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    Almost made the mistake of buy a OEM replacement part on eBay

    I learned a lesson to never buy a Tesla part without checking with Tesla first. I wanted to replace the trim cover on the door of my trunk. I looked on eBay and found them listed for around $80 for used ones. $80 did not seem unreasonable as it is a pretty large part with multiple clips and...
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    Tesla’s FSD Beta 10.3 Coming This Friday 10-22-2021

    Got it in Texas. No email, and surprised to see my Safety Score disappeared.
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    AC odor removal and cleaning

    I did mine myself also. Purchased the filters on amazon, and used sprayed in the cleaner. When I had done by Tesla last year they showed me they use the same exact cleaner. It basically is one screw and the rest are clips...
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    Anyone have any idea what this Model X is?

    I saw this Model X parked yesterday at the San Antonio Service Center. It has barcodes over some of the wheels with " Acuna Proving Grounds", velcro patches over some of the other wheel arches, and one of the ugliest front grills. Inside looked stock from what I could see. Anyone seen...
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    Looking for advice on best power lift trunk kit

    I purchased the Hanshow, but sold it prior to installation after I started hearing customer service issues. I then purchased two Teslaoffer power trunk units, and have had the opportunity to verify real world that they have exceptional after sales customer support.
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    Problem with Hansshow Support

    By contrast I have installed the power trunk kit from Teslaoffer.com in both of our model 3s and have had exceptional after sales experience. I have contacted them several times via WhatsApp and they have been exceptionally helpful and responsive. Recently my wife's model 3 power trunk...
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    Awesome Tesla Offer Experience

    I wanted to share excellent customer support I got from Tesla Offer well after purchase. I bought Tesla Offer's powered trunk kit and installed it in my wife's Model 3 about a year and a half ago, and it has worked without any issues. Recently my wife's car was rear ended when stopped...
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    Swapping white dash for wood dash. Anyone interested?

    Coming from prior BMWs I still think that is an amazing price for the dash with the attached trim.
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    Swapping white dash for wood dash. Anyone interested?

    It is really simple to install. I am sure you can pull up videos on YouTube. It is held in with clips. It sounds terrible when you pull it up, but it is just the clips disengaging. I have been a Tesla owner since 2014 and one trend I don't see spoken about much is that the prices of parts...
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    Swapping white dash for wood dash. Anyone interested?

    You may want to check on the price of the dash directly from Tesla. I purchased a spare wood one to put carbon fiber on and was surprised how much it was. Can't recall exactly, but think it was in the the 1 to 2 hundred range.
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    FS Silver Arachnid $1200 OBO - Local Pickup Texas

    I sold my Model S and selling my Silver Arachnid Wheels with TMPS for $1200 OBO. Wheels are genuine Tesla wheels ordered, received and installed by local Tesla service center. They are 21" staggered forged rims 8.5" front and 9" rear. I was asked about trying to take pictures for any...
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    FS Silver Arachnid $1000 OBO - Local Pickup Texas

    Ok, sorry if this was not evident, I just assumed it was understood: Wheels are the genuine Tesla Wheels and are forged given as the referral prize.
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    FS Silver Arachnid $1000 OBO - Local Pickup Texas

    To answer more questions asked, wheels come with TPMS already mounted on wheels.
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    FS Silver Arachnid $1000 OBO - Local Pickup Texas

    Based on questions received. Wheels are forged 21" wheels 8.5" front and 9" rear. Re shipping I checked both Fedex and UPS. Fedex came out to $74 and UPS ground came out to a $106 per wheel (Each wheel with box is 36.2 pounds and box 29" x 29" X 12" - coming from zip 78023 if you are...
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    FS Silver Arachnid $1000 OBO - Local Pickup Texas

    I sold my Model S and selling my Silver Arachnid Wheels for $1000 OBO. Wheels are in great condition as pictured and come with tire pressure sensors included. I am in San Antonio, price is for local pickup, but I am willing to drive out and meet half to surrounding area if that helps...
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    Supercharger - Selma, TX

    The pin on 410 by the airport dropped.
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    Supercharger - Selma, TX

    I went to the opening ceremony in San Marcos when it was the first Supercharger in Texas. It was attended by State representatives and Tesla Reps and a lot of supportive owners. Amazing how far things have come in just a few years that now Superchargers just quietly open up. Pretty awesome...
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    Just installed my referral wheels!!!

    I tried to book my appointment via the app requesting installation of referral wheels . Being in Texas all appointments are routed out of state, I was called and told they are only doing critical repairs right now.
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    Supercharger - Leon Springs, TX

    I drove by yesterday evening. Construction is underway in earnest with a lot of activity along with digging, multiple runs of wiring being stretched out on on top of pavement.
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    Supercharger - Leon Springs, TX

    Can anyone that is out that way, upload some pictures where the location is in relation to the rest of parking lot. It is a really big, and busy parking lot, I was hoping it was going to be somewhat near the local coffee.
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    New 2020- Frunk Poor Panel Alignment

    I had the same problem and was beyond the threshold of being able to improve by screwing and unscrewing the rubber stoppers underneath the hood. It was a really quick fix for the tech though. Had it done by Mobile Service and Tech had to adjust the main latch and all was good.
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    Model 3 Performance/AWD Clunking sound

    After getting the TSB for the Nitto rubber valves on the battery clunk is still there, may be my imagination, but seems less noticeable. I have no explanation as how this would correlate with the supposition that it is a motor tolerance issue. That obviously would not make any sense. As an...
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    Tesla low-ball trade-in offer

