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  1. Kuhz

    WTB: Model S Jump Seats and Hardware

    Will they even fit a plaid? Just curious
  2. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Chehalis, WA

    Putting in one or two stalls at a station is not cost effective
  3. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Entiat, WA

    Not surprised. It’s only 120mi between Entiat and Osoyoos and 97 is not that heavily traveled.
  4. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Sprague, WA

    Tesla will decide that once it goes live
  5. Kuhz

    Ontario to Burns

  6. Kuhz

    Tire Storage

    Virtually any tire shop.
  7. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Everett, WA

    Hah. Just the other day I was wondering about this …..
  8. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Sprague, WA

    Darn. I thought @MarcoRP misspelled Tukwila or Tacoma…
  9. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Tukwila, WA

    If you live in the area and have some free time….. Poking around places like the mall and airport might yield some results. Once in a while we get surprise locations that were missed by permit sleuths
  10. Kuhz

    New Service Center - Seattle (SoDo)

    Why would the 12V drain? You still have 49% on the HV battery. The trunk can be left open for many reasons. Not a big deal IMO
  11. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Sammamish, WA

    Get plenty of time to eat (and read a book) if ones Tesla is circa 2016 or older
  12. Kuhz

    Supercharger in Winthrop - Yes? No?

    I doubt Winthrop supercharger will happen any time soon. Having said that, as all things Tesla, you never know.
  13. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Federal Way, WA

    Until? 😁
  14. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Federal Way, WA

    Thanks @PLUS EV !
  15. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Bellevue, WA

    Well if that’s the case, that will officially comfirm that you have to get out of town in order for these local superchargers to get activated.
  16. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Osoyoos, BC

    Anyone been by lately?
  17. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Bellevue, WA

    Well don’t leave us hanging. Did you end up getting married?
  18. Kuhz

    18% off Roadster

    Mine showed up too!
  19. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Yakima, WA

    You are correct
  20. Kuhz

    18% off Roadster

    No one really knows unless they are part of the founders series which the discount applies to
  21. Kuhz

    GME and AMC stock action (out of main)

    Ha. I was going to say why it hasn’t been halted. Never mind.
  22. Kuhz

    GME and AMC stock action (out of main)

    Dead cat bounce or opportunists from the last few days trying to cover their short positions?
  23. Kuhz

    Why is X Plaid not faster than X ludicrous?

    I thought X Ludi is 2.8 0-60
  24. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Entiat, WA

    To keep this somehow on topic, I’ve charged here 3 times today during various runs to Wenatchee and Ellensburg. Nice and high kw every time. At least for my 75D :D
  25. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Entiat, WA

    Folks, there is a thread on the EV fees....have the discussion there. To keep this on topic, I am yet to see a single Tesla charge here, after multiple drive by’s.
  26. Kuhz

    18% off Roadster

    I claimed it last month
  27. Kuhz

    18% off Roadster

    Not sure what you mean.....
  28. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Entiat, WA

    Looks like Chelan is no longer on the map and Okanogan is now moved to 2022
  29. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Myrtle Creek, OR

    Hmmm.... someone may want to do some scooping around. This may very well be in the construction stage.
  30. Kuhz

    Alaska Highway Superchargers

    The car will tell you :D
  31. Kuhz

    2018 Tesla model X 100D

    What’s the production date?
  32. Kuhz

    18% off Roadster

    Anyone have the referral roadster reflected in the account yet?
  33. Kuhz

    Need opinion: Which special background WA plate design goes best with Blue Model S?

    Basing your choice on car color is kind of odd. Having said this, LEM :D
  34. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Land O’ Lakes, FL (Formerly Wesley Chapel)

    so you’ll spend much more than $10 :D. “Free” Superchargers in a mall are not at all free ;) Ask my wife. “Hon, I’m going to charge the car at Outlet Malls”. Riiiiiiight.....
  35. Kuhz

    Enumclaw Supercharger- Any News?

    Ask @mociaf9 :D
  36. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Entiat, WA

    I doubt there will be a supercharger in Chelan* considering it’s less than 20miles away. There is just no need for it considering it’s on the same route. More likely Pateros/Brewster/Omak/Okanagan will get one. Kind of what happened with Wenatchee/Leavenworth. *This may change if Tesla gets a...
  37. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Entiat, WA

    I’m just kidding, I would've totally checked it out. Only the car was at home, that’s how I saw the app screen while checking on it. I’m actually in Seattle.
  38. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Entiat, WA

    Thanks for coming up from Seattle and saving me the treacherous 20mi drive :D
  39. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Entiat, WA

    Showing in the app now.
  40. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Entiat, WA

    Just drove by, no change. The cabinets are still wrapped and Tesla logo is dark.
  41. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Land O’ Lakes, FL (Formerly Wesley Chapel)

    Until you realize that an hour of your time is not worth $10 :D
  42. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Entiat, WA

    Sounds like it was the work crew. I’ll be driving by tomorrow, will check it out.
  43. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Entiat, WA

    All the pedestals and transformer is in. Couple of the cabinets are still wrapped in plastic, not sure if that protection against elements or they’re not completely installed. Sorry for the crappy pics, it was cold outside :D
  44. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Tumwater, WA

    This may not end well... good thing Lacey is up and running
  45. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Seattle, WA - Ballard Way

    you deserved this one :D
  46. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Entiat, WA

    No pics (I was in a hurry) but I drove by tonight and seemed like all the pedestals and cabinets are in place and a green transformer sitting on a flatbed. Will update in next couple days.
  47. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Seattle, WA (1201 2nd Ave)

  48. Kuhz

    Deadline for Roadster referrals

    I got the email today
  49. Kuhz

    18% off Roadster

    Got this email today. Unfortunately I’m too broke for a purchase like this. If someone has sponsorship ideas, I’m all ears :D
  50. Kuhz

    Supercharger - Entiat, WA

    No change from last update

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