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    Tesla Model Y 2022 Wrap

    Looks like a matte version of the Corvette C8 rapid blue. I like the look.
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    Model 3 Skid Plates - Upgrade from Fiberboard to Aluminum 👍

    Update: after driving with both the front and rear skid on for a month. Totally happy with them. They do seem to cut down slightly on road noise from my tires. On the flip side you hear slightly more electric motor noise. That noise you hear when you accelerate hard. It's not loud at all...
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    Serious 12v battery corrosion. 4,700 miles

    My battery is from 8/21/2019 and it looks brand new. Something is not right.
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    Constant high-pitched squealing - Driving or Parked [ez pass device caused issue]

    I had water get into the power frunk controller. It will start making a high pitched constant noise through the buzzer. You can unplug the buzzer to see if that is it. This happened to me with two different power frunk controllers. I ended up opening the power frunk box and cleaning it...
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    Headrest material peeling off

    Just an update. I scheduled another Tesla appointment about the headrest. Even though they denied my warranty repair last time. This time a manager authorized it replaced. Obviously I made some complaints prior. I was also told they have seen a few of them and that it will happen again...
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    Nema 14/50 adaptor is a no show?

    It's all scalpers bots buying them. People put them in eBay for four times the price. The Tesla site doesn't even have time to fwd the in stock notice emails. I got mine from Tesla the same way you did. I randomly seen them in stock one day and order right away.
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    Bubbling on the door trim?

    Look up bubbling on the headrest or peeling headrest. Lots of posts about it. Probably a similar issue.
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    New model 3 missing screw on left side undercarriage behind wheel… scheduled mobile service two weeks out. Any similar experience?

    No worries. Tesla will have to fix it. I'd run a tap through the hole but Tesla will probably replace you whole battery for this. Let us know how it turns out.
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    Headrest material peeling off

    Longer drives I put my head on it. Like stuck in traffic for hours in NYC. Obviously I am not happy with the durability of the material. The Tesla person told me it was automatically classified as non-warranty by the virtual system. I don't even know who else to contact about it. Tesla...
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    New model 3 missing screw on left side undercarriage behind wheel… scheduled mobile service two weeks out. Any similar experience?

    Don't stick a drill in that hole. It's a tapped hole. You would just ruin the threads. Drilling would be fine for a plastic rivet or a self tapping screw. Not in this case. I am guessing the threads are just dirty from being open to the environment. Clean it out with some wd40 or brake...
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    Cabin overheat protection in Arizona

    The car does automatically cool and heat the battery while parked though. So sometimes you may go out to your car and hear the fan and pump running. You have no control over that.
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    Cabin overheat protection in Arizona

    Cabin overheat protection has nothing to do with the battery or computer. It's a safety feature that was created after some public accidents where people left their kids in the car. In theory it would buy you time to realize your mistake. Cabin overheat protection doesn't even stay on after...
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    Headrest material peeling off

    I reached out to ultrafabrics via email and sent them some of the articles about the headrest issues. A quality assurance analyst told me that they do not supply any black fabric to Tesla for seating surfaces. It's not ultrafabrics. At least the black isn't. I am assuming the oils in my...
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    Headrest material peeling off

    Well they told me the virtual system automatically turned this down for warranty repair. It's considered normal wear and tear for a two year old car. I only have 18,000 miles. : ( I think I'm just going to buy some kind of headrest cover. Maybe faux leather is just less durable and will...
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    Model 3 Skid Plates - Upgrade from Fiberboard to Aluminum 👍

    My back corners were bent in shipping. I bent them back straight by hand. Not a bid deal. I decided to leave the foam it comes with on for now to see if sound reflection is really a difference to begin with. I went over the foam with a roller to make sure it is stuck down really good. There...
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    Model Y Headrest Defect (warping)

    Pics of the seats on my 16 year old vehicle with 170,000 miles. Pics taken in 2019. Probably looks the same for whoever is driving it now.
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    Aftermarket Illuminated Door Sills