    When I tried comparison shopping Tesla versus Carmax versus Carvana I was surprised that Carvana offered the most. Tesla was unwilling to match Carvana. I actually ended up selling myself for about 10k more on eBay, well beyond any tax credit from the trade.
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    Tesla Cybrtrk

    The design is definitely a radical shift. By this point I know that Elon is not the best speaker, I just wish that the long awaited reveal would have been done much better. Tesla really had an chance to bring in a lot of new people not already in the fold, and I think it was a missed...
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    Model 3 dash-swapping

    My car came with the white dashboard, I bought a spare wood dashboard which in the US was a surprisingly (to me) inexpensive price of $230 for the entire dashboard with trim. It is an easy quick swap.
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    Hansshow Model 3 power trunk opener with foot sensor for $100 off

    I have an unopened Hansshow Power Trunk with foot kick sensor for sale for $100 off the $550 retail price for $450 including shipping via Fedex ground to anywhere in the the US. Payment via PayPal. Tesla model 3 automatic frunk and trunk Please PM me any interest or questions. Thanks
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    Thunk while supercharging

    I had the rebreathers replaced today. Took only a couple of minutes. Put car on lift, pulled old ones off, plugged new plugs from Nitto in.
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    Number of attendees per Cybrtrk event invite

    Thats great news then. I wanted to take my teenage daughter to it, didn't want to travel to it alone.
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    Number of attendees per Cybrtrk event invite

    It seems unlike prior events where you could bring a guest, as best as I can tell each invite is just for one. Does anyone know anything differently?
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    FS 21" Staggered Michelin Pilot Super Sports

    I just listed a set of 21" Staggered Michelin Pilot Super Sports (245/35 & 265/35) on eBay if anyone is interested: One set of four OEM Michelin Pilot Super Sport 21" Tires from Tesla Model S | eBay Thanks
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    Text Message Solutions?

    Yes. The simpler it is to implement the more likely they will do it, especially if it doesn’t require a licensing fee.
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    Text Message Solutions?

    I bet it is just a matter of time before the car is able to interpret and read text messages. I remember when we didn't have backup lines and everyone said it was not possible with current cars for various reasons such as incompatible with steering system and current video card. It was just...
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    Do You Miss Your Model S?

    I guess it is what you use it for. I am on my 4th and 5th Teslas, and had a Model S P100D before getting my current P3D. The Model S always felt bigger than I would have liked. I do think the seats in the S and X are more comfortable, and I would have liked the 3 to have bio defense mode...
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    Subwoofer? Is that what the hole is for?

    I have the sub with hole in the trunk. I also got the same cover as linked from Amazon. Trunk seems more finished and subjectively sounds like less road noise getting through. Could always just open a setback. Suprisiingly, subwoofer is still bassy as ever.
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    Model Y pre-order value. What do you get for $2,500?

    I have gotten multiple Teslas over the years (we are on our 4th and 5th). They have always asked for they $2500 deposit when putting in the order unless your ordering a founder’s or signature edition. The $2500 deposit is always deducted from the end price.
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    Are all high end window tint films about the same?

    I just did all side, back in one piece, roof and front windshield in Photosyn IRD in Dallas and it was $1500.
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    Are all high end window tint films about the same?

    Wow $700 for the Photosync. For the Photosync IRD doing windows all around, back in one piece, top glass and windshield I was quoted $1500. Is that inline with what other's are getting quoted? Thanks
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    Supercharger - San Antonio, TX

    Went by, it looks like there are only two that are not operational; one of the ones in back and one along the street. I plugged into one in the back and started to charge without a problem.
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    Performance or LR with white interior?

    I have a silver with white seat P3D. I really love it. I like both the wood dash and the white porcelain dash. I personally you should hold out for what you would really like.
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    AC odor removal and cleaning

    I am also in Texas and have had this issue on both our 3s. My wife had the service performed on hers where they sprayed (?) Lysol smelling chemical in vents. Her smell is now back. For my car I have started running AC without circulate about once a week and the smell seems to be gone.
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    P3D- range?

    P3D+ on 20”. Best average I am getting is 299 wh/mi. After almost 1 year my 90% usually shows 268 miles.
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    Swapping white dash for wood dash. Anyone interested?

    FYI, if you have a issue with getting the wood one. I ordered a spare wood one from my local service center and the entire dash with wood on it was around $200. I was pleasantly surprised it wasn't more.
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    Model 3 Performance/AWD Clunking sound

    I have two P3Ds and one has the "clunk" noise at low speed of decelerations and acceleration particularly exaggerated when going up or down a high, the other does not make any similar noise. Several weeks ago I got a front motor warning that had a turtle icon on it and said, "Power Reduced -...
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    Supercharger - San Antonio, TX

    Any guesses 150 or 120? Fingers crossed.
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    Man, $64,000 for a 2017 with almost 30k miles, with the new revision coming out shortly. If I really needed a car right now and wanted to spend the money, it would be a hard value prospect to get that over just getting a new Perfomance 3, even if it does have hover ability.
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    Anyone Still Waiting On Their Spoiler?

    I have two September delivery P3Ds. Just received ours last few weeks.
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    S to 3

    I think changing over to the new chemistry higher density 2170 cells with its higher capacity to charge faster like the 3 along with all the other improvements from the 3 will be a decent improvement.
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    S to 3

    I am considering the unplugged performance sway bars just to add a bit more torsional rigidity in the corners. Have you had any experience with those? They seem like a great value to me.
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    S to 3

    My 17 year old thought I was crazy at first, but now has seen the light. The P100D has an amazing amount of forward acceleration, but after a while is like a one trick pony versus I get to enjoy the better handling much more often. Along with that are the other improvements in the 3 in...

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