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    Could Tesla recommend which shared SC stall to use on arrival?

    IMO, once they went to a default 50/50 split for shared V2 a few years ago, the benefit of suggesting a stall went down considerably, as the main improvement is getting into a 75/25 sharing with someone who's drawing <25% (<~37.5kw) for an extended period of time. Sure people do that, but hard...
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    2xPowerwall whole house backup - HVAC sure start problem

    Pretty sure my Liebherr fridge is a dual variable-speed (aka inverter) compressor unit, based on the twin humps I see in my baseload at night. Also there are similar OEM models from other brands that are made in the same factory, and like with the same guts, though not all advertise inverter or...
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    Tesla Virtual Power Plant in CA

    I've previously written in detail about Ohmconnect in another thread somewhere, somewhat negatively at the time, after they made big changes to their program a year ago. But wanted to offer some comparison for those looking at other Demand Response options, esp with the more recent Powerwall...
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    Car & Driver: The Mach E is simply better than the Model Y

    So you don't think the "why" was the 5 to 6 things mentioned immediately in the sentence or two following?
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    Whole house backup possible with one Powerwall?

    So the only support number I could locate led to a menu where all options queues are no longer active... but I did find on the website where I could schedule a 30-min call with an adviser for next week, which I did. Meanwhile though, I did get an e-mail response saying that there are no design...
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    Whole house backup possible with one Powerwall?

    Thanks, anyone know the number for support, is it specific to Solar division? They don't quite make that obvious in the online pages...
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    Whole house backup possible with one Powerwall?

    Hey all, after seeing a few threads bumped with people receiving design or re-design after a month of wait, I got a bit optimistic that some backlog might clear up a bit. Indeed, I just got a text today that my system design for 4.8kw + 1 Powerwall has been completed. Given this is an...
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    Gen3 Home Charging with powerwalls

    Great, good that the SolarEdge, and it seems newer Enphase Envoy monitoring (not my older model), all seem to come with consumption monitoring now - I guess they have inputs for a set of CT's around the wires to the meter...
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    Gen3 Home Charging with powerwalls

    Friend getting solar quotes is asking if $900 extra for SolarEdge EV charger installed would be worth it on SolarEdge install (without ESS in this case). Not quite the exact same as OP's topic with Powerwalls, but SolarEdge claims a similar benefit of charging during the day on solar, to avoid...
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    Should I wait?

    Glad they got back to you with an acceptable re-design. My friend in similar situation with a few odd north-panels, which I mentioned upthread, is still waiting for a re-design, or even just a follow-up response, after 4-5 weeks. And I submitted my initial request for panels + Powerwall...
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    How to clean solar panels?

    I've tried that, LOL. I have a 16-panel Enphase system, with the panel-level monitoring. It's harder than it seems to draw any definitive conclusions, even though it looks like a straight A/B test. For one thing, there is always a bit of variability in adjacent panels, as you've probably...
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    Model 1 spotted

    Forget about the car guys.... what can you tell me about the Dirty Doctor advertising its business right across the street there, in Las Vegas of course....
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    Over the air improvements or Over the air repairs? (No wonder such few recalls) *SupperCharging is Slower and Range Decreased!

    Those are fair statements, but I feel the OP also didn't get what was originally advertised for supercharging at the time he bought it, and I do believe you had to buy supercharging as an add-on option on the original MS 60's that were not locked 75's. I mean 27kw on a v3 Supercharger is barely...
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    Over the air improvements or Over the air repairs? (No wonder such few recalls) *SupperCharging is Slower and Range Decreased!

    I agree that there will and should be more third-parties that will offer replacement batteries or battery repair, esp as more Tesla's come on the road (and more also get "retired" due to accidents and whatnot, providing a supply of used batteries. But I'm not understanding your comment about...
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    WTB: CHAdeMO Adapter (US Version)

    I'm being somewhat off-topic, but speaking of discontinued items sold on eBay, I've been eyeing for several years an electronic accessory for Yamaha grand pianos, $1500 new from Yamaha dealers but hard to order unless you had original purchase receipt for the piano. One popped up last week, I...
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    Installing Wall Connector is better than NEMA 14-50

    While the TWC SHOULD be cheaper and easier to install, reality is not always the case when it comes to electricians... A friend of mine is getting their Tesla Model 3 soon, EDD keeps moving but probably end of this month, so just went through this with 14-50 vs Wall Connector. I believe with...
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    PG&E EV2A rate went up by 20% March 1

    Thank goodness at least on E-TOU-C, which I'm on, the increase was only 1/10 of one cent. Rates are still increasing, but the pace is slowing down. Oddly enough, since E-TOU-C has a baseline credit (a weird way of just calling our their Tier 1 rate), they also reduced the credit by a half of...
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    Car Camping in RV sites?