    Just installed mine. I went with silver. They turned out great. I have nothing bad to say about them or the installation process.
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    Mobile Connector GFCI Tripped

    Ground fault. Current is leaking through an unsafe path. Possible Line to ground or Neutral to ground fault. Try it in a friends house if you can and see if the problem follows.
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    Model 3 Skid Plates - Upgrade from Fiberboard to Aluminum 👍

    I received them today. They look to be the same ones sold by a few other places for significantly more. The claimed sound dampening foam even comes on them as the others. The foam is useless if you ask me. The metal needs butyl sheets like dynamat. They are measuring 2.8 - 2.9mm thick...
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    Aftermarket Illuminated Door Sills

    Good to know. My set has not arrived yet but I should have them Friday. That site has a few more interesting things now.
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    Article on potential security vulnerability

    It would be easier for them to just steal your phone. If you think about it even the car key is exploited. I've see people lock pick doors and start cars on YouTube. I even seen one where the guy makes a working key in the car from a blank.
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    Model Y Headrest Defect (warping)

    I think I may have found out why we so far have only seen this on black seats. It's possible the black and white are not the same material. Ultrafabric does not supply black fabric to Tesla for any seating applications. Now I am interested. It is possible when you pay the extra money for...
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    Bubble in headrest, Tesla might be caused by interior cleaner/conditioner

    Just over 18,000 miles. I use no hair products. Mine is a 2020. Maybe it's a certain year or bad run of headrests. Comparison to my other vehicle seats at 16 years old. 175,000 miles.
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    Model Y Headrest Defect (warping)

    Yep me too. I'm concerned about the armrest and the steering wheel. Although maybe this is why it took longer for Tesla to make steering wheel vegan. Maybe it's a different material or treated somehow. They just sent me an estimate for over $200 something is so wrong about this...
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    Model Y Headrest Defect (warping)

    Not me. I barely touch the headrest. The seat actually looked a little off and got sticky. Wiping it makes the outer coating come off. My car only has around 19,000 miles. It's not like it's got a high amount of use either. I am going to email the company that makes the fabric about it...
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    Model Y Headrest Defect (warping)

    Hey I have no hair too! I literally don't use anything on my head. No lotion or sunscreen. My headrest is deteriorating also.
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    Headrest on 2021 (November) Model Y starting to flake.

    It's not from hair products... I have no hair. Look at mine : ( Seems a lot of people are having problems with the seat fabric recently. I don't use sunscreen or put anything at all on my head.
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    Headrest material peeling off

    So... Here is my headrest today : ( it's sticky and the fake pattern seems to be coming off. Before people start accusing me of doing something wrong... I don't use any chemicals on the seats. I also don't use anything on my head or in my hair. Not even shampoo. I have no hair. There are...
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    How to Remove and Open Back Seatbelt Buckles?

    Stick a vacuumed hose on the buckle. If that doesn't work YouTube how to remove the back seat cushion. It's amazingly simple. There are two latches and you lift it up. The seatbelts are just a bolt like every other car. It's easy and probably worth trying rather than waiting for service.
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    Low cost way to monitor your 12V Battery

    Anyone know what the lithium 12v from the new 3s and Ys cost?.. I'm not going to buy one I was just thinking if they fail and people have to replace them we with the $80 lead batteries could end up in a better situation.
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    Low cost way to monitor your 12V Battery

    I have a battery reconditioner from black and decker that I use. It really works. We have a Corolla with a 9 year old battery that works like new now but 4 years ago I was jumping it every two days. I disconnect the Tesla 12v once a year and run the condition mode. Not sure if it's going...
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    Tire replacement

    Waiting two weeks for a tire swap does seem extreme. Maybe if you order it from them they will move up your appointment after the tire comes in. Book the appointment and they typically start talking to you in text after a day or so. ask them if you can come in early for just the swap.
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    Tire replacement

