill

    If you really don't want to remove the bumper cover and don't mind a lot of fiddly work, when they are dry break them up with a dental pick and vacuum out
  28. bishoppeak

    A Clean Cabin Air Filter After 2 Years Use

    My 2017 with HEPA doesn't even have a cabin filter
  29. bishoppeak

    What to do when the App stops connecting AND my vehicle is in for replacement of the MCU (eMMC recall)

    It is normal for them to turn off remote com while they're working on the car, can't have you honking the horn! Also normal to use an upgraded daughterboard with a new chip soldered on. Try calling the service department and using the "service in progress" option.
  30. bishoppeak

    Buy a used 2019 Model S P100D 11,000 k's or new Model 3 Performance

    I would recommend driving both for a longer period. They are different in many ways
  31. bishoppeak

    Replaced suspension components at 200k miles

    Could bushings have been replaced? Seems like that would save a lot of $$
  32. bishoppeak

    Supercharger - Mojave, CA (EXPANDED Dec 2021, 6 V2 + 4 V3 + 2 urban stalls)

    I think the KW figure is "up to", so just the fastest on site not all chargers
  33. bishoppeak

    Car packs up with aircon fault

    Not with Tesla, but pretty common in all cars that have a catastrophic compressor failure
  34. bishoppeak

    My new S!

    Congratulations on getting the best color;-)
  35. bishoppeak

    2016.5 model s P100D

    How old are the tires, they get hard after a few years and aren't as sticky. How was your reaction time, easy to add about a second if not perfect
  36. bishoppeak

    Any experience with car shows?

    Make up a sign with specs on range and performance, UPS store can do this cheap. Bring a comfy folding chair and plenty of fluids and sunscreen
  37. bishoppeak

    Supercharger - San Luis Obispo, CA (LIVE 5 May 2018, expanded May 2020, 14 V2 + 4 V3 stalls)

    V3 was functional earlier this week, friend got over 200KW with her Model 3
  38. bishoppeak

    Visit to Tesla Service Center.

    Brake fluid flush
  39. bishoppeak

    Arachnid lug nuts?

    I get a squeak like that as I'm getting out of my car in the garage, turns out I was grabbing the steering wheel on the way out and turning it slightly. Your new tires are softer and more likely to make squeaking noises
  40. bishoppeak

    Arachnid lug nuts?

    Your current wheels are 19", and the lug nuts are the same
  41. bishoppeak

    Using a 21" turbine spare while on 3X 19" slipstreams

    Aren't the diameters about the same with 21" using lower profile tires?
  42. bishoppeak

    Pulls to the LEFT under Acceleration, pulls to the RIGHT under Regen.

    Sounds like a loose component since it pulls opposite directions under acceleration/deceleration
  43. bishoppeak

    Bluetooth Call Quality

    I had those problems and it turned out that turning the volume down with the scroll wheel cured it.
  44. bishoppeak

    1st Tesla - Wheel Question

    1:You can use the same tires 2:Range will be uneffected 3:Link doesn't show wheel 4:Better ride with 19"
  45. bishoppeak

    Trying to get a replacement drive unit

    Way too long ago, sorry
  46. bishoppeak

    Unicorn Model S, X, and M3P

    Mine has all that and a solid roof!
  47. bishoppeak

    Hard Braking in Snow

    Could be the ABS is cycling and that is effecting the pedal feel
  48. bishoppeak

    Short shorts delivery!

    Selling those in any size larger than XS should be punishable by death!
  49. bishoppeak

    Alignment / service issue

    I had an alignment shop tell me they wouldn't do it for fear of damaging the car's "computer" :confused:

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