    I've never rented an RV spot for either an RV or a Tesla, so good to hear most places allow a car to be considered an RV. But a few years ago when booking RV places in or near a national park for an actual RV (trip was cancelled due to COVID lockdowns), it seemed many did not allow you to pitch...
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    New Powerwall Advanced Options [Toggles for charging from and discharging to grid from powerwalls]

    Sorry, I should have written it out fully,"50 in, 50 out" meant 50 kwh import, 50 kwh export. I think everyone is all aligned now, but I was just extrapolating on your "I think we all agree that" 100 kwh import, 100 kwh export = $3.00 50 kwh import, 50 kwh export = $1.50 should be all agreed...
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    New Powerwall Advanced Options [Toggles for charging from and discharging to grid from powerwalls]

    NBC's are just a part of the retail rate, that can't be avoided. If the retail rate is $0.30, the $0.03 that can't be bypassed is already in there. Since you have the 100 in, 100 out scenario clear, you also know 50 in, 50 out. Then just consume another 50 in, at retail, like every non-NEM...
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    Michelin Treadwear Warranty - documentation required?

    I have had success with America's Tire (equal to Discount Tire for the West Coast) for the aftermarket Michelin MXM4 purchased from them (not OEM ones). For the OEM ones, I've heard success might be greater if you're looking to replace with a set of Michelin's from them, but I haven't tried...
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    New Powerwall Advanced Options [Toggles for charging from and discharging to grid from powerwalls]

    At least on NEM1, with no NBC's, there's no net harm right? Yes you imported during peak, but you exported more during peak, so whether you self-consumed from the Powerwall directly or exported it, isn't it the same result? Now NEM2, different story with NBC's....
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    Model 3 completely dead this morning. What an experience. [dead 12v]

    I documented in another thread where my folks' Model 3 suddenly started draining 3-5 kwh per day for several weeks while parked, for those counting, that's a constant 125W power draw or constant 10-15A current draw: Tesla says "Gray area for the warranty" and says I drained it [12V covered...
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    Supercharger - Harris Ranch, CA - Expansion (under construction Apr 2022, 80 stalls)

    Or to paraphrase Yogi Berra, "no one goes during peak anymore, it's too crowded"
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    Solar, Powerwalls and Model 3 charger hookup integration.

    Yes - generation and loads have to be balanced, so any solar power being generated has to go somewhere. In this grid-on scenario, if the power is not being consumed by home loads nor being stored into the Powerwalls (because they are full), it has to go out to the grid. Alternatively in a...
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    Do supercharger users not care about price?

    There's a reason the CMS and Santana Row superchargers are busiest during mealtimes and on the weekends, the mentality of many is we'll "charge while we eat", not we'll go "eat while we charge" as if on a road trip. Meaning, you'll see a lot of families getting out of the car to have a meal or...
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    Whole house backup possible with one Powerwall?

    Cool, and just to clarify since I'm not yet familiar with the Energy screens in the app, is that all on Time-Based Control, none of the new Grid Charging or Export Everything options that some have and some don't? So looks like 100% of the home load is being fed by the Powerwalls after 3pm...
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    Whole house backup possible with one Powerwall?

    Just that the additional capacity is not needed for either outages or load-shifting, so mainly peace of mind. But one of the reasons I'm asking about the whole-house backup, is that if two Powerwalls does simplify the layout significantly and reduce the number of additional boxes (e.g...
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    Do you have enough solar to go off grid in winter?

    The load balancer is basically Enphase's gateway for their ESS, can be installed without batteries. A friend is getting solar quotes, particularly with microinverters due to tree shading - the additional quote to support this grid-down scenario was $13K on top of the solar panels/micros, that's...
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    Glue J1772 Lock onto Adapter?

    Folks, you just need a small combo or pad lock that goes through the J1772 handle holes while you're using a L2 charger. It keeps the L2 handle from being depressed, ensuring it stays locked to your adapter. It can be used in tandem with the locking ring, or without it - it serves a...
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    Do you have enough solar to go off grid in winter?

    Well the Oracle guy is specifically NOT connected to the grid, as it was going to be expensive to run underground lines to his property. So can't be the one who's energy independent but still grid-tied.
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    Whole house backup possible with one Powerwall?

    It's all about the creature comforts, isn't it? We did choose to put the tile heaters in, in the kitchen and the master bath, after all. But you know what, after putting in double-pane windows and new insulation with the remodel, the bathroom and all the other rooms are no longer drafty...
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    Whole house backup possible with one Powerwall?

    Well that's the thing, our 200A panel is 10 years new and already "upgraded". When we did our "60% of house" remodel, we crossed that threshold where ALL of the 50-year-old wiring in the house essentially had to be upgraded to current code. So pretty much all the walls had to be opened up to...
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    Whole house backup possible with one Powerwall?