    You can buy a tire at any place that sells tires. Why go to Tesla? They will probably charge you significantly more than a regular tire shop. What happened to the tire?
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    Smelly stinky socks / mold in Model 3 AC

    Don't pay them $149 for an air filter. I changed mine out with one of these. It's very close to the same. You can also buy the AC coil cleaner on Amazon for about $15 if you want to try that. Spearhead Premium Breathe Easy Cabin Filter, Up to 25% Longer Life w/Activated Carbon (BE-111)...
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    Tire wear

    Post some pics and buy a tread guage to check yourself. I'm almost at 19,000 miles and 5/32nd.
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    Aftermarket Illuminated Door Sills

    https://www.satonic-autoparts.com/ This website is selling the sills both front and rear for $82.99 right now with promo code on front page. Cheapest I have seen for all four. They are also on aliexpress.
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    Jack pads

    👍 I use hockey pucks also. https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/ar-practice-hockey-puck-16anruprctcpckxxxhka/16anruprctcpckxxxhka
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    Ambient Lights/Door Bin Lights

    I am in the USA and I have my car set to British English. All I have to do is change the touch screen language.
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    Anyone with pics of 18" front and 19" rear?

    In theory the wheel size changes and the overall diameter remains the same. It doesn't do anything. The car can't tell your wheels are different. The abs and traction control read revolutions and they stay the same. I've driven with 19in in the back and 18in in the front. I've also driven...
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    Model 3: Rattling rear deck

    It's the rear deck itself that rattles. When you take it off you will see why. It's held in with three plastic pegs that slide forward into holes. The holes are metal the pegs have a lot of room. To see if your problem is the pegs try jamming a cloth in between the rear window and deck...
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    Tesla says "Gray area for the warranty" and says I drained it [12V covered under warranty - resolved]

    That's just the 12v battery in the frunk. 12v battery is only around $80 in the USA. Not a big deal you can change it yourself. That or you can take it out, put it on a battery reconditioner if you have one or know someone that does. There is a chance it will come back to life.
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    T-Sportline M3115 forged wheels for model 3 review/efficiency

    They look a lot like these wheels but not exact. Not my picture but I am a fan of the wheels. I've been looking for something similar to them since tsportline doesn't have them anymore...
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    Carry an extra tire for roadtrip?

    I've had three flats with this car already. I learned my lesson. For normal daily driving I carry a cheap plug kit, compressor, scissor jack, lug wrench, gloves, flashlight, pliers. All in a nice bag under the rear deck. If I am going on a road trip I throw the Genesis compact spare in the...
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    Did tire shop mount this wrong?

    I think specifically blue and red looked really good with the light colored wheels.
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    Model 3 Skid Plates - Upgrade from Fiberboard to Aluminum 👍

    I have a box of 80mil noico butyl sheets. I might peel off the closed cell foam they put on. Put a layer of noico and then reapply the closed cell foam with some spray adhesive.
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    Model 3 Skid Plates - Upgrade from Fiberboard to Aluminum 👍

    I ordered this set from eBay. It looks like the same set selling on other sites. I will measure the thickness and post a review when it arrives. My 3 has the soft fiber OEM shields right now. I had to cut a piece off that was hanging. I am not sure how I ripped it. Maybe from hitting...
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    How to purchase replacement "small parts" for Model 3

    The service centers in NY do not sell parts anymore. They tell you to try the parts catalog or a collision center.
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    Model 3 Skid Plates - Upgrade from Fiberboard to Aluminum 👍

    Anyone try these yet? I am wondering why they are gold lol. After seeing how many people damaged their packs and seeing my aeroshield ripped... I am looking to upgrade. US $59.99 60%OFF | Engine Protection Plate for Tesla Model 3/Y Magnesium Alloy Chassis Cover Engine Guards Chassis...

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