    Interesting, so even with two Powerwalls, things like the floor heaters are not backed up. We have two tile floor heaters as well, the larger one on its own 120V 20A breaker - but we literally never use them, since they're an energy hog. Who makes the judgment about whether things stay in the...
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    Whole house backup possible with one Powerwall?

    The electric oven is I guess what I'm worried about the most. I just hope that's not the ONE thing that prevents whole-house backup, for something that is rarely used and certainly not during a grid outage. But I suppose they're worried about that one-in-a-million chance where I just happen to...
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    Whole house backup possible with one Powerwall?

    Thanks for clarifying. I guess there are really two ways the Powerwall benefits off-grid. One is just drawing down the power stored in the Powerwall - that would be most important. The second is allowing the solar to keep generating - not as important for us as the random outages during the...
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    Whole house backup possible with one Powerwall?

    So is the third one only during off-grid operations, such as during an outage? I somehow assumed that during normal grid-tie, that any excess power beyond what the Powerwalls and house loads need was just pushed out to the grid. Nominally I'd like both the existing 4kw system (peak I've ever...
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    Whole house backup possible with one Powerwall?

    I have an existing 4kw micro-inverter system, but just put in to Tesla for a 4.8kw system plus one Powerwall (one is all I really need for either load-shifting or backup). I know the general parameters in this forum are that one needs at least two Powerwalls, even three, for whole-house backup...
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    Optimizers... what are they good for?

    I just submitted online to Tesla for a 4.8kw system + 1 Powerwall, as an expansion of my current 4 kw Enphase micro system. The only spot for the new panels will be an east-facing roof plane sitting between two south-facing planes where the current panels are split evenly. Based on the Enphase...
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    New Powerwall Advanced Options [Toggles for charging from and discharging to grid from powerwalls]

    I've been following this thread off and on, but since I don't have Powerwall's, things are a bit abstract. I've been trying to justify the economic arguments for ordering a Powerwall, which with Tesla also requires adding more solar to my existing 4 kw system. I know it's pretty hard to ever...
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    Is this a 10-30 outlet?

    Note the Tesla Wall Connector is now back up to 24' cord (had been reduced to 20' for a few years), just in case that extra 4' is helpful. It looks like you have open studs around the outlet, if you could possibly extend that outlet 6' in the appropriate direction (and where 10' would not do)...
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    Smelly stinky socks / mold in Model 3 AC

    I don't think either cars or air filters sitting around just absorb moisture. The air filter is just paper or cotton, it's not a dessicant; my gut feel is that excess condensation out of the circulatiing air, from actually running the compressor cycle, is what gets things damp and then things...
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    rear ended on a two month old car by a driver without drivers license and insurance policy, what are my options?

    I think if there's anything to be gotten out of the individual, your insurance company should be going to bat for you, by going after him and his assets, for not just your deductible but all of the damages they paid you. Then send you a check if they recover anything. Though in this case, prob...
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    Should I wait?

    A friend in similar situation with Tesla now, though only two panels on north roof which they offered to eliminate. But a bunch of east-facing panels too. Tesla citing fire safety clearances, as some of the south-facing roof planes are rather tight - other installers were fine to fit all...
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    Using 100% of the solar your panels produce [DC / AC ratio]

    I do think the industry could with minimal effort put out some studies, or even just some basic calculations, to explain both the energy AND cost efficiencies of oversizing vs undersizing vs right-sizing. It might be true that the efficiency differences between 80% capacity vs 100% capacity are...
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    Enphase IQ8 Microinverters Ready for Prime Time

    If you parse out what I said, I didn't mean any different, I meant $4-5K for the installation of the Powerwall's associated components, but not including the Powerwall ($7K for one, $14K for two), to be apples to apples with just the installation of the Enphase SmartSwitch, which doesn't...
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    PSA: California Residents Homeowner Insurance "Utility Rating" savings if you re-work your load-center / HVAC

    Our CA home is about 60 years old, typical for the suburban sprawl, but we did a complete remodel about a decade ago. So a fair amount of the electrical and plumbing and HVAC ducts were re-done, and brought up to code if applicable. I do remember when changing home insurance a few times since...
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    Enphase IQ8 Microinverters Ready for Prime Time

    Wow, same friend finally got a quote for the SmartSwitch with installation, it's another $13K on top of the solar panels. I realize it's more than just wiring the box, is also basically creating a backup loads panel and moving a bunch of loads over to it. Basically like a Powerwall...
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    HOW TO: Replace Headlights in Refresh (2016+) Model S

    You might try making a service request any claiming warranty, if it was already fading and documented by Tesla service. I had the first go out a few months before warranty, and like you, the 2nd one was showing clear dimming but not quite "failed". I did submit a request three weeks before the...
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    Enphase IQ8 Microinverters Ready for Prime Time

    What you say kinda makes sense, but without batteries, and in a grid-down situation generating 1.8 and consuming 0.8 is also bad right? Where would the extra 1.0 kw go? Doesn't the system have to shed production somehow?

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